How to Open HEIC Files in Windows or Convert Them to JPEG

How to Open HEIC Files in Windows or Convert Them to JPEG

HEIC: What is it?

Any other image files, such as JPEGs or PNGs that you’re probably familiar with are HEIC files. The main difference is that HEIC images are encoded with HEVC, which is often used for data-saving streaming video compression. This basically means that HEIC images are of higher quality and require less storage space.

HEIF is the default image format used by Apple’s iPhone and iPad for image capture. The HEIC file extension is present in these images. With a few clicks, Windows 10 or Windows 11 can display HEIC files. Alternatively, you can convert them to regular JPEGs and view them from anywhere.


  • Installing the HEVC and HEIF codecs from the Microsoft Store will allow you to see HEIC images in the Photos app that comes with Windows 10 and Windows 11.
  • The HEIC format is supported by a large number of third-party image viewers without the need to purchase the Microsoft codecs.
  • Download and install CopyTrans HEIC for Windows to enable HEIC image support in Windows Photo Viewer, making it simple to convert HEIC files to JPEG. Additionally, you can utilize internet converters such as, although posting private files should be done with caution.

Lets see; How to Open HEIC Files in Windows.

How to View HEIC Files in Windows 10’s Photos App

Installing support for HEIC image files on modern versions of Windows 10 only takes a few minutes. It also works with Windows 11.

First, use your computer’s file explorer to locate the HEIC file and double-click it. Choose “Photos” when prompted to access it in an application.

Tip: If the HEIC file doesn’t open in the Photos app, right-click the HEIC file and select Open With > Photos.

You’ll get an error message from the Photos app saying, “The HEIF image extension is required to display this file. You can get it from the Microsoft Store by selecting the “Download and Install Now” option. It only takes a few minutes to install and is available for free download.

Note: The HEVC video extension package must also be installed. It costs $0.99 to purchase. Earlier, it was possible to get it for free, but this method is no longer valid.

When Windows asks if you wish to switch programs, select “Yes.”

This will cause the Microsoft Store app to open and display the HEIF Image Extensions page. To download and install the HEIC picture file (which uses the HEIF format) support, click the “Install” option.

You can now view HEIC images in the Photos app just like any other image file, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

Additionally, Windows 10’s File Explorer will automatically create and display thumbnails of your HEIC image files.

How to Convert HEIC to JPEG on Windows

To quickly and simply convert HEIC files to standard JPG photos on Windows, we advise you to download and install CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.

Since it installs full support for HEIC photos in Windows, this program is especially helpful for Windows 7 and older Windows 10 versions where the Photos app doesn’t have built-in support for HEIC photos. It updates the older Windows Photo Viewer to support HEIC images.

Right-clicking HEIC files in File Explorer and choosing “Convert to JPEG” using CopyTrans HEIC will enable you to convert HEIC files to JPEG files quickly and simply. This choice will automatically convert the image to a JPEG file, which will then be saved in the original HEIC file’s folder.

As JPEG files are frequently supported, this will allow you to use the HEIC file with applications that support JPEG photos but not HEIC files.

How to Open HEIC Images in Other Applications

Native support for HEIC image files in the HEIF format is being added to more apps. Adobe Photoshop, for example, can now open these files. However, installation of HEVC Video Extension Software and HEIF Image Extension Package is required.

As a fantastic, user-friendly image viewer, we also love IrfanView. According to IrfanView’s official FAQ, IrfanView will open HEIC image files if you have the HEIF and HEVC packages installed or CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.

Search online for “HEIC” and the name of your favorite image viewing or editing program to learn more about its support for HEIC.

How to Convert HEIC Files to JPEG on the Web

An online converting tool is always an option if you don’t want to install any software. All you have to do is upload the HEIC file to get the JPEG.

Warning: Although we have had no problems using the website below, we strongly advise against posting any confidential images, documents, or movies to online conversion tools. It’s best to leave the image on your computer if it contains sensitive content. However, there is no practical reason to worry about posting an image to an online service if it is not visually appealing. This is a broad recommendation for all file types. For example, we advise against using online PDF conversion services to upload PDFs containing private financial or business information.

If you want to quickly convert your photos, you can upload up to five photos at once to One or more HEIC files can be dragged and dropped from your PC onto a web page.

You can download the JPG files that are created when the website converts these files to JPEGs.

If you find HEIC images cumbersome to handle, you have the option of setting your iPhone’s default photo format to the more compatible JPEG format. Higher image quality is available at a lower file size with HEIC. If the program you use supports it, we recommend sticking with it because it’s a more modern image format.


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