Top 11 Manga Sites: Read Free Manga Online in 2024

Top 11 Manga Sites: Read Free Manga Online in 2024

Manga is a century older than anime, did you know?

Manga first appeared in Japan as a comic book and graphic novel. It is very popular all over the world.

Mangas are available in a wide range of genres, such as comedy, action, drama, horror, detective, adventure, etc.

Manga is read by people of all ages and backgrounds, including adults and children.

Finding the perfect location for the latest issues of your beloved manga comics can sometimes be difficult.

To help you read manga online for free, we’ve put together a list of the top manga websites.

These websites also allow you to read manga on PC and cell phones. Start reading your favorite manga by opening it in any web browser.

Among thousands of possibilities, find well-known manga like One Piece, Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, and Death Note.

While some of them provide trials and the first few chapters as samples, others are completely free to download legally.

Top Manga Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

1) Inkr

Anker is a popular website for reading manga, webcomics, and comic book series. After signing up for an account you will get 2500 coins to read your preferred manga.

You can rent chapters on the manga website by paying with coins. Manga titles can be sorted by studio, title, and genre. On Anker, an entire area dedicated to smaller titles is available for free to read manga.

Based on the manga you’re reading, Anker also makes recommendations. Once you finish the game, it facilitates your search for more recent titles.

2) Comixology

Amazon Kindle’s reading section now includes Comixology. The latest manga can be found there and can also be read on Kindle.

The manga can be read for free during a 30-day trial period. You can reach big publishers like Kodansha, Dark Horse, Image, and Yen Press with it.

On Comixology, there are over 2,400 manga titles, including Initial D and Fairy Tale. You can read a manga book on any device with a browser or Kindle app after adding it to your library.

Explore over 25 genres of manga, including Yuri, Magical Girls, and Isikai.

3) Webtoons

Are the standard plots and scripts on manga websites boring you? Then you can enjoy the web tones. Anyone from anywhere can create manga thanks to them.

Read thousands of manga created by community members for free. There are long running series with more than 500 chapters. Fans have translated some of them into several languages.

There is a vertical scroll on the manga reader. Continue swiping up to open a chapter. To add a chapter to your bookmarks, click the plus sign above.

4) Manga Planet

Manga Planet is the next site on our list of top manga websites. For reading manga with the latest releases, this is a well-liked legit website. There is a large collection of free manga available to read in many genres.

Rather than opening a new account, save time by checking in with your Facebook or Google account. After logging in, list your manga and create a watchlist for later.

Manga Planet has posted an extensive schedule of upcoming chapters for each manga title. All content on this site is currently in English only. Readers of other languages can refer to the manga sites discussed earlier.

5) Bato

Even though might not have as many features as some of the other platforms on this list, it is still a noteworthy free manga website that is worth visiting.

Although it is unable to search or classify manga by genre, the website showcases a wide variety of manga comics. On the other hand, color-coding subjects is available for simple identification.

Regular or classic mangas are indicated by blue titles, while popular and recently added mangas have red and green labels. provides additional features like bookmark option, dark mode and publishing tool for users interested in uploading new comics to the platform.

6) Manga Plus

Straight from Japan, Shueisha Inc.’s Manga Plus is a manga website where you can read manga online. Advertisements are the only source of income. There are no further costs.

Three page resolutions are available for the built-in reader: low, medium and high. User can adjust it based on how much internet data they want to use. If vertical scrolling bothers you, switch to horizontal scrolling and read like a book.

It is accessible everywhere, except in China, South Korea and Japan, where users can read the manga on Shueisha’s own app. The majority of manga series are available here in English, followed by Spanish and Portuguese.

7) Crunchyroll

Anime and Manga are now practically synonymous with Crunchyroll. You can rate it as one of the top online manga websites in the world because of the excellent printing.

For 14 days, you can read manga for free on this website during its trial period. There will be monthly charges after the trial. The manga area of Crunchyroll offers a seamless online experience with almost no obtrusive advertisements.

Manga can be sorted by popularity, genre, and how often new editions are added. From Spanish to Italian, the majority of this manga is available in ten languages.

8) Comic Walker

One of Japan’s largest manga publishers is Kadokawa. After getting sick of Scanation, he created his own free manga website, Comic Walker.

You can read manga online for free here, without the need for an account or subscription. By its title or author, you can search for the manga you like.

To move around the pages of the manga, swipe the seek button as in the video. Even without checking in, you can pick up where you left off with your studies.

9) Book Walker

Kadokawa also owns Book Walker, currently a retailer of Japanese digital comics. Every month, you can find free manga books.

These days, they also stock manga from other companies, such as Kodansha, Viz, and Yen. The website offers more premium content than free content, but it’s enough to last you a few months.

The manga is always available for purchase, and will be permanently added to your catalog. Read the manga in your collection, from a website or mobile app.

10) Shonen Jump

On Shonen Jump, you can read over 10,000 chapters of various manga series. Among the manga titles available, you can find the latest chapters of Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, and Haikyuu.

Any manga can be read for free for the first three chapters. For chapters that are available to read for free, there will be a green button marked Free. After the seven-day free trial, to continue reading after the free chapters, you must subscribe to the service, which costs $1.99 per month

Chapter updates are usually provided for about 20 manga per week. Along with the Japanese version, Shonen JJump also publishes an English translation.

11) Comico

NHK Japan, the state media company, owns Comico, a fantastic Manga website. Many manga chapters are available to read for free in Japanese here. The rest can be rented out.

Use a social media account to login. Alternatives include Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Google. You can add manga to your favorites and discuss chapters in the comments section after logging in.

There are no other languages available on the manga website. It is entirely in Japanese. For easier translations, we recommend opening it in Google Chrome.

Coins are their standard form of payment and are available for purchase in their store. It is possible to buy only one coin with Japanese yen and no other currency.


Over to You

These were the top manga websites where you could read manga for free online. On some websites, you can even legally download manga if you have a premium subscription.

Best Free Manga Sites FAQ

Where can I read manga online without ads?

You may read manga without irritating advertisements on Crunchyroll, mangaOwl, and Book Walker, to name a few.

Is online manga legal?

Most of the manga sites that are distributing manga online for free are illegal. Knowing if the manga site you are using is legit or not. Check if the website has a license to provide the manga they are offering.

What is the safest manga website?

Manga Plus is one of the safest sites for reading manga online.

Which manga website is the most popular?

One of the most popular manga websites is Comixology, which is a component of Amazon Kindle.

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