7 TOP Puppy Training Apps For iOS and Android

7 TOP Puppy Training Apps For iOS and Android

For new pet owners, training a dog can be difficult. Everything from leash walking to basic obedience training, bite restraint, and bathroom training should be taught. To make the process easier, there are a ton of Puppy Training Apps accessible in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They have features like clickers, insights, tips, and more, and are really helpful.


  • Each of these applications is different in terms of how it can help train your dog.
  • Every app on the list is freemium software that offers a ton of free tools and training materials.
  • The only way to access advanced training content is through a paid subscription.
  • Certain apps are built for particular kinds of training, including potty training or dog walking.

If you’re having trouble locating the top Puppy Training Apps for your animal companion, we’re here to help. Here are our hand-picked picks for some of the top dog training apps for iOS and Android.

Best Puppy Training Apps for Android and iOS

Each app on this list has a slightly different style. Some apps are designed to train a specific task, such as potty training, while others offer alternatives to training in a different way. Thus, to train your dog, you can either choose several apps from the list or just one app that you want.

Let’s start with my daily go-to app, which is my favorite.

1) Pupford

The first on the list of Best Puppy Training Apps. Treats, chew sticks, and other dog foods are sold by Pupford. Apart from selling goods, they also provide instructional video sessions through the app. The advantage of this app is that it offers courses and is compatible with the best dog shoe brands available. Any course you choose can be taken and completed gradually. Depending on the course, some last 30 days, while others are less than a week.

Additionally, Pupford offers paid classes aimed at specific issues such as recall behavior, crate training, snapping, separation anxiety, and leash pulling. Additionally, pet owners can study before buying with the app’s free course summary.

Install Popford for iOS and iOS.

2) Pocket Puppy School

It’s just another straightforward dog software that assigns you daily activities. Just complete the entire 20-day course starting from day one. There are only daily duties to fulfill, no tricks or habits. However, your dog should generally participate in this task. After you acquire the necessary knowledge, the day’s work is done.

GIFs and memes are used in the description section to differentiate the app from the competition. Therefore, if you want to train your dog in a fun method that will save you a lot of hassle, you really need to give this app some serious thought.

Install Pocket Puppy School on iOS and Android.

3) GoDog

GoDog focuses more on obedience training. However, the majority of these apps are tricks. The basic commands of this app include more jump, bark, bite, bite, etc. Additionally, leaving things to order, staying at home alone, etc. It’s almost akin to having access to a personal dog trainer.

In addition to training, GoDog is known for its health-related qualities. It helps you keep track of your dog’s deworming, vaccinations, tick control, prescriptions, bathing, and other grooming needs like haircuts, ear cleaning, nails, and teeth cleaning. Additionally, since these are important health-related duties, you can set reminders for them.

Get GoDog for iOS and Android.

4) Dogo

Dogo is different from other apps because it is an all-in-one app, and you have to create a profile for your dog. After that, you can start teaching him different games, tricks, manners, etc. For each trick, the app offers comprehensive, step-by-step instructions. It is based mostly on the beginner buddy clicker training method. By using positive reinforcement strategies, you can teach your dog things that would not be possible without this software. It also gives you the option to rate how well your dog did on each trick. That way, you can work with him until he responds with five stars.

The software also provides daily workouts. Each day, the app suggests a new trick based on your dog’s performance in the exercises. To make sure your dog retains all the training, it will occasionally repeat previous moves. While most professional techniques are originally free, others are limited and require a paid membership to access. You can add more dog profiles to your account and share your dog profile with family members if you have a premium membership. Additionally, Dogo Premium presents your dog with a video test and certificate to be proud of.

Get Dogo for iOS and Android.

5) Puppr

This easy-to-use dog training app provides a variety of recipes broken down by category. But what really sets it apart are the amount of tricks and the user-friendliness of the software. You are first shown a list of categories in the program, which includes Agility, Performer, Circus, New Dog, and Basics. For your chosen category, you can then search for suggestions or subcategories. The program provides several commands, from basic things like “sit down” to more complex ones like “close doors,” “turn off lights,” etc. When you open the tricks page in the app, comprehensive step-by-step instructions illustrate the procedure with required images.

Like the Dogo, the Pupr has an integrated clicker and tracker to monitor the dog’s training progress. To enable dog owners to train their dogs like expert dog trainers, each chapter contains video lessons with easy-to-follow methods. The app’s beginner tips explain how to get started with clicker training. Choosing Pupr Premium will give you access to more tricks; expert live chat support, and other benefits.

Install Popper for iOS and Android.

6) Doggy Time

One of the most important elements of potty training is timing. In addition, you have to give the dog regular food, shots, medication, timely grooming, and other care. Doggy Time is specifically designed to meet these needs. To make sure you don’t forget any of these tasks, you can set reminders for all of them.

When it comes to toilet training, it’s usually best to let your dog go outside from time to time. Thus, adjust your reminders based on your dog’s age. While an adult dog can spend up to eight hours outside at a time, a puppy requires you to take him outside every few hours. This will help the dog not try to get into the house if you take him outside before the incident.

Get Doggy Time for iOS and Android.

7) DogLog

The last on the list of Best Puppy Training Apps, Here’s an app for dog walkers. Consider taking your dog on walks with other dog owners instead of by yourself. Every time you walk your dog, it can be a little easier for you, and it can also help him socialize better. You can add friends who want to join you for a walk or who have dogs as companions in the walker app. Now you can plan when you and your friends will go for an outing. Everyone who joins a planned walk will have the opportunity to write notes, adjust the itinerary, etc. Then, at the appointed time, everyone who signed up for the walk, including you, will receive a reminder.

Walking dogs and people together is very important because it socializes the dog and helps it become friendly with everyone.

Get DogLog for iOS and Android.


Best Puppy Training Apps to Use

That’s it for the list of Best Puppy Training Apps. These are some of the best apps, in my opinion, even though you can try a ton more on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Moreover, compared to other applications, most of them provide free training materials. I personally use Dogo for training and DogoTime among all these applications to monitor his whereabouts. You can choose the app based on what you and your dog require.

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