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The Top 21 SEO Backlink Checker Tools of 2024

Any link that takes a user from one resource to another — whether it’s a separate website, an external web page, or an online directory — is called a backlink. These references are similar to document references and can be in the form of text or images.

Since many search engines, such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, use their data to rank websites, backlinks are important for SEO rankings and, more recently, webpage rank. The key metrics for ranking were: This has an impact on website traffic, reputation, and client relationships.

Some people find the details of SEO daunting, but you don’t need to worry because there are many tools available to help users handle the majority of the “heavy lifting”.

For this reason, you should use the best backlink checker tools to update your backlink strategy. This blog post discusses every aspect of backlink checkers in great detail.

To help you choose the backlink checker tool that best meets your goals, we’ll go over the features and benefits of some of the top options available today.

A Backlink Checker: What is it?

Any tool that focuses on checking a website’s backlink profile and revealing links pointing to a specific domain is called a backlink checker.

These tools help maintain a website’s backlink profile, detect harmful or spammy links, and identify new link development opportunities. Among the main types are:

What Benefits Can a Backlink Checker Tool Offer?

For website owners and SEO experts, backlink checker tools are invaluable resources as they provide a number of benefits that increase overall website performance.

Prominent benefits of using a backlink-checking tool:

Tools for Backlink Checker

Navigating the variety of backlink checker tools available can make it difficult to decide on the best one. We review the top backlink checker tools in this post to give you an idea of the possibilities you may want to consider.

1) SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a cross-platform, freemium software focused on SEO that can increase user rankings and ultimately outperform competitors, increase traffic and sales, please SEO clients, and optimize the SEO process.

Its benefits include accurate rank tracking, thorough keyword research, intelligent link analysis, on-page site audits and more.

All features of SEO PowerSuite are available in its free edition, except the inability to store project dates. An Enterprise license costs $499, while a Professional license costs $299.

2) Raven Tools

A white-label SEO reporting tool, Raven Tools, is designed for all types of businesses, including agencies, freelancers, media, marketing, and media. Its capabilities include automated client reports, an HTML/PDF shareable URL report dashboard, link building, XML sitemap generation, mobile and local tracking, LinkSP, Google Search Console, and more.

After a 14-day free trial, Raven Tools charges $49 per month for two users, two domains, and fifteen thousand position checks when paid annually.

3) Backlink Watch

In order to help users’ websites rank higher in search engine results, Backlink Watch, a simple SEO tool, highlights that search engine optimization (SEO) is all about establishing links. Information on anchor texts, rivals’ tactics, keyword research, backlink count, outbound links, page rank, and other topics are provided by its features.

4) SE Ranking Backlink Analysis Tool

Analyzing and understanding your backlink profile is the first step toward developing a successful backlink strategy. Additionally, since doing this manually is time-consuming, you can use the SE Ranking backlink analysis tool to get quick results.


Provides tools to track incoming and outgoing backlinks.

SE Ranking Bac provides a complete report on every backlink pointing to your website. This data often includes the authority of the connecting domain, the anchor texts used, and the link type (dofollow or nofollow). This tool also allows you to review your competitors’ backlink profiles, detect and reject fake backlinks, and see your own backlink growth over time.

5) LinkResearchTools

You can rely on LinkResearchTools (LRT) to manage the backlinks on your website completely and go above and beyond your specific backlink research. It’s a collection of 25 stand-alone tools designed to offer unparalleled SEO benefits, especially in terms of backlink monitoring and analysis.

LinkResearchTools is unique because of its extensive collection of links, deep understanding of site link profiles, and ability to find link growth opportunities.

It also incorporates the newest technology along with a feature-rich feature set and an easy-to-use interface to cater to the various needs of SEO experts.


This powerful tool, created by CEMPER.COM, is a great option for link building, link detoxification, and competitive link analysis.

LRT strives to provide website owners, SEO experts, and digital marketers with the knowledge they need to grow their link profiles and increase their overall search engine visibility.

6) Majestic Site Explorer

One of the most powerful tools available from Majestic, a top provider of SEO tools and link intelligence, is Majestic Site Explorer. It specializes in offering in-depth analysis of a website’s link profile, helping website owners, SEO experts, and digital marketers understand the intricacies of their backlink profile.

Majestic Site Explorer is a mainstay for people looking for in-depth link analysis due to its extensive link database and sophisticated metrics.

Additionally, its specific metrics—such as Citation Flow and Trust Flow—offer a sophisticated perspective on the authority and quality of links.


One of the most useful tools for anyone looking for detailed link intelligence is Majestic Site Explorer. Its extensive link database, in-house metrics, and visualization tools offer a thorough understanding of a website’s link profile.

7) Sitechecker

Sitechecker is a powerful SEO tool that offers full-featured website optimization and monitoring. Its wide range of SEO tips, cost, and extremely user-friendly UI make it highly recommended. This makes it an excellent backlink checker tool worth keeping in mind for 2024 and beyond.


Sitechecker is a customizable backlink analysis and SEO auditing tool that can help you reach your online marketing goals. It is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to expand their online presence and optimize their website for search engines due to its unique feature set, integrated SEO strategy, and user-friendly layout.

8) Google Search Console

Google Search Console is not so much a backlink checker as it is a website maintenance and monitoring tool. Nevertheless, it gives you access to the latest data on your backlink profile and lets you see every backlink pointing to your website.

It may not offer as much in-depth data as some specific backlink analysis tools, but it’s still a reliable resource for learning the basics of your link profile.

The platform is notable for offering site monitoring capabilities, such as notifications for security and crawl error issues.


Google Search Console has nearly 38 trillion backlinks, making it the largest backlink database on the market. Even the most obscure backlinks can be found thanks to this large database, which enables a thorough check of a website’s backlink profile.

9) Seobility

If you’re searching for an all-in-one SEO tool to improve your ranking, Seobility is a great choice. This can help you find and fix any issues that could be affecting your website’s search engine rating.

Taking care of negative concerns is a surefire strategy to increase rankings and visibility.


Seobility is an affordable option that provides a large range of SEO tools and analysis, making it an invaluable resource for companies and individuals looking to improve the SEO performance of their websites.

While it may not provide as in-depth information and complexity as some popular SEO analysis tools, its feature set and price make it an attractive option.

10) SEO Review Tool

SEO Review Tool aims to help marketers, SEO experts and website owners improve their website’s search engine rankings. This is a compilation of over 61 free online SEO tools. You will appreciate that users can access more advanced features by subscribing to a premium membership.

It also accommodates users with varying levels of experience and provides insightful information on technical SEO, on-page SEO, and other website optimization topics.

Main Features:

A large user base can access SEO review tools thanks to the combination of premium features and free tools. SEO review tools offer many tools to help with SEO operations, whether you’re auditing your website, checking backlink profiles, or analyzing keywords.

11) Keyword Everywhere

Unlike the majority of tools out there, Keyword Everywhere focuses on simplifying the often difficult process of keyword research. With the help of this browser extension, users can get real-time keyword data while searching other websites and search engine result pages (SERPs).

The Keyword Everywhere is widely visible due to its ease of use and provision of crucial keyword metrics within the user’s browsing environment. It can be used to determine long-tail keyword competition, find traffic data for different websites, and analyze online media.


By displaying real-time keyword data directly on search results pages, Keyword Everywhere provides a unique approach to keyword research. If you want to streamline your keyword research operations, this tool is a great resource because of its real-time data, keyword suggestions, and export capabilities.

12) SEMrush

Software as a Service (Saas) provider SEMrush was founded with a focus on developing a paid online presence and marketing analytics to clients. Its features include traffic statistics, backlink tools, keyword research, analytics reports for organic growth, and an integrated ad research capability.

SEMrush has a variety of subscription plans to suit different business sizes and models. The cheapest plan costs $129.95 per month or $108 per month when paid annually.

13) Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is an advanced keyword research tool that aims to increase user traffic by recommending the most effective strategies to improve SEO rankings for social media and content marketing. It learns from other web pages and tells you which links are more effective for your own website.

It uses Google autocomplete to suggest relevant keywords in a reliable and user-friendly way. Also offers the ability to enter a competitor’s URL to get more relevant keyword suggestions.

14) LinkMiner

Mangools LinkMiner is a decent option if you are looking for a complete backlink checker that can take care of almost all your backlink needs. As a complete backlink analysis tool, it excels in helping you evaluate and improve your backlink profiles.

Additionally, it provides a complete summary of a website’s backlink profile, including anchor text distribution, quality, and authority.


Mongol’s LinkMiner aims to simplify backlink analysis. This makes the process of finding and copying strong backlinks from your competitors easier.

LinkMiner is a useful tool for anyone trying to improve their link-building strategy and website SEO performance because of its intuitive UI and robust functionality.

Other tools, such as KWFinder, SERPWatcher, Mangools API, and SERP Simulator, can be integrated with LinkMiner. Starting prices are $18.90 per month or $12.90 per month for annual billing.

15) Ahrefs

With a database containing at least 31 trillion backlinks, Ahrefs Backlink Checker is arguably the largest SEO tool with the largest backlink index. To discover new backlinks, the company says it searches 6 billion web pages every day and updates its backlink index several times a day.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker has a number of features, including built-in filters, export to PDF and CSV, a beautiful view of your website statistics, and in-depth analysis tools such as backlink anchor text.

Ahrefs offers four pricing tiers, including:

16) OpenLinkProfiler

OpenLinkProfiler is a user-friendly, free tool for link analysis that provides comprehensive details about links pointing to websites. OpenLinkProfiler is the easiest tool for SEO research and backlink verification and is loved by thousands of users worldwide.

How do I use it? To get link analysis, simply type the domain name in the search box of the official website and click on the “Get Backlinks Data” button.

17) BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an advanced social tool for content marketing research and monitoring. It helps companies identify and work with social media influencers, monitor profile performance and leverage the information to come up with ideas and produce high-quality content.

BuzzSumo is accessible to users at various company levels, with more functionality added in bundles based on individual and corporate needs. Pro is the lowest monthly cost, rising from $199/month to $999/month when billed annually.

18) Moz Link Explorer

The functions of a location audit tool, domain analysis checker, link explorer, and keyword explorer are all combined into one program: Moz Link Explorer. It works as if a client clicks the “Analyze Domain” button after entering a valid URL in the search field. A link explorer overview dashboard, inbound link analytics, Moz’s spam score, and profile analysis are additional capabilities.

The features of Moz Link Explorer let customers keep an eye on their online presence, particularly from the standpoint of location and local search engines. If you choose to pay monthly, the fee is $59, or $69 if you choose to pay annually.

19) Linkody

Linkody is a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) backlink analysis application that allows users to automatically identify, analyze and report backlinks. Email reports, SEO metrics, link analytics, link visualization, export to Excel and PDF, simple link management, finding new links, Moz data, multi-user support, and an easy-to-use disavow tool are some of its key features.

For 30 days, Linkody is free to use without the need for a credit card. After that, the lowest plan is $14.99 a month on an annual basis.

20) cognitiveSEO

Using top digital marketing strategy research and profitable insights, cognitiveSEO is a premium service that allows users to track site progress and increase website traffic. Its features include a complete site auditing tool, keyword research, rankings, social media exposure, content optimization, Google penalty avoidance and recovery, and thorough backlink analysis, among others.

CognitiveSEO offers a seven-day free trial and claims it can help users discover every tactic their competitors are using in just ten minutes. After that, the monthly cost is $129.99, or $89 if you pay annually.

21) Monitor Backlinks

The last on the list of Backlink Checker Tools is Monitor Backlinks. With a large link database, an effective link filter, and an SEO backlink checker tool, Monitor Backlinks (formerly OpenSite Explorer) claims to be the largest tool for backlinks and keywords.

Email alerts on the gain or loss of backlinks, Google keyword ranking, visual analytics, and reporting on backlink tactics used by competitors are some of its other key features.

You can test monitor backlinks for free for thirty days, after which the monthly subscription costs $47. You have the option to modify the Service to meet your company’s demands and then pay the revised price.

That’s it for the list of Backlink Checker Tools.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of the BackLink Checker Tool are shown below.

1. How many backlinks do I need to rank well?

There is no single amount of backlinks that will guarantee a high ranking because there are multiple criteria involved. To start seeing benefits, however, you will generally need at least 50-100 backlinks from reputable websites.

Here are a few things that will affect how many backlinks you need.

2. What do you mean by white hat backlinks?

Backlinks that are obtained naturally and ethically are known as “white hat” backlinks. Since they are relevant to your niche, they have significantly better potential. White hat backlinks will increase your website’s authority and ranking.

3. Why are backlinks important for SEO?

To achieve these goals, use backlinks.

4. Can harmful backlinks be removed with the help of backlink checker tools?

Toxic backlinks can really be removed with the help of backlink checker software. These technologies are able to detect backlinks referring to your website that may be dangerous. These programs analyze your backlink profile and then identify the ones you want to disavow.

5. How often should I check my profile for backlinks?

Depending on how large your website is, you should review your backlink profile more often. If your website is small and static, you may need to check your backlink profile once or twice a year.

But, if your website is large and active and frequently updated with fresh content, you may need to check your backlink profile more often—once a week or even once a month.

6. How quickly do these tools show changes in backlink profiles?

Depending on the tool and how often it updates its database, changes to backlink profiles take varying amounts of time to show up in backlink checker programs.

On the other hand, the majority of backlink checker software refreshes their database daily or every few days. This means that these tools will usually reflect changes to your backlink profile within a few days, if not less. In particular, real-time data is provided by certain tools.

7. Should I prioritize the quantity or capacity of backlinks?

Weigh quality more than quantity of links. Fewer backlinks from trusted websites are better than a large number of backlinks from poorly ranked sites.

8. How can I tell if a backlink is spammy?

Maintaining a strong and credible link profile requires recognizing and dealing with fake backlinks.

Use the following techniques to find them:

If you believe that any of the backlinks referring to your website are spammy, you can use backlink checker software or manually check the backlinks to discover potential problems. Once these backlinks are found, you can use Google Search Console to disavow them to protect your website’s ranking and reputation.

9. How do I remove backlinks that are spam?

The process of telling Google that you want to remove hyperlinks from your website is called disavowing spammy backlinks. This is usually something that Google Search Console can help you with.

These actions will be beneficial:


There are a ton of good backlink checkers available on the market these days. Every tool has advantages and disadvantages, hence it’s imperative that you choose the one that best meets your requirements. Choose a backlink checker based on your needs and ease of use; both free and paid options are accessible.

If you have more SEO skills, you may want to choose a tool with more sophisticated features.

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