7 Best Text to Speech Apps for Android and iOS

7 Best Text to Speech Apps for Android and iOS

Speech synthesis, or the ability to translate text into human speech, is not a new concept. Text to Speech Apps was originally developed as an accessibility tool to help people with disabilities understand text through voice, using software or hardware. Over time, voice synthesis evolved into a useful tool for everyday users, enabling people to read textual content as part of a more productive activity rather than reading it. Audiobooks are a prime example of this strategy, as they are widely used by the general public.

Additionally, using Text to Speech Apps makes it easy for you to read any text aloud. By doing this, you can effectively multitask and consume content. Here are our top picks for the best Text to Speech (TTS) apps for Android and iOS, so you can use them to read PDFs, ebooks, and other files.

TOP Text to Speech Apps for Android and iOS

1) Text to Speech!

The moniker “Text to Speech!” This is very common for apps that provide Text to Speech capabilities. That being said, the variety of functions it offers is not exhaustive. Initially, you have access to standard text-to-speech features, with 82 different voices available based on your location. To further enhance usability, an additional 38 languages and accents are supported. Apart from this, though, some of the other capabilities it provides are editing the pitch and speed of the readout, highlighting spoken text, marking specific text as favorites, and organizing favorites into folders. Ability to give and export speech as audio files. Last, and certainly not least, the software can be used even when you are not connected.

Cost: Nothing (in-app purchase)
Get Text to Speech Now: iOS

2) Google Translate

Another tool from Google that can help you with text-to-voice conversion is Google Translate. The main function of the app is translation; It can translate text into 103 different languages. It is one of the greatest translation apps available as it has features like handwriting, camera translation, image translation and speech. It goes without saying that Google’s massive database is responsible for all of its processing power. The best part is that you can translate even without an internet connection and it’s completely free to use. In terms of speech synthesis, also known as TTS, Google Translate performs well and augments text entry capabilities with voice output. Still, if you’re looking for book (or any long-form text) narration, this app isn’t the best option. When you need to synthesize short text passages, it works well.

Cost: Nothing
Get Google Translate For: Android or iOS

3) Apple Translate

Like Google Translate, Apple Translate is the company’s Text to Speech service. With iOS 14, the app was released, simplifying the process of translating between languages. It allows you to interact with users in multiple supported languages and use its features offline. Although not as efficient as Google Translate, Apple Translate is nevertheless a respectable translation tool for iOS users. In addition to translation, With the software, you may convert text to speech so that you can type in any language and receive a corresponding audio answer. On the other hand, it is not as suitable for long-form speech synthesis as Google Translate.

Cost: Nothing.
Pre-installed and accessible On: iOS

4) iTranslate

One of the most used translation apps for iOS and Android is called iTranslate. It was initially just a translation app but eventually included Text to Speech capabilities. Thus, you can now type your content and use it to read it out loud. Depending on your preferences, you have a choice of male or female voice. Additionally, the app supports more than 100 languages and dialects to guarantee that a wide audience can benefit from the service. Apart from speech, the main feature of iTranslate is the translation of text into other languages. It also has an integrated dictionary for quick word searches. Additionally, the program includes a Pro Edition that adds more features to the list, including voice-to-voice talk, offline translation, and Lens Mode, which uses the camera to annotate text.

Cost: Nothing (in-app purchase)
Get iTranslate: iOS | Android

5) Pocket

You may be surprised to know that the Pocket has a long-lasting Text to Speech capability. Basically, the popular bookmarking tool lets you store documents, PDFs, articles, files and eBooks for later reading. Hence, it makes the content consumption and curation process easier for you. One of its most helpful yet underappreciated capabilities is setting Pocket to read text aloud in a document, which many users don’t know about. That way, you can listen to any of the bookmarked content anytime, whether it’s while exercising, traveling, or engaging in other activities, just like an audiobook, when you’re browsing the Internet or any other. Add any content from the app to Pocket for later. Study

Cost: Nothing (in-app purchase)
Get Pocket For: iOS and Android.

6) Text-to-speech on Google

Among the oldest Text to Speech tools available online is Google’s Text to Speech. You can read any text aloud using Google Text to Speech Apps, which is available for Android. In addition to changing the reading speed to your preferred speed, you can choose between male and female playback for the output voice. Aside from Google’s inherent quality, what makes its product great for Android users is that it allows for unlimited voice synthesis—you can even read books aloud. Additionally, the application has an offline mode that allows you to complete the translation even in the absence of an Internet connection.

Cost: Nothing.
Download/Update Google Text to Speech: Android

7) Narrator’s Voice

An entertaining speech synthesis app for Android and iOS is called Narrator’s Voice. In return for your input, it enables you to produce messages expressed in different languages with different effects. The program generates a narrative for input that you can play back or store locally after you speak or type. After downloading the necessary language data, you can use the app offline as well. Additionally, the narrator’s voice gives you plenty of possibilities to customize the narration if you’re feeling particularly artistic. You can change the narrator’s voice, add effects, change the volume and speed, and more to suit your preferred narration style.

Cost: Nothing (in-app purchase)
Get Narrator Voice For: iOS and Android.


You may use these best Text to Speech apps on iOS and Android devices to have any kind of content read aloud on your phone, including long-form (articles, PDFs, and eBooks). And short form (sentences, paragraphs).

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