12 Best Free BuzzSumo Alternatives 2024

12 Best Free BuzzSumo Alternatives 2024

A favorite platform for digital marketers is BuzzSumo. It can help you find social media influencers, come up with content ideas, and gain insight into how your content is performing.

As a result, the platform is used for digital PR, influencer marketing, content planning, and competitive intelligence, among other things. BuzzSumo allows you to search by entering a website name or keyword.

While many attest to BuzzSumo’s value, others take issue with the platform’s fairly high cost of use. To be clear, BuzzSumo only offers 10 free searches per month. Premium subscriptions start at $99 per month.

If you fall into the latter category, these are the top ten free BuzzSumo alternatives.

Best Free BuzzSumo Alternatives

1) Twitter Lists

The first on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is Twitter Lists. Unlike Buzzsumo, this fantastic content discovery tool is free, and you don’t need to download anything extra or create an account if you already have one on Twitter.

Twitter has developed a service called Twitter Lists to help users prioritize tweets and content more effectively.

Twitter has a common feed that displays content posted by people you follow, just like other social media networks. But what if you want to follow multiple users in different niches?

It’s possible that you have many interests or manage several blogs for yourself or for clients covering a wide variety of industries. If so, having a single feed for every topic can be confusing because it can be difficult to find the exact content ideas you’re looking for.

Creating multiple Twitter accounts, however, is time-consuming and illogical.

This is the situation in which Twitter lists come in handy. You can follow influencers in specific businesses or niches and create lists around different topics.

For example, you can follow someone like Neil Patel to get ideas for blog posts and content marketing. If you want to learn more about investing, you can follow accounts like Dave Ramsey’s or The Motley Fool’s.

To make sure you don’t miss any important news, you can pin your favorite list to the top of your homepage and add or delete members from lists at any time.

I think Twitter lists are great for keeping track of popular topics. You have the ability to make lists of your own as well as join lists made by others.

To prevent others from joining or viewing your list, simply set it to private.

2) ShareIt by Social Pilot

ShareIt is a great buzzsumo alternative created by SocialPilot. Like Buzzsumo, this free application facilitates the search for influencers as well as content.

Use the search bar to find a topic to get started. Next, the tool will go through the most read articles on the Internet that discuss the topic.

The search results will have two tabs: Influencers and Articles.

Recently published popular articles can be found under the Articles tab. One of the things I enjoy most about ShareIt is that the content is fresh, whereas most of what Buzzsumo shows you has already been published.

Results can be filtered based on time or relevance.

You can find out exactly when each article was published with ShareIt. The article is available to view or share on social media.

3) AllTop

The next on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is, AllTop is a simple yet cost-free alternative to Buzzsumo that compiles the most-read headlines on specific subjects from across the Internet. The latest items from well-known websites like TechCrunch, The Washington Post, Wired, and others will be displayed on the home page.

But you can also see results for specific subjects, such as:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Android
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • And many others

Additionally, if you register you can create an RSS feed that is unique to you.

Despite its somewhat dated appearance, AllTop can be a very helpful content discovery tool in your toolbox. To see trending content ideas, simply bookmark the topic you’re most interested in and return to the website.

Comparing the latest articles published on popular websites is one of AllTop’s best features, as it makes it easy to spot content trends.

4) Scoop.it

Another great resource for finding information is Scoop It, sometimes known as Scoop.it. It is a great alternative to Buzzsumo as it works well for both content creation and discovery.

With a team account, it also allows your entire team to track and discover new content.

Simply join with your Facebook or Twitter account and type a phrase or topic into the search bar to start looking for information. You’ll see “scoops” or related news pieces and stories from the tool.

Scopes can be viewed or followed.

Scoop.it differs from Buzzsumo in that it allows you to curate content on specific topics and create your own “topic pages” in addition to finding content published by others. You can create multiple topic pages, and anyone who uses Scoop.it to find content can find you.

To increase conversions, you can include links to in-topic sites and your own call to action.

You have the option to follow other people’s title pages. You can see the pages and scopes of the topics you are following in your profile.

However, you are not limited to selecting content for topic pages. Topic pages can also be used for newsletter generation, WordPress publishing, and social media feed publishing.

While Scoop.it is free to use to find content, using some of its features — like sharing your carefully selected content on social media — requires a subscription account.

Another reason so many people like Scoop.it over Buzzsumo is that it offers mobile apps for iOS and Android that let you find hot content on the go. It is also compatible with a large number of internet marketing tools.

You can send newsletters with well-chosen content, for example, thanks to its integration with MailChimp. It also integrates with AddThis, which lets you add social network sharing buttons to your website, and Buffer, a platform for social media scheduling.

5) Pocket

The next up on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is, Pocket is a very practical buzzsumo alternative. It enables you to bookmark interesting web information in a small online “pocket”, which you can access later to read or revisit your saved ideas.

Unlike Buzzsumo, Pocket includes a mobile app, making it much easier to uncover ideas for content whether they’re waiting for the doctor or on the bus.

But Pocket will also curate and show you the top online articles on the subjects you want to read about, so it’s a great way to get a steady stream of interesting article ideas.

Register using your Apple, Firefox, or Google account to get started. Next, decide whatever subjects interest you. A wide range of subjects are available for selection, including business, parenting, travel, personal finance, and wellness and health.

You will be directed to a personalized feed of article recommendations. By selecting “Update Topics” in the upper right corner of your custom feed, you may be able to edit these topics at any time.

You can save an article you like, and it will appear in your “Saved” page. Additionally, by selecting the “Discover” button, you can search for popular and trending information on the Internet.

Using Pocket’s audio playback feature to listen to articles is a neat tool. Better use of your time and getting ideas for content can be achieved by listening to articles if you are a busy person who is constantly on the go and doesn’t have time to read.

Pocket can be used for free, but if you upgrade to a premium membership, you’ll get more features. For example, advanced search allows you to find popular articles on more focused subjects. Additionally, Pocket will offer suggested tags for your saved articles. You can add these tags to further enhance and personalize your feed.

The premium subscription also comes with the benefit of no ads.

6) Social Animal

Undoubtedly, SocialAnimal is a similar tool to BuzzSumo. His need to pay is the only reason he didn’t make the main roster. Instead, this page focuses on Buzzsumo competitors that are free, or at least have free versions.

The main components of social animals are:

  • Content discovery
  • Influencer discovery
  • Facebook insights
  • Competitor monitoring

Since content discovery is the main topic of our paper, let’s start there. You can find the most liked articles on a particular topic and see how much interaction they’ve gotten on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

You have the ability to filter content types and do deeper searches. Another option is to analyze the titles of each article that appears.

Set up keyword alerts to guarantee you get a steady flow of content ideas.

You can find bloggers and influencers to work with in the Influencer Discovery section. If you’re looking for less expensive options for macro influencers, consider targeting micro influencers. You can filter based on language, region and other factors.

You’ll never run out of influencers to work with because the database has millions of highly targeted influencers based on your search parameters.

With the use of Facebook Insights, you can spot trends by analyzing posts and content on the social media platform. Not only are you able to choose what content to upload, but also when to share it to get maximum visibility and interaction.

Finally, competitor tracking enables you to observe the strategies your competitors use to gain engagement and share and determine how to get ahead of them.

Social Animal offers a free trial even if it’s not free. Check the latest prices here.

7) SEMRush

The next up on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is SEMRush. The popular digital marketing tool SEMrush provides an extensive set of features for social media, SEO, content marketing, and competitive analysis. It is often used as an alternative to BuzzSumo due to its extensive feature set and affordable price.

Key Features and Selling Points:

Key features of SEMrush include:

  • Competitive keyword analysis with the Keyword Magic Tool
  • Robust content marketing suggestions and analysis
  • Daily rank tracking
  • Ability to discover top keywords and search phrases for your website, blog, or online marketing campaigns.

Costs and Schemes

A free account is available with limited access to SEMrush’s tools and data. You can do competitive analysis, monitor keyword rankings, do keyword research, and more with a free Simrush account.

Additionally, SEMrush offers a seven-day free trial for both Pro and Guru accounts, during which you can use all the capabilities available to paying users. When you join up for a free trial, you’ll be prompted for your card information; To avoid getting charged, you can, however, cancel your subscription before the trial time ends.

Your selection of premium plan will be automatically enrolled if you don’t cancel during the seven-day trial period.

SEMrush’s premium subscriptions start at $129.95 per month.

Features and Capabilities

Compared to BuzzSumo, SEMrush offers a wider range of capabilities, making it a better option for people looking for a comprehensive marketing solution. It can help you determine the best keywords and search terms for your website, blog, and other online marketing projects.

With more than 50 products and tools for search and market research data gathered from more than 100 sources, it is a highly visible tool online.

Pros and Cons


  • Compared to BuzzSumo, SEMrush provides a more extensive toolkit, which increases its adaptability as a digital marketing tool.
  • It offers thorough keyword research and content marketing recommendations that can help companies become more visible online.


  • Unlike BuzzSumo, SEMrush does not have a free plan.
  • It may not be as focused as BuzzSumo on monitoring real-time and social media buzz conversations.

Ideal for

For brand managers, digital marketers, and anyone else looking for a comprehensive online visibility solution, SEMrush is a great option. People who need to conduct competitive keyword research and complete recommendations and analysis for content marketing will find it very helpful.

8) Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the most effective alternative to Buzzsumo.

This tool, according to Neil Patel, is a free SEO tool that can boost traffic.

As an alternative to BuzzSumo, it’s ideal for competitive research and content planning. Numerous tools are available on the platform to assist you in optimizing your website and finding pertinent keywords for your content.

Since you’re probably reading this page looking for a “content ideas” feature, let’s get started. To quickly generate article ideas from the Internet, enter any keyword or topic.

Ubersuggest gives you the most popular articles online for every topic you search for, just like Buzzsumo, but it also gives you information about backlinks and the expected amount of hits. This can help you determine how popular a topic is.

It will also show the number of shares the story has received on social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit. This is an additional indicator of the popularity of an issue.

The results can either be copied to your clipboard or exported as a CSV file. You can do three free searches per day as a free user.

Ubersuggest makes it incredibly easy to keep track of what your competitors are doing. Just searching their domain will allow you to check their content approach.

The best articles and content that rank highly on search engine results pages will be found through keyword research. Ubersuggest provides insightful keyword suggestions to help you create your own content.

If SEO is important to you, the Ubersuggest tool shows your competitors’ top backlinks.

The A/B testing calculator is an advantage of using this application instead of BuzzSumo. This lets you evaluate websites and marketing campaigns side by side to see which performs the best.

Another great BuzzSumo alternative to monitor is Ubersuggest. You can use it to monitor daily changes in your ranking in over 20 locations on both desktop and mobile devices. Last but not least, the platform has a Chrome extension.

Ubersuggest isn’t so much premium as it is “free.” Unlike BuzzSumo, you can access some advanced functions without a subscription.

For those who want to do more, the platform offers premium plans for both individuals and businesses.

The paid plans are significantly less expensive than BuzzSumo. You have the option to purchase the product permanently or pay a monthly membership fee. Projects include:

Subscription Plans

  • Personal plan: $12 a month
  • Business plan: $20 a month
  • Plan Enterprise/Agency: $40 per month

Lifetime Plans

  • Individual Plan: One-time payment of $120
  • Business plan: $200 owed at a time.
  • Plans for Enterprises and Agencies: $400 one-time payment

Pros and Cons


  • Unlike BuzzSumo, Ubersuggest offers a free version with better functionality.
  • It offers an extensive set of SEO tools, such as backlink analysis, site audits, and keyword research.


  • It’s possible that Ubersuggest falls short of BuzzSumo in terms of social media analysis and content discovery.
  • There are daily limits on the amount of searches and results that can be done with the free version of Ubersuggest.

Ideal for

For small to medium businesses, SEO experts, and content marketers looking for an affordable tool for backlink analysis, site audits, and keyword research, Ubersuggest is the perfect option.

9) Ahrefs

A well-rounded SEO tool, Ahrefs is recognized as a strong alternative to BuzzSumo, especially when it comes to backlink research and content brainstorming. It has crawled more than 12 trillion links and is known for being a fast backlink crawler.

Ahrafz allows visitors to check the most viewed pages and backlinks and displays the most relevant and trending content.

Key Attributes and Selling Points

  • Improved search results using sophisticated operators
  • Ranking tracking features
  • A thorough investigation of a piece of material
  • Strong keyword research and scalability for media

Costs and Schemes

Ahrefs provides a number of free SEO tools that can be used for a variety of activities, including link building, on-page SEO, and keyword research.

These tools include a free SERP checker, Ahrefs Keyword Generator, and Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

However, the free tools are more limited than those in a paid Ahrefs account.

Ahrifs requires a paid membership to access all its features. Business’s extensive collection of SEO tools are not available for free.

Ahrefs offers a seven-day, $7 trial. The price of the letter plans is as follows:

  • Lite: $99 a month
  • Standard: $199 a month
  • Advanced: $399 a month
  • Agency: $999 a month

Features and capabilities.

Ahrefs provides a range of tools, such as:

  • Technical site audits
  • Keyword research
  • Content insights
  • Backlink profile analysis
  • Rank tracking

Pros and Cons


  • Ahrefs offers a wider range of SEO tools than BuzzSumo, which focuses more on content.
  • It offers tools for keyword research and in-depth backlink analysis, both of which are beneficial for boosting SEO.


  • Given that Ahrefs is generally more expensive than BuzzSumo, some users may want to take this into account.
  • Prior experience may be necessary to fully utilize the tool’s potential.

Ideal for

Ahraf’s ideal users are content producers, digital marketers, and SEO experts who want to improve their website’s organic search engine rankings and want in-depth SEO analytics. This is also beneficial for those who want to use thorough backlink analysis and keyword research to guide their content strategy.

10) Feedly

The next on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is, Feedly is an interesting alternative to Buzzsumo that enables you to discover and subscribe to feeds and websites.

Registration is free. To get started, type a topic or hashtag into the search bar. A list of recommended feeds will appear.

The popularity of a feed can be determined by the number of followers it has. To see the most popular articles on any feed, click on it.

Follow a feed that appeals to you. Since the stories it publishes will appear later on your timeline, it’s a really practical alternative to Buzzsumo.

You can get a constant stream of content ideas directly on your timeline by subscribing to a certain number of feeds. If you manage several users or blogs, you can use folders to organize your themes and feeds.

You can track Twitter and Reddit conversations using Feedly, but you’ll need to pay for a premium subscription to do so.

All things considered, Feedly is a great alternative to Buzzsumo when it comes to monitoring online trends and content ideas.

11) Google Alerts

You may be surprised to know that Google lets you create alerts for specific topics, keywords, and content ideas.

You’ll receive carefully curated information in your email inbox, giving you an endless supply of blog post ideas.

Google’s search engine is so strong that it allows you to access a large range of stuff from multiple sources. This is why it’s such a fantastic replacement for Buzzsumo.

You can set notifications in multiple languages and access a variety of sources, including blogs, videos, news, books, and more.

You can set these emails to arrive once a day or once a week, giving you complete control over how often you receive them. Additionally, you can filter for content from a specific region and source (eg, only video content or books).

Google Alerts is easy to use and free. You’ll get a preview of your alert before it’s fully configured.

12) DrumUp

The last on the list of BuzzSumo Alternatives is, DrumUp is a great resource for coming up with ideas for new content and discovering the best content available online.

Click on the New Content Stream option after creating your free account (you can link your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account to create an account). Next, type a topic or keyword.

Try to be more precise than usual. For example, enter “real estate investment” instead of just “real estate.”

You can enter multiple subjects and keywords. Next, select the big blue “Build Content Stream” button.

You are allowed to create one content stream per free user. But keep in mind that you can monitor several articles and keywords in the same stream.

Negative keywords that you don’t want to appear in your stream can also be added. You can also limit the results you see to results from a particular nation.

Hashtag and @mention suggestions are two more helpful features, especially if you frequently post on Twitter.

The upgrade also allows you to create RSS feeds and add information to a dedicated content library. Additional tools, such as URL shorteners, are also available to premium subscribers.

These extra features and tools, such the ability to instantly repost an article you read on your social network feed, are what distinguish it from Buzzsumo.


What Are The Other Ways to Discover Content?

There are a ton of free resources available to help you find ideas for content. You just need to know how to use them effectively to find information.

Reddit is a prime example. In fact, this is one of the greatest places to go to find out what articles are popular in specific groups and niches.

The topics are easy to follow. “Subreddits” are the names given to groups and topics on Reddit.

For example, the cryptocurrency subreddit is home to nearly six million users. Almost anything under the sun is included in the subreddit, including travel, social media marketing, personal finance, and budgeting.

Anyone can start a subreddit, and chances are, someone has already formed a Reddit community around a particular issue, no matter how esoteric you think it is. To display new posts on your homepage, simply use the search box to find the subreddit and then join.

You can get inspiration for new articles by reading these recent postings. To keep up with new trends, you can also visit subreddits and filter for hot, controversial, top and popular posts.

Another great source for content ideas is Quora. This is a question-and-answer website, but scrolling through the latest questions on a specific topic will help you discover popular content ideas. You can opt in to get email alerts whenever new articles and queries are posted.

Although we’ve already discussed Twitter lists, Twitter itself makes a great search engine for finding popular topics. Just type a hashtag or topic into the search bar.

To find hot topics, you can also check Twitter’s trending page.

Finally, keep in mind that email newsletters are a valuable resource. To spot trends, find and subscribe to the best newsletters in the industry.

To organize newsletters and prevent them from piling up in your inbox, you can create folders in Gmail and set which emails should go into specific folders.

And finally, YouTube is a fantastic resource for content ideas. To find information on specific topics, you can use the search box or subscribe to channels (you can also filter by time to find the latest videos uploaded on a particular topic). .

Alternatives to BuzzSumo: Recap

Every digital marketing campaign should include extensive content monitoring and investigation. For this reason, most of BuzzSumo’s competitors and related solutions are freemium.

If BuzzSumo is too expensive for you, you can choose one of the lower-priced options that still provide more functionality with a free account.

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