8 Top Sites to Get Free Music Downloads Legally

8 Top Sites to Get Free Music Downloads Legally

You don’t need to download any app on your phone to Free Music Downloads from different websites.

If you try to download music for free from a website that is not licensed to provide downloads, you will be breaking copyright laws. In these circumstances, the court may punish you or take legal action against you.

Downloading music from free websites has many advantages, including the elimination of subscription fees, cost savings over purchasing music on CDs and cassettes, and rapid public recognition of musical works.

8 Top Sites List to Get Free Music Downloads Legally

Although streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music are more popular, do you know of other websites that offer free music downloads? Let’s investigate them!

1) SoundCloud

With amazing features like unlimited track uploads, customizable listening reports, and informative fan engagement data, SoundCloud is the perfect online streaming service.

SoundCloud’s popularity has grown significantly in recent years, suggesting it may overtake even well-known websites like Spotify.

In particular, Afrobeat is the most popular genre on SoundCloud, with a global following and strong potential to continue to rule in 2023.

Simply visit SoundCloud and create an account to start this musical adventure and lose yourself in a world of exciting and diverse sounds.

This platform is a great place to explore and share your musical talents, as it promises to be a rewarding experience for both artists and music lovers.

Not every song is available for download on the platform. Some musicians decide not to allow free downloads when submitting their music to a website.

Artists have the power to decide how their work is distributed, and this allows them to sell their music alone or as part of a package deal.

As a result, users may find songs that are only accessible for streaming on the site and do not have a free download option.

2) Free Music Archive

One of the best internet streaming sites that gives people free access to a large library of original music is the Free Music Archive (FMA). The site features contributions from independent artists from around the world who share their work under an open license.

Consequently, FMA is a veritable goldmine for fans of unusual and diverse music.

Millions of Internet users visit the Free Music Archive every month in hopes of discovering unique music that they can download for personal use from its vast library.

Just visit the Free Music Archive website and register for an account as the first step to start using this incredible platform.

By doing this, you will be able to express yourself creatively and listen to freely available music whenever you want. Welcome to your search!

3) YouTube

YouTube is a fantastic and well-known streaming service available under Creative Commons (CC) and known for its many interesting features.

Audio uploads, which make it easy to share music and other audio content with a large audience, are one of its attractions.

The ability to download music videos for free is one of YouTube’s most popular services. This type of product makes it easy for people to listen to their favorite music and content on the go by enabling them to do so offline.

Visit the YouTube website to explore this world of unlimited possibilities and enjoy the excitement of downloading free music videos.

There, you can enjoy a variety of imaginative content from around the world and experience the full potential of this amazing streaming platform.

However, not every song can be downloaded from YouTube, and some songs are not even available on your local drive because they are still stored in the YouTube download database.

4) Jamendo

Jamendo is an incredible website that offers free streaming as well as a vast collection of music from over 40,000 independent musicians worldwide.

It is a fascinating place for music lovers looking for unique and diverse songs, offering 600,000+ free songs for download.

Visiting the website and creating an account are the first steps to browsing and downloading your favorite tracks using Jamendo.

To download your favorite song, simply find it and, after logging in, click the “Download” button at the very bottom of the screen.

To download and listen to your favorite music at any time, all you have to do is click.

5) ReverbNation

ReverbNation is one of the best websites where you can download music for free. This streaming service offers a variety of music genres, such as pop, rock, and hip-hop, to suit a wide range of tastes.

In addition, ReverbNation gives musicians the option to upload countless tracks and sell their back catalog directly to their passionate followers.

Creating an account on ReverbNation is the first step towards starting your creative adventure and downloading music. Free MP3s are the only tracks that can be downloaded from this website, so look for them, especially if you want to access downloadable content.

Once you find a free MP3 that appeals to you, just keep scrolling down the screen until the “Download” option appears.

All it takes is one button push to download and play your favorite music.

6) Audiomack

Youth-oriented and free, Audiomack is the best alternative to Spotify. It is notable for providing a mobile application that is easy to use while on the road.

Nevertheless, Audiomack offers a subscription plan that removes all ads and gives users access to premium features like the Promote tab for a flawless experience.

With this robust technology, artists can easily submit music, review streaming data, market their work, and receive direct payment for their efforts.

Unfortunately, if you are a free user, you cannot download songs from the Audiomack online streaming site.

However, downloading the Audio Mac Mobile app is a quick solution to this problem. If you have an Android smartphone, you can easily get it from the Play Store.

An amazing feature of the Free Audio Mac Music app is the ability to download tracks for offline listening.

To use this handy feature, open the selected music in the app and click on the “Download” icon below it.

Thus, you can enjoy your favorite music without the need for an online connection.

7) SoundClick

With its intuitive and easily navigable interface, SoundClick is a highly adaptable streaming platform.

A smooth navigation experience, an ad-free profile, and the ability to customize your layout to your taste are some of its notable advantages.

After creating a SoundClick account, users can legally download tracks and listen to music for free.

Even though many songs can be downloaded for free, not all songs have unlimited download options.

While some artists may decide to limit downloads and only make their music available for purchase or as part of a paid subscription plan, others decide to limit downloads to increase their visibility.

8) Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a popular music marketplace and streaming service with a large number of devoted users who enjoy purchasing music and merchandise from the platform.

Its prominent features include the ability for users to create collections, follow their favorite artists and instantly stream their purchased music. The first step to accessing these features is to create a fan account on Bandcamp.

It is very important to remember that Bandcamp only allows music downloads after a successful transaction. Unfortunately, unless you buy the music, there’s no way for you to get it for free.



A selection of top free Music download sites that provide legal and free music downloads, carefully compiled by us. Browse these platforms at your leisure to find and download music for your playlist.

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