11 Best ExitLag Free Alternatives

11 Best ExitLag Free Alternatives

A patented technique called ExitLag was created to enhance online gaming. To ensure fast delivery and zero packet loss, alternate paths are mapped and data is sent over them.

Thanks to this mechanism, players can experience smooth gaming, sharp game images, and crystal-clear audio. While ExitLag is a good option for gamers, there are more effective products available.

The fact that ExitLag doesn’t support every game is one of the reasons you might need an alternative. This means that you may need to find a different solution that works with your favorite games. For some, the exit gap can be costly.

NoPing, Smart Game Booster, GearUP Booster, and Razer Cortex Game Booster are more alternatives. But due to its cross-platform architecture, multi-game compatibility, and ease of use, Lagu Fast is the best alternative to ExitLag.

Best ExitLag Free Alternatives

1) G-Vortex – Game Booster

The first on the list of ExitLag Alternatives is G-Vortex – Game Booster. You can get G-Vortex – Game Booster for free and use it now. It doesn’t demand a lot of system resources to run well and its file size is modest.

It has a nice black and green design and no annoying pop-up ads. Unlike ExitLag and other alternatives on this list, Game V-Space is its main feature.

While you enjoy your gaming sessions, your device’s performance is monitored in an isolated environment. Its game filter feature gives you access to every game you own in one convenient place.

To ensure you have a smooth experience, the Game Booster feature optimizes your device and allocates critical system resources. This utility eliminates background processes that can potentially harm the stability of your game.

It also cleans your RAM continuously to guarantee that your gaming graphics work properly. The software monitors the temperature of your device and helps you control it so that nothing gets damaged.

The program works both online and offline and is designed to support as many games as possible.

2) Reduce the Lag

If you want to enhance your overall gaming experience, you can also try reducing the interval. It is slightly different from ExitLag as its servers are located near Blizzard.

This means that it will probably work flawlessly for those who enjoy playing games like Final Fantasy, Revelations Online, Tree of Savior, and World of Warcraft. It also supports other popular games, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Aion, and Star Wars.

As the service has specific routing, users can access data very easily. You must register and select the free trial offer to use it.

After doing this you can use all the features and functions for a maximum of 30 days. You will then need to sign up for one of the premium programs.

With Reduce the Lag’s simple UI and basic design there will be no distractions. There are no pop-up ads to interrupt your game experience.

It is not too difficult to install and use.

3) OptiFine

The next on the list of ExitLag Alternatives is, OptiFine may be the answer you’re looking for if you love Minecraft but are experiencing a lot of lag or poor graphics. This utility guarantees a higher frame rate, which enhances the visual quality of the game.

It successfully reduces lag spikes, guaranteeing that you will experience a smooth gameplay. To get rid of split frames, it synchronizes the frame rate with the monitor’s refresh rate.

Additionally, the utility adjusts thread preferences accurately, so you experience no lag and high audio quality. You can set it to save data automatically so you don’t lose your progress.

OptiFine can be downloaded for free.

4) PingZapper

PingZipper is the next recommendation on this list of top ExitLag alternatives. To use it you must register and select the free trial option.

All of the features and functions that come with a premium subscription are available to you while the trial is active. Use this free trial to test the service before deciding to upgrade.

You can enable the program to automatically scan your games and provide analytics after installation. Depending on your preferences, you can use it to optimize your games manually or automatically.

The service automatically selects the best server to guarantee that your gaming experience is hassle-free.

Another cool feature is the ability to recognize when you launch a game and start optimizing it in the background.

You can view your real-time performance metrics on the dashboard. Remember that PingZapper encrypts all your data to keep you safe while you’re online.

5) Wise Game Booster

A free game speedup program that can greatly enhance your gaming experience is called Wise Game Booster. It works by automatically closing startup programs that can put too much stress on your system.

Additionally, it frees up RAM on your device, providing additional resources to run the game smoothly. Additionally, the program optimizes your network to guarantee fast data transmission and reception.

After installation, all your games can be added to the My Games section, making it easy to access them whenever you want to play.

For more experienced users, you can manually kill processes or services by visiting the Process Optimizer or Services Optimizer pages.

Additionally, the tool makes recommendations for pointless procedures that you may want to prevent. With just one button press, you can return your device to its factory settings after the gaming session is over.

6) Haste

Haste is a useful tool when you want to kill a break while playing your favorite games. You can sign up immediately with its 14-day free trial offer and use its benefits.

After the trial period ends, you’ll have to subscribe to a premium membership. Unlike ExitLag, Haste does not demand a credit card entry until you upgrade to the Pro plan.

Haste will let you test the connection before starting any game. This will inform you of the type of packet loss, jitter, and ping you should expect.

You’ll be in a better position to decide whether sticking with a single server is the best course of action after learning this. As soon as you launch the game, the program will begin operating in the background to stabilize your connection and free up bandwidth, which will boost speed.

The application will provide you with a post-game analysis at the end of your gaming session so that you can see how your connection was optimized. Haste offers support for a wide range of games, so you’ll never have to miss out on your favorites.

7) LagoFast

One of the biggest game enhancers available right now is LagoFast. You can download and use its free trial version.

The multipath connection feature of the tool ensures that you never face any problem while playing games in real time. This tool can identify the best stable path connection among several options so that your game never freezes.

Your data will always come from the nearest servers thanks to its real-time automatic server switching. This indicates that the generated data is quickly and error-free.

Most of your favorite games should be compatible with the tool, as it supports more than 2,000 titles.

Apply Fast uses its own dedicated servers and routing to ensure there are no bottlenecks preventing your data from moving and causing lag or packet loss. Another amazing feature of this tool is its ability to maximize download speed and save you a large amount of data quickly.

Unlike Exitlag, LagoFast installs on the majority of gaming consoles and works flawlessly on PCs and mobile devices. The home page of the app offers a direct download link.

To get the mobile app version, you can either visit Google Play or the App Store.

8) GearUP Booster

Another fantastic app to think about if you want to maximize your gaming experience is GearUP Booster. Although the software is paid for, you can use it for free for a limited time without any data or time restrictions.

One feature that sets it apart from ExitLag is that it works with almost any gaming system. This means you can install it on VR devices, Steam Deck, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

It is also available for download on mobile devices and PCs. To guarantee that every player has the best experience, the software uses network nodes located all over the world.

To guarantee that your game runs smoothly, its PC Booster version optimizes local system resources in addition to network optimization. Additionally, there is a mobile game version that requires only one button press to reduce latency.

If your device is connected via hotspot, feel free to turn on hotspot booster for best performance. You can be sure that after installing GearUP Booster, you will enjoy yourself immensely as it supports thousands of games.

The mobile app is available to download on mobile play stores.

9) NoPing

The next up on the list of ExitLag Alternatives is NoPing. It performs admirably is NoPing. Almost anyone can easily get started with it due to its straightforward UI.

With the push of a button, your gaming sessions can be extended with NoPing, unlike ExitLag and other alternatives that take some getting used to. You can be sure it will work with the majority of your favorite games as it supports thousands of titles.

It uses many connection options to guarantee that you are always connected to the most reliable servers. It efficiently sends data packets to your device as it also includes dedicated servers and routes.

With this program, you can search for games and have them delivered to you automatically, or you can choose the server you think is best.

Additionally, it optimizes your Wi-Fi connection, eliminating any problems resulting from a weak connection. You can try everything free for seven days, as are the majority of the alternatives on this list.

If the app impresses you, you can subscribe to the premium plan. For gamers on Windows PC, NoPing is a great option.

10) Smart Game Booster

Another tool you can use to maximize your PC gaming experience is called Smart Game Booster. There is a premium edition with more features and functions and a free version with fewer features.

The software offers a powerful overclock to guarantee that your frame rate is optimized. It also monitors and displays hardware and FPS temperatures, to prevent you from going above the recommended limits.

The program has a cleanup function that lets you remove temporary or pointless game files that can cause system lag. It defragments your games to speed up game loading and boot times in one breath.

Smart Game Booster’s built-in driver updater automatically searches the Internet for some of the latest audio and graphics drivers to install. You also get a PC game recorder, which lets you save some of your precious moments.

This utility, unlike ExitLag, allows you to search for games directly from stores like Steam, Uplay, and Origin and then determine if they work with your system. This ensures that you only buy games that are compatible with your system.

11) Razer Cortex: Game Booster

The last on the list of ExitLag Alternatives is Razer Cortex: Game Booster. You must download it and create an account before using it.

After installation, you can configure it to automatically optimize your PC for the best gaming experience. If you are skilled enough, you can also change the settings manually.

By eliminating useless programs that can cause lag, this gaming booster optimizes the PC. Its boost function ensures that the settings on your network are as stable as possible.

The defragmentation mechanism ensures that the game is divided into smaller parts so it runs more smoothly. Razer Cortex: Game Booster boosts frames per second (FPS) to maintain visual quality, just like the other alternatives on this list.

You can record your gaming experiences with its recording feature, and its driver tool sets it apart from ExitLag.



To get the most out of your gaming experience, you need to choose the best ExitLag alternative. LagoFast and GearUP Booster are two options that work wonders for removing lag and boosting graphics.

Others, like Razer Cortex and Smart Game Booster, enhance your network settings and enhance the gadget to guarantee optimal system performance.

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