Top 15 NFL Streaming Sites in 2024 (Watch NFL Online)

Top 15 NFL Streaming Sites in 2024 (Watch NFL Online)

The National Football League, or NFL, is a football league that is well-liked by fans at home and abroad.

If you love watching NFL games and are looking for NFL streaming websites or applications, you have come to the right place.

Additionally, the majority of NFL streaming websites and applications are only accessible to US users, and not all streaming services provide live streaming for NFL games.

While there are some NFL streaming sites that are free to use, most of the official streaming services that let you watch NFL games live on your computer or phone require a membership fee.

However, there are free alternatives that are not allowed and may be considered piracy in some places. As a result, to browse safely and hide your online activity, you need to use a VPN.

Additionally, you may need to use a VPN to watch some of these NFL streaming sites from your location due to geo-restrictions.

Note: Watching NFL games on unsanctioned websites is not something TechWorm endorses in any way.

Best NFL Streaming Sites

Here are the top websites where you can watch NFL games for free on your PC and smartphone:

1) fuboTV

Like Vidgo, FuboTV is a well-liked TV streaming service that limits its users’ access to sports channels that carry live NFL games.

You probably won’t miss NFL games if you use FuboTV, which is available on most platforms and offers over 100 sports channels.

Additionally, since this software is subscription-based, you can use it with confidence and not have to worry about its legality. However, compared to other streaming services, FuboTV is more expensive. Its basic bundle starts at $64.99.

One of the other benefits we’ve covered is the cloud DVR feature of this service, which allows you to record games and other entertainment for up to 250 hours of viewing at a later time. Furthermore, recorded content is never lost.

You should consider it because it is a great way for NFL fans to watch games on any of their devices.


  • Access to more than 100 sports channels is offered.
  • It provides constant DVR functionality.


  • Its plans cost a bit more.
  • It is limited to certain areas.

2) NFLbite

Get the latest NFL sports news and watch NFL games on our easy-to-use free website.

NFLbite provides only one URL to stream future NFL games 60 minutes before kickoff and does not require registration.

For people who cannot afford to pay monthly fees to follow and watch NFL games live, NFLbite will be a great option.

It provides free live streaming for multiple sporting events including NFL Redzone, CBS broadcasts, and others.

One of its best advantages is that it lets you select which NFL clubs you wish to follow so you can follow their games more conveniently.


  • It provides free access to NFL games.
  • Its user interface is clean.


  • It only supports a few channels.

3) DaddyLiveHD

DaddyLiveHD is now a popular option for sports streamers if they want to watch live events for free.

The website is easy to use because it organizes all of its content — including TV series and sports — into separate categories so you can quickly find the events you want to watch.

Since its stream links come from major networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and the NFL Network that broadcast NFL games, it is recommended to use a VPN to avoid third-party surveillance. .

DaddyLiveHD offers fewer ads than other NFL streaming sites, so you’ll still enjoy watching NFL games on it.

Despite having an outdated interface, this website is still one of the best free places to watch NFL games.


  • It broadcasts NFL games on multiple networks.
  • Its user interface is clean.


  • It has a few, but not many, ads.
  • This website is not official.

4) Peacock TV

Peacock TV offers the newest TV shows, films, and the major sporting events, such as the Premier League, MLB Sunday Leadoff, and Sunday Night Football.

Like cable TV services, this streaming service charges a fee to access a lot of content. So, if you are looking for a website that offers free NFL streaming, this will not be the choice.

So, if you’re unable to watch the game on TV, you can stream Sunday Night Football with the Peacock Premium plan, which costs $4.99/month.

Fortunately, Peacock is not only available on PCs and smartphones. It is available on a wide range of devices. You may not be able to access it in your country, though it is limited to very few nations.


  • Its cost is flexible for projects.
  • It airs the latest and most loved movies and television series.
  • It provides access to live sports.


  • Geographical Limitation
  • This prevents new users from creating an account for free.

5) Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular NFL streaming service that we encourage you to check out. It offers live streaming for various sporting events including NFL games.

Sling Blue and Sling Orange are two membership tiers available for the subscription-based service Sling TV. These subscription plans offer a variety of channels, but if you get both, you’ll value NFL game streaming online even more.

Sling TV is available online for PCs, Xbox consoles, streaming devices, mobile phones, and other devices. There are limitations with many DVR features, and a $5 cost applies to increase the recording time to 200 hours.

Since this platform is only accessible for NFL streaming in the US, you should choose an alternative option in this section if you do not live in the US.


  • The price is quite reasonable.
  • It has DVR capabilities.


  • This is exclusive to NFL fans in the US.
  • Many sports networks are not available.

6) Cricfree

Although Crackfree looks like a website that streams cricket matches, it offers much more. Apart from NFL games, you can access many other sports including baseball, soccer and golf.

With this free website that offers multiple connections to NFL games, you can watch live games on your computer or smartphone.

Although the website is easy to use, it can be difficult to locate NFL matches in the match list because game events are only labeled with a game icon instead of being grouped.

Since CricFree does not have any game content, trying to stream games on it may lead you to a dangerous website. Therefore, you should be aware of this before using the website.

Additionally, it’s possible that some links to the game you want to stream are geoblocked, in which case a VPN will be necessary. CricFree is a fantastic website to watch NFL live games despite its limitations and ads.


It offers live streaming for various sports including basketball, cricket, baseball, NFL, and more.


  • Geo-restrictions may apply to its match linkages.
  • Use of this unauthorized website may put you at risk.

7) NFLwebcast

NFLwebcast is another great resource if you want to watch NFL games live and for free.

With NFLwebcast you can watch live online streaming of channels like NFL Network, ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX, and their respective local TV stations.

After doing this you can watch NFL games on your computer and smartphone with full access. NFLwebcast is free to use, has an attractive interface, and is ad-free.

To access the Games from the website hosting the content, the website may require you to use a VPN.

You can choose between these live NFL games in HD and SD quality based on your internet speed.


  • Access to channels like ESPN, NBC, CBS, FOX, and others is provided through it.
  • Its interface is well-designed.
  • No need to sign up.
  • It offers several options for video quality.


  • For this it is necessary to use a VPN.

8) Buffstreams

The final NFL streaming service we will suggest in this article is Buffstreams. It offers free, convenient access to live sporting events.

You’re not limited to just watching NFL games with Buffstreams. You can also watch live events for baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, boxing and more.

Channels like ESPN, NFL NFL RedZone, MNF, TNF, and SNF offer NFL match feeds from the most viewed NFL networks.


  • It offers complimentary access to NFL games.
  • You can use your computer or smartphone to access it.


  • As this is an unofficial website, its use may be prohibited in some areas.
  • It has interruptive ads.

9) NFL+

You can enjoy the finest possible NFL game viewing on your Android, iPhone, PS4, Android TV, Chromecast, and other devices with NFL+, formerly known as NFL Game Pass.

Because it’s safe to use, covers the majority of NFL games, and can be accessed from anywhere, it’s one of the top NFL streaming websites and apps.

With this service, you can get almost all the updates to make sure you don’t miss any NFL games. Its free edition, which offers limited functionality and doesn’t allow you to watch live NFL games or game replays, gives you access to NFL news, highlights and other information.

Watching live preseason games outside your region and full replays of all NFL games — including the Super Bowl and playoffs — are available with the Premium Edition.

Additionally, the NFL offers NFL RedZone and NFL Plus Premium, premium streaming subscriptions offered at a premium.

Among many other capabilities, it facilitates downloading content and lets you pick up where you left off with your wristwatch.


  • You can watch both extended and short replays of every NFL game using it.
  • It enables you to play video games in high definition.
  • Simultaneous streams are supported.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • It is accessible everywhere.


  • It does not offer live game access.
  • NFL Replay cannot be accessed using its free version.

10) YouTube TV

YouTube TV, which gives viewers access to live sports networks including CBS, ESPN, NBC, CBS, and FOX, is another great service for watching NFL games. With these collections of YouTube TV channels, you will never miss any NFL games as you can watch the games from any device.

Its DVR storage, which lets you record games and save them for up to nine months to watch later, is one of its standout features. Highlights and game replays are also accessible.

Even though the program requires a subscription, you can test out its functions during its two-week trial period. Moreover, YouTube TV supports up to six users, allowing a large number of viewers to watch many channels at once under a single account.

It has a number of premium add-ons that give you access to additional sports game channels so you don’t miss out on your favorite games.

The two disadvantages of YouTube TV are its unavailability in certain regions and its high cost. It’s a great streaming service for most things, including sports, TV shows, movies, and everything else except for those issues.


  • It gives you access to every NFL game.
  • With its DVR storage, you can record games to watch later.
  • Multiple users can stream simultaneously using the same account.


  • Its monthly subscription is a bit expensive.
  • In some places, it is not accessible.

11) BossCast

BossCast is among your greatest selections if you’re searching for a free streaming service to watch NFL games and other sporting events. You can use this website to watch local NFL games in prime time on your smartphone or PC.

Although the platform does not store content, it provides live streaming links to watch sports events from multiple networks, such as ESPN, NFL Network, NFL RedZone, and many others.

The app is easy to use and provides instant access to a variety of media, such as news, NFL games, TV series, and movies.

Due to the numerous intrusive ads that may interfere with your streaming, we recommend using a brave browser to view the free NFL streaming website.


  • Access to every NFL game is provided.
  • You can use it for free.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It has interruptive ads.
  • Redirecting is done all the time.
  • Since it offers unlicensed channels, it may be illegal in some places.

12) Stream2Watch

The website Stream2Watch, which also provides reliable links to other athletic events, allows users to watch live NFL games.

You can play free live games on the Stream2Watch website by simply clicking on the links to the games that are hosted on other websites and platforms.

It offers high-quality streaming for multiple sports including baseball, tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, and more.

Although it does not host any of the content to which it provides access, you should be aware that it may be prohibited in some jurisdictions.

The website also frequently redirects users and has a lot of advertisements, however you can still use these functions if you use an ad blocker.


  • You can use it for free.
  • It is compatible with all devices.


  • Some streams may contain broken links.
  • Too many intrusive ads

13) ESPN+

You’ve probably heard of ESPN+ when it comes to streaming services for watching leagues and games like the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, and others.

One of the best options available is ESPN+ for those who want to watch live sporting events on their smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and most other streaming devices.

It doesn’t have DVR storage like YouTube TV, but it has features like high-quality streaming and multiple concurrent streams per account.

One of the best NFL streaming sites and applications is ESPN+, which is accessible for the majority of NFL games and offers security features and an affordable price.


  • It has excellent streaming performance.
  • It allows mobile offline downloading.


  • In some places, it is not accessible.
  • It does not offer real-time NFL games.

14) Sportsurge

With Sportsurge, NFL fans can watch all their games in one place through sports streaming. Basketball, football, cricket, boxing, and other sports are amazingly watched on the Internet.

Each match can be found on multiple streams, giving fans options in case of link breaks. It lets you watch NFL games in high definition if you have a good network connection and in lower resolution if you have a slow connection.

This is a free NFL streaming website that collects NFL stream links from sports networks, just like the other free websites we have described in this post. Although Sportsurge contains offensive ads, they are not excessive and can be blocked by an ad blocker.


  • It requires no signup and is free.
  • It gives you access to every NFL game.
  • Sixty minutes before the start of the game, stream links are made available.


  • It has interruptive ads.
  • This website is not official.

15) Vidgo

With Video, you can stream live TV from a variety of channels, including local networks like ABC, NBC, and FOX, which often carry live NFL games, as well as sports channels like ESPN and NFL Network.

Thus, Vidgo is among the greatest choices if you’re seeking for a website to watch NFL games because it offers access to NFL games as well as other sports content and TV series because it has more than 95 channels.

Although Vidgo requires a subscription, we prefer it over our competitors because it’s less expensive. It offers a seven-day trial period so you can check out the features and see if they work for you.

DVR capabilities are one of the many nice features included in its basic package. Additionally, a range of devices, including PCs, cell phones, smart TVs, and media streaming devices, can access the platform.

Also, the platform provides add-on packages in case your basic plan doesn’t allow you to watch the NFL game you want.


  • It provides access to NFL games.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • It works with many devices.


  • Hardly a local channel on it.
  • Its DVR capabilities are limited.


Wrap Up

This article reviews the top 15 NFL streaming options, both free and premium, so you can watch every game live on most of your devices. You should initially weigh these premium features and price before deciding which one to use. If you want to use free-to-watch NFL games, you should also be aware that they are unofficial and may be prohibited in some areas. Because of this, you should be careful and visit them using a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch NFL games live?

In fact, you don’t need a TV cable subscription to watch NFL games. NFL games were previously accessible primarily through channels supported by TV cable subscriptions, but now you can watch many NFL games live on your PC and smartphone by visiting websites and apps that provide this service.

Is there a free NFL game I can stream?

Yes, there are unofficial NFL streaming websites where you can watch NFL game for free. These websites give you access to live NFL games and updates without charging you, but they may not be as secure as official NFL streaming sites.

Which websites offer the best NFL streaming for free?

Here are some places where you can watch NFL games live for free if you’re looking for that information:

  1. BossCast
  2. Sportsurge
  3. Buffstreams

Can I watch the NFL on YouTube for free?

One of the most often used websites for watching NFL games is YouTube TV, despite the fact that it requires a subscription. The monthly membership fee for YouTube TV, a live TV streaming service is $64.99, that provides access to an extensive library of media, including movies, TV shows, games, and NFL games.

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