60 Top Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2024

60 Top Free Movie Streaming Sites in 2024

Finding the best free movie streaming sites is like discovering a secret treasure trove of cinematic masterpieces in this day of unparalleled digital entertainment. There are plenty of options to take into account, whether you’re a budget-conscious movie buff or looking for a fun night at the movies.

Why Should you Browse Movie Streaming Sites Online Using a VPN?

When viewing content, we advise utilizing a reliable VPN like Express VPN to increase your online protection and privacy. A VPN can provide online anonymity, secure your internet connection, and shield your data from dangers.

  • Security: Ensures an encrypted, secure connection to keep your personal data safe from prying eyes.
  • Anonymity: You can browse the Internet privately and without being recognized by using this feature, which masks your IP address.
  • Access Restricted Content: Expand your streaming options by accessing Geo-restricted content through Access Restricted Content.

Disclaimer: Although a virtual private network (VPN) can improve your online security and privacy, it does not encourage or enable any illegal activity, such as unauthorized access to copyrighted material. At all times, observe the legal guidelines and terms of service provided by the streaming services.

How can I use ExpressVPN to Stream Movies Online Securely?

One of the most popular VPN services that enhance the security of your streaming is ExpressVPN. Here’s how to use ExpressVPN to stream movies securely, step by step:

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  • On the intended device, install the ExpressVPN app. It is compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and more.
  • Using the login information you were given during the sign-up process, launch the ExpressVPN app and log in.
  • To ensure faster streaming, select a server location that is closer to your actual location before you start broadcasting. If you want to watch content from that region, choose a server located in that region.
  • To create a secure connection, click the “Connect” button.
  • Open the streaming service of your choice and start streaming your favorite TV series and movies securely once the VPN is connected.

With added protection, you can now watch your favorite movies while connected to ExpressVPN. Your IP address is hidden and your online activities are protected, providing a private and secure viewing experience.

The best free movie streaming websites that were operating at the time of this post’s creation are listed in this article. These are currently the most used websites where users can get amazing free movie streaming options.

Before checking out our comprehensive compilation of the top websites that provide free movies, it’s a good idea to use ExpressVPN, as suggested above, for a secure browsing experience.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites List of 2024

Our selection of the top free movie streaming sites for 2024 is the result of our in-depth testing and exploration of multiple platforms as avid moviegoers. Let’s look at the Online Movie Streaming Websites that now offer free movie streaming.

1) The Roku Channel

The first on the list of Movie Streaming Sites is, Roku Channel is an ad-supported streaming service where you may view free movies, TV shows, and Roku Original content. The user interface of the website is quite advanced.

Additionally, it bridges the gap between streaming services and traditional cable TV by enabling users to watch live programming. Another plus is the Roku Channel’s ability to stream live sports from networks like ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, and more.

One of the drawbacks of this website is its small library, which does not contain new titles. Roku Originals and Free TV & Movies are the only two categories they’ve separated content into. This makes it difficult to find content on the website.

2) PrimeWire

Primewire is the website you should visit if you want to find new releases with ease. You can navigate the website quickly because of its relatively basic user interface, and most of the movies are available in high quality. On the other hand, one can sometimes find films that are in theatrical print.

A major negative is the strong promotion of its premium subscription plan, which claims you can play movies without ads. It is fair to suggest that the site bombards the viewer with advertisements, which can make for an annoying user experience.

Often requiring a captcha to verify that you’re human, PrimeWire makes streaming media on this website a bit difficult.

3) CONtv

For those who enjoy fantasy, horror and science fiction movies, CONtv is a unique option. This exclusive service caters to the interests of enthusiasts who value the remarkable and otherworldly by providing a carefully selected collection of information. A wide selection of documentaries exploring the depths of these fascinating genres is also available on the website.

Note that not all content on CONtv is available for free viewing. To view content, you must be logged in as a user. Make sure you have your VPN turned on and that your location is set to VPN before visiting this website.

You can sign up for one of their paid plans to remove ads and access premium content. The most expensive plan costs $7.99 per month, while the cheapest option costs $5.83 per month.

4) Crunchyroll

Do you enjoy watching anime? If so, Crunchyroll—which is like Netflix for anime—is your haven. The website offers an extensive library of the latest anime movies and television shows.

Along with the latest information about the mobile phone industry, the website also has games with an anime theme. This means that you will undoubtedly discover entertainment on the website.

The website is financed by advertisements on Crunchyroll. To access information without advertisements, the website will entice you to upgrade to a premium subscription. The monthly cost of paid plans varies from $7.99 to $14.99. More costly plans allow you to link additional devices to your account.

5) Vumoo

Vumoo is a simple site with a respectable selection of movies. It allows you to choose between different resolutions when streaming media. Pop-ups that require you to download software undermine the site’s efforts to provide an immersive viewing experience.

Because the site’s free streaming strategy often involves copyrighted content, it presents ethical and legal questions. Installing anything from such websites is strongly discouraged, as these links can damage your device and compromise your online privacy.

6) Plex

Plex has built-in media player functions. The website works on most devices and is responsive for mobile users. Among all the free movie streaming websites, it has the most curation as it is tailored to the movie you choose to watch.

The site’s meticulous topic organization of its content will be evident to you right away. Live TV shows are accessible on Plex, just like the Roku channel.

Despite the respectable selection of older movies, the site’s small catalog is its only drawback. Additionally, Plex’s ability to access media depends on your media servers. If your internet connection has even the smallest fluctuation, you will experience significant buffering.

7) MyFlixer

MyFlixer has become one of the most popular options available, drawing in both binge-watchers and movie buffs. There are two main reasons for this: first, the website offers a wide variety of movies, and second, it is very easy to navigate. You will have no problem finding your favorite content with ease.

The website provides a variety of servers for streaming media. You may encounter pop-ups and advertisements while browsing this website. However, the abundance and quality of the stream far exceeds this. Without a doubt, you should consider it.

8) WatchFree

With WatchFree, you can have a truly user-centric experience. As the name of the website indicates, everything on it is available to view for free. Watch Free is also pretty good at finding movies based on categories.

Not many people have complained to us about the website. There are pop-ups and ads, but they get overwhelming at times. That’s okay, though, since WatchFree is constantly adding new movies to its collection.

9) SFlix

With a retro website design, SFlix is a recent addition to the movie streaming market. The latest movies are available on SFlix, but the website has terrible problems curating its selection as it doesn’t even offer genre-specific filtering and lacks extensive search options.

For now, let’s ignore these shortcomings. Now, SFlix is a good choice if you already know what you want to watch. This is the result of its huge library. But be psychologically prepared for pop-ups and ads to appear.

10) HiMovies

With HiMovies, you can get a huge movie library. To enhance your mobile viewing experience, you can also use the Android app available on the website. Another thing you’ll love is the website’s Chromecast feature, which lets you watch your preferred content on your TV.

Having said that, there are instances when a website loads content very slowly. The website may occasionally contain broken links. Perhaps this is a result of HiMovies being a relatively new website. Thus, we will just have to wait and see if the problem goes away.

11) 5movies

5Movies openly acknowledges that there may be issues with advertising on their website. Looking at this website, we found out that these ads are not as scary as we thought.

In fact, the main reason why 5movies is one of the best movie streaming services is that it has no pop-up ads. Responsive website design improves user experience, as does its search engine.

Due to its wide collection of movies, TV series, and anime, we believe it is a good option for free streaming overall. The drawback is that occasionally, the subtitles may not match the audio or video in some movies.

12) 1HD

Despite having the latest content available in its database, 1HD is a relatively unknown website. One thing that makes 1HD stand out is its responsive design—possibly the best of all the websites that stream free movies.

It’s also comparable, one might argue, to premium streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. While not completely free of pop-ups and ads, it’s worth checking out because of its wide collection, which includes anime and movies to suit a variety of tastes.

On this website, we also watch some old Hindi movies. We think this website is amazing; There aren’t many streaming sites that can compare to this one.

13) LosMovies

With LosMovies, you can quickly find your all-time favorite movies and TV series. The website offers a wide and varied selection of movies and television series, including some obscure and hard-to-find titles. You can use their powerful filter to watch movies based on quality, rating, country, genre, etc.

We streamed Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part 1 on this site, and the results were favorable. We weren’t bothered by pop-ups on the website. It’s important to note that the video being streamed for “Jawaan” was actually recorded in a theater.

This indicates that all content on this website was not obtained legally. Previously, LosMovies had experienced many domain changes and takedowns due to the illegal nature of their business.

14) Freevee

Freevee is an Amazon property that provides a pop-up, ad-free, seamless viewing experience with an intuitive UI. To reach a worldwide audience, Freevee provides material in many languages along with user-friendly mobile app versions for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Most of the things on Freevee are available for free, as the name would imply. Still, many movies and television series are not available to watch for free. Also, the library is not on par with the other websites on the list.

15) SBS On Demand

For streaming independent and foreign films, SBS On Demand is a great option. For those who want to learn more about the world of film, this is an invaluable find. The website also offers live sports, TV and news.

Based on your interests, the site’s carefully curated content collections make it easy for you to discover new TV series and movies. It’s a welcome change from popular streaming services as it aggressively supports content that reflects a range of ethnic, gender and sexual identities.

SBS On Demand requires login credentials to stream, unlike the majority of websites on our list, and geotags its content for Australia, so a VPN like Express VPN with an Australian location Must be used.

16) FilmRise

If you enjoy old-school motion pictures, you’ll love the FilmRise. It’s also a great place to find unusual and obscure films. There are some advertising banners scattered around the website, but they don’t cause any kind of interruption.

Web browsers, iOS, Android, Apple TV, and other platforms are just a few of the platforms for which FilmRise provides apps. Viewers can effortlessly watch their preferred material on the devices of their choosing because of this accessibility.

While the website does a great job of providing a wide selection of content, it may not be the best option for those who want to watch the latest blockbuster movies. A number of films from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s are available.

FilmRise is an ad-supported service, so it shows ads when you play content. These ads may interfere with some viewers’ ability to enjoy the content. However, this is a cost associated with getting free stuff.

17) Filmzie

You have alternatives to Filmzie for streaming mobile content, such as the iOS or Android app. You can find movies on this website, which are hardly ever available on their platform.

They have a reputation for supporting unknown filmmakers who provide a variety of content, albeit often of low quality and with somewhat subtle advertising. The majority of videos are adult, and the absence of recent releases from reputable studios may disappoint viewers looking for contemporary entertainment.

18) Rakuten Viki

Fans of Asian TV series and dramas will find their paradise at Rakuten Viki. The website has a freemium business model and is ad-based with no interruptions from pop-ups. This means that some content is protected by a paywall, so you’ll need to look for content that’s tagged as “Watch Free.”

The Standard Pass plan, which costs $5.99 per month, is required to unlock shows designated as Standard on the website. The Plus plan, which costs $9.99 per month, unlocks both Standard and Plus shows.

The platform’s unique community-driven subtitling approach is popular. By providing multilingual subtitles for content, viewers can help make the site user-friendly for a wider audience. It helps non-native English speakers as well as encourages viewers to work together and build communities.

There’s not much to worry about on the website other than the fact that if you want to watch Western content, you’ll need to look for another platform. The only small issue we have with the website is that some of the content on Rakuten Viki may not be released on time due to license agreements.

19) 123Movies

With free access to a huge selection of movies and TV shows, 123Movies lets you stream and download HD movies. However, since the search engine feature is a bit fiddly, it can be difficult to find what you want in this sea of content. To find the content you want to see, we recommend you use the website’s genre page.

Expect a noticeable amount of pop-up ads while watching videos. Still, 123Movies’ dubious legality is its worst flaw. Users looking for a reliable streaming experience may find it troubling that 123Movies has experienced server modifications and outages as a result of legal disputes and takedowns.

20) Soap2Day

Soap2Day offers three server options for flawless content streaming, making it the greatest free streaming alternative. Soap2Day offers a wide range of movies, from beloved classics to the newest blockbusters, so it may satisfy a wide range of tastes.

Although there is great content available on this platform, you have to be aware of pop-up ads. Some of the pop-ups may lead to dubious websites or contain malicious software.

In order to access prohibited content, you may also need to adjust your security settings, which increases the credibility of the site’s potential legal and security concerns.

21) TV Guide

TV Guide is a recommendation-based website that gives users who are unsure about what to watch reviews and suggestions. The website, which is similar to MyBundle.TV in that it does not stream or host any content, instead simply telling you where to watch a particular movie, occasionally pointing users to subscription services.

The website often runs promos and banner ads, which can be annoying and reduce the user experience. Additionally, viewers in different geographic locations may not always receive accurate listings from TV Guides, which can cause confusion and result in missed opportunities to watch certain series or events.

22) SolarMovie.one

Although Solarmovie. one updates its website slowly with new releases, the wait is bearable because everything can be played for free. The real test is dealing with pop-ups, which are sure to annoy you but may be worth it for those who value HD streaming.

The website has an amazing library of content from multiple countries, such as the US, UK, India, Thailand, France, Hong Kong, and more. However, the tendency for a site to change its domain name due to legal challenges can lead to occasional collisions with dead links, which presents a major problem.

23) Ymovies

Ymovies offers a huge library of movies as well as series, covering all genres, from horror to comedy to animation. The site now supports Chromecast, so you can easily enjoy your favorite episodes and movies on TV. Android users can also download apps and stream movies on their mobile devices.

It’s great at keeping your library up-to-date with the latest releases, making Ymovies an attractive choice for viewers who want access to new content as quickly as possible.

However, a disclaimer is in order: smooth listening requires a high-speed Internet connection, as the smallest disconnect can result in pop-ups on the site disrupting your device.

24) LookMovie

LookMovie has an impressive library, however, you have to be prepared to put up with long commercials before you get into your movie. The minimalistic style of the site initially promised a satisfying user experience. However, the presence of those long ads could be a bit of a downside.

On the bright side, the site offers all of its content for free, and it actively maintains an up-to-date collection. Despite the ad nuisance, it is worth considering for the extensive and current content it provides. Give it a shot and see if it suits your streaming tastes.

25) MovieTube Online

When you start MovieTube, you may notice that it prefers ads over movies. Even with ads and pop-ups, MovieTube still manages to provide a respectable user experience to its visitors.

The site has a good selection of movies ranging from 1950 to the latest releases of 2023.

The content offered on MovieTube Online varies in terms of video and audio quality. Because the source of the content is not always clear, viewers may experience uneven quality.

This raises another concern of potential copyright infringements. Many movies and TV series available on the web may not have proper licensing. Be careful when playing movies on the site.

26) YoMovies

YoMovies is a portal that focuses on Indian cinema, including Bollywood and regional films, but it also includes some recent Hollywood films. The software allows the user to filter content according to their opinion, genre and language.

There are no server alternatives, and the site is quite pop-up-heavy. Like many unlicensed streaming services, YoMovies may represent the risk of malware or adware being downloaded onto users’ devices. To ensure your online privacy, it is important to enable your VPN when using the Platform.

27) Public Domain Torrents

Public Domain Torrent is similar to the Internet Archives site that provides vintage and public domain movies for free. This makes it a fantastic resource for cinephiles who appreciate a wide range of cinematic techniques and genres.

As the name suggests, public domain torrents usually provide movies in torrent format, allowing you to download full movies easily without having to log in or worry about pop-ups. Is.

Public Domain Torrent exclusively offers movies that are in the public domain. Its catalog can’t match the huge libraries of mainstream streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The site’s web design, reminiscent of early 2000s HTML aesthetics, could benefit from a refresh, potentially confusing for first-time users browsing the platform.

28) TorHD

TorHD is a torrent service that has gained some prominence in the world of online content sharing.

The site focuses on indie films yet also features popular films like MI: Dead Reckoning, The Nun II, and many others on its roster. They give you the opportunity to download content in multiple resolutions, including 4K.

Streaming content is not available on this platform. However, users can download the content provided they are connected to a high-speed internet connection. Due to poor website loading speed, a stable connection is essential, as an unstable connection can lead to long waiting times, possibly extending into hours.

29) 123Chill

123Chill provides users with easy access to a wide range of movies and TV shows. The platform focuses on content recommendations based on popularity or views, so users can easily find popular topics.

Even with the pop-up presence, the sensible design of the website allows you to quickly discover the content you want. If you’re eager to keep up with the newest developments, using your email address to log in to the platform makes it simple to track your watch history, build watchlists, and receive notifications. There are also available services like saving.

30) JustWatch

JustWatch is not a streaming platform but a search engine that lets you find sites to watch your favorite movies and TV episodes. The portal includes a robust discovery tool that allows you to select videos by year of release, see what’s trending in real-time, and get links to legal streaming sources.

It does not directly host free stuff. More than usual, you may be directed to paid streaming services. Additionally, content availability may vary by region. JustWatch’s content listings are generally accurate, although viewers in different locations may have different streaming alternatives.

31) SolarMovie.Pe

You can access the latest content from around the world for free with SolarMovie.Pe. You can see on the main page that their catalog includes movies like The Burial and Expendables 4.

Despite being relatively new, the site’s personalization options have helped it gain a lot of attention over the past few years. But be careful – there are some dangerous links on the website. It would take at least six pop-ups to go away just to start a movie. For this reason, it is recommended that you use an ad blocker with a VPN to improve online security and reduce potential risks.

It is also important to note that SolarMovie.Pe streams content without the required licensing, putting it in legal limbo. Even if users have free access to movies and TV series, they should still use the platform wisely and prudently.

32) Peacock TV

Peacock TV, which was debuted by NBCUniversal in 2020, is among the largest websites for free movie streaming. It provides an amazing selection of movies and television series. This website features some of the most popular sitcoms of modern times, including Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Office (US) and more.

One of the few websites with everything for everyone is Peacock TV. Moreover, pop-ups will not bother you on this platform. For an ad-free experience, you can also upgrade.

We have some concerns about Peacock TV. It guarantees users a great streaming experience with the possibility of multiple resolutions, including 4K Ultra HD. It is a safe and reliable platform where users can stream without worrying about possible legal repercussions.

Since the site is only currently accessible from the US, you will need to use a VPN and set the location to the USA in order to access it. To remove advertisements, upgrade to the premium edition for $4.99 a month.

33) Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle, a member of the Sony Pictures network, is a fantastic option because it has a well-curated collection and offers a variety of new and classic movies in addition to original content. The home screen includes a selection of recently released movies and television series, and a simple menu lets you browse different sections. On the website, it’s easy to find what you want to see.

Although it is not necessary for users to create an account to view content on Sony Crackle, there are some advantages to doing so. When you sign up for an account, you can bookmark your favorite movies and TV series, create a watchlist, and get tailored recommendations.

Sporadic ads can be a bit annoying. You are forced to watch ads as Sony Crackle does not provide any paid options. Nevertheless, the extensive content collection offsets the fair frequency of advertisements. Sony Crackle also maintains legal procedures and obtains necessary licensing for the content it provides.

34) Tubi

For fans of vintage movies, the Tubi website is a treasure trove of obscure gems and cult favorites. You have access to the best movies from Hong Kong, France, Spain and many other nations.

Another unusual website that has few ads and no belief in pop-ups is Tubi. It lacks paid plans for an ad-free experience like Sony Crackle. For some viewers, ads can be annoying. Also, the user interface is clear and makes it easy to find and enjoy what you like.

The fact that titles in Tobi come and go from time to time is one of its drawbacks. This may result in the temporary unavailability of some beloved titles, but it may also provide new content.

35) IMDb TV

IMDb fans, in particular, should not miss IMDbTV. This website is owned by Amazon, so the user experience is quite similar to Amazon Prime.

Like Prime, you can create watchlists and keep track of their viewing history. However, this does not give you the right to use a library like Prime. However, you should check out whatever collection they have because it’s pretty decent.

Not everything on the website can be viewed for free. To watch free movies on the website, you need to look for the “free” tag. Some TV shows allow you to watch only the first episode for free before charging for other episodes.

Only US users can access the website. So, make sure your VPN location is set to USA if you want to access this website.

36) Vudu

In addition to having a large movie library, Vudu allows 4K streaming. Although it’s not completely ad-free, it offers a great movie-watching experience. There are occasional ads, but not as often as on other platforms.

Compared to other websites on our list, the library is not that big. However, new topics are added rapidly. Again, not all content is available for free streaming. If you want to watch the latest stuff on Vudu, you’ll need to buy or rent movies and TV series.

However, if you want to watch timeless classics, it’s worth visiting the website because you can watch them for free.

37) AZMovies

A hidden gem with a huge movie library is AZMovies. However, since there are so many pop-ups, it can be difficult to navigate. Additionally, the website only offers two server choices, which is less than most streaming websites.

The latest releases are available on the website. You can stream anything on this website for free. As a result, this website will undoubtedly please all movie lovers.

Note that there are no TV shows on AZMovies. Our website is primarily focused on movies, so if you enjoy watching marathons, you should check out some of the other websites on our list.

38) MyBundle.TV

Unsure of what to watch? Not sure where to look? MyBundle.TV tries to solve this. This website acts like a directory that directs you to websites that offer movie streaming services. One major issue with this website is that it sometimes redirects you to premium platforms like Netflix or Disney.

The site stands out thanks to its sleek look, minimal advertising, and well-curated content bundles. To further improve content discovery, they provide filtering options and a responsive search box. You can quickly find content-watching places and relevant suggestions by just typing your search word into the box.

39) FlixTor

It is not a single pop-up or ad; it is a fairly simple UI, and the latest updates are available for free. For all these things, visit FlixTor now. This website has everything from Bollywood to Hollywood.

Still, occasionally, the latest release may be a video that was recorded in a theater. So, keep an eye on it. These elements raise questions about FlixTor’s validity. It appears that the website transmits media without the necessary authorization. Use an ad blocker and VPN to keep anonymous online and shield yourself from malicious sites.

40) StreamM4u

On StreamM4u, a vast selection of free films and TV series are accessible. It’s a benefit that this website has a section dedicated to new releases. On this site, you can access information in Korean, Japanese, Indian and other languages.

The user experience of the website is not as slick as we expect from a modern website. As soon as you open it, ads will start appearing. StreamM4u is clearly not suitable for watching movies with family and children as it contains adult-targeted content and obvious advertising banners. This makes the situation worse.

41) Music HQ

Another good free movie streaming website is Music HQ. A potential downside could be sporadic pop-ups. However, they more than makeup for it with their extensive library of movies, TV shows, and even anime. Everything is available to watch, including the final season of Attack on Titan and The Godfather.

The site’s filters, which sort content by genre, nation and IMDb rating, are quite helpful. If we mention another disadvantage, it would be that the website offers fewer server possibilities.

Although it is rare, it is possible for both servers to stop streaming movies. Occasionally, content may be geographically restricted. However, you can still view content by changing your IP address. If so, give it another chance by turning on the VPN.

42) YouTube

Of course, YouTube! Use the YouTube search bar to occasionally find the movie you want to watch. You may be surprised by the platform. There’s a decent chance you can find some vintage movies on the site, though you might not be able to watch the latest releases.

If you don’t own the premium edition, you know all too well how annoying YouTube’s advanced ads can be. You have to pay $13.99 per month for YouTube Premium to remove ads. If you want it for a family of five or a group, it costs $22.99 per month.

43) Yes!Movies

Yes! Movies website has a lot of pop-ups. To start the movie, you may need to click ten or fifteen times. Banner ads may slow down the site. You won’t be disappointed with their content library, though, whether it’s new movies or vintage comedies like Friends, yes! There is something for everyone! Movies

With its wide categories, the website makes it easy for you to find movies. Even rated movies can be found on IMDB. You can save your viewing history with this feature. So you can pick up where you left off even if you leave the site midway.

44) Internet Archive

A great place to find movies in the public domain is the Internet Archive. For fans of vintage and historical cinema, this is a great resource. So, if you’re looking for a new movie, we suggest using a different animated streaming website.

Because the Internet Archive is ad-free, visitors can browse its vast library without distraction or intrusion. No need to worry about malicious links on this website or turn on your VPN.

This user-friendly, refreshingly simple website doesn’t require you to log in; try it out. You may discover something you enjoy. This portal offers a wealth of public domain literature, music, podcasts, and other media content to explore and enjoy in addition to movies.

45) Afdah

Using Afdah, you can download or stream movies for free. Movies can be categorized by genre. On Afdah, the quality of content varies greatly. While some television programs and movies are presented in high definition, others may be of poor quality and have buffering issues.

Afdah is less likely to annoy you and works with fewer pop-ups. However, since the website can be overloaded with ads and take a long time to load, it is important to install a reliable ad blocker.

Sometimes, ads also detract from your viewing experience. This is because Afdah wants you to choose their premium version, which is ad-free but not the one we recommend.

46) Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a great choice as it provides free movies and live TV stations. Pluto TV uses advertising to fund its free service. However, they are not as disruptive as the majority of their competitors.

There is no shortage of popular movies on the website, including Back to the Future, Titanic, Indiana Jones, and many others. Apart from movies, Pluto TV differentiates itself from several other streaming services with the addition of live TV. TV networks, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV, are available to watch.

Depending on the user’s location, certain episodes and channels on Pluto TV may not be accessible due to content restrictions. You’ll need to use a VPN with a US location selected to access them.

47) Yify TV

Yify TV is ideal for those looking for high-quality movie streaming. Whatever your taste in TV series, old movies, or the latest blockbusters, you’ll find plenty of entertainment. People come to this site when they are unable to find movies or episodes on other websites.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of Yify TV. Occasionally, content loads slowly. Another problem is the abundance of banner ads on the site.

Videos contain embedded ads, which can disrupt your viewing experience and make you wait longer. The majority of advertisements are also graphic. Ad blockers must be enabled before using Yify TV to stream media.

48) Xumo Play

Xumo Play offers a smooth streaming experience, a respectable user interface, and relatively few ads. Barbenheimer is not available on this website. However, there are still some old TV series and movies available to watch for free.

Xumo Play stands out from many other free streaming services by offering live TV stations. A variety of live content is available to you, giving you an experience similar to regular cable or satellite television.

At first, navigating the user interface can be a little challenging. But you might get the hang of it with each visit.

They have a unique menu, with options like Live Guide, Free Movies, TV Shows, Networks and Discover. You can use it to find content that you enjoy watching.

49) Bounce TV

More than just a standard movie streaming website, Bounce TV is an over-the-top platform that creates its own original programming.

Everything is conveniently available for free, and there are significantly fewer obtrusive ads than on other platforms. The website caters largely to the African-American community and offers diverse content that reflects the richness and diversity of the African-American experience. As such, it is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn more about this rich cultural tapestry.

Bounce TV promotes social causes and actively engages with communities in addition to providing entertainment. They’re just not interested in content. They are also committed to being a positive influence.

50) Yidio

Yidio works similarly to MyBundle.TV. Like TV Guide, really. The website is known for its ability to integrate your streaming services.

When it comes to providing relevant feeds, Yidio’s capabilities are unmatched by other websites. Users may subscribe to this site’s alert system to receive notifications when they want content to be made accessible through streaming services.

When using this website, you will be aware that not every proposal made by Yidio may be broadcast free of charge. Due to its primitive design, the website can be a bit difficult to use. But it’s refreshing that there are no pop-ups or ads.

51) Popcornflix

Popcornflix’s focus is TV series streaming. They offer some movies, but not a huge selection, and no recent blockbusters. Movies from Hollywood, South Korea, and Hong Kong are available if you search.

It’s easy to navigate the website or app and find what you’re looking for with ease. This is due to the site’s well-curated listings, which include “Crime Time,” “Thriller Instinct,” “Legends of Action,” and many others.

Pop-up ads are fine, too, and the website won’t force them in your face. It works well on many types of gadgets. Popcornfilx has a selection of unique, exclusive items. On the other hand, viewer reviews show that it is not really appealing.

52) VexMovies

On VexMovies, there is an outstanding assortment of films and television shows. Those interested in international perspectives and foreign films will find this diversity very interesting. Content is arranged alphabetically by genre, by year of release, and by trend.

They have the latest releases. It should be noted that there may be some deterioration in the quality of recent releases. The website contains links that are also harmful. Use caution when accessing this website. Make sure nothing is accidentally downloaded.

53) TinyZone

Another website that uses pop-ups. However, we like TinyZone’s huge collection. The streaming is of a respectable quality. The user experience on TinyZone’s website is not as smooth as one would hope. Nevertheless, it’s okay because you can stream all movies and TV series for free.

If you log in, you can save your viewing history and add movies and TV series to your favorites. You can also get an Android mobile application from the website. The complete lack of ads and the superior viewing experience offered by the TinyZone app on the website are two major advantages.

54) Movies Found Online

MoviesFound Online has a selection of movies, short films, animated films, and even stand-up comedians. It has a large number of independent and public domain movies, so it’s easy to find gems on this website. If you enjoy documentaries, you will find the ones you can find online very entertaining.

It works like a low-cost version of YouTube. You will find that although the website is straightforward to use, the search bar is not as responsive as one would like. Ads may occasionally make the content impossible to play.

55) VidCloud

This website is the best place to get the latest movies for free. We were unable to find the recently released theatrical version of “The Creator” on any other website, but VidCloud had it. The website has a reputation for loading quickly, which many find annoying when compared to other streaming services.

It is important to note that the Website contains pop-up advertisements, which may occasionally interfere with some users’ ability to access the content but are generally not too annoying. It’s also possible that you’ll need to change your settings to unlock content, so be prepared for these minor hiccups when using the website.

56) Kanopy

A wide selection of independent and educational films can be found on Kanopy, which are praised for their thought-provoking and socially conscious content. These landmark films address global concerns and promote a society that is more socially conscious and enlightened.

It is noteworthy that the platform maintains an ad-free environment. However, like a lending library, upon finishing the film, it is withdrawn, allowing you to make another request. This method can cause some irritation for users who have a strong desire to watch certain titles that may eventually disappear from their watchlist.

57) FMovies

With FMovies, a widely used website known for its regular content collection updates, you can stream movies in 4K or HD for free. Users adore this website for free movie streaming because of its great content ratings and occasionally unresponsive search bar.

Advertisements are necessary for FMovies to continue offering its free service. Because of this, you have to go through multiple levels of pop-up ads and redirects before the content plays. While they can be annoying, it’s a necessary trade-off for accessing free content.

58) MoviesJoy

The website’s interface exudes an air of nostalgia. MoviesJoy is all about providing a minimal advertising experience. With the bonus of HD streaming options, MoviesJoy’s extensive collection of movies and TV series includes both old classics and box office hits. This is one of the best features of the platform.

You should exercise caution when using MoviesJoy as it may expose users to security risks due to advertisements or untrusted third-party websites that may include malware or phishing scams.

There are no pop-ups to interrupt your viewing experience, but ads are embedded in the content, so sometimes viewers have to wait more than a minute for the content to play.

59) StreamLord

Try StreamLord if you don’t see any ads. It is a great option with relatively less annoying pop-ups compared to banner ads and other free movie streaming websites. With their excellent subtitle option, you can easily stream videos from all over the world.

Be careful when downloading anything from this website. Automatically installing a certain pop-up can harm your device by installing a harmful “antivirus.” Additionally, be advised that if your internet connection is unstable, loading times for content on the website may be slow.

60) Putlocker

The last on the list of Movie Streaming Sites is Putlocker. In the realm of free movie streaming, Putlocker is a popular brand with an abundance of content, but it’s also known for its pop-up ads. Note that the original website was taken down, but there are still a number of mirrors and clones that provide free access to movies and TV series. Perhaps this explains why there are so many pop-ups on the website.

It also has a history of directing users to secure outbound links. The fact that the website asks you to scan a QR code before letting you read the material seems a little spammy.

That’s it for the list of Free Movie Streaming Sites.



These are the best free movie streaming sites in 2024. It offers a selection of movies, from classics and hidden gems to the latest releases. While each has its pros and cons, the best ads for you will depend on your preferences and tolerance.

But make sure you stay safe from spies, spyware and hackers by using a trusted ExpressVPN before you start browsing movie streaming sites online.

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