5 Best Uptobox Alternatives

5 Best Uptobox Alternatives

French file-sharing site Uptobox has shut down after months of ACE operations.

The hardware was seized by police during a raid on their data facilities, which are located in eastern Paris.

In a concerted effort to crack down on privacy, the entertainment industry launched the crackdown with the aim of shutting down OptoBox and OptoStream.

Since May this year, there have been concerted efforts to ban movie-sharing websites.

Initially, several ISPs were ordered by the French authorities to block access to Uptobox and its mirrors.

According to their homepage, Uptobox will return, but it is highly unlikely. Thus, you may want to check out these Uptobox alternatives.

Some of these links may also be used to stream Kodi content.

Best Uptobox Alternatives

1) Mediafire

If you often download files online, you probably don’t need an introduction to Mediafire. This website is similar to Uptobox.

He has done a variety of jobs over the years, such as hosting and distributing TV series and movies.

The ability to exchange files through direct connections is one of the main purposes of MediaFire.

Users can now easily share links to movies or TV series that take users directly to the download page when they click on them.

Ads may appear for free users when they download files. Advertisements are a common way for many free file-sharing platforms to monetize their offerings.

2) Rapidgator

It is one of the easiest websites to exchange files. Rapidgator is very easy to use on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

You search the entire Rapidgator public file database using Google. Thanks to this, you can access one of the largest collections of content on the Internet.

You can efficiently manage and optimize downloads with Rapidgator’s compatibility with multiple download managers.

However, keep in mind that you can only download one file every two hours as a free user.

Free users’ files have a limited time on the servers. Watch out for the fact that they are removed after a certain amount of time.

3) Mega.nz

Mega, a New Zealand company, is known for its security and encryption, which guarantees that only the user has access to their stored data.

It differs from many competitors with its emphasis on privacy. Mega offers 20GB of free storage for users who use the service without paying. However, it can be extended by performing specific tasks, such as installing an app.

Links can be used to share files or folders with other people. An optional decryption key can be included with the link or downloaded separately.

That way, the content on the links is only known to you and the recipient.

Its data centers are spread across several countries, making it a strong alternative to Uptobox. The second acts as a backup in case the first fails.

4) TorrentGalaxy

This Uptobox option is a little different. A torrent website called TorrentGalaxy also provides direct download links for TV series, movies and other media.

This platform offers a somewhat different search experience. Before sitting down to watch a movie, most of us usually check the ratings and reviews on IMDb.

Here, you can use the IMDb ID of the movie torrent to find it.

This portal allows live streaming in addition to movie and TV show downloads. To find popular and trending programming, go to the “Currently Streaming” area.

5) 4Shared

Another option of Uptobox is 4Shared. You will never run out of content as it has more than 3 million video files in its library.

Its integrated music player is a notable feature that makes it a great choice for sharing and hosting music.

The file download process takes 20 seconds, just like it does with other Uptobox alternatives.

While free and premium plans are available, the free version has some limitations, such as reduced download speeds.

4Shared is unique in that it has a public search feature that lets users search and retrieve files shared with others.

Despite the general security protections it offers, users should be careful when handling sensitive data and ensure that confidential files are not shared unintentionally.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Uptobox?

After an extensive legal battle by French authorities with the Alliance for Entertainment and Creativity, Uptobox has shut down.

All operations have been suspended after their data center was raided.

Is there an alternative to Uptobox?

You have many options for downloading files when looking for alternatives to Uptobox. You can check out the top ones we have listed above.

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