Top 10 Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps (2024)

Top 10 Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps (2024)

Chances are you’ve wanted to download a certain YouTube video on multiple occasions, either for its thought-provoking content, to share a hearty laugh with friends while watching it, or just for convenience. To get a local copy for

Unfortunately, YouTube users can’t save videos locally unless they want to watch them offline, in which case they’ll only be available through the YouTube app and not locally on your device.

This is where you can download any YouTube video using YouTube Video Downloader, accessible both as a browser and as a mobile app.

The best free YouTube video downloaders are listed in this post to make it simple and quick for you to get the YouTube video you want. Let’s get started now!

Why Use A YouTube Video Downloader App?

In other words, YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly to your device. However, you can use the YouTube video downloader program to download any YouTube video to any of your devices, and then you can access the video locally for later sharing or viewing.

Best Free YouTube Video Downloader Apps

There are many free YouTube video downloaders on the market, but not all of them are as good as they seem. After extensive testing, we have listed the top 10 choices that are known for their features and durability. We will go into more detail below.

1) Free YouTube Download App

Another tool to download YouTube videos to your computer for free is the Free YouTube Downloader app. To find the video you want to download, simply copy the video’s URL into the app or use its built-in search function, then click the Download button.

A range of presets for file formats and video quality are available for selection. However, access to the software’s extensive options and functions is restricted to premium customers only.

One drawback of the software is that the premium edition downloads much faster than the free version which has a limited download speed.

Its batch download capability also allows you to download numerous files at once. Because it allows users to download entire playlists and channels in addition to individual videos, this software is excellent for downloading videos from YouTube.

Notable elements

  • It has a built-in search function.
  • It is compatible with many different file formats.

Small errors

  • Most of its functionality is restricted by a paywall.

2) Seal

Cell is a straightforward software that is among the most popular free YouTube video downloaders. The software is built on top of yt-dlp, a subset of the well-known YouTube-dl project.

You may download content from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms, and it supports YouTube video URLs. Please take note that this program can only be downloaded by Android users.

Cell is different from the other programs on this list in a few ways, despite its simplicity. Users can add text and video thumbnails from audio files they’ve downloaded from YouTube videos, and it supports a large variety of video and audio codecs.

If you download videos you don’t want others to see, Cell allows you to use them in incognito mode, which hides your browsing history. Cell is simply an amazing tool to download YouTube video and extract audio in any quality you want.

Like the other apps on this list, you can get the software from GitHub or F-Droid instead of the Play Store.

Notable elements

  • It enables Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube video downloads.
  • It has the ability to add video thumbnails and metadata to the extracted audio files.
  • Its UI is straightforward and easy to use.
  • You can download the complete playlist with only one click.
  • It is quite adaptable.

Small errors

  • It can only be used with Android devices.
  • Unable to interrupt ongoing downloads.


Like Seal, is a graphical user interface for the popular yt-dlp that lets you download movies from YouTube. However, it is currently only compatible with Mac OS and Windows, but its website mentions that a Linux version is coming soon.

Unknown to most, it’s one of those programs that lets you download apps from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among other apps.

It lets you extract audio from videos in the quality you want and supports several different video formats. Stacher users can also perform some simple video editing tasks, such as cropping videos and creating GIFs.

Notable elements

  • It lets you download videos in MP4, MKV, and WebM formats.
  • You can download audio files with it.
  • You can adjust download parameters with it.

Small errors

  • This may be difficult for some users.
  • On occasion, you may encounter problems with this.
  • Mobile devices are currently unable to access it.

4) Airy

To save YouTube videos, just copy and paste their URLs into Airy, a dependable and user-friendly video downloader.

The program has an easy-to-use interface to manage your YouTube downloads. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the free edition has fewer features.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows and has a lightweight design. Because of its adaptability, Airy YouTube Downloader ensures high-quality downloads and can handle a variety of video and audio formats.

Additionally, YouTube video downloads are made easy by this plugin’s seamless integration into your browser through the use of bookmarklets. For easy video download to your computer, Airy YouTube Downloader is the best option.

Notable elements

  • The app is incredibly user-friendly and reliable.
  • It provides the ability to download audio and video files in bulk.
  • You can pause and resume ongoing downloads with it.

Small errors

  • Fewer features are available in the free edition.

5) aTube Catcher

A free program called ATube Catcher can take care of your computer’s video downloading needs. This software is multifunctional as it can also be used as a screen recording tool on PC.

Generally, the program lets you download movies from Dailymotion, Vimeo, and YouTube in 4K quality. It has a converter that lets you change the format of the videos you want.

It is a full featured app as it also has video editing and burning and all these capabilities are available for free. All things considered, A Tube Catcher is a useful app to use.

Notable elements

  • Freeware is A Tube Catcher.
  • It includes a file converter, screen recorder, and DVD burner.
  • With it, you can download several videos at once.
  • It allows high-resolution downloads.

Small errors

  • It’s not just a basic app.

6) Snaptube

With a wealth of additional features centered around downloading videos from YouTube and other platforms, Snaptube is the only Android software designed for free YouTube video downloads.

The only way to get this application is to the APK file from the official Snap Tube website.

As you can paste the URL of the YouTube movie you want to save into the link bar that is added to the home screen, it is evidently quite simple to use. The movie opens and the download option appears in a matter of seconds.

In addition to downloading videos, Snaptube allows you to download YouTube videos in resolutions as high as 4K. Additionally, you may download YouTube videos as MP3 audio files, which is perfect for content you only want to listen to once.

The option to browse and watch YouTube videos directly in the app, just like with the official YouTube app, is another great feature of Snap Tube.

You don’t need to copy links from the YouTube app to download videos as you can search for the type of video you want, and download links are provided below each one.

You can set download parameters with the application, including the maximum download task, download location, and speed limit. Additionally, it keeps track of deleted YouTube video downloads so that you can get them back by re-downloading them.

It is important to note that, among other things, the program displays the Phone Cleaner banner and tries to download third-party programs.

On the other hand, one can avoid these actions. It is a helpful application for saving YouTube videos on your Android device, which offers a great experience despite these minor issues.

Notable elements

  • If the link was open and running in the background when you copied it, it will recognize the copied YouTube video links when you open it.
  • You can use it to download videos from Instagram and Facebook.
  • It includes story saver for WhatsApp.
  • You can browse YouTube ad-free with it.
  • It includes a vault to hide files.

Small errors

  • Only Android is supported.
  • It tries to download unofficial apps on the phone.

7) ClipGrab

ClipGrab is one of the most widely used free YouTube video downloaders available for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In addition to downloading videos from YouTube, ClipGrab can also grab videos from Facebook, Vimeo and other Internet sites.

You can confidently add more downloader apps for supported platforms to your collection using this multi-purpose utility.

This program allows you to download videos in several formats and quality levels, including HD, based on your download choices.

ClipGrab is very easy to use and provides fast download speeds. Additionally, it has an integrated YouTube video search function, which removes the need to manually copy and paste URLs for downloads.

You can rename your downloads before starting each download and choose where you want them to go within the application.

When all is said and done, this is an excellent program for rapidly downloading videos from YouTube and other websites.

Notable elements

  • Inclusion of pre-existing search box for YouTube videos
  • Quick download help
  • Cost-free and without ads
  • Help with high-quality downloads

Small errors

  • Not compatible with smartphones
  • There aren’t many features.

8) NewPipe

Another essential program for anyone looking for the best free YouTube video downloader is NewPipe.

Because of how well it downloads YouTube videos, many users, including myself, have left favorable reviews on the internet.

Discovering and watching YouTube videos is made possible by this feature-rich program, which also offers background playback support, many other special features and an ad-free experience.

The option to download any YouTube video in the quality of your choice by just clicking the download button on the video page is one of NewPipe’s unique features.

In addition, NewPipe allows you to download captions for any supported YouTube video with just one click and save videos as audio.

In general, it works differently than a normal YouTube video downloader. No need to copy URL to download videos. When the app launches, search for the video you want to download using its URL, and click the Download option.

Video downloaders like Snaptube enable 4K HD for video downloads, while NewPipe only allows video downloads in 1080p or higher.

A streamlined tool for downloading and watching YouTube videos is called NewPipe. While it may not include all of YouTube’s features, it provides the greatest experience that only YouTube Premium subscribers can access.

Note this: When I first downloaded it to watch YouTube ad-free, it didn’t work on my smartphone, probably because I hadn’t given the necessary permissions. However, after I reloaded it, everything started working fine.

Notable elements

  • Use the free features of YouTube Premium.
  • Save YouTube videos to your computer in audio format.
  • Channel subscriptions without needing a YouTube account
  • You don’t need anything to join, so it’s very private.

Small errors

  • It can only be used by Android users.
  • Resolutions higher than 1080p are not supported.
  • Limited revision

9) 4K Video Downloader

Another option to think about is 4K Video Downloader, a straightforward and cross-platform YouTube video downloader software accessible as a desktop client and mobile app.

The desktop version of 4K Video Downloader+ is primarily for YouTube but also supports TikTok. 4K Video Downloader is a mobile app to download videos from YouTube and TikTok.

It provides standalone apps for desktop downloads of TikTok and Instagram.

4K Video Downloader’s versatility in supported formats (MP4, MKV, MP3, M4A) and sizes (up to 8K, 4K up to 60 frames per second, and below) is its strongest suit.

However, because there is no preview tool or way to choose the format and quality before beginning the download, some users could find it difficult.

The desktop version of the program we’re talking about, 4K Video Downloader+, has an app browser that makes it easy to find and download YouTube videos from within the program. However, the app is expensive and only available for a 30-day free trial.

Notable elements

  • High-quality video downloads supported
  • YouTube videos can be converted to audio.
  • Ability to download entire playlists

Small errors

  • A few possibilities to personalize downloads
  • Desktop clients are not free.

10) FreeTube

Like NewPipe, the FreeTube app is only available as a desktop client, while NewPipe is only available as a mobile app.

This small program offers sign-up-free, ad-free video viewing, channel subscriptions, and playlist building within the app.

We are here because FreeTube allows you to download any YouTube video with only one click, in addition to the capabilities mentioned above.

Compared to NewPipe, it allows higher quality downloads up to 2160p resolution. In summary, FreeTube is a helpful tool that lets you enjoy premium YouTube features in addition to downloading YouTube videos.

Notable elements

  • It is cross-platform and works with Mac, Linux, and Windows.
  • High-quality downloading is supported.
  • You can create watch profiles with it.
  • It has to do with privacy.

Small errors

  • It lacks a mobile application.
  • Its user interface lacks elegance.


How do I save YouTube videos on my phone?

If you want to download YouTube videos to your phone, use one of the free apps we’ve included in this post. The following lists the ways to download videos from YouTube:

Look at YouTube in your browser and use the address bar to copy the video’s URL. Using the YouTube app, find the video you wish to download, hit the share icon next to it, and choose “Copy Link.”

Once you’ve copied the video link, open one of the YouTube video downloaders listed earlier, such as SnapTube.

The copied link should then be pasted into the app’s designated area. After making your selection and clicking on the “Download” option, you may be asked to select the format and quality in which you want to save the video to your device.

Is downloading videos from YouTube allowed?

Google does not endorse or include any YouTube video downloaders on the Play Store because the platform itself discourages users from doing so and instead encourages users to complete all of their activities offline. Continue using the streaming app. Copyright may have an impact on people’s behavior since a lot of people utilize YouTube content that they have downloaded in ways that violate copyright.

Does Y2mate exist as a free YouTube downloader?

In fact, programs like Y2mate allow you to download YouTube for free. This includes Qdownloader, Seal, 4K Video Downloader, and

Wrap Up

Considering all the options available, choosing a reliable and specialized tool to download YouTube videos can be difficult. To help you make an informed choice, we’ve discussed the top free YouTube video downloaders in this post and included details about their features.

Among these apps, Seal, NewPipe, FreeTube, and Snaptube have the greatest features. Thus, you have a choice between these and other items in the above list.

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