Top 25 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites of 2024

Top 25 Free Online Movie Streaming Sites of 2024

I had no choice except to either purchase movies from stores or rent them in theaters. Though I don’t regret those specific instances, Now that I can watch movies from the comfort of my couch, I’m glad I have more options.

Although you can watch TV series, movies and documentaries on many streaming services, not all of them are secure enough to use your personal information. Some of them are also illegal websites.

Today’s article provides a list of the most reliable websites for streaming movies and TV series of various quality. The best of them have a beautiful user interface, light and dark modes, account registration, and multilingual subtitles.

All of them have an attractive, straightforward user interface, a responsive media player with controls for display, volume, and captions, connections to pertinent pages like the privacy statement, and sporadic advertisements.

YouTube isn’t on this list, mostly because they don’t always offer the new movies and TV series you want to watch.

12 Best FREE Movie Streaming Sites

Here’s our pick of the best free online movie and TV show streaming services.

1) Primewire

Due to its Netflix-like user interface, PrimeWire is among the most well-thought-out streaming services on this list. You can register to stay updated about new releases. It includes movies and TV series in various formats from CAM to TS and HD.

Movies can be filtered based on IMDb rating, country or genre. Like Fmovies, you can request movies that you want to watch but are not yet available on the website.

2) MoviesJoy

With MoviesJoy, you can watch movies and TV series online without having to deal with annoying ads. It has a nice user interface, and its homepage lists all the movies and TV shows that have been added, along with recent movies, upcoming movies for the year, and TV shows. Includes the most recent episodes.

It also has a complex menu with the ability to create an account and discover movies by year, genre, country and IMDB rating.

3) AZMovies

All new movies are available to watch in high definition on AZMovies. You can choose to filter movies by year or genre or choose from any of the recently added movies right from the home page.

Click on the ‘Featured’ option to go directly to the most popular movies online.

4) Soap2Day

A well-liked service for streaming movies and TV series without worrying about pop-up ads or creating an account is Soap2Day. With menu connections to sporting events like the NBA Playoffs and FIFA World Cup, it’s one of the few websites that doesn’t focus exclusively on movies and television shows.

You can search for entries by titles, directors, or actors, but it lacks the extensive filters found on other websites.

5) Yify TV

The leading movie torrent king, YTS, is the host of the free movie streaming website Yify TV (Ymovies). Compared to other websites on this list, it has the most unusual listing structure, but since the most common search and filter options are displayed on screen, you may find it useful.

It offers a powerful search function with multiple genre selections, a variety of filters, and the option to view movies in a list or grid format.

6) FlixTor

Another great resource for free movie and TV show streaming is FlixTor, which has a simple, user-friendly layout and straightforward navigation.

It is open to users to register and make requests for films and television shows. Its entries are divided into groups according to genres, such as series, anime, and films.

7) 123Movies

A cool new service for streaming TV shows and movies of all genres is called 123Movies. It has a straightforward dark mode user interface, with TV series and movies neatly arranged on the home page.

Users can search by genre, year of release, featured titles, and recent episodes in addition to its menu and keyword search.


The four main components of NOXX’s user-friendly website are Home, Timeline, Browse and Movies.

Website recommendations appear in the Home section. The timeline lists movies and television series in the chronological order they were added. You can choose the type of show or movie you want to watch and how you want to arrange them in the browse area.

9) Vumoo

Because Vumoo has interesting features, is easy to use, and constantly adds new movies, it is a great site to watch movies.

You will want to come back for more Vumoo movie streaming because you will have so much fun with it. One of its biggest features is the abundance of free movies available on Vumoo.

They have a great selection of movies, from great little films to suit everyone’s tastes to big Hollywood blockbusters. You can search for the movie you want or browse their different categories and start watching it immediately.

10) LookMovie

With LookMovie, users can stream movies and TV series in either high definition or reduced quality, according on the circumstances. One can filter movies based on release date, rating, genre, year, or IMDb score.

In addition to allowing users to give with any of the six cryptocurrencies, it raises money through advertising.

11) YesMovies

Although it has ads, the movie streaming service YesMovies has a robust filter and rating tool that blends well with its dark UI layout.

You can use it to filter movies by quality, nation, genre, IMDb rating, most viewed and year of release. My favorite feature of YesMovies is the ability to watch movie and TV show trailers in high definition.

12) Fmovies

Fmovies is committed to offering users access to almost any movie, regardless of quality, that is up for grabs. It has a beautiful user interface (despite the ads) and color scheme, and users can register to receive updates on the latest articles.

His filmography is arranged alphabetically as well as by genre, animation, nation, year of release, and most viewed. Requests for movies and TV series that are not yet available on the website are also appreciated.

Although FMovies provides a free service, copyright infringement and trademark issues often undermine its legal status in many countries, resulting in restrictions on the site.

This is where a VPN comes in handy, allowing users to successfully change their local IP address to bypass censorship and access the platform.

13 Best Movie Streaming Services

The best PAID movie streaming sites are listed below so that you can watch movies and TV series online.

1) Tubi TV

For its 100% legal unrestricted streaming, TubiTV has won over a lot of hearts. It says there aren’t any membership or credit card requirements. Simply sign in to begin viewing whenever you’d like. It’s actually that easy!

2) DirecTV

The next up on the list of Movie Streaming Sites is DirecTV. Nothing is free here, but access to a number of TV channels is offered for a small monthly charge. You will be able to watch every show that airs on a channel that is included in your subscription list on DirecTV.

3) Pluto TV

Pluto TV is slightly different from other streaming services as it offers a variety of online-only channels in addition to the usual shows and channels. A well-curated selection of movies is a big draw.

4) PopcornFlix

On the App Store (iTunes) as well, Popcornflix gets a high rating. It is recommended for television programs, feature films and some unusual web series. There are tons of videos out there that can instantly transport a 1990s teenager back to their early years.

5) Crackle

The well-known Sony Pictures has a wide variety of films accessible to stream on Crackle. Crackle allows you to make watch lists so you can keep track of everything you’ve viewed if you’re a binge-watcher.

6) Yidio

Yidio is your best bet if you’re looking for someone to search through all the available streaming sites and find a specific TV show or movie for you. This broadens the selection of content and makes viewing much easier.

7) Sling TV

You can watch your favorite TV stations and the content you enjoy the most. Switching from a standard cable subscription to a specialty cable is a smart move. Sling TV occasionally skips local channels in favor of an abundance of premium ones. Since it is subscription-based, you have to commit to using it for at least one month.

With so many amazing websites and an endless amount of TV series and movies, you should be ready to turn your computer or smartphone into a full-fledged television. These websites cater to a variety of audiences, and their content changes accordingly.

8) Netflix

Right now, Netflix is undoubtedly one of the best places to watch the latest movies, TV series, documentaries, and incredible original content.

Viewers are left wanting more since it provides a wide variety of entertainment possibilities. Netflix offers movies and TV shows that you can download to watch later on an offline device.

9) Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime rivals Netflix in terms of high-quality material and is significantly more reasonably priced. It provides a subscription package that enables viewers to watch every film and television show.

Additionally, it offers the ability to buy or rent specific shows that are of excellent quality, use less bandwidth, and can be viewed simultaneously on multiple devices.

10) iTunes

iTunes is a fantastic option if you use Apple products. There is no subscription model available on this platform because of Apple’s well-known feature.

Movie and TV show rates are comparable to other websites. You’ll never run out of options with iTunes as it constantly adds fresh content and shows at the top of the charts.

11) Google Play

For Android users, Google Play maintains convenience by offering digital content that can be downloaded, rented or purchased through the Google Play Store.

You only pay for the shows you watch because there’s no subscription required, making it a great choice for that show you’ve been dying to watch.

12) Hulu

Hulu brings you high-quality entertainment. Since it often features old episodes of shows you haven’t seen in years, the website’s free category adds to the nostalgic feeling.

In contrast, recently released movies and television series have an entry fee.

13) Hotstar

The last on the list of Movie Streaming Sites is, Hotstar TV is a one-stop shop for Indian daily soap operas, news, blockbuster movies, sports match days, and even live streaming for some other countries. It is one of the largest online entertainment providers in India, broadcasting in around 17 languages.


Thats’s it for the list of Movie Streaming Sites.


I have verified that the above websites are legitimate in my area, but I cannot guarantee that they are on your websites. It is very important that, before accessing these websites, you verify that you are not in violation of any applicable laws.

Additionally, keep in mind that some nations have strict laws that apply to products regardless of their quality. For this reason, you should use a reliable VPN service like “Ivacy VPN” to access geo-blocked websites and protect your online identity and privacy.

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