Top 9 Encrypted Messaging Apps of 2024

Top 9 Encrypted Messaging Apps of 2024


These days, privacy is a commodity.

Your data is being bought and sold by businesses without your knowledge. If you just want to have a private conversation or if you are concerned that someone else may read your messages. To help you protect against businesses eavesdropping on your private conversations and phone calls, we’ve put together a list of the top encrypted messaging applications.

Some of these apps are created by startups, while others are created by large organizations. Even government intelligence agencies are unable to decrypt some of the messengers on the list due to their heavy encryption.

These are some of the top encrypted messaging apps for iOS and Android;

1) Wire

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Download Wire for: iOS and Android

The first on the list of Encrypted Messaging Apps is Wire. Dropbox offers end-to-end encryption with Wire for file sharing, audio and video sharing, messages and calls. The encrypted messaging app supports multiple accounts and is multi-platform, allowing cross-device sync. It enables you to maintain communication boundaries between work and personal life.

The program has its own open-source Proteus encryption mechanism. External security audits are also conducted on it.

The application’s premium tier needs to be paid for; however, the web and mobile versions are free to use. Similar to Waker and Silent Circle, corporate clients are Wire’s main target market.

2) Viber

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Download Viber on: iOS and Android

Rakuten is the current owner and operator of Viber, which was originally built in Israel. With stickers and augmented reality filters, encrypted messaging software provides end-to-end encrypted messaging.

Viber also shows users the protection of conversations with a color-coded lock indicator. The application also includes a hidden cheats function and a self-destructing secret cheats feature.

The app also has a robust texting feature set that is linked to your phone number. While calling non-Viber users costs money, chatting with other Viber users is free with the app.

3) Facebook Messenger

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Get Facebook Messenger on: Android and iOS

The next on the list of Encrypted Messaging Apps is Facebook Messenger. Although its mobile versions support end-to-end encrypted communication, Facebook Messenger isn’t the first program that comes to mind when thinking about encrypted chat.

The application uses Signal’s encryption mechanism. However, encrypted conversation is an optional feature. You can send and receive encrypted text, photos, and stickers in addition to the capacity to send and receive self-destructing messages over time.

However, Facebook Messenger remains sensitive mostly because of its association with Facebook.

4) Silence

Accessible on: Android

Cost: Nothing.

Get Silence from: Google Play and F-Droid

An open-source Android SMS and MMS app called Silence offers more security than a typical text message. Using the Axolotl encryption system, which was invented by Signal, the program encrypts SMS messages.

With the ability to transmit encrypted SMS, this encrypted messaging app works like a standard text messaging app.

Despite being available on the Google Play Store, US users cannot install Silence due to trademark issues. Americans can download the latest version of the program from the F-Droid open-source app repository.

5) Dust

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Download Dust on: iOS and Android

Dust, formerly known as CyberDust, protects user privacy using a variety of encryption and security measures. Encrypted messaging software uses RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption together. Direct messages are meant to be stored in RAM rather than your phone’s storage.

Messages can also be set to self-destruct after 24 hours of being read. On the other hand, the app notifies you if a screenshot has been taken and the messages don’t show usernames.

This application also provides a stealth search tool and privacy watchdog capabilities to protect your privacy while you browse the web.

6) Signal

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Download Signal for: iOS and Android

For those who are concerned about security when using mobile devices, Signal is a great messaging option. The app allows audio calls, group chats and messaging and is free. The software protects your privacy by using its end-to-end encryption technique.

With Signal, you can transfer media, files, group chats, encrypted text messages, and phone calls to your contacts without worrying about losing your PINs or unique login information.

You can even configure the application to self-destruct all messages after a set period of time.

Facebook uses Signal encryption for Messenger and WhatsApp because it’s so powerful. After all, unlike my IT giants, the non-profit foundation that founded Signal was founded by a cryptographer who also founded WhatsApp.

Signal is a popular software among privacy activists and security-conscious users because of its strong, open-source, frequently audited encryption and ease of use.

The program is a great choice because it provides security without sacrificing usability. Additionally, the application provides customizable features such as animated stickers and wallpapers that are easy to use.

7) Threema

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: $3.99

Get Threema for: iOS and Android

Threema is a highly secure end-to-end encrypted messaging software that protects user privacy by using the NaCl cryptography library.

By generating a separate Threema ID key and not requesting any personal information, the program keeps your identity anonymous. However, if you want to make it easier for other users to find you, you can also associate your account with an email address or phone number.

In the unlikely event that you meet other Threema users in person and don’t want to exchange names, you can contact them via a scannable QR code.

In addition to a plethora of messaging options such as encrypted text, phone, image, and video messaging, the application provides a 20MB file-sharing limit and a feedback pool.

8) WhatsApp

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: Nothing.

Install WhatsApp on: iOS or Android

On its own, WhatsApp has emerged as the most popular messaging and calling app. Since 2016, the encrypted messaging app has used Signal’s end-to-end encryption, which is regularly improved by its developers.

The software’s privacy and security features allow users to customize group invitations. As a result, you have control over them.

Facebook now uses WhatsApp’s behavioral data after buying the messaging app, but messages are still completely locked away.

The easiest end-to-end encrypted messaging app is still WhatsApp. If you are not satisfied with Facebook, you can always choose another program from this list.

WhatsApp is a reliable and fully encrypted mobile messaging program because of its simplicity of use, widespread availability, and ability to send audio, video, and picture messages.

9) Silent Phone

Accessible on: iOS and Android

Cost: $9.95 a month

Get Silent Phone for: iOS and Android

The last on the list of Encrypted Messaging Apps is Silent Phone. An encrypted audio and video calling feature is offered by the secure communications program Silent Circle. It also provides self-destructing file transfer and encrypted messaging.

Best of all, subscribers, not Silent Circle, own the encryption keys. This means that Silent Circle won’t be able to access your data, even if your encrypted messages get through their network.

However, the high price of this encrypted texting software is a drawback. Although there is no charge for installation, it requires a monthly payment of $9.95 to function.

Silent Circle aims to give business users complete privacy while working. It also means that fewer people will use it for private correspondence.


That’s it for the list of Encrypted Messaging Apps.

These are our top picks for the best texting apps that are encrypted. Please let us know in the comments area below if we missed any of your favorites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are messages sent through Facebook Messenger encrypted?

Yes, when using Secret Conversation mode on Facebook, messages are encrypted.

Which Android chat app has the best encryption?

Whatsapp is the most user-friendly, secure, and private encrypted communication program available for Android.

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