15 Top Habit Tracker Apps For Android and iOS

15 Top Habit Tracker Apps For Android and iOS

Have you ever questioned why it is so important to monitor your behavior? The basic explanation is that some habits are bad for your health. You can look for patterns by observing your habits and determining what triggers your negative habits. That way, you can change your behavior before it gets out of control.


  • Keeping a habit diary can help you understand how your actions affect your overall health.
  • An app that tracks your habits can help you create healthy routines and avoid bad ones.
  • The best habit tracker apps offer motivation, tailored reminders and customizable scheduling to help you meet your goals.

Apps that track your habits are a practical way to track and segment your daily tasks. For example, a habit monitoring software can hold you accountable if you procrastinate by sending you scheduled notifications and motivational quotes. To make sure you stay on top of your game, they tell you when you’re falling short or not following your plan.

Let’s go over some basics before looking at the top Habit Tracker Apps.

What are the Benefits of Habit Tracking?

The habit of monitoring has numerous benefits that can help you in various aspects of your life. Following are some of the benefits of habit tracking:

  • Keeps you motivated and focused as you work toward your goals.
  • Increases the quality of your work ethic.
  • Helps to enhance your quality of life.
  • Helps maintain organization and monitor your progress.
  • Keeps you focused on your goals.

How do I Choose the best Apps to Track my Habits?

When selecting an app for tracking habits, there are a few things to take into account:

  • The app ought to notify you in order to assist you in remembering your schedule.
  • The software should be portable and easy to use.
  • Your needs ought to be fulfilled by the app.
  • The app has to integrate several features in order to allow you to keep track of your progress.
  • Multiple devices should be able to use the app.
  • Apps must be compatible with each other.

15 Best Habit Tracker Apps For Android and iOS

Are you sick and tired of using paper diaries and spreadsheets to record your daily activities? Then, you should check out our selection of the top habit tracker Apps out there right now.

1) Loop Habit Tracker

A free program called Loop helps you create and maintain long-term healthy habits. You can monitor your progress and witness gradual improvements in your behavior. You can set goals and reminders using Loop and you’ll get an alert when you reach a goal or break a habit.

Loop has a simple UI, is open-source, and is ad-free. You can use the free app without a premium subscription, as it has all the functions.

Principal Attributes:

  • Obtain a habit score determined by your success rates.
  • Breaking a streak won’t stop you from making progress.
  • Create custom schedules, view in-depth data and graphs and add widgets.
  • Re-evaluate, dismiss, or snooze any habit directly within the alert.
  • It doesn’t sell your data, works offline, and doesn’t require registration.

Platforms: Android

2) Habit Hunter

Have trouble using standard apps to track your habits? With Habit Hunter, you can turn any habit or goal into a real role-playing game. Its distinct gamification approach encourages you to stick to your routine throughout the day without getting bored.

The free version of the software has ads. Through in-app purchases, you can earn additional coins and redeem them.

Main Features:

  • Break down more ambitious goals into smaller milestones or to-do lists.
  • View the daily agenda, create smart reminders for each assignment and review the to-do list.
  • Fight monsters and collect rewards with friends and family to build habits.
  • To earn rewards, complete tasks and level up your hero.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad),

3) Quitzilla

With Quitzilla, an easy-to-use habit-buster and tracker app, you can overcome negative behaviors and change your life. Quitzilla can help you break free from any addiction, including alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

With a premium subscription to Quitzilla, you can track addictions and access additional customization options.

Main Features:

  • An addiction tracker to log your fights and get insightful data.
  • Track your sober days with our sobriety counter.
  • A motivation tab with daily quotes to help you track your behavior and stay focused
  • Rewards for economizing money, like a $100 weekly prize, if you spend $100 a week on gaming but skip a week.

Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone),

4) Avocation

Avocation is a habit-tracking app that requires no registration and works offline. Practicing gives you the ability to organize your day, create routines and create habits. Tapping on the habit circle after finishing a task or habit allows you to monitor your progress.

You can create five habits, unlimited courses, personalized reminders and more with the free version of the app. Custom colors, an unlimited number of habits and reminders and extra karma points are all included with a premium membership.

Main Features:

  • Complete your exercises and watch your baby plant grow.
  • Get personalized alerts when you reach a goal or break a habit.
  • Change routines, symbols and habit colors to personalize your experience.
  • You can evaluate the goals you set, learn about the science of habit formation and do more using Avocoach.

Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone),

5) HabitShare

With the social habit-tracking software HabitShare, you can share your habits with friends to keep them more accountable and motivated. You can reveal any or all of your habits to your closest circle of loved ones.

You can ask people to use HabitShare with you, or you can use it alone. They are able to track your progress and offer you support as you go. To keep you engaged, they can also send you funny GIFs and inspiring remarks.

HabitShare is totally free and doesn’t require a premium membership.

Main Features:

  • Set weekly and daily goals.
  • Create charts, add notes and share your routine with loved ones.
  • Create reminders and monitor your progress over time.
  • Monitor your behavior on multiple devices.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad),

6) Momentum

As the name suggests, speed refers to the ability to continue moving. It’s a simple habit tracker Apps built on the “Don’t Break the Chain” philosophy. The more good habits you successfully form every day, the longer your streak will be. The longer your streak, the less likely you are to break the habit.

Momentum is only for iOS-powered gadgets. You get three free habits with the free version. An unlimited number of new habits and other features require a paid subscription.

Main Features:

  • Set flexible timetables and reminders.
  • The app badge shows the number of habits remaining for the day.
  • Today, quick access is provided by the view widget.
  • Use iCloud to sync your data across multiple iOS devices.

Platforms: Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad running iOS.

7) Rabit

With Rabit, an easy-to-use habit-tracking tool, you can create healthy habits and focus on your daily schedule. You are able to monitor your progress and create reminders for yourself.

An alarm clock, routines to rate your habits and goals to organize all your dreams are included in the Premium Edition.

Main Features:

  • Track your habits with a to-do list and streak map.
  • As you move forward, lean toward your shorter plant to get a longer line.
  • There is a dark mode and dynamic user interface.

Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone),

8) Productive

With the easy-to-use app Productive Habit Tracker, you can create a daily routine of healthy, constructive behaviors. Task Tracker allows you to make, organize, and schedule to-do lists and task reminders.

Additional productivity features, such as Endless Habits, enhanced task reminders and habit lists and motivating habit statistics, are available with the Premium Edition.

Main Features:

  • Make notes about your habits as you establish, end, stop, or stop them.
  • Compete against other users by completing guided activities.
  • Get daily habit tips, inspirational tips and smart reminders.
  • Get help for ADHD and individual expert insight.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch),

9) Habitica

A freemium open-source habit tracking tool called Habitica game recreates daily routines and productivity with aspects of a classic role-playing game. You can create your avatar by adding routines and desired activities. As you finish them in real life, mark them and get in-game stuff!

All features are available in the free version, but if you want to support the development team, you can subscribe to the premium version.

Main Features:

  • Automatic task scheduling, streak counting and color-coded tasks.
  • Avatar customization and a wide assortment of items.
  • Use guilds to collaborate on tasks with friends.
  • Dark modes, frequent updates and widgets.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad),

10) Proddy

Using constructive habits and cognitive techniques, Proddy, a habit-tracking app, helps you create routines you’ll actually stick to. It’s important to start cautiously and focus on small, healthy routines that are gradually accumulated.

To help you on your journey, the app provides you with selected tips for behavioral awareness as well as practical audio lessons. All functions of the app are accessible without any restrictions with premium membership.

Main Features:

  • Use insightful data and powerful visuals to monitor your progress.
  • Create a gamified experience by leveling and collecting streaks.
  • It is easy to follow small habits, a mood journal and a focus timer.
  • Dark mode and easy-to-use interface.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone/Mac)

11) Fabulous Daily Routine Planner

Fabulous is an app for recording daily habits and self-care that leverages insights from routine science to help you create routines and habits that enable you to live your best life. Your awesome coach teaches you how to create routines that support your goals and compete with like-minded individuals.

To keep you focused and calm, the app offers daily affirmations, breathing techniques and meditation. With the app’s premium version, you may enjoy a topic-based coaching series, an infinite supply of morning and evening routine ideas, and brand-new travel experiences that support improved mental, physical, and self-care.

Main Features:

  • You can monitor your progress using the goal tracker and to-do list.
  • To stay motivated, try daily coaching, quick workouts and meditation sessions.
  • A gratitude notebook to jot down your thoughts.
  • Monitor your mental health and participate in ongoing community challenges.

Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone),

12) HabitBull

With the help of habit tracker Apps Habitbull, you can create positive habits and stay organized. The premise of the Habit Bull is straightforward: If you can get someone to form a habit, they will do so indefinitely. The program creates a “chain” of behaviors to work with. One habit at a time, you add to it until you have a streak.

Once your streak is set, HabitBul tracks how often you complete each habit and notifies you when you’re off track. You can sync your data across devices and add up to five habits with a premium subscription, which is free for the first week.

Main Features:

  • Keep track of several routines, recurring duties, or statistics using their own calendar.
  • Success percentage and streak counter for each behavior.
  • Reminders and flexible goals that can be sent multiple times a day, week, month, or just on specific days of the week, etc.
  • Widgets, online backup, device sync and Google Fit integration are all included.

Platform: Android, iOS (iPhone),

13) Timecap

TimeCap is a powerful and free habit-tracking tool that helps you reduce bad habits and build good ones. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can modify your behavior according to your desired results.

You can track your habits and evaluate your performance by adding notes to each behavior. You can focus on building your habits with our free habit-tracking tool, free of ads and other distractions. All the features of the app are available to you with the premium version.

Main Features:

  • Numerous customization choices are available to choose from, such as dark mode, emojis, dynamic themes, and font types.
  • Track your progress using graphs, charts and an integrated calendar.
  • Using a streak counter, you can monitor your success rate or streaks.
  • Data synchronization between iOS and Android devices is possible.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad),

14) Habit

Habit is a free iOS-only software that helps you develop new habits or strengthen existing ones. It tracks your progress, gives you useful information about your behavior and reminds you when it’s time to complete tasks.

With mutual support and success sharing, you and your friends may create habits together.
Through an API, Habit receives data from your Apple Health app, including step counts, walking, running and other activities.

Main Features:

  • Group norms of rivalry and comparison with friends
  • Strong statistics, comprehensive data and a unique year-round view that includes daily results.
  • Customizable reminder sounds, location alerts, recurring reminders and focus timers.
  • Cloud backup, iOS device sync and a security lock that protects privacy

Platforms: Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad running iOS.

15) Habitify

A straightforward habit-tracking tool called Habitify can help you create sustainable habits. You can share your habits with friends and family, measure your progress and set automatic reminders.

You can monitor your goals for each task and divide your work into manageable chunks. The app notifies you and provides you with benchmarks to meet when it’s time to complete your daily tasks.
Unlimited reminders, habits, check-ins, timers, skips, reflective notes and privacy options are all included in Habitify’s premium edition.

Main Features:

  • Manage, drop and get statistics about your behavior.
  • Personalized habit zone and habit display with a daily routine planner.
  • A comprehensive progress tracker including calendar, completion rate, trends and more.
  • Use Habit Notes to assess your positive habits and create strategies to create new ones.

Platforms: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch)


What are some typical errors made by Users who track their habits?

The following errors are frequently made by people when recording their habits:

  • Unable to find a specific software that suits them.
  • Don’t know what drives them.
  • Depends on external liability.
  • I forgot to uninstall the programs.
  • Not everyone can benefit from every habit tracker apps. It is important to choose an app that suits your personality and requirements.

For example, some people need more motivation than others to maintain their goals. The author of “The Four Tendencies,” Gretchen Rubin, suggests keeping a journal in which you list three accomplishments that are positive and one that are negative each day. It keeps you accountable and increases your level of awareness of your progress.

Which app is best for tracking habits?

Here are the top 5 habit tracking apps for 2022:

  1. Fabulous
  2. HabitBull
  3. Timecap
  4. Habitify
  5. Loop

There’s a free app for tracking habits?

Here are the top 5 habit tracking apps for 2022:

  1. Loop
  2. Habit
  3. Timecap
  4. HabitShare
  5. Habitica

Are habit tracker apps effective?

Everyone wants to be more productive, fitter and healthier, but sometimes they don’t know how. Apps that track habits can help with this. They make it easy to monitor your progress and stay focused on your goals. Do they, however, actually work? Sure, they do, as long as you choose the right one.

Apps that track your habits are a great way to stay motivated and push your goals. They also give you a sense of satisfaction when you reach an important goal or milestone.

Do you have an unlimited free habit tracker apps?

A paid subscription is not required to use the habit tracker apps Loop and Habit Share. They are completely free to use. You can create, log and track countless habits with them.

How can I maintain my tracking habit?

The following tips will help you keep track of your habits.

1. Decide on a specific goal you want to strive for, such as increasing your water intake or running daily.

2. Use an app to track your progress or simply note when you completed an activity on your calendar.

3. To make a habit feel worthwhile, reward yourself after following it for at least a week.

How do you choose an app for tracking habits?

Here are some things to consider when choosing a habit-tracking app:

– Usability: To monitor your progress, you need an app that’s easy to update.

– Sophistication: You should use an app that is user-friendly and complex enough that you can use it without feeling overwhelmed.

– Cost: A plethora of paid and free habit tracker Apps are accessible. Choose one that is within your means.

– Features: While some programs have more features than others, some do not. Choose an app with these capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

What routines should I monitor?

You can track a variety of habits, some of which may be more beneficial to you than others. Some examples of beneficial behaviors for monitoring are:

– Mindfulness: If you journal or meditate, this would be a great habit to maintain. It can help you be more mindful and focused right now.

– Movement: If you engage in any physical activity, such as exercise or long walks, this would be a great habit to monitor. Staying active and healthy can be aided by it.

– Knowledge: This will help you keep track of your reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries and other activities. It can assist you in learning new things and expanding your horizons.

– Gratitude: It will be a wonderful habit to maintain if you write down at least one thing you are grateful for each day. It can help you appreciate the blessings in your life.

– Water: If you consume two liters or more of it per day, it will be a good habit to monitor. By doing this, you can maintain your health and hydration.

– Sleep: If you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night, it will be a good habit to monitor. It can support your ability to function well after rest.

How are daily habits monitored?

There are different ways to keep track of daily routines. One way is to keep a solid notebook or journal that you can write in every day. Using a computer or phone app that tracks your activity is an additional method.

The best thing about tracking your habits with an app is that it takes care of the habit tracking for you. You don’t have to remember it every day. All you need to do is make sure the program has all the data it needs, then go ahead and let it work.

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