Top 8 Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique !

Top 8 Paraphrasing Tools to Make Your Content Unique !

Are you a blogger, researcher, scholar, writer, or digital marketer? Above all, are you looking for ways to present original content? Well, that’s what we got. In fact, paraphrasing is the key to creating original, great and human content! Some of the greatest paraphrasing tools are used by writers, marketers, students, and, most importantly, bloggers to create original content.

No matter how skilled you are as a writer, though, it’s likely that some part of your content has been copied or mirrored at some point.

Don’t worry, though. It’s interesting that paraphrasing is the catch here. First, paraphrasing is the act of rewriting or changing statements or sentences without actually changing their context or meaning. So, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 online paraphrase tools if you’re looking to add that special touch to your writing.

Best Paraphrasing Tools Available Online 

1) Clever Spinner

Subscription: $3.90 per month until discontinued; Free for three days.

Your existing content can be quickly transformed into a brand new version with the AI-powered Clever Spinner. So, all you have to do is copy the content, paste it, click and presto! Your content is ready. In fact, CleverSpinner is the most popular paraphrase tool because of this user-friendly feature. CleverSpinner is a great choice due to its affordable pricing plan and minimal yet effective feature set.

You can pin up to 500 words with CleverSpinner in seconds, which is its best feature.

The only drawback is the three-day trial period. However, you can unsubscribe at any time.


  • Uses appropriate synonyms.
  • Rewrite difficult sentences, lists and sentences to make them 100% readable.
  • Both are easy to use and easy to understand
  • Rewrite using built-in artificial intelligence.
  • Perfectly balances the use of passive and aggressive speech.

2) Prepost SEO 

SubscriptionFree (includes ads); Paid (Basic plan, $50; Standard plan, $150; Company plan, $350 per year).

Prepost SEO is another great tool for paraphrasing that has an intuitive design and is very effective. It’s actually one of the best tools for paraphrasing, and most people using it are freelancers and bloggers. It is interesting to note that the program transforms text without changing its meaning or context. All you have to do is type or enter text for a paraphrase. The best-paraphrased information will then be provided by the tool without changing its meaning.

SEO’s ability to rewrite articles and articles online without allowing plagiarism is its greatest feature. It accomplishes this by restating the sentence meaningfully. The most advanced online paraphrase tool, above all, paraphrases sentences in a meaningful way.

The tool’s shortcomings include its inaccurate database, inability to download PDFs, and inaccurate plagiarism detection and reporting.


  • Paraphrasing Tools
  • Domain Authority Verification
  • Check for plagiarism.
  • Guest posts after the service
  • The best free paraphrasing tool available.

3) Article Rewriter Tool

Subscription: Completely free

One of the biggest and most popular tools for paraphrasing is the Article Rewriter Tool. You can use it to reword whole articles as well as single sentences and short sentences. Additionally, this tool will split your blog content into multiple blog entries within minutes. In fact, you can present the volume of blog articles in two or three texts.

The best thing about the article rewriter tool is that when paraphrasing, it includes incredibly smart words that give the content a professional, authoritative look.

One of its drawbacks is the tool’s incredibly complex vocabulary addition while interpreting the original text.


  • Naturally represses
  • Refrigerate removes the majority of sentence features that look like robots.
  • Accessible without charge
  • Speeds up the content creation process.
  • Do not copy; Paraphrase instead.

4) Quillbot

Subscription options: Premium (no word limit) and Free (up to 125 words for paraphrases).

One of the largest paraphrase resources on the Internet is Quillbot. It has the ability to describe any text, the entire article or just a part of it. All you have to do is enter a quote of the text, click the Paraphrase button, and then watch Quillbot work its magic. Additionally, our online paraphrase tool does not affect the originality or context of the content.

Quillbot’s biggest feature is its use of machine learning to understand, edit, rearrange and enhance the paraphrases it generates. It actually features five distinct AI authoring modes.

The free version’s word limit of 125 is its only drawback. Additionally, it uses decorative terms from its built-in thesaurus, which requires additional manual editing.


  • Increased processing speed
  • Sophisticated grammar texts
  • Comparison methods (especially accessible on desktop)
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Identification of tones

5) Spinbot

Subscription: Free (limited to 10,000 characters); Premium (same functionality, but without ads and with captcha editor)

One of the best and most trusted paraphrase tools on the internet is Spinbot. Actually, it’s a free autospinner for articles. You can rewrite understandable language with human touch using spinbot. After pasting your text in the clipboard area, you need to press the spin button. After that, you have to figure out a captcha puzzle. Your text or content will be paraphrased at the end.

By default, block or uppercase text is not spun by Spinbot. Consequently, it helps to retain big words like titles, proper nouns, and the beginning word of each sentence. To adjust this setting, however, you can check the Spin Capitalized Words box. By doing this, you enable Spinbot to examine and interpret every word of your text.

The best thing about Spinbot is that the content it creates will give your website real online value, both in terms of search engine visibility and being read by real people.

The only drawback is that Spinbot doesn’t use AI, ML, or NLP as other paraphrasing tools do. Its split content will not pass Copyscape. Also, it needs to be corrected by hand.


  • Clean, uncomplicated, and intuitive user interface
  • Preserves the original tone of the material.
  • Intact narrative style and textual gravity

6) Word AI

Subscription: Monthly ($57), Annual ($27/month payable annually), Enterprise (custom); 3-day free trial period

WordAI is the next tool in the list of top paraphrasing tools. In fact, it uses AI technology to intelligently replace articles and sentences. Above all, it understands the context and meaning of the original content before paraphrasing the content.

The Perfect Tense tool is integrated with WordAI, which is its strongest feature. Consequently, it helps in correcting spelling and grammar.

One drawback is that the trial period of this online paraphrase tool is limited to three days. You will then need to sign up for one of the plans offered.


  • Use ML and AI models for better rewrites.
  • Written by humans.
  • Able to produce completely original content
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors.

7) Spin Rewriter

Subscription: Five-day free trial membership; Monthly ($47), yearly ($77), or $497 one-time payment

Spin Rewriter, one of the greatest paraphrase tools, helps you save time and money. Most importantly, Spin Rewriter’s content also ranks highly for highly profitable keywords. Not only that, but you can rotate a large number of subjects, create up to 1000 different copies of your text, and choose your favorite spandex style from five widely used spandex shapes. You can also create new content by extracting data from paragraphs.

Spin Rewriter’s primary feature is its usage of ENL (Emulated Natural Language) semantic spinning technology. As a matter of fact, this technology aids in the rewriting and delivery of unique, superior content to raise search engine results.

The only drawback is the five-day free trial period.


  • Compatible with all gadgets, including desktops
  • Spandex helps with style.
  • Indicates the meaning and relevance of each word.
  • Compare the revised text with the original.
  • Include appropriate images in your writing.

8) Small SEO Tools – Best Paraphrasing Tool

Subscription: Basic I costs $19.80 per month, Classic I costs $39.80 per month, Enterprise I costs $49.80 per month, and Institute II costs $249.80 per month. An ad-supported membership is free.

Small SEO Tool’s online paraphrasing tool is very practical and user-friendly. With the paraphrasing tool, you can paraphrase up to 2000 words and an unlimited number of documents. In fact, the Grammarly program allows you to check for both spelling and grammar errors. It is one of the greatest tools for paraphrasing, especially for informal documents.

The ability to specify an unlimited amount of words and content is the best feature of Small SEO Tools.

The only drawback is that you can only annotate up to 2000 words at a time.


  • Reduces a long text.
  • Reduces the need to use quotes.
  • Generator of phrase switches
  • Grammar checker
  • Internet speed measurement
  • IP checker and logo maker


Finally, you can quickly reframe your ideas by using the top paraphrase tools mentioned above. But make sure you properly credit the person who came up with the idea in the first place. In fact, writers and marketers often confuse paraphrasing and plagiarism. Although paraphrasing is one component of plagiarism detection, the two are not always related. Nevertheless, essay rewriters can also be used to eliminate plagiarism from a text or other piece of content.

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