How to Google Search by Circling or Tapping Objects on Your Screen

How to Google Search by Circling or Tapping Objects on Your Screen

Google is a multifaceted organization, but at its core, it is a search engine provider. Because of this, it provides many options for searching Google. You can even sing a tune as you type a question, import photos and scan your surroundings. Another way to search for something on your Android phone is to simply hover over the screen.


  • On Android devices, Google debuted the “circle to search” function, which lets users circle or press the screen to start a search.
  • You can use gesture navigation or three-button navigation by long pressing the home button to activate the feature.

“Circle to Search,” this function was initially introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Circle on Search made its debut on the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S24 series on January 31, 2023. On Android devices, it comes with a brand-new indicator. We are going to demonstrate it for you.

Initially, gesture navigation or the obsolete three-button navigation approach can be used to initiate a circle-to-search. If your device has this capability, you can use the gesture by long-pressing the navigation bar or the home button. You can still access Google Assistant by swiping diagonally from the bottom corner.

Next, you’ll see a Google search bar at the bottom of the screen with the words, “Circle or tap anywhere to search.” Proceed with this action. To get handles while selecting text, just tap the text.

Your decision will be processed by Google, and the results will scroll up from the bottom of the screen. You can provide additional context for your Search by typing in the search field.


It’s as simple as that! In order to provide maximum search convenience, Google aims to make this process as easy as possible. Pointing to something is sometimes a simpler solution than trying to figure out what to type into Google.

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