9 Top Cloud Torrent Service Providers of 2024

9 Top Cloud Torrent Service Providers of 2024

These days, a lot can be done in the cloud. An example of this is torrenting, which you may be surprised to know, can be done almost anywhere.

We looked at streaming greats in our articles on the biggest BitTorrent clients and movie streaming websites. You’ve probably heard of applications like Transmission, BitTorrent, Vuze, etc. But what if you decide against downloading torrents locally on your computer?

Cloud torrenting eliminates the need for a torrent client by allowing users to download torrent files directly from hosting websites to their favorite cloud service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, etc.

These days, there are a lot of websites offering this Cloud Torrent Service, but not all platforms are made equal, so as usual, you can rely on TileDrawer.com to provide you a list of the top Cloud Torrent Service Providers.

1) Torrent Safe

The first on the list of Cloud Torrent Service Providers is Torrent Safe. A safe torrenting experience can be had at some of the lowest prices with Torrent Safe, an online torrent download and streaming platform. It has excellent customer service, no download count limit, maximum file size of 1GB, and a free 2-day file age!

Using Torrent Safe is simple. To use the URL, simply copy and paste it into the relevant areas. The monthly payment choices for annual, subscription, and one-month passes are $3.99, $4.95, and $5.69, respectively.

2) Seedr

You can play and download anything online instantly with Seedr, a cloud torrenting service. It provides users with the fastest speeds, media streaming, and anonymity even while reading eBooks.

It is meant to function seamlessly on all platforms, including personal televisions, and operates via a web interface. To get started, simply copy and paste the torrent URL into the URL area.

With the free seed, you can download up to 2GB of data, and you can download an unlimited number of files simultaneously. Basic subscribers pay $6.95, Pro subscribers pay $9.95, and Master subscribers pay $19.95 each month.

3) YourSeedbox

When using YourSeedBox, an online interface for downloading and uploading torrents, you have the choice of using a dedicated or shared server.

YourSeedBox respects your privacy and does not maintain any logs despite having a complex user interface. Moreover, it has a fast network, a smooth, contemporary user interface, and reliable customer service.

While the service isn’t free, you can get a discount if you pay for three or six months, and if you choose an annual plan, you’ll get a full month of free service.

4) Put.io

Using Put.io, a cloud torrent platform, you can download files quickly and store them in a hidden location for anytime, anywhere access. Put.io, dubbed “a cloud storage service with a certain gravitas“, is a platform that supports a number of other services and apps, such as game consoles, Apple TV, Roku Channel, Kodi, Chromecast and Connects to IFTTT.

It’s important to note that Put.io is not a file sharing or backup/sync service like Google Drive, unlike many of the titles on the list. It only works to enable you to access any downloaded content directly from the cloud.

You can test the service for $0.99 before committing to a subscription plan when you’re certain it fulfills your needs.

5) Offcloud

With Offcloud, a feature-rich cloud torrenting platform, you can upload and download files for remote access. It was designed to be very good at retrieving things from the Internet.

Its features include user anonymity, automatic backup/export from RSS, automation with IFTTT, integration with almost any platform (like BitTorrent, Dropbox, and Google Drive), SoundCloud tracks to MP3, and more. Something is involved.

Offcloud is available for free, with three file hosting options, BitTorrent links, or streaming access. For more features you have to pay $9.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

6) Bitport

Bitort is a multiplatform cloud torrenting and streaming solution that enables anonymous, fast, and secure online content torrenting. It offers a sophisticated and easy-to-use UI with an integrated NOD 32 antivirus.

You can download one torrent file per day and access 1GB of cloud storage with a free Bitport account. At the fastest rates, you can also stream content anonymously over HTTP.

To access additional services, you must enroll in one of three payment plans: Small, Standard, or Large.

7) Zbigz

Zbigz is an online storage and torrenting platform that allows users to download almost any type of content, without any restrictions on software or networks, remote downloads, and other cloud services such as Google Drive. Integration with Services.

With a Zbigz free account, you can download files at a maximum of 150 KBps and have up to two 1GB files, both of which will expire after seven days. You may want to upgrade to a premium membership because the free edition is devoid of many amazing features, such as file caching, a personal account, and the absence of ads.

Zbigz has a neat feature where you can use it without creating an account. However, you will be unable to torrent multiple files, with a maximum size of 100MB.

8) TransferCloud

With TransferCloud, you can download torrent and magnet files, links, media, and other content directly to your cloud storage account—like Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, and more.

It has a seven-day trial period, supports all file formats, is available on all mobile and web browsers, allows anonymous torrenting, and can be downloaded in multiple files and subdirectories.

The basic package on TransferCloud costs $4.99, while the Premium and Power/Monster subscriptions cost $9.99 and $15.99, respectively.

9) Premiumize.me

The last on the list of Cloud Torrent Service Providers is Premiumize.me. Apart from providing a wide selection of torrents (movies, TV series, music, games and software), Premiumize.me is a secure cloud storage platform that also provides cloud torrenting services. It also offers speed boost, anonymous downloading, support for multiple devices, VPN support, and a free trial.

For €399.99, you can also get a lifetime plan, a great choice if you’re looking for a long-term commitment.

That’s it for the list of Cloud Torrent Service Providers.


What Cloud Torrent Services are you familiar with for cloud torrenting? Leave a comment in the space below.

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