Homeworkify AI: Features and Price Options

Homeworkify AI: Features and Price Options

Although homework is a necessary component of education, many students find it to be stressful and frustrating. Are you finding it difficult to complete your homework? Do you wish you had a knowledgeable, dependable assistant who could assist you with any problem?

If your response was “yes,” you’ll adore Homeworkify—an app that completely changes the way you approach your homework. This post will explain what homework is, how it might help students perform better academically, and other alternatives.

What is Homeworkify?

A clever learning tool called Homeworkify offers unfettered free access to all knowledge, including online homework help. It facilitates learning and includes a wide range of topics, including the humanities and sciences.

The Site functions similarly to an academic search engine, enabling users to exchange links to inquiries and obtain prompt responses. Additionally, it includes a Q&A section where students can post questions and receive thorough responses.

How to Use Homeworkify to Get Answers for Free?

  • Search for the question you want answered on Google, then take note of the question page’s URL.
  • Enter the URL of the question page in the search field when you visit the homeworkify.st website. Select the “Search” option.
  • As it searches multiple sources for the solution, give it a few seconds.
  • In order to verify that you are human, you might be required to finish a survey or a captcha.
  • It will display the solution on the screen if it discovers it.
  • A notification stating, “Sorry, we couldn’t find the answer,” will appear if it is unable to locate the solution.
  • Alternatively, you can use your Android mobile to access the Homeworkify app by Mathlab for answers.
  • The app offers a premium plan for $9.99 per month in addition to a free plan with different constraints.

How to Get Free Chegg Answers Using Homeworkify?

  • Find the Chegg question that you need help with first.
  • Copy the URL for the Chegg question from your web browser.
  • Go to homeworkify.com, type the URL of the Chegg question into the search area, and then press “Search.”
  • Wait a little while it looks up the solution online.
  • It may be necessary for you to finish a survey or captcha in order to verify your human identity.
  • Once the captcha has been completed, you can see your unblurred Chegg answer.

Features of Homeworkify AI

A program called Homeworkify AI provides unfettered, cost-free access to all knowledge, including online homework assistance. It uses artificial intelligence to assist teachers and students with their schoolwork. Among the attributes are:

Mock Quizzes

Using the Mock Quizzes tool, you can use comparable quizzes to prepare for actual exams. You are free to choose the topic, subject, and degree of difficulty. Additionally, you may customize your quiz by selecting the number of questions, duration, and scoring system.

Real-Time Tutoring

Your online tutoring needs can be met by using the Live Tutoring option. A live tutoring session can be scheduled whenever you’d like. Additionally, you can select the tutor that best fits your objectives and tastes. You can grasp your issues and get your queries answered with the help of the live tutoring tool.

Interactive Learning Experience

The Interactive Learning Experience feature facilitates the enjoyable and interactive acquisition of new concepts, ideas, and skills. The platform lets you play games, read articles, watch movies, and work out. The Site allows you to communicate with specialists, tutors, and other students.

Customizable Learning Options

You can choose themes, topics, learning paths, and degrees of difficulty to make your learning experience uniquely your own using the Customizable Learning Options feature. You are free to choose your own speed, tastes, and goals. The platform will adjust to your requirements and provide you with customized advice and comments.

Real-World Applications of Homeworkify AI

Artificial intelligence powers Homeworkify according to the unique demands and preferences of each learner. It is the ideal platform for you if you want to have fun, develop new skills, or raise your grades. The following are a few examples of Homeworkify AI’s practical uses:

Homework and Assignment Assistance

With the help of Homeworkify AI, students can quickly apply artificial intelligence to scan and solve their homework problems. It can provide original and precise answers in a variety of areas, including science, arithmetic, geography, history, and more.

Study and Exam Preparation

Before tests, students can utilize Homeworkify AI to review and comprehend difficult subjects. Students can access practice questions, quizzes, feedback, and progress reports on a personalized learning dashboard.

Language Learning and Proficiency

Students can practice and advance their language abilities by using Homeworkify AI. It could help students with comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. Students may benefit from it by being ready for language proficiency exams.

Teacher Support and Feedback

Instructors can utilize Homeworkify AI to grade tests and assignments automatically and give parents and students immediate feedback. Additionally, it can give educators insightful information and tools to enhance their instruction and save time.

Pros and Cons of Homeworkify

Homeworkify is a program that uses artificial intelligence to assist kids with their homework. It contains many features, including language proficiency exams, an interactive learning platform, and a homework scanner. Like any other instrument, though, it has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Time-saving: Provides prompt responses, freeing up more time for learning.
  • Versatility: It addresses a broad spectrum of issues and themes.
  • Free version: There is a free online version available that does not require a subscription.


  • Dependency: The possibility that pupils will become unduly reliant.
  • Shallow Learning: If utilized excessively, it may restrict students’ individual comprehension.
  • Possible Inaccuracy: Errors may occasionally occur.

Pricing of Homeworkify

There is no need to subscribe in order to use the web version of Homeworkify. On the other hand, Mathlab has also created an Android app with in-app purchases that cost between $2.49 and $26.99 each.

FeaturesFree PlanPlusPremiumFamily
Question ScannerYesYesYesYes
AI Math SolverYesYesYesYes
Question & Answer ForumYesYesYesYes
Practice Problems LibraryNoYesYesYes
Learning DashboardNoYesYesYes
Users111Up to 5
Live Online Learning ClassesNoNoYesYes

Homeworkify Alternatives

You can visit other websites that offer homework help and answers to students if you have questions about using Homeworkify or are having issues with the platform as a result of Homeworkify not functioning. You may think about the following alternatives to Homeworkify.

  • The Mac App Store offers Hello AI, an AI chatbot assistant, for download. You can chat with Hello AI to ask questions and get fast responses.
  • Math problem solutions with detailed steps can be found on the Symbolab website. Any question you enter will get an answer, an explanation, a graph, and concepts that are attached.
  • An online study tool called Quizplus provides study guides, flashcards and quizzes for a range of classes and topics. “Quiz+ for an A+” is the slogan of the website.
  • Studypool is an online resource that connects students with tutors to help them with their schoolwork. Ask a question and get answers from a certified tutor.
  • An AI-powered program called Mathly assists pupils with their assignments in math. Users can snap a picture of a math issue to get an explanation and answer from the AI.
  • Brainly is an online resource that uses a peer and expert community to assist kids with their homework concerns.
  • Tutorly is an AI-powered chatbot that provides students with essay help, question-answering, and paraphrasing services through a chat-based interface.
  • Google owns the software PhotoMath, which uses the camera on your smartphone to assist you in solving math problems. Get precise solutions and step-by-step explanations for any math problem by scanning it.

Is it Safe to use Homeworkify?

The website is safe to use and educational. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is used by the website to guarantee data encryption and protection during transmission between the user’s browser and the website. However, before using the Site, as with any Internet resource, you are advised to do your due diligence.

Is Using Homeworkify to Unblur Chegg Answers Fair?

From Chegg’s point of view, using Homeworkify can be considered unfair. Chegg charges a monthly membership fee that ranges from $14.95 to $19.95. The company provides answers justifying the prices by professionals who take time and try to provide reliable answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Homeworkify: Is it free?

A website called Homeworkify provides seamless, free access to all information, including online homework help. However, it also offers a premium plan with more features and capabilities.

What is the purpose of Homeworkify?

Homeworkify aims to give everyone open and unfettered access to all knowledge.

What does homework mean for work?

To find related step-by-step homework problems and solutions, users can search for their query or enter a direct link to a question.

What if it is not effective for a particular query?

If it doesn’t display the solution, you can attempt alternative approaches, such as looking up the question on other websites or forums.


An innovative online resource called Homeworkify AI helps students with their homework using artificial intelligence. It offers a plethora of learning support elements, including customized learning options, live tutoring, interactive learning experiences, and mock quizzes.

If you want to have fun, learn new skills, or improve your grades, Homeworkify AI is the perfect tool for you. You can enjoy doing your homework, save time and effort, develop new skills and knowledge, and get higher grades and results. The best homework-help tool is Homeworkify AI.

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