Top 20 Augmented Reality Games for Android by 2024

Top 20 Augmented Reality Games for Android by 2024


Augmented Reality, or AR, was seen as a futuristic idea or emerging technology just a few years ago. However, it has actually been around for over 50 years.

Any reasonable person would have predicted that it would take years for this technology to be widely used before the pandemic.

AR is here, although we’re not sure if we’ve already entered the future or if the infant has grown up too soon. Moreover, it is completely changing the game industry area.

But wait! You can either jump into the game world or get an augmented reality preview first before jumping into it.

Augmented Reality: What is it?

A computerized representation of the actual world is called augmented Reality. The five senses are stimulated when using digital content.

In a nutshell, augmented Reality is a technology that overlays virtual features in the real world to combine the virtual and physical worlds. Because of the present pandemic’s acceleration of digital transformation, augmented Reality, or AR, has become more and more popular in all IT firms.

The game business today has taken advantage of this highly attractive technology to make it available to anyone. Games are the best available for Augmented Reality. Engaging users with stunning graphics, they revolutionize augmented Reality.

AR is taking over the gaming business, with titles for both iPhone and Android featuring augmented Reality.

The latest Augmented Reality games that are dominating the market in 2024 will be covered in this blog. Now, let’s get started and discover which Augmented Reality games are the biggest.

1) Dark: Subject One

Dark: One of the most user-friendly augmented reality games, Subject One is full of intrigue and exploration.

In this horror-themed game, you take on the role of the protagonist as you investigate the disappearance of your friend.

The game will give you an amazing experience by taking you through a portal and into a parallel reality where you have to search for clues and try to solve mysteries.

The app’s augmented reality feature is excellent, and the game as a whole is an incredible experience.

Downloads: 5k 

User Rating: 4.0

Developer Info: Fabrik

2) Army of Robots

Army of Robots’ amazing augmented reality integration makes for an incredible first-person shooting experience.

Additionally, the game has an immersive UI that performs incredibly well. This guarantees that you will have fun taking out armies of mechanized enemies.

By using sensors to detect your movements in the real world, the game simulates the experience.

Downloads: 5k

User Rating: 4.0

Developer Info: Singergia

3) Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

While aboard a helicopter, the zombie gunship Revenant provides a variety of weapons, such as guns, missiles, and even rockets, to take down zombies. Users of iOS or Android devices can enjoy a real-time experience with this game.

Downloads: 9k

User Rating: 3.6

Developer Info: Limbic

4) GEO-Caching

You have the freedom to choose the type of game you want to play, thanks to GEOcaching. It can be a shooting game, a horror game, or a treasure hunt game. You have to choose the game that fits you best, and you will have an incredible time playing it.

In the ag industry, geocaching is unique because of its character as a treasure hunt, a work of art. You can search for Geocaches and explore the area around them.

You can find geocaches in this highly interactive augmented reality game, then hide them again to find them.

Downloads: 200k

User-Ratings: 4.4  

Developer Info: GeoCaching 

5) NightenFell: Shared AR

The mystery-filled multiplayer shooter game is called NightenFell: Shared AR. To advance to the next level, you must solve the spell. You can also use spells in this AR game to stop time and save the planet from comets.

Downloads: 5k

User Evaluation: 4.7

Developer Info: Hookbang

6) Jenga AR

We can now play an augmented reality version of Jenga, which we’ve all played in real life because social distancing is on our side.

Both the gameplay and the difficulties that arise after the tower collapses are reminiscent of the earlier ones. Furthermore, if you close the tower, you will lose.

Jenga AR offers stunning visuals and easy-to-use controls, as well as a multiplayer option.

Downloads: 5k

User Evaluation: 3.2

Developer Info: FreeRange

7) King Of Pools

You can experience the look and feel of being in person at the pool table with the King of Pools. The game features amazing graphics, an original idea, and a multiplayer mode.

The game also uses augmented reality technologies to provide an interactive pool experience and real-time experience.

Downloads: 10k

User Evaluation: 4.2

Developer Info: Uken

8) Invaders Attack AR

If you are sick of Pokemon and zombies, then this game is for you. Now, it is necessary to save the world from the interstellar invasion.

With the augmented Reality shooting game Invaders Attack AR, you go on a quest to eliminate the alien forces. iOS users can download this game.

Your mission in this game is to eliminate the enemies before they reach the earth, as you are the last hope of humanity.

Downloads: 5k

Provider Information: Apolet Studios

9) Neyon Clash

In the strategy game Neyon Clash, your game moves are coordinated with the characters in real-time.

There are many modes available in this augmented reality game, including flag and last man standing. The game enables multiplayer and is integrated into six different languages.

Downloads: 5k

User Rating: 4.0

Developer Info: Reaktor

10) The Walking Dead: Our World

In the augmented reality game The Walking Dead: Our World, you can take out zombies one by one. However, the fact that you will be roaming around a real environment as opposed to a virtual environment sets this game apart.

Since the game includes geolocation, the social aspect and zombies will change depending on where you are. The game’s augmented reality technology provides the player with a realistic and immersive experience.

Downloads: 20k

User Evaluation: 4.2

Developer Info: NextGames

11) Arrrrgh AR

In a hide-and-seek game, argh, you take on the role of a pirate. Using augmented reality technology, the character must hide riches in a virtual environment for other players to find.

Downloads: 5k

User Ratings: 3.5 

Developer Info: Warpin Media

12) Knightfall AR

The setting of The Knights Templar is where you will find yourself in the war strategy game Knightfall AR. The aim of the game is for knights and warriors to stop the army from invading Acre and save the Holy Grail, the most precious artifact of Christianity.

With this augmented reality game, you can venture into the world of knights and warriors. You can use your perspective as a targeting system to fire at your opponent.

You can strengthen your defenses, take out opponents and earn gold. As you progress and unlock more and more features and challenges, you will prevail in battle.

You can have an intense, real-time experience with these augmented reality games. Additionally, you can select a character from the game and use them for your own pleasure in photo mode.

Downloads: 5k

User Rating: 3.8

Provider Information: AeNetworks

13) Zombie, Run!

Your morning workout will never be the same when you use this augmented reality game software. The software is specially designed for those who enjoy going for early runs and provides users with an exciting journey.

You are put into a world with zombies in the game. To survive the zombie attack, you must run while collecting supplies at the same time.

The game plays music and features a motivational story to help you get your morning workout in.

Downloads: 40k

User Ratings: 5  

App sales: $30k 

Developer Details: ZombiesRunGame

14) Temple Treasure Hunt

Geolocation is used by Temple Treasure Hunt to enable the Augmented Reality feature. With so much mythology, mystery and adventure within the game, it is the epitome of an incredible augmented reality gaming software.

You have the ability to protect wealth even if the playing field is quite limited. In the game, you can protect the treasure as well as hunt, but you must follow the map.

To make it difficult for hunters to uncover the riches, it is your responsibility as treasure keeper to set up treasure trials. In a similar vein, when you play as a hunter, you have to find treasure.

Downloads: 5k

User Evaluation: 3.1

Developer Info: Mobi-tech

15) Jurassic World Alive

Are you amazed by this huge animal that roamed the planet in the distant past?

Then start immediately!

When you watch Jurassic World, you will enter a world where unique ancient animals roam free in contemporary societies.

You will have the freedom to independently investigate every aspect of the Jurassic world in this game. You’ll encounter and collect DNA samples from Pteranodons, Mammoths, and Dinosaurs. Best of all, you can even design and build your own Raptor.

You will also be able to compete against other animals in real-time and share your invention with others.

This amazing augmented reality game is made with excellent graphics and aims to thrill us.

Downloads: 200k

User Ratings: 4.3

App Revenue: $700,000

Developer Info: Ludia

16) Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Are you a potter’s head?

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter books serve as the basis for the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite video games. In the game, Harry Potter’s magical realm has been destroyed, and all the wizards must work together to find a solution.

You can play as a wizard in the game, and your task is to defeat the enemies. This game is especially for fantasy adventure and pottery lovers.

Downloads: 70k

User Evaluation: 3.7

Developer Information: Niantic

17) AR Sports Basketball

This game is built with a less complex level of AR integration than other games.

You can shoot the ball in real-time at any point in AR Sports Basketball, an excellent AR game.

You can enjoy playing basketball personally with a variety of gaming styles.

Downloads: 5k

User-Ratings: 3.3

Developer Info: ThunderGame

18) Pokémon Go

The most popular augmented reality app is called Pokemon Go. The game is really fascinating. When it was first introduced in July 2016, it became very popular.

This augmented reality game is famous for its amazing performance and user interface. Since its release, the game has served as an inspiration for many augmented reality mobile applications, representing a turning point in the gaming industry.

By providing a real-time virtual battlefield, the game brings virtual things to life. You can observe and catch Pokemon around you in this area.

Downloads: 3m

User Ratings: 4.1

Developer Information: Niantic

19) Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park is arguably one of the most entertaining augmented reality games. This game will transport you to the ocean’s depths, where you can find and communicate with incredible species in real-time.

The game lets you move around using your phone’s GPS while searching for aquatic life and gigantic monsters.

Additionally, this AR game senses your movements in real life using sensors on smartphones. This means that you move at the same speed in the digital world as you do in the real one.

20) Beer Pong AR

The next big thing in board games is Beer Pong AR. The evolution of AR for enjoyment and experience is reflected in the digital game.

With this AR game, you can choose the location where the beer will be installed. Once installed, you can choose the best angle to throw the ping pong balls.

What is the best part of the game, you ask?

Augmented Reality game offers a real-time experience, and it doesn’t leave you dirty afterward. This is one of the Androidezone  

Downloads: 5k

User Evaluation: 2.6

Developer Info: Androidezone



The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the rate at which augmented Reality is developing. It is becoming more and more popular every day.

The gaming industry has quickly adopted this technology and has done so successfully. These days, you can play AR games from the comfort of your home.

Real-time gaming offers a more interactive experience than ever before. So, dive into the world of gaming and make the most of this amazing technology.

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