7 Best Apps to Remove Background Noise From Videos and Audio

7 Best Apps to Remove Background Noise From Videos and Audio

Background noise in a video can be distracting and detract from the viewing experience. As most instruments record, they immediately pick up background noise. Many factors can contribute to background noise, depending on the conditions and environment. Background noise can be removed even if it is often impossible to do so. Some strategies for doing this include investing in a high-end studio and using high-end recording gear. But for some, this is rarely possible.

In Summary;

When recording audio or video, multimedia recording equipment automatically detects background noise.

If you want to reduce background noise while recording video, you can use a high-quality microphone or different technologies.

TOP 7 apps to Remove Background Noise for iPhone and Android will be covered in this article. You can reduce the background noise in your smartphone videos by using these apps.

Remove Background Noise

You can use third-party software to Remove Background Noise from your video. Many audio and video recording software have options that help reduce background noise. Additionally, you can use special apps to get rid of background noise from your movies. The top iPhone and Android applications for eliminating background noise are covered in this post. You can enhance the audio quality and visual appeal of your videos by using these apps.

Top Apps to Remove Background Noise From Videos and Audio

1) Filmora Video Editor


  • Background noise removal features in video editor
  • A straightforward and intuitive interface
  • The software is available in both audio and video formats.


  • It may not be suitable for those who want a straightforward removal app.

Apps for video editing, such as Filmora, can also be used to remove background noise from videos. Most video editing software has both audio and video enhancement tools available. To reduce background noise in a video, simply select it and use the software’s built-in functions. You can edit the video and apply many effects in addition to the audio editing tools.

Filmora software provides quick and easy ways to remove background noise from videos. The app has a unique noise reduction option. You can choose noise reduction after selecting the desired video. The video automatically reduces its noise level. You can download the movie and preview the enhancements. Although mobile video editing is mostly focused on effects and editing features, you shouldn’t expect it to have sophisticated noise level tools. However, this can be one of the easiest and most direct ways to minimize background noise in video.

You can download the Filmora app for both Android and iPhone devices, and it’s completely free to use.

Get the Filmora app: iOS | Android

2) Audio Video Noise Reducer


  • It reduces noise using deep learning.
  • Supports noise cancellation for both video and audio.
  • Provides sound recorder and noise reduction in a single app.
  • A wide variety of audio and video file formats are supported.
  • Easy and fast to use.


  • The app contains advertisements, and certain functionality calls for in-app purchases.

For those looking for an easy-to-use Android software to eliminate background noise, Inversi AI’s Audio Video Noise Reduction is a great choice. The program reduces video noise using the latest deep learning method. The program is incredibly user-friendly, supports a wide range of file formats, and includes an inbuilt voice recorder. This program works well for regular users and content producers who want to remove background noise from movies taken on vacation or for personal use.

Both audio and video noise reduction tools are included in the app. The files you want to upload can be selected in the app. The program removes noise in the video using the latest deep learning techniques. The program needs a few minutes to process the video and display the upgraded version, depending on how long the movie is. You have the option to save content directly to your smartphone and check changes.

For capturing live audio, the app also includes an integrated audio recorder. All your live recordings can be stored in a folder you create specifically for them. When recording audio, you can edit the file format, change the frame rate, and use a different software to add voiceovers to your movies.

The free app is only compatible with Android devices. By purchasing the premium edition of the program, you can disable the ads included in the free version. You can also access other benefits. The app is also available online. If you use an iPhone, you can use the online version to eliminate background noise.

Get the Android app Audio Video Noise Reducer.

3) Denoise. FX for Audio and Video


  • Ideal for files that are both audio and video.
  • Works offline.
  • Users have the option to manually adjust or use automatic noise reduction.
  • Enables noise reduction and quick recording.
  • Tools to improve audio quality, such as frequency filter and loudness boost.


  • The user interface could be simpler.

An advanced noise reduction app for the iPhone is called Denoise. FX for audio and video. To Remove Background Noise from audio, the software offers several tools. You can use the app to modify the AI model to reduce noise, adjust the intensity of Denoise, increase the height of the video, apply high-pass and low-pass filters, and more. You can also change the default option in the app if you don’t want to make manual adjustments.

The usability of the app could be improved. Although the interface is clear and straightforward in design, it features buttons and interactions that are difficult for new users to understand. The file on your device is available for upload. The Files app or Photos app allows you to select files.

The audio in the movie is extracted automatically by the software. You can preview edits and reject audio files. The application provides multiple file saving options. You have the option to extract the audio file from the movie or save the video file with the audio stream. The video file is instantly copied for you by the program. Any edits you make to the Play With file will not affect the original. You can adjust several options on the app, as indicated earlier.

The offline app is available for free. To get additional features, you can upgrade to the premium edition. This software is for iOS only and can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Get Denois. FX Audio and Video app on iOS.

4) Noise Eraser


  • Winner of the Asian Intelligent Application Award for 2022–2023
  • The clarity of the main sound can be increased by separating the human voice from extraneous sounds.
  • Accessible to a wide spectrum of Apple users, it can be used with iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac computers equipped with an Apple M1 or later processor.


  • Although the app is free, there are in-app purchases.

Noise Eraser is one of the best content creation apps for iPhone and Android. The app provides many options to Remove Background Noise in videos. Moreover, it includes functions to distinguish between sounds and the human voice. It comes in both free and paid editions, and its setup is straightforward and user-friendly. This program is most useful for people who create content and want to add better sound to their videos.

To mute the app’s audio, you must first register. Compared to the commercial version, the free edition is less feature-rich. After successfully registering for the app, you can import videos by clicking on the import option and giving permission. Depending on the file it may take a few minutes for your video to be fully processed. Then, by selecting the Edit Noise Ratio button, you can adjust the noise level of the video. The program has a basic audio editor that allows you to change the noise level of the video. You can change the volume and noise level of the video as well as the original sound and clarity in the free version. The result is of high quality.

Additionally, Macs with an Apple M1 processor or higher and an iPod touch can use the application. It is free to use. The free edition of the app has some restrictions, including watermarks on videos, monthly upload limits, and ads. If you want to remove ads, change audio and sound in videos, no file limit, watermarks, etc., you can upgrade to the premium version.

Get the Noise Eraser app on iOS and Android.

5) Reduce Noise in Audio – Video


  • Noise reduction for both audio and video is provided by the app.
  • It provides tools for audio cutting and format conversion in addition to noise reduction.
  • Enables users to remove noise from multiple audio and video files simultaneously.
  • Free to use with batch editing features for both video and audio files.


  • Access and storage of downloaded files is confusing.
  • User interface needs improvement.

Another great app to Remove Background Noise in videos is Audio-Video Noise Reduction. With unique features for batch processing audio and video noise, the program allows both noise and video reduction. You can convert audio to different formats, reduce audio, and do a lot more with this program. If you want to deal with different noise reduction tools, the best solution is to reduce noise in audio and video.

The UI is straightforward and easy to use. The home screen shows a number of noise reduction options. Any function you tap will display a list of files in the gallery on the app. To reduce noise, you can choose any file. Processing time may take several minutes depending on file size. After the processing is successful you will get a preview of the video before and after the noise reduction. Noise reduction settings cannot be changed individually, as in other programs. The file is available for download. Store it on your device.

Moreover, you have access to tools like Trim Audio, which allows you to trim any audio or music clip within the application. Additionally, the program includes a special audio converter feature that allows you to convert between different audio formats. The following file types are supported: mp3, aac, wav, wma, mp4, m4a, and asf. The software is only for Android and accessible for free. The software is available for official download on Play Store. You should know that this program does not allow you to save the file to your gallery. The video can be viewed in preview mode, and it will automatically be saved in a folder. To find converted files, go to Home, click the folder icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, and switch between audio and video noise. Reduction tabs.

Reduce Noise in Audio & Video App: Android

6) Noise Reducer – Audio Enhancer


  • Removes background noise from files including video and audio.
  • Provides an intuitive and basic user interface.
  • Works offline.
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices, thus a large number of users can use it.


  • Processing large video files presents challenges for the program.
  • Limited availability of some premium features.

Noise Reducer: If you’re looking for an easy way to Remove Background Noise in your audio and video recordings, the Audio Enhancer app is a great choice for iPhone users. Its UI is easy to use and understand. For the purpose of eliminating and reducing background noise, you can record and select an audio or video file from the gallery. Content producers, podcasters, bloggers, and other users who want to capture videos or audio files and enhance their audio quality by eliminating background noise can use this software.

There are three ways to upload files in the app. You have three options for uploading videos: directly from the camera, from files, or from the gallery. The program takes some time to process the video file by file and remove the noise. Before saving the video to your device, you can preview it. To change any of the individual settings, there is none. After previewing the video, you can save it directly to your smartphone. To capture video, the app uses your iPhone’s built-in camera app.

One of the best features of the software is its UI. The software provides a clear user experience and is easy to use. You can use it for free, and the free version has no ads. A paid edition of the program is also available, which includes live preview, reduced background noise in audio files, unlimited experts and more. This is a timely subscription. The application is limited to iPhone users.

Get the iOS app Noise Reducer Audio Enhancer.

7) Video Noise Cleaner – ByeNoise


  • Intelligent algorithms are used to remove background noise from audio and video data.
  • Able to muffle a variety of sounds, such as screeching, wind, hissing, and more.
  • A simple three-step noise cancellation method.
  • Users can load files from Google Drive and local storage.


  • The app’s thirty-two second video and audio file cleanup is the only feature included in the free edition.

You can remove noise from audio and video files with Video Noise Cleaner – ByeNoise. On one screen, you can upload, preview and download files. You can also change how much noise reduction is used by the program. The basic version only allows a length of thirty seconds, but it’s free.

You can import files from online services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, or upload files directly to the program from your smartphone. A file preview will appear on the same screen as soon as the file is successfully added. The noise level can be changed and a preview can be played. If you want to preview the original file, you can play it as well. To download the file and save it to your gallery, just tap on the result. Although you can view the files in the File Manager app by tapping the “Show” button, there’s no way to check all changed files.

The free app has ads. To remove ads and clean unlimited amounts of audio and video, you can upgrade to the premium version.

Get the Android app Video Noise Cleaner – ByeNoise.

How to Remove Background Noise From a Video

Background noise can degrade video quality and be distracting. You can easily remove background noise from your video using apps. Additionally, you can experiment with free services such as veed.io, LALAL.AI, and other programs to reduce background noise in videos. To reduce background noise in a video, you can also use a video editing app in conjunction with Audio Background Noise Remover.


What to Consider When Choosing The Best App to Remove Background Noise

Effective Noise Reduction: The ability to eliminate or significantly reduce various types of background noise is the most important factor you should focus on. You can take into account variables such as frequency range, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), noise reduction threshold (measured in decibels), and more.

Real-time Noise Removal: Some background noise reduction applications provide real-time noise reduction capabilities, which are especially helpful for live streaming, video and audio recording, and conferences.

Customizable Settings: To give users more flexibility over noise reduction, the app should let them change different noise reduction settings.

Handle for Multiple File Types: To guarantee maximum compatibility, the program should handle different types of video files.

Preview Option: Users should have the option to preview the edit before the noise reduction is complete to ensure they are satisfied with the results.

Batch Processing: To remove background noise from several movies at once, look for a program that supports batch processing.

Advanced Audio Removal Features: Most modern background noise removal programs allow you to choose a frequency range, use an adaptive mode, set a threshold, and choose a noise profile. Additionally, they provide settings for spectral analysis, attack and release durations, and decibel-level noise reduction. If you’re looking for more sophisticated functionality, look for apps that offer these features.

Cloud Storage and Sharing: Most programs provide easy sharing and storing of converted audio files within the app as well as cloud storage alternatives.

User-Friendly Interface: Beginners should find this program straightforward to use and remove background noise.

Free vs. Paid options: While free apps can be useful, sometimes the pricier versions offer more functionality and better background noise cancellation options.

Offline Functionality: Users who work offline or have spotty internet access may find noise reduction useful without a connection.


1. Is it possible to Remove Background Noise from both audio and video with the same app?

Yes, most of the apps on our list provide noise reduction functions for both audio and video.

2.Any watermarked, absolutely free noise cancellation apps out there?

If you’re looking for a completely free noise reduction tool without a watermark, you can try Audio Video Noise Reducer, Noise Reducer – Audio Enhancer, and Denoise. FX for audio and video.

3.Can really bad quality recordings be fixed by using noise removal apps?

In fact, incredibly low quality recordings can be fixed with these noise reduction tools. Additionally, many apps allow you to record noise-free live speech.

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