Best CamScanner Alternatives for iOS and Android

Best CamScanner Alternatives for iOS and Android

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CamScanner Alternatives

However, as of last night (June 29), the Indian government has issued an order banning the use of 59 Chinese apps in India for their “engagement in activities that undermine India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” these are prejudicial to the integrity, defense, security of India. State and public order”; In a statement, the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) said that CamScanner customers in India will need to find another way to access the service going forward. So, these are some of our top picks for cam scanner alternatives to help you choose a better document-scanning tool and simplify the problem.

Top CamScanner Alternatives for iOS and Android

1. Evernote Scannable

Only iOS users can use the document-scanning app Evernote Scannable. It is derived from the popular note-taking and reminder program Evernote and is offered for free. For iOS users, it’s an excellent replacement for CamScanner because it can scan documents such as business cards, receipts, and other items simply by pointing the camera at them. Additionally, if you also use Evernote and have an account, you can use the same login information to sign into Scannable and have centralized access to all your scanned documents in Evernote.


  1. Automatic image manipulation (rotate, crop, etc.) to improve readability and clarity.
  2. Export scanned documents to different apps as PDF and JPG files.
  3. Scanned copies of documents can be sent via email or other programs.

Scheme: No cost

Get Evernote Scannable: iOS

2. Google Drive

Google Drive, one of the most popular cloud storage options, has document scanning tools built in. Still, only the Android app has scan functionality, though it’s also available on iOS. Thus, you can scan documents using the built-in Android app and store them in your Drive so that you can view them anywhere and on any device. The scan tool on Google Drive is designed to be a simple capture-and-drop function rather than having the other options listed or even features like a cam scanner.


  1. Edit the paper size, image quality, and orientation of scanned documents.
  2. Use different filters to enhance the images.
  3. Add multiple scans.

Plan: Paid (in-app purchase) or Free

Get Google Drive for Android here

3. Adobe Scan

Here, the name practically gives it away. American software company Adobe, the creator of popular programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Reader and others, is the source of Adobe Scan. It has a standard feature set and is free to download. In-app purchases are another feature it offers, adding more functionality to the mix. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a program function that facilitates automatic text recognition. As a result, you can use it to convert almost anything into an Adobe PDF file that you can reuse as needed, including business cards, notes, photos, and receipts.


  1. Scan information with better clarity by using the latest image technology to automatically detect borders and enhance text.
  2. Color adjust, crop and rotate scanned documents.
  3. Scanned documents can be instantly saved to Adobe Document Cloud for remote access and sharing.
  4. Include contact information on business cards.

Plan: Paid (in-app purchase) or Free

Get Adobe Scan for iOS and Android

4. Microsoft Office Lens

Another popular software cam scanner alternative from Microsoft is Office Lens. In essence, the software lets you digitize a variety of documents — such as business cards, photos, posters, invoices, and more — into a format that’s easily shared and accessible from anywhere. You can get it for free on both iOS and Android. Additionally, you have the option to automatically save image files to your OneDrive account by converting them to Word, PowerPoint, or PDF files.


  1. To make collected scans easier to read, crop and improve.
  2. To remove glare and shadows, use whiteboard mode. To adjust the image colors, use Document mode.
  3. To extract contact information, use Business Card mode and store it in OneDrive or Address Book.

Scheme: No cost

Get Microsoft Office Lens for iOS and Android.

5. Notebloc

With a wide variety of notebook types, Notebloc is a rapidly expanding paper notebook brand. In addition to paper notebooks, the company provides an app for document scanning, which enables you to digitize and share notes, photos, and sketches with others while maintaining access from any location. Additionally, the background of the sheet enhances clarity when scanning documents, so if you have the opportunity to use their notebook, your results will be even better. This software has ads on Android but can be downloaded for free from the Software Store and Play Store. For this reason, users on Android can remove annoying ads from the app by making in-app purchases.


  1. Automatic focus correction to eliminate lens aberrations and fit images perfectly.
  2. Sort documents by criteria such as edition or creation date.
  3. Choose the notes’ PDF file size.
  4. Insert and duplicate pages inside a document.

Plan: Free or Paid (in-app purchases)

Notebloc: iOS | Android

6. ScanPro

ScanPro, formerly known as ScanBot, is among the top CamScanner alternatives on the list. You can scan many document types and QR codes with this program, which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You may use it to quickly and simply create high-quality scanned PDFs or JPGs, which you can then upload to Dropbox, iCloud, Drive, Box, and other cloud storage services. While Scan Pro can be downloaded for free, a premium plan is also available through in-app purchases that unlock new capabilities and add Pro features. PDF converter, password security, cloud integration, FTP access, SFTP, and FTPs, among other benefits, are some of the features it provides.


  1. Apply filters or crop scanned documents for editing.
  2. Add multiple pages or images to Capture.
  3. Send via other applications or email.

Plan: Paid (in-app purchase) or Free

ScanPro: iOS | Android

7. Scanner Mini – Scan PDF and Fax

Riddle, a popular mobile application development business that provides productivity apps like Spark, Documents, Calendar 5, PDF Expert, and the like, is just another iOS app for scanning documents on the iPhone. The software, known as Scanner Money, can be downloaded for free and offers in-app charges for additional features. It can be used to scan a variety of document types, and it will automatically crop and process the document to remove shadows and distortions, making it look professional and readable. I’m easy. Additionally, it has an integrated optical character recognition (OCR) feature that allows you to scan a document, convert it to text, and then copy that text.


  1. Bookmark pages and articles for later.
  2. Make any necessary modifications to the scanned documents.
  3. Sync scanned documents with additional devices by uploading them to iCloud.
  4. Scan a paper and sign it.

Plan: Paid (in-app purchase) or Free

Scanner Mini – Scan PDF and Fax: iOS

For the list, that’s all!

These are some of our top picks for document scanning apps and CamScanner alternatives for your Android or iOS device, especially in light of the fact that CamScanner is currently banned in India. Additionally, unlike CamScanner, these apps have not been shown to violate user privacy. So you can use them without compromising your security and privacy. Additionally, the Notes app’s integrated document scanning feature is available for iOS users. You have a few possibilities to change and improve the appearance of documents collected with this software. Therefore, you can also scan documents using Notes if you don’t want to install a third-party app on your device.


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