5 Top Online Keyboard Testers for You to Try Out

5 Top Online Keyboard Testers for You to Try Out

A keyboard tester tool can help determine the problem if your keyboard isn’t working properly and is showing some issues. You can do this with different keyboard testing apps, depending on the operating system your computer is running.

In Summary;

A keyboard tester can be useful in determining the cause of any problems you may be having with your keyboard.

Online keyboard testers are just as good and can be accessed through a web browser, although you can install and use specialized keyboard testing software on your computer.

You can test your external or laptop keyboard using any of the top online keyboard testers below.

Online keyboard testers offer an alternative, though, if you don’t want to add more software to your computer. You can use online keyboard testing tools in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, and they work exactly the same because they’re OS neutral.

Keyboard Testing: What is it?

The process of testing the performance and functionality of a computer keyboard is called keyboard testing. This is done to ensure that each key works properly and that ghosting or other problems do not occur. Installable software and online testing tools are available for keyboard testing.

With these tools, users can test every key on their real keyboard and identify any issues using the virtual keyboard. These tools can identify mouse clicks and scroll wheel movements as well as highlight key presses to verify their operation. Anyone who routinely uses keyboards, especially hardware managers or other comparable occupations, should perform keyboard testing. This helps ensure that the keyboard is working efficiently and can identify any problems before they get out of hand.

Top Keyboard Testers Online List

To help you test your keyboard, here are the top five online keyboard testers.

1) Keyboard Tester

keyboard tester online

One of the best keyboard testers available online is KeyboardTester. Based on your device’s operating system, it automatically recognizes your keyboard layout, allowing you to thoroughly inspect the entire keyboard for problems.

Additional choices offered by the keyboard tester include full-screen mode and light/dark themes. However, its multilingual keyboard support — which enables you to test your keyboard in more than 30 languages, including Hindi, French, German, Spanish, etc. — is what sets it apart from other keyboard testers. keeps
Go to the Keyboard Tester website and start typing on your keyboard. Keyboard Tester allows you to check if a key is working properly by lighting up the corresponding key on the virtual keyboard and indicating its entry in the small pane above the keyboard.

2) IObit Keyboard Test

iobit online keyboard tester

An online program that approaches keyboard testing differently is called IObit. With IObit, you can type words and paragraphs, unlike most online keyboard testers that require you to press keys on your keyboard to test the keys.

One advantage of this method is that it simulates real-world keyboard usage. So this method makes it very easy to detect, for example, a key on your keyboard that only registers a press when you press it normally and a key press when you’re typing. does not register
Go to the IObit website, click on the text field, and start typing to test your keyboard. The simulated keyboard below will highlight the keys you hit as you go along, indicating that everything is working as it should. If a key is not highlighted, there is probably a problem with it and it was not registered.

3) Key-Test

key-test online keyboard testing tool

Another powerful keyboard tester is Key-Test. Its virtual keyboard has multiple layouts, which sets it apart from other online keyboard testing platforms. Rather, you are given two choices: Mac and Windows, so you can choose the one that best suits your computer.

Key Testing lets you properly test every key on your keyboard by providing several layouts. This way, no key on your keyboard is ignored or unchecked.

Key-Test will highlight the keys on the virtual keyboard when you start pressing the keys on your keyboard after selecting the layout on the website. To make sure the key is working, it will also record each key press and display it above the keyboard.

4) Keyboard Test Online

keyboard test online

Unlike the other keyboard testers on this list, Keyboard Test Online is unique. Keyboard Test Online plays a sound when a key is pressed, making it easier for you to tell when a key has been pressed compared to other testers that only highlight keys when they are hit.

A fixed keyboard with a 100% Windows layout is used for Keyboard Test Online. While you can also use it to test keyboards on your Mac, it works best and is more efficient when testing keyboards with a Windows (or even Linux) layout. Like Keyboard Checker, Keyboard Test Online displays, below the virtual keyboard, the number of keys pressed as well as the most recent key pressed.
Checking the keyboard for ghosting is one function, however, that sets it apart from the others. This is achieved by pressing several keys simultaneously on the keyboard test online. Your laptop is not being ghosted if all the push keys are recorded and highlighted on the virtual keyboard. However, if a key is ghosted, you will not be able to register it. In this situation, you may want to replace your keyboard with one that has an N-key rollover or reset it.

5) Keyboard Checker

keyboard checker online keyboard testing tool

The easiest keyboard tester available online is Keyboard Checker. It’s easy to use, and like Keyboard Tester, it automatically recognizes your keyboard layout on websites and displays it on your screen.

Visit the page, then press any key on your keyboard to use the keyboard checker. If Keyboard Checker detects a press, it will indicate the appropriate key in green on the virtual keyboard. Any keys on your keyboard that the program is unable to test will be highlighted in gray.

Some more information is displayed below the simulated keyboard by the keyboard checker. For example, it shows the number of keys you have left to press and the last key you pressed. To fully test this, you can also choose to toggle the numeric pad based on your keyboard.

Diagnose Keyboard Problems to Simplify Troubleshooting

You can quickly and easily check if everything is working properly with your external or laptop keyboard by using the above mentioned online keyboard testing tools.

If there’s a problem—perhaps a key or two going bad—try cleaning your keyboard. This usually solves the problem. Your keyboard malfunction can also sometimes be caused by a bad connection. If the keyboard is wired, make sure the connecting cord is in place. If it’s wireless, make sure Bluetooth is connected.

Alternatively, you can try flashing the firmware on your keyboard. If a switch is broken, you can replace it or have it repaired at a repair shop, or you can remap it with a key on your keyboard that isn’t used much. If the keyboard is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you can also ask the manufacturer for help.

FAQs From the Best Online Keyboard Testers

Is there an app to check the functionality of the keys?

In fact, there are many programs available to check if the keys are working, such as Keyboard Checker. With this free online keyboard tester program, you can check if your keyboard has any hardware or software problems. Almost every type of keyboard—wireless, Apple, gaming, and more—is supported by the app.

When is a keyboard tester appropriate for use?

If you are experiencing keyboard problems and want to be confident that the problem is limited to your keyboard and not something else, you should use a keyboard tester. Keyboard Tester is an ideal tool to determine if there is a problem with your keyboard. You can learn more about the problems you’re having with your keyboard by using the Keyboard Tester.

How to fix a broken keyboard?

There are various steps you can take to troubleshoot and fix the keyboard error. Some possible fixes include the following:

Remap broken keys: To correct your keyboard layout, consider remapping if only a small number of them are broken. Online resources that are free to use can be used for this.

Clean your keyboard: Accumulation of dust or debris inside your keyboard can cause unresponsive or sticky keys. To get rid of any dust, you can try flipping the keyboard over and giving it a few light taps.

Update your keyboard driver: If compatibility issues are preventing your keyboard from working, you can download and install the required drivers from Device Manager or the manufacturer’s website.

Check the connection: If your keyboard is not working, there may be a problem with the connection between the keyboard and the computer. Verify that the keyboard and computer are securely connected.

Edit layout or update software: To adjust the keyboard layout in case you press the wrong letter or symbol, go to Settings → Keyboard and choose the appropriate layout and language.

How do you correct the letter or symbol that appears when you press a key?

Try the following procedure to resolve this issue. If you’re having trouble generating the wrong letter or symbol when you press your keyboard.

1.Try pressing keys on the real keyboard and see if the virtual keyboard lights up where you touched the keys.

2.To delete existing content, click the “Reset” arrow. Then, test the keyboard keys again to make sure they work properly.

3.To see if a certain key on the keyboard can be used simultaneously, try pressing more than one key at the same time.

Your keyboard is working flawlessly if the online keyboard tester display reacts immediately every time you press. But if it doesn’t react at all or only partially responds, then there must be some keyboard errors.


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