5 TOP Sticker Apps for Android in 2024

5 TOP Sticker Apps for Android in 2024

The emergence of instant messaging applications has fundamentally changed the way we communicate online. You no longer hesitate to contact someone because the costs are too high. Instead, you use messaging applications to send quick notes to your friends to let them know how much you miss them or how awful your day has been so far. Our attitudes have changed significantly over time, as evidenced by the latest sticker craze.


  • Stickers are becoming increasingly common on messaging apps like Telegram and WhatsApp.
  • Users enjoy keeping up with the latest memes and stickers depending on social media trends.
  • Top sticker apps for Android are listed here, so you can start your sticker collection with them.

Stickers are available on almost all messaging apps, including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Simply put, stickers are a popular way to express your opinion. With these, you may make personalized pictures, memes, animations, and anything else you can think of. With these, you may make personalized pictures, memes, animations, and anything else you can think of.

But how can you ensure that you have an adequate supply of stickers specific to your conversations? Fear not — here’s a roundup of the top Android sticker apps that will help you amass an incredible sticker collection.

In Messaging Apps, What Are Stickers?

The emojis you can use to react in a conversation are quite similar to sticker images. However, users can freely personalize the stickers using images from their local collection, unlike emojis, which have a predefined appearance.

Additionally, users can use movies and GIFs to create animated stickers. Stickers, be it Telegram or WhatsApp stickers, are another type of emoji, so sharing them doesn’t take up too much data bandwidth or storage space in the phone’s local gallery.

These stickers are quite popular since they are small and easy to use, especially with instant messaging applications.

What Should I Check In The Android Sticker App?

The ideal sticker program should enable the creation of both static and dynamic stickers. Additionally, it should enable users to crop and position images to create the ideal personalized sticker.

In addition to allowing users to design their own stickers, a sticker app must have pre-made sticker packs that are shared by other users or the app developer in a community format.

An app that offers stickers has the potential to give users the best stickers for their messages if it has the attributes listed above.

The Best Sticker Apps for Android

If you’re like the majority of Android users, you like to personalize the interface on your phone to reflect your unique taste. What about stickers, though? Just like personalized themes and wallpapers, don’t they deserve a dedicated space on your phone? And look no further — we have the top sticker apps for Android!

You can add some uniqueness to your social media pages or phones by using the personalized sticker collection that you can create with the top Android sticker applications on this list;

1) Bitmoji – Best Emoji Sticker App

Another innovative way to create fun stickers for your chats is with Bitmoji. For this, you need the Gboard app as a partner. After downloading the Bitmoji app from the Google Play Store, you have to use it to create your own Bitmoji. Now open your favorite messaging app, and go to Gboard’s “Stickers” menu to find the “Bitmoji” option. Thanks to this, you will be able to transfer all your Bitmoji creations as stickers to any app!

Using this method, you may distribute all of your Bitmojis as actual stickers. Since your avatar appears in hundreds of Bitmojis created by the Bitmoji app, it gives you access to countless sticker packs. The Google Play Store offers the Bitmoji app as a free download.

2) Sticker Maker – Best WhatsApp Sticker App on Android

Our personal recommendation for stickers made just for WhatsApp is Sticker Maker. Sticker Maker by Stickify offers a smoother and more intuitive UI compared to other WhatsApp sticker apps available in the Google Play Store. Using native images and GIFs, this program allows you to create both static and animated stickers.

Additional Sticker Maker capabilities include the ability to remove design image backgrounds, freely crop images, add custom emojis, and add fun features like pre-animated effects. Within the Sticker Maker app’s community, you may share your stickers and download sticker packs made by other users. You can download Sticker Maker for free from the Google Play Store.

3) Sticker.ly – Best Sticker app for Android

Because it has a vast assortment of stickers, Stickerly is one of the most downloaded sticker apps on the Google Play Store. In addition to creating animated stickers with GIFs and movies that can last up to seven seconds, it allows users to create stickers using images from their phone’s local storage. Additionally, Sticker.ly offers a large sticker community where users can freely share the stickers they create with other people. Users can thus access thousands of personalized sticker packs, which contain both funny and creative stickers.

You can also add text overlays, change the text color and remove the image background using the Sticker.ly app’s editing features. The fact that the Sticker.ly app’s stickers are limited to use on Telegram and WhatsApp is the only drawback of this software. But don’t worry; we’ve compiled a list of more Android sticker apps that work with popular messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and others.

4) Gboard – Best Keyboard Sticker app for Android

The ways to use stickers on Facebook and Instagram are slightly different because these apps — like Instagram and Facebook Messenger — don’t natively support stickers. With the built-in sticker feature of the Gboard app for Android, you can send stickers to apps that don’t support them. Although it is sometimes sent as a cropped image file, the selected sticker does a great job of conveying your emotions through the sticker.

Tap and hold the sticker menu in your Gboard app. You have a choice of multiple sticker sets here. Just tap the sticker to send it to someone in the chat. On Gboard, there are several sticker packs to choose from. Note that these stickers also work with WhatsApp and Telegram.

5) Bobble – Fastest Sticker app on Android

Bobble offers a unique and imaginative way to send stickers within any messaging program. With the keyboard app Bobble, you can quickly turn any text you type into a sticker. You can send stickers created by the Bobble app using messaging services like Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and others. The speed at which this program converts the entered words into stickers is its biggest feature. With a tap of your finger, it happens instantly and without any delay.

Each sticker in the bobble app has a little bobble watermark. However, because the Bobble app is only available for Android, this keyboard software is a wonderful sticker app for Android users and to annoy your friends who use iOS. Google Play Store offers a free download for the app.

Which Android sticker app is the best?

Which messaging app you use will determine which Android sticker app is the best. Sticker Maker is the best tool for creating WhatsApp stickers because it has many customization options. Given the diversity of sticker types created by its community, Sticker.ly is the largest sticker-creation software for Telegram users. Gboard is the best sticker app for Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger because it offers Bitmoji and Gboard’s sticker library all from a single menu.


FAQs About Sticker Apps for Android

Which method produces the best stickers?

Since Sticker.ly works with both Telegram and WhatsApp, it’s the best way to create stickers. Gboard is the best tool for creating stickers for other social messaging apps because they can be sent through any messaging service.

Can I make stickers using my design?

Yes, you can make stickers using your own designs. To save your design, simply export it as an image file and store it in your Android phone’s local storage. This image can be used with Sticker.ly or the Sticker Maker app to create stickers.

How can I get sticker packs for WhatsApp?

Because its community has collected a vast collection of stickers, Sticker.ly is the best place to find new sticker packs. Looking through your WhatsApp group chats is another great way to find stickers, as sharing is a loving gesture and hanging out with friends is a great way to increase the size of your sticker collection.

What app do I use to make stickers?

For Android, there are plenty of great sticker apps. Depending on the messaging platform, you can use either. The biggest choice for WhatsApp stickers is Sticker Maker. For Telegram stickers, ly is a great choice, while Gboard is recommended if you use stickers on other messaging apps like Facebook and Instagram.

Which WhatsApp sticker app is the best?

If you are looking for WhatsApp stickers, Sticker Maker is the best program because it has many customization options, including removing the background image of the design, cropping the sticker freely, adding unique emojis, and others. Incorporating fun aspects such as first-motion effects.

On an Android device, how do I apply stickers?

To apply stickers to your Android device, swipe up from the bottom (rightmost option) and select the Emoji icon > Sticker menu. You can then open all the stickers on your phone and tap on any sticker you want to transfer to the chat.

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