6 Top GPS Tracking Phone Tracker Apps of 2024

6 Top GPS Tracking Phone Tracker Apps of 2024

The practice of locating a mobile phone is called mobile phone tracking. There are different ways to target, track, and monitor a device’s location because, in general, a cell phone is made up of different technologies and components. To make phone tracking easier, there are many cell phone trackers that are accessible as apps and software. However, the manual method is not that easy to follow.


  • Phone tracking is the technique of monitoring a mobile device’s whereabouts. There are also several types of cell phone tracker apps available depending on your tracking needs.
  • Most of these mobile tracker programs and software usually provide features like phone number monitoring, phone location tracking, history tracking, and real-time position tracking (using GPS and Google Maps).
  • However, apart from their usefulness and convenience in situations like losing your smartphone or needing to monitor your child or a family member, these phone tracking services also raise privacy concerns.
  • Because there are so many possibilities with these Phone Tracker Apps and tools, you should always get someone’s consent before planning to monitor or track their whereabouts.

Phone Tracker Apps

Phone Tracking Apps: What Are They?

Phone tracker applications are basically pieces of software that are installed on a device to monitor its GPS location, calls, messages, and other activities. These apps are frequently used by parents to keep tabs on their kids’ locations and activities. However, those are only a few of the uses for phone trackers. You can also use them to follow friends and family or find a missing or missing device. The possibilities are endless.

For example, phone monitoring software can help those with separation anxiety and let parents know where their children are at all times. With GPS and WiFi tracking, you can keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts at all times on their mobile device. Those who worry about their loved ones going out alone at night can also benefit from these apps. If your phone is lost or stolen, GPS tracking applications are a great way to locate it.

You can get many features, from real-time mobile phone location tracking and history tracking to position tracking and phone number tracking using GPS and Google Maps, depending on the cell phone tracking software you choose.

How do Phone Tracker Appss Work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is commonly used by cell phone tracking services (apps and software) to determine the position of the target device. They accomplish this by using various satellites in Earth’s orbit, and they use the GPS receivers of mobile phones to communicate with a handful of these satellites. Using a technique called triangulation, these applications can determine the separation between each satellite and the phone’s (estimated) position once linked.

Even if these phone monitoring services are helpful and useful in situations where you misplace your smartphone or want to monitor your child or a family member, they also raise privacy concerns. Additionally, depending on where you live in the world, using them on someone else without their permission is part of the criminal liability.

Here is a list of some of our carefully curated phone tracker applications that help you with all your cell phone monitoring needs. If you are looking for cell phone trackers, find them only in app stores. You have tried to be Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of such programs.

Best Phone Tracker Apps List

1. Find My

The brand new Find My app on Apple devices, formerly known as Find My iPhone, lets you locate lost iDevices (iPhones, iPads, AirPods, etc.). Thus, you can use the app to locate any of the devices you misplace. Find My is a free app that is obviously only compatible with iPhones.

To use this mobile tracker app, you only need an Apple (iCloud) account. After logging in, you can quickly find your lost device, lock it remotely, and use a voice to help you find it if you think it’s lost nearby. Can run and see a message. Additionally, you can remotely delete all your data from the device if necessary. One of Find My’s standout features is its cell phone location history, which helps you find your lost device quickly and easily by automatically recording the places it’s been since it went missing. has gone

Find My features:

  • Find your Apple products on a map, whether it’s an iPod, iPad, Mac, or iPhone.
  • To find the device, play the sound (if it’s nearby)
  • Lock the lost device remotely with a passcode.
  • Get driving directions on the gadget.
  • Remove all device settings and content remotely.

No price

Download: iOS

2. Where’s My Droid

Another find in my phone app is where my droid is. Similar to Apple’s Find My app for iPhones, which helps you find your lost iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iDevices, Where’s My Droid assists you in tracking down and locating your misplaced Android devices. This cell phone tracker app is very easy to use and provides a complete view of the location coordinates to help you find and recover your phone more easily.

If your phone is missing, you can use Where’s My Droid to remotely activate the ringer and make it ring. Increasing the likelihood that you will find it. Similarly, if your phone is lost, you can use software to remotely lock it and make it unusable so that the thief cannot access any of your important information. Moreover, it allows you to remotely wipe your Android device to remove all its data and information if needed.

This affordable phone tracker allows you to monitor the whereabouts of your Android handset for less than $1 per month. To start your trial, download the GPS Tracker app from Google Play.

Features of Where’s My Droid:

  • Ring the phone to find it.
  • Lock a gadget remotely.
  • Wipe device data remotely.
  • Alarm for motion
  • Find a phone with GPS tracking.
  • Use of geo-fencing
  • Prevent an app from being removed.

Paid, Free (in-app purchase) 

Get: Android

3. mSpy

One of the more widely used phone monitoring programs available is mSpy.Due to its capabilities that let parents monitor their children’s phone usage without them knowing, it touts itself as a parental control tool rather than a spy app. On the smartphone side, this mobile tracker app is compatible with iOS and Android. On the computer side, it is compatible with Windows and macOS. Depending on the features, you can use the program to access contacts, messages, browsing history, and social media apps (WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Telegram, and more).

mSpy may be used to remotely control your child’s device in addition to gathering phone data. This feature lets you limit calls and SMS as well as block specific websites and programs. Additionally, you can use the program to view logs of emails, apps, and keyboard input. That being said, it’s crucial to be mindful of Who and how you use the application, even while it markets itself as a child-tracking tool and gives parents the option to see and track their child’s actions. It is never appropriate to use applications on individuals you don’t know without their permission because doing so can easily be against the law. The location should never be tracked or monitored.

Features of mSpy:

  • Real-time GPS tracker for phones
  • History of places
  • Use of geo-fencing
  • Press the panic button.

Paid, Free (in-app purchase) 

Check out: mSpy

4. Glympse

With the simple and free real-time location monitoring tool Glympse, you can find out where your friends, family, and colleagues are in real-time on your smartphone. This tracker app, which is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, works via data connection and GPS.

To securely let your contacts know where you are, you can use the app to send them a glimpse. Then, on any web-enabled device, anyone you share your locations with can see your live location on a dynamic map without registering. With the Glympse app, you can not only share your location but also find out where someone else is by asking for their location. This functionality is especially useful if you need to monitor your child or want to know where your family members are at all times.

Features of Glympse:

  • See where you are without downloading the app or registering.
  • Access friends and family in a closed group.
  • Real-time location sharing through dynamic maps
  • Set your shared Glimpses to end automatically after sharing is complete.

User complaints as of this writing:

  • Disabling SDL notifications is not an option.
  • Android smartphones can freeze apps randomly.
  • Sporadic WiFi connectivity issues

No price

Download: iOS | Android

5. Family Locator by Life360

Life360’s Family Locator is another well-liked phone tracker program that can assist you in keeping in contact with your loved ones. Ads are displayed on the free version of the program. But, if you want a seamless experience, you can remove them with a single in-app payment. Apart from this, several other features, including unlimited location alerts, round-the-clock roadside support, SOS facility, and more, become available with the update. Family Locator is accessible on iPhone and Android devices.

With this tracking tool, you can stay connected and on schedule with your family and plan meetings and events together. Moreover, Family Locator lets you set up private groups or circles with your relatives, friends, and other contacts so that you can chat with them anytime. This way, you can track the whereabouts of your circle members in real-time and get alerts when they arrive or depart from a location.

Features of Family Locator:

  • Use the SOS feature to notify family and emergency contacts of your whereabouts.
  • Access to 30 days of location history
  • Keep information that never ends.
  • Unauthorized use of phone

User complaints as of this writing:

  • Delay warnings
  • Location tracking is a bit off.

Paid, Free (in-app purchase) 

Download: iOS | Android

6. Family (GPS) Locator by Familonet

Familonet is the origin of another term with a similar title, Family (GPS) Locator. This phone tracker app claims to have all the location-tracking solutions you need and works with both iOS and Android smartphones. To get started, you can download it for free. Later, if necessary, you can upgrade to access more features.

Using Family Locator, you can see your family’s current location on the map and keep in touch with them. Additionally, this GPS monitoring tool provides automatic push notifications when your family members visit or depart from their regular (predefined) locations. Family Locator also has a private chat option that makes it simple to communicate with them via chat in the rare instances that you need to get in touch. Additionally, you can split up and create new groups based on how you want to follow the whereabouts of different family members in real-time. You can also create additional groups and divide members based on how you want to monitor the whereabouts of different family members in real-time. This way, you can keep track of multiple people simultaneously and maintain easy communication with them.

Features of Family (GPS) Locator:

  • Notifications are automatically sent when family members arrive or depart from specific locations.
  • Many organizations help you manage your friends, family, and other relationships.
  • To notify family when you need help, use the panic button.
  • Real-time location access

User complaints as of this writing:

  • For some users, joining a group causes problems.

Paid, Free (in-app purchase) 

Download: iOS | Android

These are some of the best Phone Tracker Apps, suitable for different scenarios. Although it is relatively easy to download these phone trackers and track someone’s whereabouts or monitor their activities, you should always get permission from the person in question before taking any further action. This means that you can use these applications freely without worrying about any repercussions as long as you track and monitor your children, other family members, or a lost phone. Are used to finding, And you only need their consent before proceeding with such actions in such use cases where you want to track and monitor someone’s location.


Answers to Common Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I choose the best mobile GPS tracker?

These days, there are a ton of phone tracker apps available, both paid and free, that claim to help you track your phone. However, not all these programs work as promised. Sadly, you only know this after you download an app and it fails to work for you. For this reason, there are a few things you should consider when choosing a phone tracking app. While we’ve covered the top GPS phone monitoring apps before, keeping these points in mind will make it easier for you to sort out the feature offerings of different phone tracker apps and spot those making false claims. Thus, make sure that the phone tracking app you choose has the features listed below.

(a) Usability: Ease of use is probably the most important factor when choosing a phone tracking program. You should be able to streamline the process of location tracking using an intuitive phone tracker without adding any extraneous or random functionality.

(b) Safe and Reliable to Use: To provide you with tracking features, many phone tracking apps require elevated (root) access. As a result, they require you to jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android smartphone in order to use them. Granting administrator rights to unknown or untrusted programs is dangerous, although rooting or jailbreaking is not inherently dangerous. This is especially the case if you lack experience or knowledge about the subject. As a result, we recommend staying away from these apps. Because, in fact, there are a ton of apps that work perfectly even without those kinds of permissions.

(c) Provides Important Tracking Functions: A majority of location tracking applications claim to be the “best location tracker,” but in reality, only a few of them provide the basic functionality that a user would need. For this reason, before downloading these apps or purchasing a subscription, be sure to carefully review their feature sets. Geo-fencing, a comprehensive map with street view, real-time tracking, position logs, and accurate mapping are some of the main things you should look for.

2. Is it possible to trace a phone without being detected?

For the most part, phone trackers require you to install your own software or mobile app on the target device to monitor its location and activity. Additionally, it’s a slightly more ethically straightforward way to follow someone or monitor their locations. Still want to follow someone in secret? There are services (apps and software) that promise to offer this feature. But we won’t advocate such services—or, for that matter, recommend them at all—because we don’t know how successful they are or the ethical implications of using them.

3. Is it possible to track a phone without the owner’s knowledge?

You certainly can. Additionally, some monitoring applications provide this type of feature. However, as we discussed in answer to the previous question, although it is possible to covertly track someone’s phone (without their knowledge), doing so can have legal implications and is illegal in many countries. It can land you in hot water.

4. Is it possible to hide on the phone without downloading any apps?

“Spying” is defined as “covertly gathering and reporting information about someone’s activities,” which is pretty consistent with what we said in response to the previous question: Using a spy app to secretly monitor someone’s whereabouts or activities without it. A person’s consent is illegal. So, to reiterate, you should not spy on someone or monitor their whereabouts without their permission if you intend to track them.

5. Is it possible to track your partner’s phone without them realizing it?

Yes, you can use the latest Phone Tracker Apps.

But should you? No.

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