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6 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters That Actually Work in 2024

Free YouTube to MP3 Converters

With a free approach for users and artists alike, YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular video engine online. YouTube is a popular site used by many artists in the music and film industries to share their content. Individual users may occasionally feel the desire to save their favorite YouTube audio on their gadgets offline. Top 5 Free YouTube to MP3 Converters Available for Use on All Devices!


What Features Are Necessary for a YouTube to MP3 Converter?

The basic way YouTube to MP3 converter works is to download a video from YouTube and convert it to an audio file. A high-quality soundtrack with different download bit rate options should be included in a good converter. A few sophisticated tools, such as an integrated audio trimmer for extracting only a specific portion of audio from a video file, are excellent additions, although this is only about basic video conversion. For greater compatibility with all MP3 players, it is recommended to use MP3 audio files as MP3 is a widely supported audio format.

In summary, a decent YouTube to MP3 converter has to:

Why use free online YouTube to MP3 converters?

An internet connection is essential for any YouTube video converter because it needs to retrieve data from YouTube’s servers to convert it to MP3. Using web-based services is preferable because they are user-friendly and do not require you to download any additional software to your computer, especially since it cannot be completed offline. You can use the online converter on any Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or mobile device, among other operating systems.

Best Free Converters for YouTube to MP3

The top free YouTube to MP3 converters are listed below so you can obtain high-quality MP3 files.


Another video-to-MP3 converter with lots of advanced features is You may view the details for a YouTube film, such as the uploader’s name, the total number of movies, and the upload date, by pasting its URL into the search field and clicking the search button. You can create GIFs of your preferred music videos and obtain video thumbnails to utilize as cover art in addition to converting your movies to MP3 format. Additionally, it provides advanced editing tools like start and end timestamps to download only audio portions of videos.

The main drawback with Ontiva is that all advanced capabilities, such as 320kbps download speeds, require you to create a free account on the website. On the other hand, creating an account is free, and you can choose to sign up using your Google Account in just one click.

Key features include: thumbnail download, built-in audio cutter, and compatibility for high-quality 320kbps audio.


With the help of, you can easily convert YouTube videos from your favorite content creators to MP3 format. Its support for multiple languages, including English, Japanese, French, Filipino, Hindi, and more, sets it apart from the competition. The user interface has a bar for pasting the URL of a YouTube video, making it very beginner-friendly. Due to its straightforward user interface, this web application loads quickly and allows downloads at 320 kbps. This process will take less than a minute to complete.

Dual language support and 320 kbps download speed are key features.

3) YouTube Premium

The only device that can have your favorite tunes in this official format is a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone. Users can download songs from YouTube’s premium service using the YouTube Music app; you may get this from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The YouTube Music app, which lets users download songs from the company’s premium service, is available on mobile play stores. High-quality audio can be easily stored on your phone’s storage, but it isn’t compatible with desktop or laptop PCs.

YouTube Premium also adds support for a range of background-playing video formats. So, you have the option of playing your videos online on your phone using the YouTube Music app, which acts as a standard MP3 player for all video formats instead of transcoding them to MP3 files.

Supported platforms include; iOS and Android.


A free MP3 converter that you can use to extract audio from video files is called MP3download. The video link can be pasted on the user-friendly interface of the website. It enables multiple-bit rates – from 64 kbps to a maximum of 320 kbps – for MP3 file downloads. The audio cutter is the main feature of this converter. Before downloading, you can input the start and end timestamps, and the converter will only download the audio for that specific time. If you’re trying to extract audio from a long video or live stream, this will be helpful. In our opinion, this is the best YouTube to MP3 converter on the web for the majority of users.

Key features include; a free audio trimmer and support for 320 kbps audio bit rate.

5) 4K YouTube to MP3 converter

Besides just converting YouTube videos to MP3 files, 4Kdownload’s YouTube to MP3 converter offers various useful capabilities. An entire YouTube playlist can be converted into separate MP3 files with this tool. The top search bar allows you to perform a direct search for YouTube videos. As an alternative, you may also paste a URL to open a certain video or playlist. With support for 320 kbps audio, the service will always convert your videos to the best settings. When working on a task and need to prioritize your internet bandwidth, you can set a cap on the download speed. This is incredibly helpful.

You can get this 4K Download YouTube to MP3 Converter from their official website. It is free to use. When downloading and transcoding YouTube videos, the software lets you install a proxy and manually select your download destination. The free edition allows thirty downloads per day, and the counter resets every day.

Key features include: 320 kbps music downloads, support for playlist conversion, and user-friendly software with a clean interface.


Use Loader. Using a straightforward web converter, you may download your preferred YouTube videos in MP3 format. After pasting the URL of the original YouTube video—or even the YouTube playlist—you must select the “Download” button. You can download audio in a number of codecs, such as WEBM, WAV, AAC, OGG, and more, for even greater compatibility.

Additionally, Loader. Provides a browser plugin that works with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Google Chrome. You may convert and store your favorite YouTube videos straight to your MP3 player with this addon. The video itself is also available for download in MP4 and other formats.

Main features: Download YouTube videos in mp4 format, Browser addons for popular browsers.

Desktop vs. Online YouTube MP3 Converters

Not that desktop YouTube to MP3 converter programs are any less beneficial. Each of them has its advantages. One can be used, for example, to download MP3s from YouTube to a variety of file types, including FLAC, M4A, MP3, and more. They are also useful if you need to convert several YouTube videos or even entire playlists at once.
An additional explanation about transforming the YouTube videos on our desktop collection into audio files: WinX Video Converter is a fantastic desktop program for turning YouTube videos into MP.
What is the greatest free converter from YouTube to MP3?

Considering all its features and easy-to-use design, MP3 downloads. It is one of the best free YouTube to MP3 converters, in our opinion. This fantastic application for converting YouTube videos to MP3 is highly recommended for its high-quality audio tracks and its ability to download at a high bit rate of 320kbps for its functional audio cutter, which lets you convert audio clips. Allows trimming before downloading. Additionally, you can instantly download YouTube videos in 1080p Full HD quality using this service. This means that it is now a complete online YouTube video downloader in addition to being an excellent converter.


FAQs About YouTube to MP3 Converters

1. Is downloading YouTube videos to an MP3 file prohibited?

Downloading audio or video from YouTube is prohibited as per the platform’s terms of service. But so far, YouTube has never filed a lawsuit or issued a legal notice to any person to remove audio and video files from its website. However, there is no official YouTube downloader available from Google or YouTube to download videos as the platform does not support direct downloads from its library.

2. How can I convert YouTube to MP3?

The top free YouTube to MP3 converters has been hand-picked by us and featured here. Copy the URL (C) of a YouTube video to the clipboard in order to convert it to MP3. Then, select the characteristics you need, like file formats, output formats, high-quality conversion, and direct audio extraction.
Select whichever converter you like from the list.

Now, launch your web browser and open the MP3 converter. To download your MP3 file, paste the URL into the search bar and select the audio quality you want. No video editing software is required to use these converters, and they are free to see. After the download is complete, you can use any system to enjoy your music file.

3. Are converters from YouTube to MP3s safe to use?

Legally, YouTube to MP3 converters are safe for personal use. An MP3 file carries a small risk of introducing viruses, malware re, and other unwanted objects into your system. This is not the result of using the con erter. Rather, downloading any file from the Internet increases the possibility that it contains unwanted content from third-party services.

Since mobile devices like Android and iOS are safer in this aspect, you can download the content to your mobile device first and then transfer it to your laptop or PC. Although using an antivirus program on your computer is recommended to protect you against people using black hat techniques, it does not completely rule out the possibility of malware infiltrating your system.

4. How can I get an MP3 file from a URL on YouTube?

Copying and pasting the URL from any of the previously mentioned websites is the most effective method for obtaining the MP3 audio version of a YouTube video from its URL.
Since the techniques listed here are proven and correct, we recommend using them to get the best video conversion results.

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