16 Best GetIntoPC Alternatives

16 Best GetIntoPC Alternatives

GetIntoPC is a leading source of freeware. These are programs that have been sufficiently patched to eliminate the need for a license.

Besides GetIntoPC, there are other sites where you can get free software. Among them are FileCR, SoftPedia, and CNET Downloads. Softonic is the best alternative to GetIntoPC. Apart from providing a wide range of software categories, it is compatible with all major operating systems including Mac.

More About GetIntoPC & Why Explore Alternatives

Software like 3D CAD applications, graphic design tools like Adobe InDesign, Pattaizer, and CorelDRAW, antivirus solutions, and more are available at GetIntoPC.

GetIntoPC promises that these patched programs contain no viruses. I tried a few of them, and none of them infected my computer with spyware.

The installation package contains a license, or key generator. As a result, you can stop searching for activation key online.

GetIntoPC, however, lacks a few capabilities that are comparable to other services. I’ve been using free software for personal use for years, and I’ve come across websites that offer more services than GetIntoPC.

GetIntoPC, for example, lacks a review area. Users are therefore unable to notify others of software defects.

Moreover, GetIntoPC does not provide games. GetIntoPC offers free downloads exclusively for personal productivity software.

For all these reasons, I have compiled this list of the best GetIntoPC alternatives.

Check it out.

Best GetIntoPC Alternatives

1) CrackingPatching

For software downloads, latest patches, and updates, see CrackPatching. As you know, the code needed to run the software for free is found in cracks and patches.

Without fixes and updates, freeware can stop working on your computer, especially if you connect online. For this reason, I heartily recommend CrackPatching when it comes to updating your free software.

The website has applications and software available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Visit their Top 100 Software area to see the most downloaded programs.

There are many categories on CrackPatching; A couple are listed below:

  • Screen recorders
  • Online resources
  • Install download managers.
  • Tools to improve desktop performance
  • Audio and video editors

You’ll love CrackPatching because it has IDM, something GetIntoPC doesn’t. Use IDM for Internet Download Manager.

IDM cracks your downloaded software. It can schedule and control downloads using all available bandwidth.

For those who experience sporadic internet signals, this is beneficial. When you resume your downloads, you can pick up where you left off with IDM.

Additionally, I appreciate that CrackPatching offers a section dedicated to Adobe programs, which is helpful for those looking for valuable Adobe software.

Another reason CrackPatching is better than GetIntoPC is that each program page has an updated key. Moreover, you alone have the option to get the latest license key or the full cracked program version.

2) Ninite

If you’re busy, that’s the place to be. It is a software resource that offers hundreds of free apps to download and use.

Nineite Pro is what separates Ninete from GetIntoPC. Thus, Ninety Pro allows you to handle multiple PCs simultaneously.

Essentially, you will be able to view all of your computers at once from a single location. On those devices, you may also select which apps to download.

If you want to download multiple apps at once, you’ll love Ninety. All you have to do is click download after checking the box next to the programs you want.

This is not possible with GetIntoPC. You can only download one installer at a time from GetIntoPC, and each program has its own product page.

In contrast, Ninete allows you to bypass each product page. Rather, it will download all the apps in the background after selecting the apps you want.

If you desire noise cancellation, use Nineite. The website uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect which of your apps have already received updates and skips them while downloading the rest, saving you valuable time. survives.

3) SnapFiles

Snap files contain not only cracked software but also shareware and freeware. Think of it as a library of several programs that its creators want to share at no cost.

There are divisions for shareware and freeware, each with a category. Some examples of these categories are given below:

  • Workstation Utilities
  • Online resources
  • Email applications
  • System maintenance and utility
  • Image editing and graphics

There is a lot of software available on this website. Even registry utilities you’re unlikely to find in GetIntoPC are available here.

Additionally, you can test the premium programs on SnapFiles before paying in this section. Although there are no free trials available for these expensive programs, SnapFiles managed to make them available.

If you want, you can also see the page with the top 100 downloads. Programs you never thought you needed are available here.

The fact that SnapFiles offers “editor’s picks” is another feature I like. So, if you want the best programs, then hit this link to check out what site administrators think are the top apps in their entire app store.

4) Downloadly

You can download the latest Windows apps from Downloadly. Additionally, you can download a lot of free (cracked) software without worrying about viruses.

Following are some of the categories available to you:

  • Data recovery
  • Operators
  • System environment
  • Office in PDF
  • Portable devices
  • Services

You can even find WordPress themes on this website, which you usually have to buy elsewhere, unlike GetIntoPC. I love the site testing feature. I never received any alerts or warnings that a file I downloaded contained malware.

This is no ordinary software database; this is Download. For those who need faster service, it offers a VIP membership, which is a premium membership.

Achieving VIP status entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Access to fast download speeds
  • Unlimited number of connections
  • When you download or use the software, there are no more ads.
  • Get IDM support.
  • No bandwidth restrictions.

The 30-day VIP program costs 3.5 euros, so it’s not free. But if you want, you can spend six euros for sixty days.

If you have a lot of programs that you need to download, I recommend the premium option. This is much faster than waiting with other software databases.

Additionally, there are no ads, which can be quite annoying at times. I don’t blame them because they need to generate income too.

5) ALL PC World

Try All PC World if you’re looking for more than GetIntoPc has to offer. It includes apps for office work as well as computer maintenance, such as a fan controller.

You are able to use the following categories:

  • Application
  • Services
  • System environment
  • CAD in three dimensions
  • office equipment
  • Data recovery

The subcategories fall under the Software category. There are about thirty subcategories, such as eBook programs, fonts, emulators, mobile apps, and math software.

I like that PC World is completely unbiased when it comes to software. As long as the application has anything to do with computers, it will be posted online.

What I enjoy most about GetIntoPC is the data recovery part. You can recover inadvertently deleted files from it using the included apps.

All PC World offers on its website is the software that sets it apart from GetIntoPC. Some of these software applications are not accessible through GetIntoPC.

In general, I recommend that anyone with unique computer requirements — such as disk cleaners, SSD managers, file checksum calculators, nary launchers, and more — check out All PC World.

6) haxNode

HaxNode, pronounced with a slight “h”, is a well-known website where you can get full versions of the software for free. You can also get license keys, keygens, patches and cracks.

The program categories that you can download are as follows:

  • Android programs
  • Games for Android
  • Windows programs
  • Mac program

The fact that HexNode has a website specifically for Adobe stuff is fascinating to me. Also, there is an IDM crack, which GetIntoPC does not provide.

Go to the Adobe section to get the most recent versions of Adobe programs together with their cracks. Free software such as Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, Premiere, Xd, Animate, and many more are available in this section.

Additionally, haxNode provides free online courses in Microsoft Excel, UI/UX Design, Python, and its variations.

GetIntoPC provides tutorials and educational resources. However, it does not provide the comprehensive instructions that HexNode does.

Each online course has a download link like the programs. Before you can join, there are some other conditions that you have to fulfill.

Best of all, you can get Microsoft Visio from HexNode and get a free tutorial on how to use it if that’s what you want to read.

7) KoLomPC

KoLomPC is a huge collection of Windows, Mac and Android apps. Even games and portable programs are available for download from the website.

There is a section specifically for Android and MacOS. All the programs you’ll discover here, however, are Windows-based.

Here are some software categories to give you an idea of what to look for:

  • Security systems
  • System for documentation
  • Online resources
  • File and Disk Manager
  • Web browsers

When you download software, activation tools are included. It is possible to get a hack, keygen, or crack depending on what is accessible.

It’s fine if your initial click takes you to an ad network. With next click you will be taken to download page.

Unlike GetIntoPC, the website offers a single, unified way to get applications. They also recommend using IDM to schedule and accelerate downloads.

KoLomPC provides complete instructions on how to use the website and what to expect, unlike GetIntoPC. For example, you’ll know why the ads are there and what to do before you click.

8) Soft Famous

On the Soft Famous website, you can download practically everything. The operators of the website provide an opportunity to upgrade their software in addition to the original version.

Here are some examples:

  • Windows programs
  • Software for Education
  • the game
  • Antivirus software
  • Anonymous web browsers and proxies
  • Utility systems

A review is one of the services provided by Soft Famous for each app. For example, if you click on SmadAV antivirus software, an article is followed by a download button.

9) Softonic

A large assortment of applications for several operating systems, including Mac, may be found on the website Softonic. These programs can be downloaded for free, much as GetIntoPC.

The website’s app categories are as follows:

  • the game
  • Web browsers
  • Program for Productivity
  • Multimedia
  • Lifestyle

There are many more, and in my opinion these categories are easier to study. It has the impression of being a software store.

The reason I like Softonic over GetIntoPC is that the software available for download is not limited to Windows. For example, you can get Android apps—the ones you normally buy from the Google Play Store—for free.

Softonic’s review section and app ratings are added benefits. Users can rate downloaded programs with a maximum of five stars.

Why does it matter? Determining whether programs are safe is very important for users like you and me. Spyware and viruses are the last things we want on our computers.

By reading customer reviews, you can determine whether the program is safe or not. Use reviews as a roadmap. It is possible to find out if the application is infected and active.

10) FileCR

You can download secure software for Windows, Mac and Android from FileCR. Additionally, the website provides multiple categories from which you can choose software.

Here are a few examples of the many categories:

  • Apps for file compression
  • Tools for hard drives
  • Games apps
  • Tools for Multimedia
  • Office and PDF applications

FileCR support is one thing I enjoy about the website that GetIntoPc doesn’t provide. This is a free Chrome plugin that also provides notifications.

As soon as FileCR Wizard is installed, you will receive notifications about premium uploads and new updates. The addon also allows you to add programs to your favorite list.

The fact that FileCR offers a single download method gives it an advantage over GetIntoPc. Downloading different programs from GetIntoPc can be confusing because of how they all work differently.

11) Softpedia

Softpedia bills itself as an encyclopedia of downloads, as the name suggests. As a result, hundreds of apps you might not be familiar with are available here.

Linux, Mac, Android, and Windows are supported via the website. I enjoy the search bar that allows you to select an operating system and type in the software you want.

In addition to offering software downloads, Softpedia can help you update program drivers. Here, for example, you can modify the drivers listed below:

  • Driver for audio
  • Drivers for videos
  • CPU software
  • Printer software

One advantage of using Softpedia instead of Download Hub is GetIntoPC. Download Hub is a convenient place to find applications that fulfill specific functions.

If you’re looking for file recovery programs, for example, visit File Recovery Hub. You can see that you have access to 11 different programs here.

Each product page also includes three sections of interest: details, free downloads, and reviews.

You can read the show’s synopsis and reviewer ratings, which range from one to five stars, in the reviews section. To find out what the reviewer thinks about the product, please read it.

Finally, you can get the file through a free download, and you can confirm the hardware requirements for the software by looking at the specification.

12) CNET Download

CNET Download is a trusted source for free software, and is known for its huge library of software for many platforms.

CNET Download offers free software downloads for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac computers. Numerous software and program categories, including security, utilities, and more, are available on this website.

It aims to simplify and speed up the process of purchasing software.

Important Elements

CNET offers a wide selection of downloadable apps and software for many operating systems. To help users make wise decisions, it also offers software reviews.

The platform’s robust search engine and user-friendly layout make it easy for users to find and download the software they need.
Additionally, CNET Downloads provides a complimentary program that helps you update the software on your Windows PC and clean up the clutter that builds up over time.

Costs and schemes

Free software downloads are the main product of CNET Download. Free trials may be available for some software or apps, but may be followed by a monthly or annual subscription cost.

The specific software or app will determine the exact pricing information.

Features and Capabilities

A large selection of software and applications for many operating systems can be found at CNET Download.

Its real-time searching feature makes it easy for users to find their desired program. The platform also offers software updates to guarantee that users have the latest versions of their software.

Additionally, CNET Download provides utility capabilities to remove unnecessary files from your computer that are causing it to run slowly.

Advantages & Disadvantages

CNET Download provides a more reliable and secure software download platform than GetIntoPC. It offers a large selection of programs and software, as well as software evaluations to help users make informed choices.

Although recent reports suggest the issue has been resolved, some users have complained in the past that CNET download files were bundled with malicious software.

Compared to competing sources like FileHippo and Softpedia, CNET offers a comparable selection of downloadable apps and software. However, these alternatives may have different functionality or user interfaces.

Ideal For

For users looking for a large selection of software and applications for various operating systems, CNET Download is a great option. Users who appreciate having software reviews available to aid their decision-making will find this particularly helpful. It is also suitable for users who want to keep their PC free of junk files and with the latest versions of their applications.

13) FileHippo

FileHippo comes last on our list of GetIntoPC alternatives. It has an extensive library of carefully selected software titles. Already more than five million downloads due to the wide selection!

Although it offers fewer software categories than GetIntoPC, the website fully supports Windows. Some examples of these categories are given below:

  • Games
  • Entertainment related apps
  • News and Office
  • Utility and System Tuning
  • Messaging on social media

I appreciate how easy it is to find the most popular programs on the website. Additionally, this list is displayed by a button at the top.

You may want to try all the programs that users have downloaded after clicking. A special URL is provided for the latest patches or updates.

This website, unlike GetIntoPC, provides an informative blog where you can discover what’s going on. One article discusses, for example, Microsoft’s expected demise of Wunderlist.

You should be aware of this as a WonderList user. As Wunderlist is decommissioned, you will have backup software available.

The website also has a review section. You can find comparison articles in this section to help you choose which program to download.

14) FileHorse

For Mac and Windows, FileHorse is a program sharing application. It offers a large range of programs, most of which are recent applications that users are using.

Some of the categories are as follows:

  • Plugins and browsers
  • Virus and spyware removal tools
  • iTunes and other MP3 and audio programs
  • Chat and messaging applications
  • Programs that fight viruses.
  • Software for editing and creating videos

The fact that Filehorse has games that GetIntoPC doesn’t is what I love about the website. You can download many games, like GTA San Andreas, Fortnite, and Minecraft.

FileHorse features a voting system where users can rate apps after installing them, unlike GetIntoPC. One to five stars make up the rating.

I find this helpful as a user as it alerts me to any issues I should be aware of. I can also find out why other people are not satisfied with the app by reading the comments in the ratings.

The download process is easy and FileHorse is completely secure. If a free download is not available, the website will direct you to the original developer of the software.

15) PC Wonderland

You can find operating systems, utilities, antivirus software, and more in PC Wonderland, a software database. It also has an office tool category.

The software categories to choose from are as follows:

  • System environment
  • Anti-viral
  • Visual arts
  • CAD in three dimensions
  • Multimedia
  • office equipment
  • System Adjustment
  • Services

Additionally, because PC Wonderland has three additional categories that GetIntoPc does not, it outperforms GetIntoPC. This is important because it increases our chances for free apps available to us.

16) KaranPc

If you are looking for file managers, programming/development, portable software, or mobile tools for PC, KaranPC is the place to go. These items are not available in GetIntoPC.

Because it offers software in more than 30 categories, KaranPC beats GetIntoPc. It also includes solitaire and chess games.

You should also consider tools that will help you create and organize games. The fact that Game Maker Studio is available for free download here will make game makers happy.

Apart from the sheer number of categories, I appreciate KaranPC’s communication features. These applications allow you to chat and get contact details from other websites.

The features and benefits of the program are described in the article. Additionally, GetIntoPc lacks the website’s rating system, which allows users to provide an application with a star rating between one and five.

A list of software titles that compare to the app you’re currently browsing can be found below the app article. This is similar to what you see when you click on “People who bought this also bought” on Amazon.

GetIntoPC also recommends a software package. However, the products you are currently viewing are not related to what you see there.



Softonic is, in my view, the best alternative to GetIntoPC. You can find all the necessary software on this platform, including productivity tools, games and Windows apps.

Softonic has an advantage over GetIntoPC as it supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. There are more categories available on Softonic than GetIntoPC.

Finally, Softonic users have a voice. Before choosing to install a program, you and people like me can use the reviews left by previous users as a guide.

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