How To Find Your Phone IMEI Number (5 Easy Ways)

How To Find Your Phone IMEI Number (5 Easy Ways)

All mobile phones, be it Android or iPhone, are assigned a unique 15-digit identification code called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity). Cellular networks use it to identify and authenticate mobile devices by using it as a unique identifier for each.

Because each IMEI Number is unique to a phone and cannot be changed, it is an important tool for identifying and tracing mobile devices.

The format of an IMEI number is a 15-digit code. The Phone IMEI Number is structured as follows:



AA: (RBI) Reporting Body Identifier: The country or region in which the phone was manufactured is indicated by the first two digits of the IMEI number.

BBBBBB: TAC (Type Allocation Code): The phone’s make and model number is indicated by the next six digits.

C: Serial Number: Every phone has a unique serial number consisting of the last six digits.

D: Check Digit: Based on the first 14 digits of the IMEI, this last digit is calculated for verification purposes.

The IMEI number is usually found in the phone’s settings, under the battery, or on the back. For security and identity concerns, you should keep a copy of your device’s IMEI number in a safe place.

The IMEI number is important for managing mobile devices in a number of ways, including.

Device Identification: Every mobile phone is identified by its IMEI number. It facilitates monitoring of devices on networks by manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and network operators.

Tracking lost or stolen devices: If a cell phone is lost or stolen, the network provider or the police can be notified using the phone’s IMEI number. Then, using the IMEI number, they can prevent the smartphone from connecting to the network, reducing its value to thieves.

Warranty and Repair: IMEI numbers are used by manufacturers and service providers to track repair dates and identify devices covered by warranty.
Unlocking the device: Some cell phones may be carrier-locked.

Device Unlocking: The phone can be used with other compatible networks by using the IMEI number to get the unlock code from the carrier.

IMEI Blacklisting: The GSM Association maintains a blacklist in which IMEI numbers can be placed in case of phone theft or misuse. When a phone’s IMEI is blacklisted, it is rendered useless on most global mobile networks.

An important factor in many aspects of mobile device administration is the IMEI number. These are some of the most popular techniques to find your phone’s IMEI number.

1) Find IMEI Number from Phone Settings

On cell phones, the IMEI number is typically located in the device settings. The position may differ depending on the manufacturer and operating system of the phone, but it’s usually under “About Phone” or “About Device” in the settings menu.

With iPhone (iOS): Go to “About” under “Settings”> “General.” Scroll down to see the IMEI number and more device details.

On Android:Go to “Settings”> “About Phone”> “Status”> “IMEI Info” on the Android device. The IMEI number and additional information about your phone can be found here.

2) Find Phone IMEI Number Under Battery

If your phone has a detachable battery, under the battery’s protective cover is a secret code called the IMEI number that is the key to unlocking its unique identity.

This mystery code is independent of the SIM card, so there’s no need to tinker with it. Carefully remove the battery to reveal the label that displays the IMEI number like a priceless find waiting to be uncovered. Very soon, this secret will be revealed.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a removable SIM card tray, climb up or over the hidden part of the SIM card holder. The mysterious IMEI number is hidden there, hidden inside the container in tiny letters that seem almost ethereal and hint at the phone’s special features.

3) Get Phone IMEI Number from Service Provider

You may still be able to trace your phone or prevent it from being stolen if you’ve lost it and can’t find the IMEI number. But you’ll need to contact your carrier and give them all the details you can about your phone, including the model, make and serial number.

Here are some more tips to find the Phone IMEI Number of your lost phone:

  • Store your IMEI number safely: If you don’t already have it, it’s a good idea to store your IMEI number safely. Examples of such places are the contact list or password manager on your phone. If you misplace your phone, you’ll be able to find it easily.
  • Know the Risks: Recognize the risks associated with using a phone tracking app. These applications may collect private information about you and your phone and may not be able to track your phone if it is turned off.

I hope this is useful.

4) Get Phone IMEI Number by Dialing a USSD Code

The simplest method to obtain your device’s IMEI is to use the app on your phone. When the phone dialer appears, input *#06#. The screen will show the IMEI number. The majority of mobile phones can use this method, regardless of the operating system.

5) Get IMEI Number from Phone Manual

A common way to find a phone’s IMEI number is to check the box or manual that came with it.

The IMEI number is often printed by the manufacturer on the phone’s packaging box, usually as a sticker with further product details. The user manual for the phone or accompanying documents may also contain the IMEI number.

Thus, be sure to find the IMEI number if you have the user manual or the original packaging box.


There you have it: six efficient methods for finding the IMEI number of a mobile phone.

It is strongly advised that you keep a backup copy of your phone’s IMEI number in case of theft or loss. This will enable your mobile carrier to promptly initiate blocking the device or prevent it from being used on another network provider. able to terminate


Additionally, by having the Phone IMEI Number at hand, you can use various tools and services to locate your phone, increasing the likelihood that it will be recovered.

This concludes our article, and we sincerely hope that you have gained important information on how to find your phone’s IMEI number.

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