Top 16 Antivirus Software for Mac for Privacy and Security

Top 16 Antivirus Software for Mac for Privacy and Security

I have known Mac products to be safe and secure since the day I learned about them. Unlike Windows or Android, it does not require any protection against threats like viruses, malware, Trojans, and others.

Is that true, though? What does this mean in this new era in which we find ourselves? No, in my opinion.

No, in today’s world of fast-growing technology and the ever-expanding Internet, we can’t just rely on our computer and its operating system to protect us from all malware. Not even with the Apple computer operating system or the Mac.

Because Mac is a Unix-based operating system, it is generally more secure than Windows. It can still be hacked, though, if one wishes to do so. Mac systems users have become even more aware of the importance of protecting their systems after several cases of malware infection emerged last year.

Now that we know how important protection is for Mac computers, how does one choose among the antivirus softwares available? For Mac, there are both free and paid antivirus software that offer constant defense against potential threats.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the top antivirus software to protect your Mac computer from online threats. While there are paid and free options, they can provide all the necessary defenses against threats.

Let’s investigate them.

1) F Secure Total For Mac (Paid)

The first on the list of Antivirus Software is F Secure Total For Mac (Paid). Another security software suite, F Secure Total For Mac, works on Windows, iOS, Android, and MacOS and finally provides information about multiple threats. Despite some special capabilities, it lacks several important options, especially when it comes to scanning for viruses.

You can run a full virus scan on your system by clicking the Scan button. Move it to a different screen and start the virus and threat detection process.

However, certain screens are specific to this location for diagnosis. Windows screens provide a quick overview. When malware is detected, DeepGuard system apps and malware can be automatically blocked.

There are two options: either set up a VPN or use ID Monitor to check emails for compromised information. This protects your device from being seen by marketers, mostly to prevent them from tracking your online activities.

Your login information is safe as it also deploys a secure vault to store and store passwords. However, Password Vault requires an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Key features of F Secure Total are as follows:

  • Virus Protection
  • Browser Security
  • ID monitoring
  • VPN
  • Password Vault
  • Efficient VPN

2) Avast Security (Free)

Another antivirus program for Mac users is called Avast Security. Multiple measures consistently thwart attempts by viruses, malware, and ransomware to compromise Mac security.

Avast Security monitors and alerts users when their Mac is near any potentially dangerous website. Or alert about any internet tracking.

The program ensures that your Mac is protected from viruses and other external threats when you shop or do any banking. In addition, it protects against phishing emails and alerts users when Wi-Fi security is at risk. There is no need for an account because it is completely free.

Live Range Warfare Shield support and Wi-Fi Intruder are included, despite the fact that there are some more expensive editions.

The main features of Avast Security are as follows:

  • Core and Ransomware Shield
  • Easy to install
  • Quarantine
  • Inspects Wi-Fi

3) AVG Antivirus for Mac (Free)

Another free antivirus tool with an elegant, minimal appearance that provides initial defense against malware, viruses and other threats is AVG. It provides internet security while working noiselessly in the background.

It also offers MacCleaning and Rescue Disk Scan, which can be quite helpful for many users and in many situations.

Some of the prominent features of AVG Antivirus are:

  • Provides real-time protection for your Mac from malware, viruses and other threats.
  • Check your Mac for malware and viruses anytime.
  • Blocks malicious downloads and web pages.
  • Check your email for malware and viruses.
  • Improves your Mac’s security and performance.
  • Although it uses a lot of system resources, this antivirus is one that you can “set and forget” and leave to take care of the rest.

4) Comodo (Free)

Comodo is for you if you’re the type of person who prefers not to get in the way of an antivirus. Another easily accessible, lightweight, free antivirus program with a straightforward configuration.

It fully meets Mac security standards by combining Comodo’s tried and true techniques with tactical security features. Scans can be scheduled, and you can let it run its course without interruption.

Following are some of the Comodo Free Antivirus for Mac features.

  • Simple, intuitive UI
  • Complete security through on-access scanning.
  • Instant one-click scanning
  • Instant access to the latest virus definitions
  • Easy slider to adjust your security degree
  • A quarantine system to isolate files that appear suspicious.
  • Adaptive virus scanning that runs on your own timetable.

5) TotalAV (Free)

A strong malware detection rate combined with additional special features such as memory optimization and parental control make TotalAV a free and reliable antivirus program for Mac users.

Following are some of the key features of Total AV Free Antivirus for Mac.

  • Complete antivirus defense against spyware, adware, and malware
  • Acceleration tool
  • Disk Cleanup Tool
  • System acceleration
  • Parental guidance
  • Browsing performance
  • Internet Safety

6) Sophos Home Security (Paid)

Sophos Home Security is a comprehensive antivirus program that is beautiful in its own right. It protects your device from ransomware, spyware, viruses, phishing scams and more.

It will be helpful for families with many devices as it offers a unique remote administration function, which allows you to monitor the security of multiple devices from a single dashboard.

With the parental control tools in Sophos, you can monitor and manage your children’s online activity, set time limits, and filter content.

Some of the salient features of Sophos Home Security are:

  • Antivirus in real-time
  • Parental Web Filtering
  • Web Defense
  • Distant Supervisory
  • Three devices maximum

It offers a 30-day free trial of the upgraded edition. Some highly specialized functions, such as malware removal and artificial intelligence, are available in its premium edition. So, if you don’t mind spending money, you can also choose the premium edition.

7) Avira Antivirus (Free)

A popular antivirus program for Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS platforms is called Avira.

This software is intended to defend your device or computer from malware, spyware, viruses, and other online dangers. The premium edition comes with extra features including VPN, firewall, and system optimization.

Avira Antivirus has the following prominent features:

  • Scanner in real-time
  • System Examiner
  • Administration of Quarantine
  • A series of activities
  • Shared Scheduler
  • Tracker blockers for browsers
  • Safe online travel
  • Comparing prices online can help you save money when shopping.

8) Bitdefender (Free)

A leading antivirus program, Bitdefender offers a strong defense against a variety of online threats.

With an outstanding track record in the field, Bitdefender is exceptional at identifying and eliminating malware, including Trojan horses, ransomware, viruses and spyware, so your devices stay safe.

The free edition lacks online protection, but it still does a full scan and is more than enough if you don’t feel like spending money.

Following are some of the BitDefender Antivirus for Mac features.

  • Automatically update to the latest malware signatures before a scan.
  • Features a fully featured Bitdefender engine
  • Scan faster! Quick scan system areas that are vulnerable to infections, full system scan, and targeted scan
  • Eliminates or places quarantine hazards in records and archives.
  • Grow alerts
  • Easy recommendations and security status
  • Searches for malware in all possible places.
  • Scans active programs.
  • Delete directories and files to avoid scanning.

It doesn’t offer the same online protection as some other free antivirus software and its free edition has fewer capabilities. Nevertheless, it is a viable option.

9) Malwarebytes (Free)

Malwarebytes detects and removes Mac viruses automatically. We included it in our list because of its excellent cleaning capabilities, although its free edition is not very extensive.

All its advanced capabilities, including real-time scanning, automatic updates, and malware protection and blocking, are available in its commercial edition. A 14-day free trial is available before your purchase.

10) Intego Mac Internet Security X9 (Paid)

By combining VirusBarrier and NetBarrier, Intego Mac Internet Security X9 creates and configures applications that are designed to identify and eliminate malware threats that originate from external intrusions and fraudulent software.

Additionally, it identifies potentially malicious applications and intrusions. While NetBarrier is a two-way firewall, VirusBarrier is easier to use. These two pieces of software work together to offer strong malware protection.

Every file attached to the drive is scanned by VirusBarrier, which can also scan emails from iOS devices. Files that raise red flags are restricted, while trusted files are marked as safe.

Among the key features of Intego Mac Internet Security X9 are:

  • A firewall that works in two directions.
  • Generally excellent performance
  • The most reliable virus scanner
  • Excellent Mac compatibility.
  • Defense against viruses and malware, both direct and indirect.

11) Norton 360 (Paid)

Norton 360 is a security solution that manages the areas of the Mac that need protection and monitoring, protecting it from malware threats, browser hacker intrusions and malware attempts.

Norton 360 is available in two variants: Standard and Deluxe. The ordinary edition, which may license up to 5 Mac machines as opposed to the deluxe version’s 10 device license limit, includes features like parental control and dark web monitoring.

In addition to identifying unwanted applications, it offers useful functions like VPN to secure bank account information, passwords, and private online data. Remember that devices are protected against the introduction of unwanted malicious software.

The main features of Norton 360 for Mac are:

  • Easy to use
  • Offers both standard and deluxe versions that cover multiple devices.
  • Parental Control and Dark Web Monitoring.
  • Device protection
  • Secure virtual network
  • Password Manager
  • Online backup

12) Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac (Paid)

One of the greatest software for combating malware and malicious activities is Trend Micro Antivirus. It has a user-friendly interface, is a straightforward yet user-friendly antivirus program, and is highly recommended.

There are no additional features or benefits as the software is basic. A great option for anyone looking for something affordable, straightforward and easy to use is Trend Micro.

The following are the salient features of Trend Micro Antivirus:

  • Easy to employ
  • The high malware detection rate
  • Scans files for attacks such as ransomware from unknown sources.
  • Reasonable prices

13) McAfee Total Protection (Paid)

With its suite of tools that include identity protection, VPN, antivirus, malware, and other features, McAfee Total Protection is updated on a regular basis. It’s a really easy program to use, and once installed, you can trust it to handle everything.

Your hard drive, as well as external volumes, are scanned by the tool at custom locations and times. When McAfee Total Protection detects malware or viruses, it notifies the user immediately. You can ask it to quarantine or remove the file. This gives you control over what McAfee Total Protection can do.

Additional features include a firewall, security VPN, password protection, and an ID protection tool to protect your email address. Up to five devices can be covered simultaneously through the McAfee bundle.

The main features of McAfee Total Protection are as follows:

  • Easy to employ
  • Tools that can be customized for different devices.
  • Background scans
  • Identity protection device
  • VPN feature that is secure.

14) Eset Cyber Security Pro (Paid)

Android devices, Linux servers, Mac computers, and Windows PCs are all protected from unwanted software approaches with Eset Cyber Security Pro. The iPhone, however, is an exception in this instance. On the other hand, it protects every other device against hacking into networks, search engine hijacking programs, and more.

The best part, though, is that it offers a dedicated firewall that is operational, as well as reliable tools for detecting malware and viruses on the device in terms of real-time monitoring. It can also be spyware that protects users’ private information and prevents external applications from intruding.

In addition, it offers up to three users comprehensive and parental control over the websites that users are allowed to browse.

The main features of Eset Cyber Security Pro are as follows:

  • Effective defense
  • Total command on configurations
  • Tools to detect malware and a dedicated firewall
  • Not available on iOS.
  • Safe online defense
  • Protection on multiple platforms

15) BitMedic Pro Antivirus (Free)

BitMedic Pro Antivirus is an additional excellent antivirus application. It does, however, have a few problems that need to be carefully addressed. There are numerous tools or modules offered, such as settings for various operating systems, a cleaner module, a custom scan module, an antivirus scan module, and browser privacy.

It creates a file that is not scannable, allows deeper scanning, and modifies the system response. However, it predicts some fake emails.

The Adware Cleaner module works quickly and easily. Browser Privacy Module is a simple and effective tool to delete various extensions and clear your history bookmarks.

The following are the salient features of BitMedic Pro Antivirus:

  • Easy to use and uncomplicated
  • Good tools for scanning external drives
  • Various tools for scheduling
  • Simple clear-up

16) ClamXAV (Paid)

The last on the list of Antivirus Software is ClamXAV. Getting ClamXAV from the ClamXAV website is straightforward and fast. Permissions are required to access the Downloads folder and modify security settings after the software is installed.

Additionally, a manual scan of Mac’s system files and other locations can be done from the main screen. Scans can be performed on every folder and file on a primary hard disk.

The entire system is scanned to determine if malware is present. In June 2022, it was pretty scary. Tests were accepted from AV but were not evaluated further.

The best malware detection and removal program is ClamXAV. It consists of little more than basic scanning options. It effectively scans for viruses. Although it is present in many other antivirus software, Mac users benefit from it the most.

These are the main features of ClamXAV:

  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Adequate and expert antivirus defense
  • Manual guidelines for identifying malware in specific files
  • A quick look at each file
  • Quarantine files contain malware.

That’s it for the list of Antivirus Software.



Mac products are safe, despite how controversial they may seem. However, it’s best to protect your Mac using an antivirus program.

It’s important that you don’t take cyber security for granted. Thus, a reliable antivirus program can be useful.

You may use the top antivirus apps for Mac in the article above to safeguard your computer from malware and viruses.

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