14 Best DuckDuckGo Alternatives 2024

14 Best DuckDuckGo Alternatives 2024

Explore Engine often collects information from you when you search the Internet and uses it to create a profile specifically for you. You can then be identified by that profile. Search engines may then sell your information to other companies, which may then use it to launch specialized advertising campaigns.

The problem is that the search engine has collected and sold your data without your permission. This is when privacy-conscious alternative search engines come into play.

With DuckDuckGo, you can search the internet without being concerned about your data being stolen. It does not gather your IP address, search history, or user agent strings.

Besides DuckDuckGo, there are a few additional search engines that prioritize user privacy. Gibiru, Searx, and Swisscows are a few examples. Ecosia, on the other hand, is a great alternative to DuckDuckGo. It respects the user’s privacy and provides you with appropriate search results whenever you type a query. Ecosia’s main feature is that it actively supports social concerns.

More about DuckDuckGo & why explore alternatives

Since its 2008 introduction, DuckDuckGo has become more and more popular. Its compatibility with the majority of contemporary web browsers plays an important role in this.

Since it is open-source software, anyone can distribute and modify it without any fee. You can do anything on Google or Bing with DuckDuckGo, plus you get to keep your identity private.

However, DuckDuckGo has some drawbacks. For example, it collects some information about you but not enough to identify you. Functionality is ensured by using data.

Again, the user interface of the search engine displays advertisements, which can be very annoying. You can tweak DuckDuckGo somewhat as a casual user, but not as much as you’d like.

It only uses Bing to aggregate its index. This means that it only gets data from one source, which may not be enough to provide relevant search results.

The good news is that, as already mentioned, DuckDuckGo has alternatives. These alternatives are more beneficial than DuckDuckGo because they have additional special features.

Let’s investigate them further.

Top DuckDuckGo Alternatives

These are some of the best alternatives to DuckDuckGo that you can use to search the Internet.

1) Mojeek

Mosaic was one of the first search engines to implement a no-tracking policy when it was originally founded in 2006. Mosaic uses its own crawler and index, unlike DuckDuckGo, to generate search results that are relevant to your query.

This particular search engine does not log your online actions or record your IP address. As a result, it cannot establish a user profile for identification.

Both the Mosaic home page and the search results page are ad-free. So it is one of the healthier alternatives to DuckDuckGo in this regard.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that Mosaic hosting is sustainable. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

2) MetaGer

Another search engine you should consider if you want to stay anonymous online is MetaGer. The use of the Tor network guarantees that none of your information is accessible.

MetaGer uses several search engine indexes, unlike DuckDuckGo, which relies on a single source for search results. It will therefore likely provide a more complete list of results.

Only renewable energy sources are used to power the MetaGer servers. It is therefore a fantastic choice for people who want to lessen their carbon footprint.

Search engines can conceal your IP address with an integrated proxy, preventing anyone from determining your location. Furthermore, as the program is free and open source, you are allowed to alter and share it.

When using this particular search engine, advertisements will appear along with the search results. This is one of the ways the business collects funds to maintain the functionality of the tool.

Fortunately, if you want to become a member of a nonprofit group called SUMA-EV, you have the option to remove yourself from ads. It is the company responsible for managing the MetaGer search engine.

3) Brave Search

Brave Search is the next search engine that you can use to search anonymously. This particular engine uses its own index, which sets it apart from DuckDuckGo. So, it will not use search engine results from other sources.

Brave does not collect information, so it cannot create personally identifiable user profiles.

Because this search engine does not filter the results, using it may also provide you with access to a multitude of information.

4) Andi

Another great DuckDuckGo alternative is Andi. Because it uses artificial intelligence to display search results, it stands out. You don’t have to worry about ads on the main page or with search results when using this search engine.

Andi does not create a separate profile for identifying purposes, nor does it collect your IP address.

If you want to browse the Internet without being tracked or dealing with annoying ads, this is one of your best options.

5) Dogpile

Another meta-search engine that performs admirably in returning relevant search results is Dogpile. Launched in 2006, the search engine has an easy-to-use interface.

By selecting different sections such as news, photos, videos, and the web, you can focus your search. Unlike DuckDuckGo, which mostly pulls results from Bing, Dogpile pulls results from Ask.com, Yahoo Search, Bing, and Google.

You can be sure that the results you get are more complete because it pulls information from multiple websites. Your IP address is not stored by search engines, and it does not create a user profile around your activities.

You may see some advertisements on the home page, even if they are not relevant to you. This is because, unlike search engines, which often create separate user profiles and sell information to unrelated parties, ads are not targeted.

Depending on their desired results, Dogpile users can search in the white and yellow pages. To guarantee better results on your next search, it also saves a record of your last 15 searches.

But the data is lost when you exit the Dogpile website. Additionally, this search engine removes adult or violent information. Parameters can be changed to accept any results, including those containing explicit content.

6) Qwant Lite

Another search engine that can provide you with the information you need instantly is Qwant Lite. It differs from DuckDuckGo in that it requires fewer resources to compile results because it is lightweight.

For those who use earlier versions of the web browser, this is a great choice. Qwant Lite, like most of the search engines on this list, guarantees your anonymity when searching the web because it does not collect any unique data.

7) Presearch

Presearch is the following alternative to DuckDuckGo that you may want to investigate. Because it uses blockchain technology, it stands out.

This includes PRE, its own cryptocurrency. Every time you search using that particular search engine, you will have a chance to earn Bitcoin.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that doesn’t gather any user personal data that could be utilized to construct a particular profile. Users of other web browsers won’t encounter many issues with it because it is compatible with most of them.

8) Swisscows

The next on the list of DuckDuckGo Alternatives is Swisscows. Hilbi was the old name of Swissco. Switzerland is the home base of this exclusive search engine.

Its geographic location is important because it is not governed by the EU or the US, which may demand access to user data in some circumstances.

This search engine stands out for another reason: it doesn’t build user profiles. It also features an easy-to-use interface devoid of any form of advertisement.

Your privacy is protected when using this search engine, and you won’t have to worry about any form of sidebar ads that might distract you.

The family-friendly mechanics of this search engine is just another amazing feature. This means that any violent or explicit content that comes up during a search is immediately censored.

Additionally, it has a semantic map that provides useful search recommendations based on the keywords or key phrases you provide. Recommendations are located in a column on the right side of the page.

For whatever reason, if you want to move away from DuckDuckGo, this is a good platform.

9) Gibiru

Launched in 2009, Gibiru is a private search engine. Using 256-bit AES encryption, this particular DuckDuckGo alternative goes above and beyond.

Since all information used in your searches is hidden from view, this type of encryption provides an even higher level of anonymity. Note that neither your IP address nor your search history is stored by Gibiru.

Gibiru also does not use cookies, unlike many other websites that do so to customize user experiences. On this platform, search results are divided into two categories: all results and restricted content.

Censored results are links that are often removed from popular search engines, while all results are results from the engine’s full index. Using this engine, you may further filter your search results by grouping them into news, video, and image categories.

In addition to being accessible through the main website, Gibiru is now available as a mobile app.

10) Searx

The next up on the list of DuckDuckGo Alternatives is Searx. With Searx, you can search the Internet anonymously using an open-source private search engine. It differs from DuckDuckGo, though, in that it indexes results from several other popular search engines.

As a result, the results you get here are probably more comprehensive than those from DuckDuckGo. Additionally, although it pulls results from other search engines, it prevents other engines from tracking or collecting user data.

Your IP address and search history are not collected by the search engine itself. This engine will additionally list the source used for indexing when you use it. That way, you’ll be able to tell if a link originates from Google, Bing, or another search engine.

The good news is that you are free to choose the indexing sources you want to use and exclude the ones you find objectionable. You can also remove tracker parameters from URLs and rewrite them over HTTP with this particular search engine.

It is a fantastic search engine that allows you to personalize many of its features.

11) Qwant

Another search engine that can significantly increase your privacy protection is Qwant. Since it originated in France in Europe, that country is also home to a huge fan base for it.

Because it uses its own crawler and index instead of getting results from external sources, it differs from DuckDuckGo. As a result, you can expect to get specific results regardless of your online past.

It has a simple user interface, which is great if you want to search without being distracted by extraneous information.

It is important to note that you can easily switch between it and Google Search as their user interfaces closely resemble each other.

The fact that Qwant does not use cookies is another advantage. This is because all data is deleted after you log off. No trace of your previous web activity or searches will be found during your next session.

On the other hand, you can customize this search engine by changing the settings to allow cookies. This search engine is also unique in that it has a section with news articles and hot articles that can grab your attention.

12) Startpage

The next on the list of DuckDuckGo Alternatives is Startpage. If you want a private search experience, you might want to check out Start Page, the next search engine. This search engine is a great choice for people who like the Google search interface because it has an interface that is similar to Google.

This alternative has interface ads, just like DuckDuckGo. It differs from DuckDuckGo, though, in that you can disable ads if you prefer.

Ads on your page may not be relevant to you because this search engine does not log activity or collect your IP address. For this reason, it may be wise to turn them off.

Another special feature of this search engine is its ability to change themes. The dark theme is particularly popular as many people believe it reduces eye strain.

Since Startpage is a meta-search engine, it will naturally pull results from other search engines, such as Google. However, data encryption is an advantage in terms of protecting your privacy.

Another way Startpage differs from DuckDuckGo is that it doesn’t filter its search results.

13) Ecosia

Ecosia stands out from other search engines because it prioritizes more than just offering outstanding privacy. Rather, its owners donate 80 percent of their earnings to global tree-planting initiatives.

Another difference between Ecosia and DuckDuckGo is the latter’s server infrastructure, which relies entirely on renewable energy sources.

Promotional ads may appear on the search engine’s home page. However, this is how it generates income. It mostly uses Bing to provide its search results, which is somewhat comparable to DuckDuckGo.

Similar to the majority of search engines on this list, Ecosia does not gather information about you based on your activities or your IP address. It doesn’t sell your information to any unrelated parties either.

It is an additional search engine that shares a UI similar to Google Search. So Google search users can switch to this alternative with relative ease.

Ecosia’s revenue supports a worthy cause, so you can be sure that your use of the service is not in vain.

14) YaCy

The last on the list of DuckDuckGo Alternatives is, YaCy is an open source search engine that you can customize to create a search portal for your intranet or use informally to browse the Internet. Unlike DuckDuckGo, this search engine is free of proprietary software and central servers.

Rather, it uses a decentralized network of computers run by peers in a YaCy peer-to-peer system. This network has thousands of members, which is one of the reasons why it is so successful.

Since no one really owns the YaCy network, the search engine stands out from the others on this list. Each machine in the system searches the Internet and displays the results appropriately.

Because of this, even if you enter the same search terms, each search query may have some small differences. Since there is no way to collect your data, you can use our search engine confidently, knowing that your privacy is protected.


Last Comment

Ecosia is, in my opinion, the best DuckDuckGo alternative. Search engines provide quick, relevant results. Because it places a high value on privacy, you can be sure that no one is watching you every time you use it.

When it comes to contributing to society, Ecosia also does well. The operator of this search engine donates 80% of its earnings to organizations that promote tree planting, which is a great way to guarantee that the planet is habitable for both humans and animals.

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