10 Best Must-Have AI Tools For Business In 2024

10 Best Must-Have AI Tools For Business In 2024

After making great strides in recent years, AI is now used in many industries, including healthcare, banking, and transportation.

Overdependence breeds creativity. And that is exactly the topic of our conversation today.

The benefits of AI technologies, which you must have heard about a million times by now, are driving their demand!

These software-based programs use artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and evaluate specific forms of digital media content, such as images, text, and videos, from online journals, social media platforms, and other sources.

AI technologies are evolving quickly, providing businesses with numerous opportunities to boost productivity. Hundreds of new tools are introduced to the market every day.

Are you ready to use AI to revolutionize your company? For businesses looking to generate buzz online, here are some of the best AI tools:

1) GoCharlie

The first on the list of AI Tools for Business is, GoCharlie is an AI-powered content production tool that helps you create blogs, influencer posts, ads and high-quality images for your company.

It can provide visually stunning images or movies for social media and websites. It also offers a number of photo and video templates to help make your work look polished.

Features of GoCharlie

  • A range of blog themes to help you create interesting posts
  • Equipped with the latest artificial intelligence system
  • GoCharlie was designed to work intelligently on your behalf.

GoCharlie Cost and Access

Users can try GoCharlie for free for 10 days. After that, freelancers can choose from a subscription plan, which starts at $39. There are additional alternatives for its Professional and Team subscription versions, which cost $99 and $299, respectively.

2) HitPaw Photo Enhancer

The best AI photo enhancer for enlarging photos without sacrificing quality is HitPaw Photo Enhancer, which also does a fantastic job of correcting blurry images.

Your face can be made flawless with the platform’s AI face enhancer, which uses a facial model. With just one click, it can colorize black and white photos to restore old photos.

HitPaw Photo Enhancer Features

  • Able to automatically remove noise from low light and high ISO
  • Additionally, AI sharpeners can improve image quality to make objects like flowers or animals easier to see.
  • The largest AI photo enhancer for Mac and Windows

HitPaw Photo Enhancer Cost and Availability

A one-year plan costs $79.99, a one-month plan costs $17.99 per month, and a lifetime plan costs $99.99 from HitPaw Photo Enhance.

HitPaw offers regular price reductions on all plans, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

To help you get a feel for the product, it also provides a limited feature free trial.

3) Notion.AI 

An AI copywriting tool called Notion.ai creates unique, great content. It helps in summarizing, writing, reviewing, and editing content.

Just tell the app what you want to write — a job description, press release, blog piece, or social media post, for example — and it’ll take care of the rest. One can even create poetry and sketches on any subject or topic using it.

Characteristics of the Notion.AI

  • Can easily create original content free of plagiarism.
  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • Makes language easier.
  • 30 seconds to write a summary

Notion.AI: Availability and Pricing

Notion.ai charges for three option subscription models: Plus, Business, and Enterprise.

Plans have configurable pricing options for enterprise plans and start at $8/mo per user. It is also available for free with limited features.

4) Grammarly

The next on the list of AI Tools for Business is Grammarly. A well-liked tool for checking grammar and spelling is Grammarly. It uses an AI algorithm to analyze your work and make sure you’re using proper grammar. Additionally, it detects your tone and indicates whether you are too formal, confident, or pleasant.

The subscription plan provides complete rewriting tips to help you produce writing that’s easy to read, concise, and clear.

Features of Grammarly

  • Checks for errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Copying process to plagiarism detector
  • Citation generator for MLA, Chicago, and APA
  • Use Essay Checker to edit your work and get a higher grade.

Grammarly: Availability and Price

Grammarly offers two membership plans, with the first costing $15 per month, plus a free trial with limited features.

5) Personal AI 

The next up on the list of AI Tools for Business is Personal AI. You can have intelligent conversations with clients, potential customers, and coworkers thanks to Personal AI. It accomplishes this by applying the knowledge you’ve gathered to generate queries, initiate responses, and more.

Routine tasks such as scheduling appointments, booking tours, and organizing meetings can also be automated by personal AI. Even better, you can write your own unique personal instructions to meet your specific needs.

Personal AI Features

  • Several built-in features are available, including to-do lists, calendars, and reminders.
  • A fantastic resource for creating a virtual assistant
  • It only takes a little training to set up.
  • Personal AI mimics human behavior and understands situations.
  • This software can schedule appointments, send emails, answer questions, and more automatically.

Personal AI Cost and Availability

Ignite, Launch, and Turbo are three subscription-based models that provide Personal AI. With limited features, Ignite is free, while Personal AI can be used for as little as $40 per month.

6) Pictory

The best AI video generator is Pictory, which can easily and quickly create and edit high-quality videos. The fact that this AI tool requires no prior design or video editing experience is one of its strongest features.

Pictory Features

  • Create short, branded video segments based on longer videos.
  • Use scripts or text to edit videos.
  • Create shareable highlight reels for videos.
  • Automatically adds captions and summarizes videos.

Pricing and Availability for Pictory

Three options are available for Pictory’s subscription-based model: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Plans have configurable pricing options for enterprise plans and start at $19/month per user. You have a choice of annual or monthly subscription.

If you’re hesitant to buy outright, Pictory also offers a free three-day trial.

7) Jasper AI 

The next up on the list of AI Tools for Business is, Jasper is considered to be the biggest help in writing AI. Since its launch in 2021, its extraordinary features and capabilities have dominated the industry.

Jasper bases the creation of sentences, paragraphs and papers on topic and tone of voice. All you need to do is provide Jasper with a list of seed words to test to enable it to focus on a particular method.

An essay of 1500 words can be completed by an AI program in a little more than 15 minutes.

The platform offers more than fifty AI content production templates. Includes press releases, blog entries, emails, marketing copy, Facebook and Google ads, meta titles and descriptions, and more.

Features of Jasper AI

  • Over 2,500 writing style categories and 11,000 free typefaces
  • More than 25 languages are supported.
  • The user interface is easy to understand.

Jasper AI Pricing and Availability

Jasper AI can be used for as little as $24 per month. With different features and obstacles, you can choose from Boss Mode, Business Plan, and Beginner Plan.

To get you started, there is also a 5-day free trial option with 10,000 credits.

8) Webscraping.AI

Webscraping.AI is among the biggest AI technologies for non-programmer data collection automation.

You can use this AI technology to get data from the internet without having to deal with time-consuming scraping. All users have to do is enter the URL of the website and select the components they want to extract.

According to the company, its AI scrapers accurately capture data using sophisticated algorithms. This saves a ton of time and customizes data collection options.

Webscraping.AI Features

  • With custom scraping, you can determine how often the scraping procedure occurs.
  • Automatic data cleaning tools that allow users to clean and standardize the data they have scraped.
  • Export scraped data to CSV, JSON, and Excel, among other formats.
  • Since the platform is cloud-based, users can access the tool from anywhere.

Pricing and Availability for Webscraping.AI

Web Scraping Subscription. Personal plans for AI start at around $29 per month. For additional features and scalability, you can also choose the Plus and Startup programs.

9) Fireflies

Natural language processing is used by Fireflies to remove the need for meeting notices. Thanks to this convenient platform, conversations can be easily discussed and recorded during the session.

Fireflies can translate audio files you upload or live meetings. After listening to the audio, quickly scan the transcripts.

Characteristics of Fireflies

  • Record and transcribe calls instantly.
  • Use a Chrome extension to record calls and meetings directly from the browser.
  • Anything within the dashboard can be quickly copied using pre-existing audio files.
  • Connects to a variety of platforms and apps, including RingCentral, Zoom, Teams Webex, Google Meet, and AirCall.
  • Get rid of note-taking.

Price and Availability of Fireflies

With limited functionality, Fireflies can be used for free to get started, and a Pro subscription is available for less than $10 per month. For $19 per month, you can choose a business plan with different features.

10) Speechify

The last on the list of AI Tools for Business is Speechify. A fantastic AI program that generates speech from any type of text is called Speechify. The web-based tool can convert emails, documents, PDFs, and articles into audio files that can be listened to instead of read.

You can also change the reading speed with this application, which offers more than 30 realistic sounds.

Features of Speechify

  • Online with add-ons for Chrome and Safari
  • More than fifteen languages.
  • Over thirty sounds to choose from.
  • Scan printed text and convert it to speech.

Speechify availability and Price

It offers both free and subscription-based business strategies.

Speechify audiobooks are available for $199 per year, while premium plans start at $139 per user per year.

That’s it for the list of AI Tools for Business.



With the advancement of AI technology, more advanced AI solutions are being offered by enterprises to improve our personal and professional lives.

You can improve your creativity and focus, automate tedious tasks, and even have more thoughtful conversations with others around you. All with the help of these advanced AI resources.
Whether you’re a writer, marketer, business owner, or just want to make things easier on a day-to-day basis, these AI technologies could completely change the way you work and save you hundreds of hours by 2024.

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