Snapchat Planets Order & Meaning – Snap Planets Best Friends 2024

Snapchat Planets Order & Meaning – Snap Planets Best Friends 2024

Have you ever wondered what the little planets on your Snapchat pals mean? They act as a sign of your friendship with them rather than just being a decoration. A fun and original way to organize your friends based on their interests, hobbies, or characteristics is with Snapchat Planets.

You get closer to someone’s planet and unlock more perks the more pictures you exchange with them. This post will explain the importance and alignment of the Snapchat planets and how you can use them to increase the enjoyment and engagement of your social media experience.

Snapchat Best Friends Planets List

One of the features of Snapchat Plus, a monthly membership program that gives users access to additional features like Snapchat Dreams and AI-generated Snaps, is the Snapchat Best Friends Planet List. Based on how often you engage with your friends, Snap Planets allows you to see which of your friends are closest to you on Snapchat.

Each friend is assigned a planet, from Mercury to Neptune, based on where they are on your best friends list. You’re the sun in your friends’ own solar system, and by tapping the gold-ringed badge on their friend profile, you can find out which planet you’re on in their solar system.

Snapchat Planets in Order and Meaning

You must know the location of the Snapchat planets in the solar system and their shape to understand what every best friend planet on Snapchat is. The planet emoji only shows a picture of the planet. It does not reveal the name or location of the planet. The appearance and meaning of each snap planet are shown below.


Jupiter has a red spot, surrounded by yellow and green hearts, and is orange and gray in color. This is for the user who is your fifth closest Snapchat friend. Although your Mars friend isn’t around that much, you’ve shared some photos with them. They are not far from you, but they are not too close either.


Saturn is depicted as yellow and brown, surrounded by pink and blue hearts and circles. This means for the user who is your sixth closest Snapchat friend. Although your Jupiter friend isn’t so much with you, you’ve exchanged a few photos with them.


The image of the planet Uranus is a green disc with no hearts on it. This is for the user who is your seventh closest Snapchat friend. Although not often with your Saturn friends, you have shared some photos with them. Although not very far, they are away from you.


The planet Neptune is represented as dark blue. This is for the person who is your closest friend on Snapchat, until the end. Although not often with your friend from Uranus, you have exchanged a few photos with them. Even though they are far away, they are still within reach.


Five red hearts surround the red planet Mercury. This Snapchat is for the friend closest and foremost to you. They have responded to most of the streaks and photos that you have shared with them. They are yours and you are their sun.


Venus is a light brown planet surrounded by hearts that are pink, blue and yellow. This means the user who is your second closest Snapchat friend. They’ve seen a lot of your lines and pictures, but not as many as with your Mercury friend.


The ground is green and blue, surrounded by red hearts, stars and the moon. This is for the user who is your third closest Snapchat friend. With them, you have exchanged a few lines and pictures, but not as much as with your friend on Venus.


Red Mars is surrounded by purple and blue hearts and stars. This is for the user who is your fourth closest Snapchat friend. Not nearly as much as with your earthly friend, but you’ve shared some lines and pictures with them.

How to Access Snapchat Planets Order for Free?

Snapchat Plus, a paid subscription version of Snapchat that costs $3.99 a month, offers a feature called Snapchat Planets. However, if you choose the seven-day free trial option of Snapchat Plus, you can use this feature free of charge. Following are the steps to do this:

  • Install the Snapchat app on your gadget.
  • Create an account, add friends, and start taking photos.
  • Go to your Snapchat+ profile and click on the banner.
  • Choose a plan to start your 7-day free trial.
  • When your Snapchat+ subscription is activated, restart the app.
  • Press the golden “Best Friends” or “Friends” badge.
  • Check to see which planet appears on the screen.
  • Remember to cancel your free trial before it expires and enjoy your trial.

How to Stay In Touch With Snapchat Best Friends Planets?

You can learn more about what your friends think of you and how close you are to them by using Snapchat Planets. Using the tips shown below, you can use Snapchat’s Best Friend Planets to strengthen your friendships:

Advice for Maintaining a Close Bond with Mercury Friends

  • You should cherish your Mercury friends because they are your best friends on Snapchat.
  • Continue your lines and take pictures with them over and over again.
  • Express your love and send them unique remarks.
  • Talk to them about your hobbies and interests.
  • Help them with their goals and difficulties.
  • Bring them gifts or make unexpected gestures.
  • Spend time with them in person.

 Advice for Getting in Touch with Your Neptune Friends

  • You can choose to reconnect with your Neptune pals, who are your furthest away on Snapchat.
  • Send them a message or photo after a while.
  • Find out what they are doing and how they are doing it.
  • Acknowledge their interests and passions.
  • Ask them to participate in a video call or group chat.
  • Suggest a project or activity for the group.
  • Say you’re sorry if you’ve offended or ignored them.

Tips for Managing your Expectations with your Other Friends

  • You may have different expectations of your other friends because they are between your Mercury and Neptune friends. To avoid going down, you should:
  • Be realistic about how close you are to them.
  • Observe their limitations and tendencies.
  • Be honest and clear in your communication.
  • Thank you for your support and efforts.
  • If they need time and space, give it to them.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Planets on Snapchat?

By tapping the Snapchat+ banner on your profile and following the instructions, you can access Snapchat Planets. Before paying $3.99 a month for a subscription, you can use it for free for seven days.

How can I see my best friend’s solar system on Snapchat?

By tapping on the planet icon in the upper right corner of your screen or visiting your friend’s profile, you can see your friends’ solar system.

In Snapchat, how do I know who my sun and planets are?

You can find out who your sun or planet is by clicking on the symbol on their profile. Something along the lines of “You are their sun” or “You are their land” will appear on the screen.

How do I cancel my membership with Snap Planets in Order Plus?

You can end your Snapchat Plus Planets subscription by going to your profile, selecting Snapchat+, pressing the gear button, and selecting Cancel Subscription.


With Snap Planets, you can now organize your friends into groups based on how close you are to them on the app. You can use Snapchat Planets to strengthen your friendships and have more fun on the app by learning what each planet represents and how to access it.

By registering for Snapchat Plus and starting a free trial, users can access Snapchat Planets. They can maintain close contact with close friends, control their expectations, and communicate with distant friends using these gestures and techniques. We hope you enjoyed this article. Please leave your feedback and comments below.

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