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7 Best DNS for Gaming [2023’s Fastest DNS Servers]

DNS for Gaming

An IP address is associated with every domain name on the Internet, including DNS is used to find the IP address of a website so that a web browser can load it.

In Summary;

In essence, DNS helps convert domain names into proper IP addresses. DNS helps translate a domain name — which is easy to remember — into the corresponding IP address so you don’t have to type in a website’s IP address every time you want to access it.

On the other hand, when playing an online game, the game client connects to the game server by using the DNS server to find the IP address connected to the game server.

You’ll want to experiment with multiple DNS servers to determine which one works best for you, although the DNS server will mostly affect how much your game plays based on your location. There is a response. Because of this, we have covered the top 7 DNS gaming servers in this article.

What aspects are important to consider when choosing a DNS for gaming?

Before moving on to the best DNS for gaming it is important to understand how to choose the ideal DNS for your gaming needs.

Speed: When choosing a DNS server for gaming, speed is an important consideration. It establishes the speed at which information is transferred between two locations on the network and can make the difference between a lag-free and uninterrupted gaming experience. Physical separation between the user and the DNS server, in addition to other factors such as network traffic and Wi-Fi connection quality, all affect speed. Latency, or the time it takes for data to travel from a user to a server and back, can be reduced with the help of a fast DNS server. You may notice lag if the lag is extreme, which can make gaming frustrating.

Security: When choosing a DNS for gaming, security is very important as it ensures that dangerous websites are unable to access users’ devices and protect them from online threats such as malware, phishing schemes and Protects from viruses. Users can play online games safely, uninterrupted and with better speed by using secure DNS. Additionally, Secure DNS provides online filtering, cloud-based management, and protection for devices that are not connected to the network in addition to protecting the user’s system through encryption.

Location: Depending on user and game server locations, ping times and connection reliability can vary significantly. For this reason, location is an important consideration when choosing a DNS for gaming. In general, a DNS server that is closer to the game server will offer a more reliable connection and lower ping times. For gamers who want to achieve the highest possible connection stability and performance, this is extremely important.

Cost: An important consideration when choosing a DNS for gaming is cost. On the one hand, premium DNS services are available for free. One such service is Google Public DNS, which provides excellent security and speed at no extra cost. However, some businesses may charge for their DNS services, so keep that in mind when choosing the best DNS for gaming. It’s important to balance the costs and benefits of paid services to choose the right one for you, even if they offer more security and performance than free services.

Dependability: When choosing a DNS server for gaming, dependability is one of the most important factors. You can be sure that delays or outages won’t ruin your gaming experience with a reliable DNS server. Gamers can enjoy a fast, stable, secure Internet connection that is free of interruptions and errors when they use a DNS server with good uptime and reliability ratings. With a large server network, it can also thwart DNS spoofing attempts.

Which DNS Servers are Ideal for Gaming?

Are you trying to find the best DNS for online games? The ones you should choose are:

1) Quad9

Another free DNS resolver that can help you get the best gaming experience is Quad9, whose main feature is system security.

In some areas, it can be a faster and more secure alternative to your default DNS for gaming than services like Google DNS.

As previously indicated, Quad9 claims to have 150 DNS resolution clusters spread across 90 countries, which improves game performance.

In general, it protects your computer from a range of threats such as malware and phishing. Since Quad9 does not retain or use user IP addresses, it complies with GDPR regulations.

Quad9 Public IP Quad9 Public Address
IPv6 2620:fe::fe

2) Cloudflare DNS

We’ve ranked Cloudflare, a free DNS provider that offers a reliable and fast online browsing experience, as the best DNS for gaming. Most people agree that the fastest DNS for online gaming and browsing is Cloudflare’s DNS resolver. This is due to many things, such as its increased server capacity and more than 250 locations worldwide.

Cloudflare is an enterprise-class DNS that provides users with private browsing in addition to speeding up browsing. Stated differently, Cloudflare prohibits IP address monitoring and features integrated DNSSEC security, which protects against DNS record hijacking and en route attacks.

Since this DNS service claims not to sell user data to advertisements, you can use it with confidence while gaming. Plus, it’s easy to configure, whether you want to do it on a single device or to affect all connected devices on your network.

Cloudflare Public IP Cloudflare Public Address
IPv6 2606:4700:4700::1112

3) Google DNS

For best results when converting domain names to IP addresses you can always use Google DNS, another favorite and best public DNS service that your gaming device can recognize.

This DNS is undoubtedly one of the largest available because it is supported by Google, but it can also be a drawback because Google is not the top choice if privacy is an issue.

Since it is a public DNS resolver, it is susceptible to DoS attacks and other types of online attacks. However, Google has taken appropriate precautions to protect its users from these threats, including timely server monitoring and DNSSEC support.

With many capabilities that enable quick and secure DNS lookups when using the Internet, Google Public DNS is among the best available.

Google Public IP Google Public Address
IPv6 2001:4860:4860::8888

4) Level 3

A different free DNS resolver that works well for gaming is Level3. Level 3 is a public DNS service that offers reliable and stable Internet connectivity, although it lacks the large infrastructure of other DNS servers like Google and Cloudflare.

Because Level 3 DNS is designed with PlayStation 4 and Xbox games in mind, it delivers a lightning-fast and smooth gaming experience. It is a Tier-1 provider that does not rely on outside client services and has its own network infrastructure.

It is not only quick to use but also safe to use as it does not store user data. With Level 3 DNS service, users can enjoy a faster Internet experience by instantly forwarding their DNS lookups to the nearest DNS server, perfect for gaming.

Level 3 Public IP Level 3 Public Address

5) Comodo Secure DNS

One of the largest and most feature-rich DNS resolvers available is Comodo Secure DNS, if you want to try something fast and reliable for gaming.

It provides essentially the same functionality as the other DNS resolvers discussed in this article. Since Comodo Secure DNS has servers in most locations, it provides you with a better and lag-free internet connection and ensures that its users, who are all over the world, have the best surfing experience. Have experience.

To protect gamers from malicious threats, this DNS provides advanced security features including 256-bit encryption and integrated defense against viruses, malware, and phishing schemes. Additionally, it blocks ads on mobile apps and websites.

As a result, if you are a gamer looking for the best DNS for gaming you can use Comodo by changing your DNS configuration to the values listed below.

Comodo Public IP Comodo Public Address
IPv6 2620:119:35::35

6) DNS.Watch

A popular public DNS server with a zero logging policy, DNS.Watch prioritizes user privacy. This means that when you use this DNS resolver, you don’t have to worry about your data being processed or stored in any way.

It supports DNSSEC and provides public DNS servers for both IPv4 and IPv6. It’s a fantastic DNS for gaming, but since it’s hosted in Germany, its effectiveness is limited to users in Europe, and users on other continents might not get the best out of it.

DNS.WATCH guarantees that your DNS queries are handled quickly and in complete privacy with our unfiltered DNS service. With its speed-optimized design, this DNS server provides lag-free gaming without interrupting your internet connection.

DNS.Watch Public IP DNS.Watch Public Address
IPv6 2001:1608:10:25::1c04:b12f


7) OpenDNS

If you’re looking for a fast and secure DNS to use while gaming, OpenDNS is an additional choice. Since its launch, this free DNS service—which supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses—has gained a reputation for having high uptime.

Because OpenDNS offers a global network of servers with well-designed routing technology, your DNS requests will load faster as they are automatically routed to the nearest OpenDNS data center.

You will find that this DNS provider generally provides better DNS security and stability. The ability to filter content based on your tastes is one of the most appealing features of this DNS service.

OpenDNS Public IP OpenDNS Public Address
IPv6 2620:119:35::35

What should be considered when choosing the ideal DNS for gaming?

While almost all of the DNS servers in the list above are suitable for gaming, some are better because of the server’s location. Thus, you should find a DNS server that is local to your location before choosing to use it for gaming.


Best Gaming DNS FAQ

Does DNS speed up online gaming?

There is a widespread misconception that the speed at which a game client connects to a game server is directly affected by the DNS server. This is not the case at all. DNS only counts when the game loads, so the only thing that can speed up gaming is the location of the DNS server you use.

For example, when it comes to browsers, the DNS server only affects the first response time of a website. This is because on subsequent visits, a DNS query is not required because browsers cache the IP addresses of websites they have already visited. The same instructions apply to DNS and games.

Is Google DNS slower than Cloudflare DNS?

For a number of reasons, including its greater worldwide coverage, increased server count, and network optimization, Cloudflare is generally thought to be faster than Google DNS. For gaming, Cloudflare is therefore recommended over other DNS. However, if this is not compatible in your area, you can use Google DNS instead.

How can a strong DNS support gaming?

In other words, when you start the game, DNS can reduce the time it takes for the game client and server to establish a connection through an IP lookup. As a result, the gaming client will respond faster if you use a trusted DNS.

Which DNS server is ideal for gaming?

It’s important to keep in mind that sticking with reputable network providers like Google or Cloudflare will likely provide the best results when looking for the best DNS server for gaming. The ideal DNS server for you will ultimately depend on your needs and tastes.

How do I change my gaming DNS server?

If you want to play games more easily, you should consider changing your DNS server. This is a comprehensive guide on how to change your DNS server for gaming.

  1. Apply the changes.
  2. Select the option labeled “Network and Internet”.
  3. Select the option labeled “Advanced Network Settings”.
  4. In the following section, click the “More network adapter options” button.
  5. Find Basic Internet Network Service, right-click, and select Options.
  6. Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPV4) can be double-clicked to open the following section: Use the DNS server addresses listed below.
  7. After adding PSD and ADS of your choice, click OK.
  8. To find out if your Internet connection offers faster download and upload speeds than you were using before, test it several times (Settings ….. Network ….. Internet Connection Test do).

What distinguishes a secondary DNS server from a primary DNS server?

Primary and secondary DNS servers must convert domain names to IP addresses so that we can visit websites. While read-only and non-modifiable copies of zone files are stored in the secondary DNS, the primary DNS manages DNS requests for the domain and contains all associated resource data.

To improve security in case the primary provider experiences problems, it is possible to mix DNS servers from different providers for the primary and backup DNS servers. Sometimes referred to as the preferred DNS server, the primary DNS server is also called the alternate DNS server.

Benefits of using an alternate DNS server include increased accuracy, security, and speed without the need for redirects. Many players recommend using Google DNS servers on PlayStation or Xbox consoles while playing games.

Which DNS server is best for Fortnite gameplay?

When it comes to online gaming, Cloudflare is the best DNS server for Fortnite gaming. With a response time of less than 14 ms, it is arguably the fastest DNS server. It also provides enhanced security measures and defenses against malware and phishing scams. It’s generally best for gamers to go with tried-and-true DNS servers from the world’s largest network providers, such as Cloudflare or Google, if they want the best performance and reliability.

For those who need speed and reliability, is a great option in addition to Cloudflare. It’s a public DNS server designed with gaming in mind, providing lag-free gameplay with high frame rates and low latency. In addition, it is secure and protects users from viruses, phishing schemes and dangerous scripts.

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