8 Best PSP Emulators For Android in 2024

8 Best PSP Emulators For Android in 2024

In the mid-2000s, Sony’s PSP was one of the most sought-after portable gaming consoles. Between 2004 and 2014, it sold more than 82 million devices globally and included a number of exclusive games that were not accessible anywhere else.

Although the portable PlayStation is no longer developed, there is still a strong market for PSP-exclusive titles. With the emulator, gamers and PSP nostalgia, fans can enjoy their favorite games on Android tablets and smartphones.

If you are looking for the best PSP emulators for Android, then you have come to the right place.

The most popular PSP emulators are listed below, so that you can play your favorite games on your smartphone.

Best PSP emulators for Android

1) Enjoy PSP Emulator to play PSP

Based on the PPSSPP open source code, Enjoy PSP Emulator is another PSP emulator from Emuleworld Limited (the same company that made the Rocket PSP emulator above).

You cannot install plugins to emulate other platforms like SNES or PS2, as this emulator is designed for PSP only. On the other hand, it is a very powerful PSP emulator that can run virtually any game on your Android smartphone.

Like Rocket, Enjoy focuses on optimization and provides PSP games with excellent audio and high-resolution images. It can easily emulate the HD visuals of PSP homebrew, guaranteeing an amazing gaming experience.

App ads in Enjoy PSP Emulator can become increasingly annoying if you play using your internet connection. Download the ISO, CSO, COS, or PPS files, then turn off the Internet to play the game without interruption.

Install PSP Emulator to run PSP on Android devices

2) Emulator PSP for Mobile Pro Version

One of the most downloaded PSP emulators on this list is Emulator PSP for Mobile, with over a million downloads on the Play Store.

Most games’ 3D graphics can be upscaled to about twice their original resolution on high-end quad-core systems. We tested this emulator and found that it was mostly accurate in providing high-quality game images and sounds similar to those on the original PSP.

You get backward compatibility, easy network gameplay, a customizable controller, store and load status, and the most popular features. A majority of external controllers are also supported, which further enhances the gaming experience.

Furthermore, since it is built on the open-source PPSSPP source code, you can play most games, such as Soul Caliper, Tekken, Dragon Ball Z, Little Big Planet, Kingdom Hearts, and others.

Install the PSP Mobile Pro version emulator

3) DamonPS2 Pro

According to Play Store reports, DamonPS2 Pro PSP Emulator for Android, a feature-rich and user-friendly emulator, is the fastest PSP emulator available worldwide.

A nice change for PSP emulation is that it supports widescreen games and NEON acceleration. With this PSP emulator for Android smartphones, you can play most of your favorite games in high definition.

The fact that Demon PS2 Pro is frequently updated with new features is perhaps its strongest feature. Expect the emulator to get some highly anticipated features from the community, such as an interactive gamepad, frame skips, and chats, in future releases.

Like PPSSPP, this emulator enables you to save your games on any PSP memory card by accessing internal and external storage media.

DamonPS2 Pro’s need for an internet connection to work is a recurring problem that many users face. Additionally, several users have expressed dissatisfaction with the apparent slowness of the update cycle.

Get Daemon PS2 Pro for Android here

4) Rapid Emulator

As the name suggests, Rapid Emulator puts a lot of emphasis on providing a great user experience. It’s easy to use, can emulate any PSP game or homebrew, and offers stunning visual rendering for an enjoyable experience.

To maximize user enjoyment, Rapid Emulator also supports a wide variety of external controllers. You can customize the way the game plays by assigning key restrictions to your preferences.

Its skip-frame capability is hit or miss, with users occasionally experiencing issues with visuals rendering more slowly. Turn it off to experience stunning graphics and excellent audio while playing games.

Additionally, game ROMs are not included with the Rapid PSP emulator. So, you will need to get them elsewhere. It’s compatible with ISOs as well as RAR and CSO files, so compatibility issues are minimal.

Get the Fast PSP Emulator app for Android


I mean, how can we talk about PSP emulators without including PSP?

PPSSPP, an open-source PSP emulator that runs on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Android, and others, is a notable PSP emulator accessible today. Since PPSSPP’s source code forms the basis of the majority of other PSP emulators, virtually all games should work with it.

You should download the ISO or CSO files for the games and use the file manager to put them in the folder to play the games on Android on PPSSPP.

The emulator can access internal and external storage (microSD cards, USB, etc.), so you can save your files anywhere, and the emulator will manage them without any problems.

The program is initially available for free download from the Google Play Store. Additionally, PPSSPP has a paid version called Gold where you can unlock more premium features and contribute to development.

Get the Android PPSSPP emulator here

6) Rocket PSP Emulator

The same PPSSPP source code is used by Emulworld Limited’s Rocket PSP Emulator for Android, a relatively new app, to simulate the PSP experience on an Android smartphone.

It provides almost all the widely desired functions that people look for in a PSP emulator, such as the ability to save and load states and modify software controllers. It also offers reasonable compatibility with almost all current popular games, as it uses the PPSSPP source code.

Errors may occur occasionally when using non-buffered rendering mode. However, while using this software, we did not face any major problems. Moreover, it supports both high-end and low-end hardware well, so you can easily run it on different devices.

You can use Rocket PSP Emulator as a suitable backup emulator to play PSP games on Android smartphones if PPSSPP is not working on your device.

Get the Android version of Rocket PSP Emulator

7) RetroArch

With the ability to emulate a large number of gaming systems on a single device, RetroArch is one of the most specialized emulators available. With the right plugins, you can virtually duplicate any platform on your Android smartphone using the Libretro system of plugins to simulate the gaming experience.

Using the Libretro interface enables a number of interesting features, such as location support, cross-platform camera support, OpenGL, etc.

One problem that the majority of users seem to have with RetroArch is that it has a steep learning curve and a somewhat clunky user interface. Power users will love its abundance of sophisticated features, but non-techies may find it difficult to adjust at first.

This emulator is currently one of the largest PSP emulators for Android because of how many cores it supports. Once you get familiar with the UI, your favorite old school games will work in no time.

All your vintage gaming needs can be met with RetroArch, an all-in-one emulator that’s completely free and open source.

Get an Android Retro Arch PSP Emulator

8) Lemuroid

Another free and open-source PSP emulator that is a direct competitor to RetroArch is called Lemuroid. Additionally, it supports multiple consoles, with the PSP being one of the most widely used consoles.

Like RetroArch, this emulator works in a similar way. Lemuroid is an emulator that comes vanilla from the Play Store, but users can choose and download a cover to modify the functionality of the emulator to emulate a console.

Users will need to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the interface to learn how to operate the Lemuroid PSP emulator for Android, as it also has a steep learning curve. But if you plan to run a lot of emulators, this is the one to get.

Installing custom thumbnail icons for games on this emulator is not currently possible, nor does it enable cheats.

Install Lemuroid Android PSP Emulator


Final Reflection

The PSP ran for a remarkable ten years and supported a large library of well-known titles. Sony also brought some popular games to the platform for users to enjoy. You can enjoy popular titles on your smartphones and remember those days with the best PSP emulators for Android mentioned above.

Keep in mind that because the underlying hardware of the PSP and Android differ, not all games will play well with an emulator. To play the top PSP emulator games on Android, try a different emulator if you have problems running the game using one of the ones on this list.

Top Android PSP Emulators FAQ

Is there an Android PSP emulator that works?

In fact, there are several functional PSP emulators for Android, including the previously mentioned PPSSPP, RetroArch, and Rocket PSP Launcher. Having said that, platform mismatch can occasionally cause compatibility issues with certain games, which can be fixed by using a different emulator.

Is PPSSPP Gold or PPSSPP Better?

PPSSPP Gold has the same features as the free version and is accessible for Windows and Android. The Gold Edition enables developers to expand emulation capabilities and supports development.

Can GTA V run on PPSSPP?

Unfortunately, since GTA V is not compatible with the PSP platform, you are unable to play it on your smartphone using PPSSPP. GTA V is limited to Windows, PS3 and later models, and Xbox platforms only.

PSP Emulator: What is it?

Essentially, an Android smartphone serves as a PSP emulator, simulating the PSP environment on a different device. With the Android PSP emulator, you may use programs made specifically for the system and play PSP games on your Android smartphone.

How to Install PSP Emulator?

You can download PSP emulators for Android straight from the Google Play Store. You may need to change the audio and graphics settings in order for certain emulators to run games smoothly. After installing the PSP emulator, you can use your Android smartphone to play games that you have obtained from different sources.

Can I use an emulator to play every PSP game?

Not every PSP game will work with every emulator due to hardware compatibility issues. However, depending on how your device is configured, most PSP games should run at high speeds on a decent Android PSP emulator.

Is PSP emulation legal?

The PSP emulation is confusing. The code and actual emulation software (like PPSSPP, Rocket Emulator, etc.) are completely legal. However, since it breaks many copyright restrictions, emulating commercial ROMs—for which these are emulators—is prohibited. However, unless game developers decide to resell their creations on new platforms, there is no alternative option to access these games.

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