Best Calculator Apps for iPad – Simple to Complex

Best Calculator Apps for iPad – Simple to Complex

Being an iPad user is tough, especially when my friend group starts talking about the Calculator Apps. Despite the iPad’s robust hardware, compatibility for the Apple Pencil, easy connection to other Apple products, and a special tablet operating system, people continue to deride its lack of calculator software. When they claim that this is the most important thing after spending so much money, the conversation gets heated.


Since Apple is the world’s most famous innovation corporation, they don’t have a built-in weather app or calculator software for the iPad.

Fortunately, there are many third-party iPad calculator apps available that provide a variety of features from simple to complex calculations.

The top calculator applications for iPad, including both basic and advanced models, are covered in this guide.

Apple has a long list of justifications for not shipping a calculator app with the iPad. The limited information currently available suggests that Apple is still working on creating iPad calculator software. The fact that Apple still hasn’t released a calculator app for the iPad despite the iPad OS being on its seventeenth iteration makes me even more upset. In the end, I chose to load a third-party calculator app onto my iPad in hopes that Apple might finally release the “most advanced calculator ever.”

We have included a list of top ten iPad calculator apps in this article. These applications were carefully selected considering each one’s features, user feedback and general performance. To meet the different needs of users, each app provides a different set of functionality. This selection of calculators includes both entry-level and advanced scientific models to meet your needs.

Best Calculator Apps for iPad

Pcalc Calculator app (Free): The most popular and top iPad calculator software is Pcalc (Free), which allows you to perform both simple and complex calculations. The UI of the app is easy to use and intuitive.

Calculator Pad Editon (Free): The best calculator app for the best iPad experience is CalculatorPad Addition (Free). The program offers a simple and user-friendly interface with support for both basic and complex calculations, which resembles the iOS calculator app in its design.

Calculator Plus V2 (Free): This version has no ads and an easy-to-use interface with a minimal design.

Calculator with History+ (Free): The largest iPad calculator app that allows you to track and manage your calculation history.

Solves Calculator for All (Free): Another good program that tracks your past calculations is Solutions Calculator for All (free). Solver’s UI is simple and straightforward to use, making it a great option for many people.

OneCalc (Free): OneCalc (Free) is a top choice for those wanting to use templates to perform both basic and complex calculations. For many, OneCalc is the best option because of its intuitive design and scaling support.

Calculator & Math Solver (Free): If you’re looking for iPad calculator software with advanced math problem solving features, then Calculator & Math Solver is a great choice. Aside from the incredibly annoying ads, everything about the app is great.

NCalc Scientific Calculator Plus (Free): The largest selection of modern scientific calculator software for your iPad is NCalc Scientific Calculator Plus (Free). It works like an iPad-based, fully functional digital scientific calculator.

Graphing Calculator X84 (Free): For math and engineering students, there is a state-of-the-art graphing calculator program called Graphing Calculator X84 (Free).

ClevCalc (Free): A top choice for people looking for several calculators in one software is ClevCalc (Free). This is a great app to get for iPad because of its user-friendly UI and several calculator categories.

1) Pcalc Lite

pcalc app

The largest and most widely used iPad calculator software is called Pcalc, and it lets you do both simple and complex calculations. For many users, the app’s intuitive layout and ability to adjust to different screen sizes make it the perfect calculator. It also offers a wealth of additional customization possibilities.

The software has an easy-to-use UI that is modern, minimal and reminiscent of the iPad. You are able to further customize the app with additional settings and choices. The free version of the app offers a choice between Twilight and Samurai themes. In addition to changing the style of numbers to slim, LCD and easy-to-read text while completing calculations, you can also change the app icon, sound, size of vertical and horizontal lines, size of keys and more. .

When using the software in Stage Manager and Standard mode, it dynamically resizes. For added convenience, the app can be used as an overlay or split screen, allowing you to do computing without leaving the app you’re using.

You are able to do simple calculations, which is another important component. The program supports binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations in addition to arithmetic calculations, unit conversions, technical and scientific notation, and more. Alternative RPN mode is also supported by the app.
Results are immediately visible at the top. Some users who want to check their calculation history may be disappointed as there is no option to do so. Among the highlights of the app are the ability to copy and share results, the lack of ads, its free nature, and the lack of calculation limits. A paid edition of the app is also available, which unlocks additional features and sophisticated calculation options. You can get the app for free from the Apple App Store. Pcalc is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch, among other Apple products.

Install the PCalc app on your iPad.

2) Calculator – Pad Edition

calc app for ipad

As the name suggests, Calculator – iPad Edition is the iPad version of the calculator app currently available on the iPhone. The software has a contemporary style that mimics the original iPad calculator app with a simple, user-friendly layout. You can perform mathematical operations in both portrait and landscape orientation using this software.

The most prominent feature of the app is its user interface. Of all the apps on this list, this one comes closest to giving users a contemporary UI that mimics the iPad OS. Each button is round in shape, and the text is large enough to be read from any angle on the screen. The calculator settings are all on the right. If necessary, you can long press large fonts on the display to copy them. They are displayed on the right.

Among many other features, you can adjust border lines, key tones, scientific and simple calculators, size, auto size, and calculator position. In case you have a premium subscription, you can also change themes.

With the program, you can calculate scientific data and simple math. Additionally, the software includes built-in unit, fraction, and peak conversion options so users can perform calculations based on their needs. Additionally, the software saves all your computations, which you can view in the history page and remove with one click.

Some users may find the ads in the free edition of the app annoying as they are displayed directly on the home screen. Purchasing a premium subscription will allow you to remove them. Upgrading to the premium version also unlocks more features.

If you’re looking for an iPad that closely resembles the iPad UI, then Calculator Pad Edition is, all things considered, your best bet. The program supports both basic and complex calculators and has simple, user-friendly features. The vertical hand on the home screen is a feature that’s annoying, and it’s really annoying.

For iPad, download Calculator Pad Edition.

3) Calculator With History+

calculator with histroy+

Then there’s Calculator Plus, which is specifically designed for users who want to store and retrieve their calculations at any time. The program covers both basic and complex calculations, and is straightforward and easy to use. The design of this app is its only drawback.

In addition to not filling the entire screen, the calculator is based so that when you press the maximize button in the bottom right corner of the screen, it is hardly enlarged. This may have been done on purpose so that having an iPad would make it easier to access. As mentioned earlier, the design is straightforward and includes orange, gray and black colors that resemble the iOS calculator. The free edition allows you to choose from six different colors. The rest of the colors are reserved for the premium version.

Speaking of calculations, the software allows you to perform simple and complex scientific calculations. The calculation history is kept at the top of the screen, where you can long press the delete button to remove or restore the entire history. If you prefer not to save the full history of calculations in the program, you can also disable the history in the settings.

The only annoying features are the app’s inability to resize and lack of compatibility for other people’s overlays, which could be deal breakers for certain users who want to calculate as an overlay. A subscription edition of the program that unlocks more functionality and being free without ads are two more strengths.
All things considered, if you’re looking for a calculator program that supports historical data, Calculator+ is your best bet. One annoying feature is the app’s lack of scaling capability, which can be a disincentive if you use your iPad for a lot of multitasking.

Download the History+ app calculator.

4) Solves: Calculator for All

solver calc app

Another simple calculator that takes care of managing all your computations is the Solving for All calculator. The Solver Calculator app is your best bet if you are looking for a calculator that allows you to check and manage all your computations.

The left-hand side of the calculator’s UI is dedicated to keeping track of all your calculations, making it straightforward and easy to use. When you decide you no longer need them, you can access, retrieve and delete them instantly. You can do simple and complex calculations using the calculator app.

All things considered, Solver Calculator is another excellent program focused on recording your past calculations. For many, Solver can be a great solution because of its clear, uncomplicated and user-friendly layout.

Install the Solver Calculator for iPad app.

5) Calculator Plus V2

simple calc

Calculator Plus v2 is the best choice if you’re looking for a calculator program that’s ad-free and fundamentally simple. It offers an ad-free experience and a user-friendly UI modeled after iOS’s built-in calculator app. There are several other helpful features available in the app.

Let me explain the capabilities of this software. You are capable of both simple and complex calculations. The app has a simple, rounded button. The animation on the app is one of the few things I really like. It looks even better when viewed on a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. All your computations are also saved by the program and are accessible through the History tab. Results can be copied by long pressing on them.

The app’s support for the Apple Pencil is one of its other helpful features. The application will automatically recognize numbers and input for you no matter where you write on the screen. (My only problem is that it always shows 1 instead of 7, because it is unable to distinguish between the two).

Most math sentences can be understood with the app’s dictation input feature. All you have to do is long press the results tab to start dictating. You can also personalize calculator features, essential settings, and other features of the software.

Overall, Calculator Plus V2 is the best iPad app if you’re looking for a simple calculator with no ads. For those who prefer to use third-party calculator apps on their iPad, the app is a decent option and is available for free download.

Get iPad Software Calculator V2 Plus.

6) ClevCalc – Calculator


The best app for those looking for an all-in-one calculator is ClevCalc Calculator. The software includes many calculators, such as discount calculators, tip calculators, debt calculators, GPA calculators, GST calculators, loan calculators, savings calculators, hexadecimal calculators, and more, in addition to basic and scientific mathematical calculations. .

You can choose any calculation, enter the necessary data, and get instant results based on your needs. Additionally, the app has a currency converter that downloads the latest exchange rate information after converting currency (your iPad must be online).
The program has an easy-to-use and basic user interface. The free version of the app contains ads. Purchasing a premium subscription will allow you to remove them. The program theme can be changed, the default calculator can be selected when it opens, the screen can be left on while using the app, and all your calculations can be tracked.

All things considered, ClevCalc is a great choice for those looking for multiple calculators within one software. This can be a wonderful iPad program to get because of its user-friendly interface and assortment of calculator categories.

Install the ClevCalc iPad app.

7) Graphing Calculator X84

graph calc

Advanced calculators designed specifically for graphing and evaluating arithmetic functions are known as graphing calculators. They are more capable of performing mathematical operations than basic or scientific calculators. If you are looking for an advanced graphing calculator, this program may be the best option for you.

The calculator’s UI is already packed with all the features needed for complex computations. Along with performing basic and advanced calculations, you’ll learn fractions, degrees, and angles, numerical integration and derivatives, local maxima and minima, statistics, regression, equations and polynomial solutions, advanced functions (Sin, Cos, Ln, E , can also compute ..), Y-Var and custom functions (Y1, Y2), and more.
I eventually got used to the results being displayed on the left instead of the right. Tapping the graph button in the upper right corner of the screen will jump to the graphing calculator. Additionally, the software stores all your calculations, which you can easily access back in time. The free edition of the app has fewer features and ads. You can unlock features and remove apps by upgrading to the premium edition.

Get Graphing Calculator X84 here.

8) NCalc Scientific Calculator +

ncalc calculator

If you’re an engineer or student trying to figure out complex calculations, NCalc is the ultimate iPad calculator app. You can do many things with a calculator, such as solve complex equations involving numbers and simple math operations.

The keyboard layout of this calculator app is similar to the 91 es plus, 991 ex, and 115 es calculators, and you can quickly switch between them in the settings.

As already mentioned, you can calculate complex equations, perform advanced scientific calculations, and solve basic math problems with this program. If you touch the results, you can get more information about the results. For example, if 1+1 = 2, you can see all information about 2, including prime factorization, scientific notation, divisors, Roman numerals, binary 64-bit signed, and more.

Apart from performing computations, the application provides a vast library of all mathematical formulas categorized into separate groups. To find specific mathematical formulas, you can use the search box or click on each category to expand the formula. In addition, you can calculate graphs, convert units, run programs written in different programming languages, and more.

Additionally, the program tracks every account you use it for. Only the premium edition has access to history. You can remove ads from the free version of the app by upgrading to the premium edition. If you’re looking for an advanced scientific calculator app for your iPad, NCalc is your best bet overall. It works like an iPad-based, fully functional digital scientific calculator. If you prefer NCalc Scientific Calculator Plus, you can also try Desmos Scientific Calculator.

Get the iPad version of NCalc Scientific Calculator+.

9) Calculator and Maths Solver

calculator and maths solver

If you want a Calculator Apps for iPad that can perform complex math calculations, then Calculator & Math Solver is the best option. Additionally, the software lets you scan a math problem with your camera and solve it in a few simple steps.

Using the toggle tabs, you can quickly navigate between basic, scientific, fractional, and currency calculators on the home screen. You can perform simple arithmetic calculations with a basic calculator and more complex calculations, such as calculating fractions, and automatically update currency conversions with a scientific calculator.

You can duplicate the equation, divide the result, and copy the result once calculated. Additionally, all your calculations are remembered by the software and displayed in the past, accessible through the past tab.

The user interface is straightforward and intuitive. Several themes are configurable in the options. The iPad-specific default theme has been updated. The application has three different uses: splitting, resizing, and overlaying.

In addition to calculations, the app has math problem solvers that allow you to scan work and get easy-to-follow solutions. The program allows you to write the problem on the drawing table in addition to scanning the text. This feature is especially helpful if you use the Apple Pencil. To use it, a premium subscription is required.

Aside from the incredibly annoying ads, everything about the app is great. The large vertical banner that takes up space on the home page is incredibly painful to calculate, and it appears every time you start the program. By upgrading to a premium account and gaining access to a math solving tool, one can overcome all of these.
For those looking for iPad calculator software with sophisticated math problem solving capabilities, Calculator & Math Solver is a top choice. Aside from the incredibly annoying ads, everything about the app is great.

Get Math Solvers and Calculator app.

10) OneCalc


OneCalc is the next tool for your calculations. OneCalc provides simple to complex calculations in math, finance, date and time, construction and other fields. Along with supporting split-screen and overlays, the software provides a straightforward and contemporary user experience.

The user interface of the program is the first and most notable feature that we like to use. It’s properly attached at every angle and fits the large 12.9-inch iPad we use perfectly. You can access app settings, add favorites, and perform complex calculations using the bottom navigation bar.

The default calculator in the app is Basic. You are able to perform simple mathematical procedures. In Settings, you have the option to use advanced options for scientific calculations by switching to Scientific Calculator. All basic and scientific calculations are at your fingertips. Additionally, the software keeps a record of all your calculations.

Advanced calculations in mathematics, finance, history and time are also possible. Relevant calculations can be selected under each category. For example, you can choose a BMI calculator under the health category, fill in the necessary questions, and the app will show you the results. Most people looking for specialized calculations will find this extremely helpful, as will students who can use pre-made calculator templates to complete their homework.

In terms of customization, the app provides a number of options that let you tailor your experience. In addition to editing decimals and adding vibrations, you can choose themes and sounds.

Ads are present in the free edition of the app, although they are only visible when using the templates. You can remove them and get more features by upgrading to a premium subscription. All things considered, OneCalc is the best choice for those who want to use templates to perform both basic and complex calculations. OneCalc is perfect for many people because of its scaling ability and easy-to-use interface.

Install the OneCalc iPad app.

How to Pick the Best iPad Calculator App

Functionality: Choose an app calculator that best suits your needs. While some people prefer complex calculation settings, others use calculators for simple calculations. For the majority of basic calculations, consider an app that can be used as a calculator. It can also be used for scientific calculations, graphing functions, unit conversions, and specialized calculators for programming, engineering, and finance.

User Interface: When choosing the best Calculator Apps for iPad, design should be your first priority. Look for an app that has clear menus, easy-to-read buttons and a simple layout for the calculator. A user interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to use is very important. The best user experience will also come from a well-designed system.

Features: Additional features such as history log, memory functions, custom settings, solving equations, and support for complex calculations can be beneficial for a calculator app. Make sure you choose a calculator app whose benefits meet your needs.

Offline Capability: Assess Your Needs Four-in-One Waffle Calculator App. Some apps require an internet connection to work. Choose an app that supports offline use if that’s what you want to do.

Customization Options: Think about whether you have a custom calculator app. It includes features such as a selection of different themes, button sizes, or fonts that allow you to customize your calculator.

Pricing and Ads: While some calculator apps are free to use but contain ads, others require a one-time purchase or subscription to access more features and get rid of ads. Choose the ideal app based on your tastes and needs.

Get the Best Calculator App for iPad

To be honest, I don’t think I need a built-in calculator app on my iPad after using all these third parties. These apps provide sophisticated calculation options and are beautifully designed.I hope you find this list useful. I’m sure this list has made you feel the same way if, like me, you’ve missed having a traditional calculator app on your iPad. Please feel free to share more calculator app download tips in the comments below.

Best Calculator Apps for iPad: Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use the calculator program off the Internet?

Yes, the majority of calculator apps on our list support offline mode. However, some programs cannot work without an Internet connection. For example, to get the latest currency rates, ClevCalc must be connected to the Internet.

Is it possible for me to change the appearance of the calculator app?

Yes, the majority of apps allow extensive calculator changes including multiple themes. To personalize the app, simply go to its settings. It’s important to remember that the specific calculator software you choose may have different customization options.

Can applications for calculators save and retrieve past calculations?

Yes, you can store and retrieve previous calculations using programs like Calculator with History Plus and Calculator Solved for All. Additional options for managing your history of previous calculations are provided by other apps.

Is it possible for iPad calculator apps to interact with other productivity apps?

Yes, you can use calculator apps without locking them with other apps by using the scaling options that most allow. Additionally, these tools give you multiple options for configuring calculation history and results, increasing your overall productivity.

What is the best iPad calculator app for scientific calculations?

One of the best iPad calculator apps for scientific calculations is generally agreed to be PCalc. It offers a wide range of scientific functions, can be customized with layouts, and accepts RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) input if that’s your preferred technique. A variety of customization options are also available with PCalc, such as button layouts, themes, and the inclusion of new functions and conversions.

Can I use an app to calculate that is compatible with other devices?

It’s true that there are calculator apps that support multi-device synchronization. For example, PCalc offers sync options via Dropbox or iCloud, enabling you to access your preferences and calculations across multiple devices. Additionally, many calculator apps feature web versions or partner apps that allow for data sharing and cross-device syncing.

Is there an iPad calculator app that allows handwriting recognition?

It’s true that there are iPad calculator apps that allow for handwriting recognition. MyScript Calculator is an app that lets you write math formulas directly on the screen using the Apple Pencil or your finger. After that, the software converts your handwriting into text and displays the calculated result.

Is it possible to solve equations or perform algebraic computations with iPad calculator apps?

Yes, there are iPad calculator apps that have algebraic properties and the ability to solve equations. With these apps, you can enter equations and perform calculations to work with algebraic expressions, find solutions, or solve for variables. Some apps that have these types of capabilities are Symbolab, Mathway and Photomath.

Are there iPad calculator apps that allow you to convert units of measurement?

In fact, there are Calculator Apps for iPad with built-in unit conversion features. You can convert between many units of measurement with these apps, including weight, volume, temperature, length, etc. Many lists of units and categories for conversion are also included in specific calculator apps, making them useful for a variety of conversion needs.


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