Best Floodlight Camera to Buy in 2024

Best Floodlight Camera to Buy in 2024


There’s a rustling sound, but you’re not inclined to investigate. In this situation, you can see what’s outside, thanks to a security camera with exceptional night vision. But, a floodlight camera can be useful in scaring off that bully or raccoon.

From a security and safety perspective, floodlight cameras have many advantages. Additionally, with the use of sensors, AI, and machine learning, smart floodlight cameras can give you the added benefit of better lighting when someone is nearby.

We’ve discussed six of the top floodlight cameras in this blog, including advanced features, a 360-degree field of vision, and incredibly cool, adjustable LED floodlights. For those on a tight budget, we’ve also reviewed the best cameras at very low prices.

1) Wyze Floodlight Camera

Wise floodlight cameras provide an excellent 2600-lumen blaster at a more affordable price. They also provide continuous recording, voice recognition, local storage options, and around-the-clock operation.

Wise has a 270-degree motion detection capability using both PIR and camera-based motion sensors. An additional USB connector on the camera can be used to power another Wyze Cam v3.

The Wise looks a bit flatter and doesn’t give you the same monitoring power as the Eufy, despite being less expensive. It may be a good idea to budget for the cost of a Wyze CamPlus subscription plan. The camera records free motion video for 12 seconds, but there’s a 5-minute cooldown period unless you pay for unlimited-length movies.

With its exceptional starlight sensor-powered night vision, the Wise can zoom up to 1080p and use available light to color dark scenes. Plus, the camera has a louder siren than the Arlo and, as a bonus, offers the ability to store video locally on an SD card for continuous, round-the-clock recording.

With Wise Floodlight Camera, you can broadcast video to your Google and Alexa smart displays. If motion is detected at all, Alexa will announce it. However, none of the voice assistants allow you to use it to control the lighting. Additionally, floodlights cannot be controlled individually outside of the Wise app.

2) Google Nest Floodlight Camera

The company’s initial lighting product, the Google Nest, has robust control options through the Google Home app. Google Nest Cam’s camera and battery are magnetically connected through the power cord.

Only compatible with Google Home, the Nest Floodlight Camera provides free smart alerts to turn on the lights and camera without a siren. It also includes built-in battery backup, three hours of free on-device recording, free smart notifications, and (paid) round-the-clock recording.

Unlike rival cameras, it has facial recognition as part of Nest’s Familiar Faces feature. However, to use this service, you must pay for a Nest Secure subscription—starting at $6 per month.

Two replaceable floodlight cameras magnetically attached to the Google Nest are also available. They offer a number of useful features, including 5 GHz Wi-Fi, adjustable arms to angle the illumination, ambient light activation, dimmer settings for the beam, and voice and app control via the Google Home app.

The lack of an integrated siren on the Nest floodlight camera, however, is a deal breaker when it comes to specific security gadgets.

Nest’s motion sensors have a 180-degree detection range, and its on-device machine learning enables instant alerts. Unfortunately, the camera is limited to Google Home and is not suitable for installation under Evas.

3) Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

The most attractive camera on this list is the Nettmo Smart Outdoor Camera, which comes in two versions: one with a siren and one without.

If that’s all that matters to you when installing cameras around your home, this floodlight camera is ideal. Since all floodlight security camera video is stored locally and smart alerts are handled locally, the gadget does not have a cloud component. On the other hand, you have the option to save the recordings to your Dropbox or FTP account.

The only floodlight camera on the list that’s compatible with Apple HomeKit and HomeKit Secure Video doesn’t require a monthly subscription from Netatmo.

It’s compatible with Alexa, Google, and Apple HomeKit and provides free smart alerts and video storage. Even so, the video quality was subpar, and there was no two-way audio.

Since this model is made of aluminum instead of plastic, it has a very high appearance. However, the camera can be mounted horizontally under a bark. It can be installed vertically only on the sides of the house.

Netatmo also provides free smart alerts and lets you use Google Home, HomeKit, or Amazon Alexa to manage lights and cameras. In addition to sending rich notifications with zoom-in footage and a neat layout, it has an integrated ear-splitting alarm.

Although it’s an older camera, its 1080p video quality isn’t as good as competitors. Additionally, unlike other contemporary cameras, it lacks HDR imaging and other digital tricks that would produce a more stunning image. Without two-way audio, its digital zoom is limited.

4) Eufy Floodlight Camera- 2 Pro

The EUFY Floodlight Camera is a living camera thanks to its advanced AI tracking, 360-degree view and adjustable lighting. The utility of this floodlight cam makes up for its lack of beauty. In addition, the camera has three adjustable illumination panels, addressable PIR motion sensors, and local storage.

Aside from its quirky features, the camera’s shortcomings are its ugly design, primitive push-to-talk two-way audio, lack of continuous video recording capability, and limited zoom. This can be a bit annoying as there are no smart warnings; however, you can change the motion sensitivity.

You can program the camera to hold up to four preset positions using the Auto Cruise feature and three lighting panels deliver an impressive 3,000 lumens of light at a maximum temperature of 5,700 Kelvins. The camera’s brightness and tone can be changed; at maximum brightness, it resembles a prison yard light.

The camera has IP65 weather protection, produces stunning 2K video, and works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi without the need for a Eufy hub.

In addition to the 4GB of non-removable onboard storage that comes with the floodlight cam, you can also choose to set up network-attached storage. While no continuous video recording is available around the clock, the camera works with Google Home and Alexa to play video on smart displays.

5) Arlo Floodlight Camera – Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera boasts excellent video quality and is one of the most flexible installation options. Additionally, the camera provides simple integration with SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Alexa.

On the other hand, it becomes relatively expensive if you constantly add more power and pay for smart warnings and video recording.

If you’re looking for a floodlight camera with a motion-activated siren, more zoom and better smart alerts, my second top pick is the Arlo Pro 3. The floodlight camera, with its 12x digital zoom and 2K HDR images, delivers the best video quality ever.

To use the Arlo Floodlight Camera to its full potential, you must purchase a subscription to its secure service. The least noticeable floodlight camera is this, and it can be mounted almost anywhere.

Although the floodlight camera is small in size, its light output is quite strong. When it senses motion, it can be set to play an 80dB siren.

Even if the Arlo Floodlight Camera works flawlessly once it’s dry, it can’t be called waterproof. What’s more, it supports video streaming on the Nest Smart Display and within the app. It also works with Google Home, Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and IFTTT.


Why Would Anyone Use a Floodlight Camera For Security?

Because they combine lights, cameras and continuous power, floodlight cameras are perfect for security. In addition to being a fantastic value, motion sensors ensure that you don’t trip over a package left in your driveway by turning on the lights. Additionally, you can turn on the pre-existing sirens to scare off any intruders lurking around your home.

Despite being tethered, floodlight security cameras can still broadcast video wirelessly over Wi-Fi. You have the advantage over a plug-in camera because there is no worry about the battery running out. Plus, you can access internal plugs without drilling holes in your walls.

The functionality and controls of a floodlight camera are basically the same as a standard outdoor camera. However, it is much better than traditional motion-activated lighting as it comes with the added feature of brightness control.

Why Not Buy a Floodlight Security Camera?

Floodlight cameras are more expensive and have more limited placement. Additionally, the majority of floodlight cameras use non-replaceable LED lighting, so if the lights fail, you may be left without a camera.

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