10 Top FREE Audio Recording Software for Mac

10 Top FREE Audio Recording Software for Mac

As an experienced or aspiring musician, you understand the importance of having a reliable audio recording program! You can create audio tracks for podcasts or any other project with the help of audio recording software. However, there are unlimited solutions available for audio recording software, making it difficult to choose which one to believe.

To make this difficult task easier for you, we have specially selected some of the best audio recording software for you. Plus, these tools are free, so you don’t have to pay anything!

In this post, we will introduce you to some of the best and cheapest audio recording apps for Mac so that you can always follow your passion!

1) Oceanaudio

Use Oceanaudio to record and edit audio for music. With this audio recording Software, you can efficiently edit large files while quickly previewing the results. The waveform view provided by this software allows you to edit audio files of any size without any restrictions.

Due to its sophisticated features, Oceanaudio also captures your computer screen, uses voice recording tools and auto-trims, and operates by analyzing the application.

2) Audio Hijack

With Audio Hijack, a DAW program designed specifically for phone calls, radio shows, and other similar applications, you can listen to real-time manipulated audio. With just a few clicks, our recording application stores captured video and presents comprehensive channel statistics.

The program can be used to record Skype and web stream calls, as well as store and play audio offline. Its waveform generator can record audio from a microphone and integrate it into a program.

3) NCH WavePad Audio

With many wonderful features, this free audio recording tool is very easy to install and use. NCH WavePad Audio allows you to edit an infinite number of audio files. It works with many different kinds of audio files. With this dependable tool, you can record and edit audio for podcasts and movies like an expert. This application includes a ton of audio effects and fantastic editing options in addition to batch processing.

It has audio restoration features, such as spectrum analysis, and supports DirectX plug-ins and Virtual Studio technology. It is also compatible with WMA, AU, OGG, VOX, AIF, FLAC, and real audio and has an intuitive user interface.

4) Traverso

Traverso is a creative yet user-friendly audio recording program that quickly records audio using keyboard and mouse shortcuts. This program is great for beginners as it is easy to master and provides a smooth recording experience. All popular file formats are supported for non-destructive editing.

It has multiple driver backends with lockless real-time audio processing and countless tracks. It has good recording and editing features and supports FLAC, libsndfile, OGG, WAvPack, and p3.

5) Spek

Another simple and easy-to-use audio recording tool that offers lightning-fast audio file processing is Spek. It supports popular audio formats, has 19 language support for more customisation, and can analyze audio using spectrograms.

This user-friendly software has a configurable spectral density range, supports FFMPEG libraries, displays codec names, and processes signals quickly. OGG, au, WMA, vox, gsm, real audio, aif, FLAC, and Wav formats are supported by the software.

6) GarageBand

Another straightforward studio recording application for Mac OS with an easy-to-use interface is GarageBand. All you have to do is plug in your device and start recording. With a wide range of effects and virtual amplifiers, its recordings sound professional.

You can edit your tracks with its sound and loop library and set up your device for wireless control.

7) Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is among the most widely used tools for audio recording. With this tool, you can multitask and create, mix, edit, and retrieve music using the waveform display. It was created with studios and video production procedures in mind, and it also seamlessly integrates music snippets.

It has a sound panel that works together with software to produce the highest potential sound. To make audio more professional and appealing to podcasters, add music snippets to recordings. In addition, it allows you to fix audio breaks while importing and exporting different audio formats.

8) FL Studio

You can compose, arrange, edit, record, and mix audio files using FL Studio. It enables you to create expert content by combining sound samples and sequences. To enhance your work, you can also use melodies and harmonies.

With more than 80 plugins, its interface is sizeable. Along with editing capabilities, this application provides support for MIDI or digital instrument interfaces with live recording. Plus, it’s lightweight, customizable, and allows you to output 4K videos. Users can also get free updates from it. Additionally, you can speed up your creations with its sidebar.

9) Avid Pro Tools First

This user-friendly device can record performances and create music. Drag and drop functionality is supported with global music streaming with Avid Pro Tools First. It offers cloud support and includes more than 23 plugins.

Avid Pro has extensive control surfaces and is compatible with solo and mute effects. In addition, it has auxiliary tracks, loop recordings, video tracks, presets and more.

10) Audacity

Audacity is a multi-track editor that lets you import and export WAV, FLAC, OGG, and other files and edit a wide range of sounds. It allows you to easily edit, copy, paste and use delta, 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit sound quality. You can use your keyboard to edit sounds and preview real-time sound effects using this audio recording program.

In addition to being compatible with VST plugins, Audacity also allows you to view specific frequencies. This portable application works by dragging and dropping audio files and has pitch-correction capabilities. You can also use it to reduce recorded audio noise.



If creating music is your passion, don’t let these ten top-rated, free audio recording apps for Mac devices stop you from achieving your goals.

We hope these carefully selected options will help you identify the recording gear that will give your projects a competitive edge!

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