9 Best Mac Video Editing Software of 2024

9 Best Mac Video Editing Software of 2024

Video editing involves editing and rearranging footage to produce a finished result. In recent years, the proliferation of online video content has increased its popularity. You can quickly edit movies on your PC and phone, thanks to modern developers. However, video editors, especially Mac computers, have become increasingly popular. Thanks to a variety of compatible, specialized software, powerful technology, and an intuitive interface.

There are a number of video editing applications available, and they are great at creating high-quality videos. We will give you an overview in this tutorial.

Best Mac Video Editing Software Choices

1) DaVinci Resolve Studio

Professional video editing software that works with Linux, Mac, and Windows is called DaVinci Resolve Studio. It has an easy-to-use interface and provides a watermarked free trial version that appears on your final product. You can import clips from a variety of sources using this program, including your SD card, hard drive, and cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others. The strongest feature of this program is its color grading tool, which is perfect for post-production tasks like color correction and VFX compositing, including keying green screen footage.

2) Shotcut

Shotcut is a feature-rich and user-friendly free, open-source video editor. It features a simple UI with adjustable keyboard shortcuts and is easy to learn.

The application includes more than forty filters, which you can use alone or in “compositions” – groups of effects that can be switched on or off with ease of selection. Additional features include text overlays and titles, background color changes, audio tracks from local or YouTube files, automatic fade-ins and fade-outs for clip trimming, brightness and contrast adjustments for individual clips, wipes between clips, and other transitions. and motion tracking. To keep data in focus as they move across the screen. Projects can be saved as presets for later use. Video files can be exported in several formats, such as FLV (.flv), AVI (.avi), MP4 (iTunes Store), and WebM (YouTube).

3) Movavi Video Editor


Movavi Video Editor is among the greatest Mac video editing applications. It is simple to use, has a ton of functions, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It is compatible with Mac and Windows.

If you’re looking for cheap, basic video editing software, Movavi Video Editor is a great option. In just a few minutes, you can use it to create basic edits or even more complex projects with multiple scenes, titles, transitions, and music tracks!

4) PowerDirector 365

Whether you’re creating videos for personal or professional use, this application makes it easy to create videos that look professional. Includes a variety of editing tools, including audio tracks, titles, transitions, and video filters. While editing your project, you can also add effects by watching a real-time preview. PowerDirector 365 has several helpful elements to facilitate the creation of your video projects. Using simple drag-and-drop tools, you can add music, voiceovers, effects and transitions. Additionally, you can import videos from your computer or camera or record directly from within the software.

5) VideoPad

Another well-liked tool with lots of features and an easy user interface for editing videos. You can add voiceovers and music to videos that you import from your computer or camera by using a selection of sound effects and music that are not restricted by any rights. Its built-in editor also allows you to add text overlays and change the settings for each clip in your video creation. A few of the sharing choices that VideoPad offers for your completed video include Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook. Your video can be exported as an AVI or MP4 file, which you can then publish on blogs, social media, and other websites.

6) Adobe Premiere Pro

With the help of Adobe Premiere expert, you can edit audio, video, and photo content like an expert. Professionals will find this application to be a great option because it can edit 4K footage as well.

Since its initial release by Adobe Systems in 1991, Adobe Premiere Pro has been around. It was an improvement over their previous application, Adobe Premiere (1989). Compared to some of the other solutions on our list, the current version of this software was released in 2017. As one of the most popular options on this list, you can guess that it will include every feature you could want, such as:

  • With the use of timeline editing tools, you can adjust the order in which clips appear on the screen at any given time to determine how they are played back.
  • Audio mixing capabilities provide greater control over how sounds fit together in a project.
  • Thousands of effects, from basic clip transitions to complex visualizations, are available in the effects library. You’ll spend hours experimenting with different setups until you discover something you like.

7) Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a fantastic option for people who are just starting to edit videos. Because it’s free and simple to use, it’s perfect for novices who wish to learn the fundamentals of video editing without having to invest time or money in a more complex program.

To get the job done, you’ll need another program if you’re looking for something with more capabilities and possibilities than iMovie. For example, if you plan to work on more complex projects like music videos or short films, you may be better off using another tool on this list.


VEED is a great option for recent graduates. It is a simple-to-use online video editor with an intuitive user interface.

It’s also free. Put another way, it’s an excellent option if you’re just getting started and want to try out video editing without spending any money. You can upgrade to paid or free apps if you desire more functionality. The most fundamental editing functions are included in VEED, including the capacity to add music, rearrange and reposition clips, add audio and subtitles, compress videos, and more. It offers a vast library of free stock footage that you may use in your projects.

9) Final Cut Pro X

A professional video editing program available only to Mac users is called Final Cut Pro X. Since it’s an Apple product, using it on a PC will need purchasing it from the App Store. However, it’s not as expensive as other apps, so don’t worry!

Many of Final Cut Pro X’s functions include audio mixing and color correction. Moreover, even beginners can easily create videos using its user-friendly UI.

But if you’re just starting out, I advise using a more straightforward application. Final Cut Pro X is a fantastic substitute for professionals who need to produce videos rapidly; nevertheless, it is not the best option for novices.



There are several different video editing apps available for Mac users. Some are free, some need payment, and some are more appropriate for inexperienced users than for more seasoned ones. It will be up to you to decide which Mac video editing software best suits your needs and tastes.

The difficult process of video editing requires the correct software. A wide range of file formats should be supported by the best Mac video editing software, which should also deliver top-notch results without sacrificing performance. It should also have robust editing tools that enable you to make professional-looking videos fast and simply without spending hours in front of a computer.

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