7 Top Download Managers of 2024 for Linux, MacOS and Windows

7 Top Download Managers of 2024 for Linux, MacOS and Windows

The built-in download manager included in most Internet browsers should be more than enough for most users when it comes to downloading from the Internet to personal computers. Of course, if your downloads are few and irregular, that’s okay. If that’s not the case, however, and you occasionally need to download a large number of files, you should definitely switch to an advanced download manager.

A download manager is a standalone application or utility that helps you manage your Internet downloads more effectively and efficiently. It also offers additional features such as faster download speeds, multiple downloads, priority download management, pause/resume functionality, and more. So, you should check out some of the download managers to help you manage your downloads more efficiently.

7 Best Download Managers for Windows, Linux and MacOS

1. Internet Download Manager

Without a doubt, one of the most used download managers available is Internet Download Manager. Automatically blocking download links and removing the need for you to manually copy and paste URLs streamlines the downloading process. The Service recommends using dynamic file segmentation to increase download rates up to five times and supports HTTPS, FTP, and MMS protocols. You can use presets or even create your own skins to change the app’s UI according to your preferences and make it more unique. In addition, it has functions such as category-wise download management, download limits, pause/resume, and scheduling, which let you decide when to connect to the Internet and download files. , and shut down your computer.

The Service also includes automatic virus checking to guarantee that downloaded files are safe to view on your computer and are not dangerous. It also supports multiple proxy servers, which you can access securely with a password and username. In terms of browser support, Internet Download Manager integrates with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Suitable for: Windows
Check out Internet Download Manager

2. Ninja Download Manager

Ninja Download Manager is a paid service, unlike some of the other download managers on the list, and its feature set more than makes up for its cost. Its user interface (UI) is, first of all, clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. In terms of performance, the Service claims a 20x increase in download speed, which it achieves by using many concurrent connections. Another great little feature that sets it apart from other services is that it previews audio and video files as they download, not to mention the ability to adjust speeds for different downloads and standard pause/resume download settings.

Ninja Download Manager offers a number of features, including the ability to better manage your downloads, add now, download later, and schedule downloads. Last but certainly not least, it offers you a password manager to record all your online logins and keep you signed in.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS
Check out Ninja Download Manager

3. Xtreme Download Manager

Another feature-rich and user-friendly download manager is Extreme Download Manager. It recommends using a technique called Clear Dynamic File Segmentation to increase download speeds by up to five times. The system basically splits the file into parts dynamically and downloads each one at the same time. In addition, Download Manager allows you to queue your downloads, automatically resume paused or broken downloads, and set speed limits so that browsing continues while you download files. It can hold more.

Talking about other helpful features, one of the prominent features of the Service is the Smart Scheduler, which lets you set when to connect to the Internet, download files and turn it off at the end of work. Is. Additionally, Extreme Download Manager supports a variety of proxy servers, firewalls, and browsers, including Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, and others.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Check out Extreme Download Manager

4. Free Download Manager

As the name suggests, Free Download Manager is a completely free download manager for your computer. It has a clear, uncluttered user interface with no ads running. Most importantly, it is among the safest options available, with compatibility with many operating systems compared to the majority of free alternatives available. The Service is interesting because it supports the BitTorrent protocol and promises to increase download speed up to ten times. Talking about other features, the Service splits files into several chunks and downloads them all at once to provide better download speed using your existing bandwidth.

Additionally, you can preview music and video files with the free download manager before the download is complete and change the format after completion. It offers a smart file management solution that lets you organize files into specific folders and also has a smart scheduler that gives you more control over your downloads so you can manage them better. And gain more control over them.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Check out Free Download Manager

5. Internet Download Accelerator

The free download manager program Internet Download Accelerator claims to solve three common problems with downloading: speed, resuming broken downloads, and file management. The application features simple controls and an intuitive user interface. It suggests splitting the downloaded file into multiple parts and downloading each part simultaneously to provide faster download speed. Additionally, it facilitates the recovery of stalled downloads via FTP and HTTPS servers.

Additionally, Internet Download Accelerator integrates with a variety of online browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Safari, to provide a better user experience. Further, it provides an automatically categorized file management solution that recognizes the file type and groups it into the appropriate category to facilitate file discovery.

Suitable for: Windows
Check out Internet Download Accelerator

6. EagleGet

Another feature-rich free download manager is called EagleGet. The Service claims to deliver up to six times improvement in download speed for the first time. To do this, it splits the file into multiple parts and downloads each part at once, just like the majority of the other services on this list. Consequently, making efficient use of bandwidth. In addition, it helps give you more precise control over your downloads by allowing you to schedule multiple downloads, set speed limits on specific files, and organize files into groups for easy organization.

Another practical tool that can help you save time and effort is the automated URL update feature. It replaces download URLs that have been automatically expired. Regarding the security of your computer, the Service uses an MD5/SHA1 checksum verifier to verify files and automatically scans downloaded files. EagleGet is accessible as an extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Suitable for: Windows
Check out EagleGet

7. JDownloader 2

The popular free and open-source download manager JDownloader has an update called JDownloader 2. Since the Service is open source, a large developer community is always working to enhance it and add new features. You get faster download rates, the ability to set bandwidth for specific downloads, automatic file saving in designated folders, and more, just like with the other download managers on the list. Additionally, it has automatic captcha recognition, which eliminates the need for you to verify your identity and complete the captcha on your behalf to streamline the download process.

JDownloader has a link grabber that automatically recognizes all URLs you copy and starts downloading files from those URLs, saving you from having to do it manually, among other interesting and practical capabilities. Saves from trouble. Moreover, it has remote management features that let you remotely control downloads from any location via a website or mobile app.

Compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Check out JDownloader 2


That’s it!

These are some of our recommendations for top download managers for Windows, Linux and macOS computers. Please note that you need to be careful what and where you download from the Internet. You should completely avoid downloading from untrusted sources unless absolutely necessary. It goes without saying that downloading with the intention of making money should be prohibited.

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