What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

The popular navigation program Waze is well-known for its easily recognizable symbols and iconography. Every symbol serves a distinct function that varies based on the driving environment. Continue reading to learn the various meanings of Waze symbols if you’ve ever wondered what they symbolize.

What Do All the Waze Symbols Mean?

Waze employs a wide range of symbols to depict various objects on the map. The following are a few Waze camera emblems, along with their definitions:

Note: Waze may periodically add new symbols. Thus, this is not an exhaustive list. Additionally, most symbols can be tapped to reveal more information about them.

  • Police officer: If there is a blue police officer emblem, it indicates that there will be police up ahead.
  • Railroad crossing: An impending railroad intersection is indicated by the railroad crossing icon.
  • Red light camera: The presence of a red camera icon indicates the presence of a red light camera at the upcoming intersection.
  • Speed trap: If there is a yellow police icon, there has been a report of a speed trap nearby.
  • Closures: Roads ahead may be closed. A closure indicated by a red and white striped board icon denotes this.
  • Crash: An indicator depicting two automobiles colliding indicates that an accident is likely to occur soon.
  • Traffic: If there are several red automobiles in the neighborhood, there is traffic. There is greater traffic when there are more red automobiles.
  • Roadside assistance: A car that is disabled on the side of the road ahead is indicated by a red and white striped safety ring icon.
  • Accident: An oncoming accident is indicated by a black triangle icon with a car inside.
  • Map chat: When you can communicate with other Waze users while driving, a green chat indicator will appear.
  • Danger: An exclamation point and a black triangle indicator indicate that there is a risk ahead, such as a construction site or a disabled car.
  • Flooding: On the road, a blue wave icon denotes flooding.

  • Risk on the shoulder: When driving close to a shoulder line, a road icon with a white shoulder line and an exclamation point shows that there is a risk.
  • Road hazards: Potholes, nails, and other objects that can harm tires or wheels are indicated by a road icon with a yellow exclamation point.
    Weather hazards: A symbol representing a cloud with lightning and raindrops suggests that there will be a lot of rain in the area in front of it.
  • Other Hazard: To indicate other risks, including electrical work that could be dangerous, a yellow exclamation point is used.
  • Road closed: An X in black indicates that the section of road ahead is closed.
  • Construction: When a construction worker is displayed, it indicates that work is underway.
  • Your location: Your avatar symbol appears as a blue dot representing your current location.
  • Your destination: On Waze, a green flag indicates where you are going.
  • Speed cameras: If you see a blue camera indicator, there are cameras up ahead that detect speed.
  • Traffic light-equipped speed cameras: A blue speed cam emblem affixed to a traffic light indicates the presence of a speed-detecting camera in addition to traffic lights.
  • Camera inside the green bubble: This serves as a visual indication to highlight the user-generated reports coming from that area without actually indicating the location of a physical camera.
  • Coffee cup/rest area: This symbol denotes a coffee shop or rest place close by.
  • Other Waze users: Tiny automobile icons stand in for other Waze users. The user’s mood is reflected in the color of the automobile symbol.
  • Waze mods: A unique icon is used to symbolize Waze mods. Volunteers known as moderators work to enhance the Waze community and map.


What are the Characters on Waze?

Waze gives you the option to express yourself to other users through a variety of characters called moods. These emotions range from hilarious to solemn.

What Does the Candy on Waze Mean?

On Waze, the candy sign indicates that passing over it will get you bonus points. Upon achieving a specific goal, a bonus sweet will show up on the path ahead. To gather the candy and accrue points, drive over it. The size of the candy determines how many points you receive.

What are the Little Ghosts on Waze?

It’s not true that the tiny ghosts on Waze are ghosts. Waze users can express emotions to other Waze users through what are known as moods. A vast array of emotions, including happy faces, dogs, cats, and even ghosts, are available for selection.

Can Waze Tell You Where Cops are?

Waze can only display the position of a police officer’s regular checkpoint; it cannot, in fact, tell you where the policemen are. Waze does not currently have a sign or other feature that can locate police officers.

What Do Red Dots Mean on Waze?

Waze red dots may indicate an open request.

What Does Purple Mean on Waze?

Waze’s purple line can indicate one of two things:

When traveling on the recommended route during the night, Waze will automatically display a purple line with green arrow symbols. The purple icon usually stays displayed unless there is new traffic or a route change.

A solid purple line typically denotes a road closure, which means it is inaccessible owing to traffic or other circumstances and you must find an alternate path.

How Do You Get a Sword on Waze?

If you finish in the top 4% of high scorers in your driving region, you will be awarded a sword. To keep the sword, you must hold your place, though, as if you fall below the 10% mark, the sword will be automatically lost. This level is known as Waze Knight.

We hope that this post has cleared up any questions you may have had about the meanings of each Waze sign. We have included thorough explanations and data regarding the meaning of each symbol. Please feel free to leave any more questions in the comment area.

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