8 Best Mac Clipboard Managers of 2024

8 Best Mac Clipboard Managers of 2024

All major desktop operating systems have a small number of clipboard management features available. For example, the built-in clipboard manager on macOS uses only one buffer, so you can copy only one text passage at a time.


  • You can save copied content and paste it into other programs using the Clipboard Manager.
  • Although most users find the macOS default clipboard manager functional, it only allows you to copy one item at a time because it uses the same buffer for copy-paste every time you copy something. If you copy a new one, it gets overwritten.
  • To achieve this, you can use a third-party clipboard manager, which allows you to paste multiple items together efficiently and quickly, check and manage your clipboard history, and save multiple items to your clipboard.

While the majority of Mac users find these limited clipboard capabilities acceptable, if your workflow often involves copying and pasting information between apps, it will quickly become a chore.

Mac Clipboard Managers

Third-party clipboard managers can help in this situation. Multiple buffers are supported by a decent third-party clipboard manager, allowing you to copy multiple samples of text (in different formats) and retrieve them whenever you need them.

The top clipboard managers for Mac are listed here, so you can enhance clipboard management and speed up your productivity;

1) CopyLess 2 – Clipboard Manager

The first on the list of Top Mac Clipboard Managers is,CopyLess Clipboard Manager has been completely redesigned and updated as CopyLess 2. Up to 1000 clippings that you can copy or cut from one app can be stored there to retrieve and paste to other apps as needed.

Everything you do is saved to disk, so even if you reboot, you can still access everything. You can easily search and organize your saved clippings by tagging and favorite them with CopyLess 2. It’s also quite useful that you can search for clips by app name, content, or custom title.

In addition, you can use Copyless 2 to automatically remove formatting from text clippings before pasting, set up shortcuts to quickly paste multiple items at once, and use all your tools. You can sync your clippings with iCloud to access

Paid ($6.99), Free

Get Copyless 2: Clipboard Manager here.

2) PasteBox

Another feature-rich yet lightweight clipboard manager and snapper for Mac is called Pastebox. It facilitates easy copying and management of various types of data, including text, images, and web pages, so you can optimize your copy-paste processes.

Paste Box also makes accessing copied items easier. To automatically paste something, simply select it from the clipboard by pressing the keyboard shortcut that opens the clipboard manager. Likewise, you can organize and manage all your snippets efficiently in one place using the integrated snippets manager.

In addition, PasteBox offers a host of other features, such as a persistent history, the ability to import/export snippets, the ability to exclude apps from copying their data, and clipboard text. Keyboard shortcuts for pasting.

Acquired for $5.99.

Get Pastebox here.

3) Anybuffer

AnyBuffer is more than just a standard clipboard manager. It’s like a stuff organizer that stores and organizes everything, so you never lose access to anything, from documents and plain text to photos and videos and links.

Everything you copy is synced across all your other Apple devices as well as your iCloud account. It makes it easy for you to copy and paste text between devices.

You can also easily find your saved clips and Smart Shelf with Anybuffer’s powerful search feature, which enables you to keep everything organized and accessible from anywhere.

Paid (up to $9.99 per month) or free

Get Anybuffer here.

4) Maccy

A lightweight and open-source Mac clipboard manager is called Maccy. It serves to keep your copy history close by so you can select and copy from other apps and services.

The majority of Maxi’s features can be accessible with keyboard shortcuts, which makes choosing the clips you wish to utilize quick and simple. Not only that, but you can also use keyboard shortcuts to quickly erase your history, pin something you’ll need regularly, and paste clippings— Formatted or not—all of it.

Like some other clipboard managers, Maccy lets you turn off recording for certain apps, so you can be sure it won’t capture your passwords or any other private data.

Acquired at cost ($9.99)

Get the maxi here.

5) Paste – Clipboard Manager

One of the most used clipboard managers on the Mac is called Paste. It enables you to save all your copied content on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad for easy access whenever you need it. Paste Clipboard Manager allows you to copy text, files, links, and images, among other things.

Using Paste, all your copied content stays on the app and can be easily found through a straightforward search. Additionally, Paste allows you to use pins to divide your copied text into categories. You can also set rules to facilitate pasting material and choose and paste many copied things at once without formatting.

One of Paste’s greatest features is the iCloud sync option. It syncs all your data with your iCloud account. Because all of the clips on your clipboard will sync with all of your devices, you may use your clipboard as a universal clipboard to copy and paste anything between any device.

Free (with 14-day trial), Paid ($1.99 per month)

Download the Paste – Clipboard Manager.

6) CopyClip – Clipboard History

The simplest Mac clipboard application is called CopyClip. With its simple design and the ability to use it from the macOS menu bar, this clipboard manager is ideal for those who want minimal capabilities in a clipboard manager.

CopyClip is a menu bar program, which means you can access all your copy and cut content from anywhere on your Mac by looking at the menu bar.

In terms of other functionality, CopyClip allows you to specify the number of clips it should store in memory. To help prevent apps from recording private information like your passwords, you can also exclude apps whose content you don’t want to record.

No price

Get Copy Clip – History of Clipboards here.

7) Copy ‘Em (Clipboard Manager)

With a ton of sophisticated capabilities, Copy ‘Em is a powerful clipboard manager for Mac users. It allows you to copy/cut any type of file, including PDF, HTML, code snippets, images, and text. It can also cut/copy some additional proprietary file types.

In addition to its core features, Copy ‘Em lets you take screenshots and collect data, keep your favorite clipboard entries permanent, and cut down on the time you spend jumping between apps. Allows the use of keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. Frequently used pieces.

You can also quickly find your duplicate items by sorting and labeling them and organizing them into lists. In contrast, you can choose to sync your content across your Mac, iPad and iPhone, which can facilitate quick insertion and deletion of content between devices. Finally, you can add apps to an ignore list, just like some other clipboard managers whose content you don’t want copied.

Expensive ($14.99)

Get Copy ‘Em (Clipboard Manager) here.

8) Flycut (Clipboard Manager)

For Mac users, Flycut is a free clipboard manager designed with developers in mind. It’s based on the open-source clipboard manager JumpKit, with a few more features.

Like CopyClip, Flycut is a menu bar app that gives you access to all the clips that you’ve saved. Additionally, you will have the ability to modify certain parameters, such as the maximum amount of clips that can be saved, the behavior of saved clips on exit, hotkeys, etc.

No price

Download the Flycut (Clipboard Manager) here.

that’s it for the list of Top Mac Clipboard Managers.

Copy & Paste Content Efficiently on Mac with Clipboard Managers

One highly useful feature is the ability to copy and paste material between apps. This makes it easy for you to use the same content wherever needed and removes repetitive manual typing.

You should be able to cut, copy, and paste multiple pieces of data into different Mac apps at once using the Mac clipboard managers on our list, all without losing any data you’ve already copied. As a result, optimize your workflow to increase productivity.


Frequently Asked Questions About Mac Clipboard Applications

1. Which Mac clipboard software is the best?

Although there are many Mac clipboard programs, as we mentioned earlier, Paste is the greatest program in our opinion. It enables you to save all your copied content on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad for easy access whenever you need it. Paste Clipboard Manager allows you to copy text, files, links, and images, among other things.

Paste’s iCloud sync tool is one of its best features. It syncs all your data with your iCloud account. You can use it as a universal clipboard to copy and paste between devices, as all clips from your clipboard will be synced across all your devices.

2. Which free Mac clipboard manager is the best?

Although Paste is the most feature-rich clipboard manager available for Mac, its trial period is limited to 14 days. If you’re looking for the best free clipboard manager for Mac, check out CopyClip. For people who have little need for clipboard management functions, this clipboard manager is ideal because it works from the macOS menu bar and has a fairly straightforward UI.

3. Does the Mac have a past for clipboards?

macOS only has a built-in clipboard, and you can only paste what you just copied. On macOS, clipboard history is missing. In this situation, a program called Clipboard Manager can be useful. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top clipboard manager programs that enable clipboard history.

4. On a Mac, how do I access my clipboard?

The ability to use the clipboard is essential for Mac users. You can use this macOS application to move your text and images around as you copy and paste them onto the MacBook.

Finder software on every Mac can be used to access the clipboard. While you’re working, it runs in the background on your computer.

  • Open Finder.
  • Choose Edit from the top menu.
  • Click Display Clipboard.

5. How do I clear my Mac’s clipboard?

You cannot remove the clipboard directly.

The easiest way to free up the clipboard on your MacBook or iPhone is to copy the spacebar character. To give an example:

  1. Launch the messaging app.
  2. Place your pointer inside the compose Box.
  3. Hit the space bar.
  4. After creating a space, tap and hold it to select all.
  5. Take a copy of the text.

This will update the clipboard with white space and replace the existing content.

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