10 Top Android QR Code Reader or Scanner in 2024

10 Top Android QR Code Reader or Scanner in 2024

A 2D barcode with information about almost anything contained in a machine-readable optical label is called a QR (quick response) code. URLs, contact lists, phone numbers, text, images, etc. It was initially created for the car industry in Japan in 1994 and has since attracted public interest due to its user-friendly nature.

Smartphones these days come with a pre-installed function that allows them to read QR codes without the use of external programs. To access the relevant menu, simply launch your camera and point the lens at the QR code that represents your interest, and a notice will appear.

However, this built-in feature is missing from a large number of phones, forcing many users to turn to alternative installations. You may also want to have a dedicated QR code scanner app on your phone, in which case you’re in luck!

10 Best Android QR Code Reader or Scanner List

In this post, we present to you a list of the top QR code scanner apps on the Play Store sorted by user rating. Although all of them are free, they are not all equally beautiful and ad-free. Before choosing, make sure you read it carefully.

1) QR Code & Barcode Scanner

Loved for its effectiveness and feature set, QR Code & Barcode Scanner is a lightweight, ad-free QR code reader and barcode scanner app. It can be used to quickly scan all popular code formats, just like the apps listed before.

It doesn’t just have a modern interface, though. Unlike several apps mentioned earlier, it is ad-free.

2) QR Code Reader and Scanner

QR Code Reader & Scanner: Barcode Scanner works with all barcode types and is fast and cost-free. It has a barcode generator that allows users to change the look and feel of generated QR codes. Users can also enter different types of data, such as Wi-Fi, text, URLs, emails and more.

3) QR Code Reader

High-quality QR code readers are designed for efficient and effective decoding (scanning) and encoding (generation). In addition to scanning all barcode format types, it can be used to generate many QR code types, such as ISBN, phone number, SMS, email, location, and URL.

Its functions include scanning history, creating barcodes from bookmarks, sharing barcodes, scanning codes from galleries, and more.

4) Free QR Scanner

A lightning-fast QR scanner app that supports all code types, including Code39, Quick Code, EAN8, EQS, Code128, and qrcode Data Matrix, is Free QR Scanner – Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader.

Auto zoom, offline usage, flashlight compatibility, price scanner, quick scan, and scan history are some of its features.

5) Free QR Code Scanner

Free QR Code Scanner is a trustworthy and precise free Android software for scanning QR codes. It supports a large number of data types and has a modern UI with features like a lamp for nighttime QR code scanning, Wi-Fi network connectivity, zoom in and out, and barcode and QR code generation.

6) FREE QR Scanner

All QR/barcode formats are supported by our free QR scanner, which can also be used to read and decode text, books, Wi-Fi, contacts, items, URLs, discount codes, calendars, locations, etc. can be done. Scan history, auto-zoom, flashlight, offline usage, QR code scanning from the gallery, and privacy are safe (only camera permission required) are some of its features.

7) QR Code Reader and Scanner

A free intelligent Kaspersky QR scanner called QR Code Reader and Scanner helps protect smartphones from phishing schemes and malicious links found in rogue QR codes.

Its functions include cleaning the contact list, reading between the lines, receiving alerts when QR codes contain dangerous connections, and scanning the past.

8) QR & Barcode Scanner

One of the greatest QR scanner apps out there is QR & Barcode Scanner because of its intuitive user interface. We support all barcode formats, including product, promo, Wi-Fi, email, URL, and ISBN codes.

Generating QR codes, scanning photos, scanning from gallery, and sending contact information via QR are some of its additional functions.

9) QR & Barcode Reader

This sophisticated QR & Barcode Reader software supports all common barcode types, such as EAN, Code 39, QR, Aztec, Data Matrix, and UPC.

It can open URLs, establish connections to hotspots, read VCards, find product and pricing details, add calendar events, and more. Performance and security upgrades are also included.

10) FREE QR Barcode Scanner

With support for both 1D and 2D codes, this free QR barcode scanner is a very fast and secure barcode reader for Android. It allows you to generate QR codes, save scan history, and use a flashlight. It was $4.99, but it’s currently free forever.

2024 seems to have seen a significant increase in the use of QR codes, as evidenced by the proliferation of barcode apps available on the Play Store and the increasing number of companies using barcodes and QR codes to incorporate this information. What they want potential clients to know. Some even use it fondly.


While most modern smartphones can easily scan barcodes, they don’t come with the ability to create them, which is where these apps come in handy. Is there one you’re using that wasn’t listed? Please feel free to leave your recommendations in the section below.

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