Free Speedwrite Alternatives – 11 Best Tools in 2024

Free Speedwrite Alternatives – 11 Best Tools in 2024

A tool called SpeedWrite will rewrite your content. To avoid having multiple versions of your articles and texts being marked as duplicates, you can use Speedwrite to create multiple versions of them.

Having said that, SpeedWrite is not the only tool that can perform the same function. Top SpeedWrite alternatives include Chump Rewriter, OutWrite and SpinBot. Quillbot, however, is a great alternative to Speedwrite. It is the best of the pack because of its feature-rich UI and plethora of options.

Why Look For Speedwrite Alternatives?

Unfortunately, one of the problems users have with SpeedWrite is that it occasionally produces content that changes the meaning of the original text. I also observed this problem when I tried SpeedWrite — some results changed the meaning of what I was trying to express.

Additionally, Speedwrite doesn’t have nearly as many evaluations as some other options, making it difficult to gauge its true quality.

Moreover, SpeedRite does not provide a free plan. You can try it for free a few times, but after that, your free trials will expire, and you will have to subscribe to the premium plan.

Speedwrite lacks Chrome and Google Docs extensions, and thus is unable to produce original content. Your articles need to be copied and pasted. It doesn’t appear that documents can be uploaded.

As already noted, several excellent alternatives to SpeedRite are available. For whatever reason you plan to use Speedwrite, consider these great alternatives.

Top Free Speedwrite Alternatives For Rewriting Paragraphs & Paraphrase Content

1) Rytr

Rytr is a writing tool powered by AI. It can be used to create content for emails, blogs and other platforms.

Using Rytr has various advantages over Speedwrite. Initially, it offers an unlimited free account option that lets you use the program as long as you want, with some restrictions.

More than that, though, Rytr allows you to create original content without the need for pre-existing content. Rytr creates everything completely from scratch using artificial intelligence.

Choose a use case before doing anything else with Rytr. More than 20 are available:

  • Blog ideas
  • Blog sections
  • Emails
  • Social media ads
  • Interview questions
  • Job descriptions
  • Landing page copy
  • Product descriptions
  • And many more!

Rytr can write whatever type of content you need. Satire You can only produce as much original content as you want.

Provide some data for the AI tool to work on (for example, this
Prospects may inquire about the topic of the blog post, target keywords, and other details.

Moreover, Rytr is available in more than 25 languages. Even if you don’t speak any of the languages well, you can still create content in them.

The Rytr web app is user-friendly and straightforward. Additionally, there is a Chrome extension that works with email, social media platforms, and more.

2) Jasper AI

Formerly known as Jarvis or Conversion.AI, Jasper is a great alternative to Speedwrite. Unlike Speedwrite, it not only lets you rewrite text but also uses artificial intelligence to create content from scratch.

You can rewrite any sentence by selecting it and highlighting it while writing in Power or Concentrate mode. Your original meaning will still be present in the statement, even though some keywords have changed.

By selecting the smiley face emoji, you can rewrite your text to fit a fifth grade reading level.

If you have a sentence you want to elaborate on, sentence expansion will take your content and make it longer while maintaining its level of interest.

What if you want to change more than just one sentence? In this scenario, you can use the Content Improver template, which will rewrite your existing article to make it more engaging and appealing.

On the other hand, if you don’t already have any information you want to describe, you can hire Jasper to write everything from scratch.

More than 50 templates are available, such as:

  • Blog post introduction paragraphs
  • Blog post conclusion paragraphs
  • Quora answers
  • Amazon product descriptions
  • Engaging questions
  • Personal bios
  • Company bios

While articles and blog entries are ideally suited to Speedwrite, Jasper works similarly.

Suitable for product descriptions, personal profiles, social media posts, advertisements, etc.

Not in English? No problem. You can create and rewrite content in different languages with Jasper’s support for more than 25 languages.

Jasper even offers free SEO training sessions and web copy.

Jasper isn’t free, but has a lot of pricing flexibility. You can choose a Boss Mode plan for long-form material or a Starter plan for short-form content, and use the adjustable slider to determine the exact keyword count each month.

For the latest prices, see this link.

3) Rewrite Guru

Rewrite Guru is a free alternative to SpeedWrite that lets you write up to 1,500 words at a time for free. There are three different spin choices available to you:

  • Smart Spin, for moderate spinning
  • Ultra Spin, for extreme spinning
  • Manual Spin, for manual spinning

If you choose manual spin, the system will not overwrite anything. Rather, it will identify passages or terms that can be replaced with a selection of synonyms that you can choose to use in their place.

Regardless of the spin technique you employ, though, substitute terms and expressions will consistently be indicated, and selecting them will display a list of synonyms.

One of my favorite things about Rewrite Guru was this. You can easily choose a different synonym from the list to make your writing appear smarter and more natural, although the results can sometimes be a bit messy.

Additionally, Rewrite Guru will proofread your work for grammatical errors. You can also put your spun text through a plagiarism checker to confirm if any plagiarism is still present.

If plagiarism is found, you can try UltraSpin instead of SmartSpin.

The languages available for Rewrite Guru are English, Spanish, Russian, French and Italian.

4) Simplified

A free alternative to SpeedWrite is called Easy. It can rewrite your article using artificial intelligence to generate fresh, interesting content.

I’m glad that Easy allows you to choose the tone you want to appear in the new content. For example, you can make it funnier or create something that’s more goofy.

Simplified can generate new content in a matter of seconds, ranging from single lines to entire articles. But, you always have the option of creating original content from scratch, so you’re not limited to just rewriting content that’s already been written.

Simply choose one of the content types, such as a blog closing paragraph, a company bio, or something else, if you need to start fresh when creating new content. There are over thirty different types of content.

Additionally, Simplified offers a web design tool that works with leading media sites like GIPHY and Pixabay. Once your content is revised, you can use it to create landing pages, websites, and emails.

You can start using the user-friendly app for free without having to have a credit card.

5) WordAI

WordAI is a text rewriter that uses machine learning to create great content that looks authentic and indistinguishable from human-generated information. It tries to understand the meaning of each statement, before rearranging it to make it unique.

WordAI can generate up to 1,000 separate article versions if you need to write different versions of the same content. But please keep in mind that the more times you edit a paragraph, the more likely it is to start appearing forced.

The extent to which WordAI changes the rewritten text from the original is up to you. To increase the likelihood that it will pass a plagiarism checker, you can either add extra distinctions or stay close to the original content.

But don’t panic — one of the most popular plagiarism detectors, Copyscape, will review every piece of rewritten content that WordAI produces.

If you need to rewrite a lot of articles, WordAI is more useful than Speedwrite because it allows you to upload many articles at once and generate a fresh version for each one, giving you one Saves tons of time. Also, you can download your revised papers in bulk.

You can also view your rewritten articles in rich text or HTML format.

Alternatively, you can integrate article rewriting into your existing process using the WordAI API.

Sadly, WordAI is not without cost. However, it does provide a short free trial. More information and pricing is available here.

Produce creative, high-quality content, in a flash. With features like HTML support, bulk creation, and downloading, WordAi is a rewriting program. Try it today!

6) Quillbot

One of the most popular paraphrasing programs is Quillbot, which is why I recommend it as a great alternative to Speedwrite. Quillbot offers a free plan, unlike SpeedWrite, but the maximum amount of words you can rewrite at a time is 150.

That said, the free plan remains free indefinitely. Moreover, you can use it without creating an account and there is no need to sign up.

It is a good idea to double-check Quillbot’s results because sometimes they seem fabricated or have minor grammatical problems. But almost all rewriter programs have this issue: artificial intelligence will never be able to equal the caliber of human writing.

Whereas Speedwrite just provides a rewriting tool, Quillbot provides a multitude of writing enhancing capabilities. For instance, you can use the Summarizer tool to quickly summarize an article so that you can include it in your roundup email newsletter.

Using Grammar Checker, you can spot common grammar mistakes that are easy to overlook. Whenever you need to cite a source, whether it’s a book or an Internet article, use the Citation Generator to quickly create an appropriate citation.

Quillbot now offers an additional tool. Although it’s currently under beta testing, the tool is called the Cowriter tool, and I couldn’t find anything like it online.

While it integrates with some of Quillbot’s other products, including Para Freezer, it’s a stand-alone tool that has a lot to offer.

While you’re writing, you can search for articles online using the Research tab. You can pick out quotes from these articles, quickly rework them, and incorporate them into your own.

Alternatively, you can extract text from such articles and add it to your own, making sure to cite it. With Cowriter, you can achieve a lot. For example, it gives you reading analytics as you write, such as the amount of time you spend reading.

Additionally, Quillbot can enhance your productivity with add-ons and extensions for Google Docs, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Word.

In just a few seconds, Quillbot’s finely tuned AI can help you annotate your content. Millions of writers, students and professionals use Quillbot every day. If you need help with paraphrasing, consider this.

7) is one of the best free alternatives to Speedwrite. You don’t need to register to rewrite up to 1,000 words for free.

The website features ads, feels a little slow at times, and requires you to confirm a Captcha box before you can see your writing. These are errors.

Standard, creative and fluency are its three methods. Once you’ve determined which setting works best for you, try the others.

I tried on my own, and the result surprised me. While it didn’t completely rewrite the content, it did change a lot of keywords, which is usually enough to get Copyscape to accept your writing.

However, most of the results did not contain grammatical errors, which were understandable.

In addition, offers a number of additional features unlike Speedwrite, including a plagiarism detector. After reworking your content, you can easily check it for plagiarism using a plagiarism checker tool.

Additionally, there is a grammar checker and a citation generator.

8) Spinner Chief

Unlike Speedwrite, Spinner Chief offers both a web and downloadable software version plus a free plan. The results aren’t as great, and you can’t use the sophisticated customization options available to premium users, so the free plan is pretty limited.

On the other hand, you can change your results if you decide to upgrade. For example, you can choose from different spin types and decide if you want results that are more unique or easier to understand.

To get more articles, you can re-spin your spin text after adding safe terms that you don’t want the tool to replace.

You can select different parts of a spin article by selecting them on the “spin tree” that the tool displays. It has a built-in grammar AI optimizer and gives you the option to rotate words, sentences or both.

You can get a team license with SpinnerChief, which lets you share the program with your coworkers, which is another incentive to choose it over Speedwrite.

You should always proofread the output from Spinner Chief. Depending on your settings, the rules you set up, and the spin mechanism you use, they can sometimes look a little weird and out of place.

Although there are many possibilities, this tool is not easy to use, so take some time to experiment with it until you find the best settings.

If you choose to use Spinner Chief, you should consider purchasing a premium license. You will benefit from a more advanced version of Spinner Chief and get significantly better results.

Unlike Speedwrite, you can buy a one-time license and use it indefinitely instead of being locked into a monthly subscription.

9) SpinBot

SpinBot is a free alternative to SmartDraw. I appreciate that the paraphrase results can be made longer (with more words) or shorter (with fewer words) by using the slider.

When SpinBot rewrites your content, it makes extensive use of synonyms and other phrases. This will guarantee that the text will pass any plagiarism detection program you run it through.

However, the downside is that the text can sometimes look a bit awkward. Because of this, it is very important to proofread and edit it slightly to remove any rough edges. Nevertheless, this is something you should expect from many spinners and rewriters, not just SpinBot.

While it may not be the greatest paraphrasing tool, SpinBot will soon have Translate and Spin functions.

You can use this tool to input text from any language and convert text to another language. While I can’t say for sure how accurate the results will be, this is a feature worth looking into as very few spinners let you do this.

It is not necessary to create an account to use SpinBot for free. But if you use it for free, every time you want to scroll through the content, you have to deal with ads and fill captcha.

10) Outwrite

When rewriting sentences, Outwrite is a handy tool you can use in place of Speedwrite. It features a browser extension unlike SpeedWrite, so you can rewrite your sentences whether you’re writing an email, a social networking post, or a WordPress blog post.

But Outwrite is more than just a tool for paraphrasing. It has a grammar and spelling checker as well as a plagiarism detector.

To help you find synonyms, it has an integrated thesaurus. Alternatively, you can simply use the Rewrite tool to get recommendations for rewriting a few separate sentences.

Although Outwrite offers a free plan, using it will not give you access to the rewrite tool. The grammar and spelling checker is free to use, and while it won’t completely rewrite lines, it will give you suggestions on how to improve the readability of your articles. How to make sentences shorter and simpler.

Although OutWrite offers a free trial, if you want to rewrite individual sentences rather than create an entirely new article, OutWrite is better than SpeedWrite. The goal here is to learn to produce clearer, more readable sentences.

You’ll need to focus on one sentence at a time, but you can certainly redo your entire post.

When paraphrasing sentences or paragraphs, many article spinners add extra words, producing strange results that look like they were written by a computer. Outwrite, on the other hand, aims to improve the readability and conciseness of your sentences.

11) Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is an excellent replacement for Speedwrite since it uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to convert text into new material.

With the option to create your own thesaurus with your favorite synonyms, exclude synonyms from rewritten content, choose terms that should never be rewritten, and more, it’s much more customizable than Speedwrite.

You can make grammar corrections, rearrange sentences, and merge two sentences into one. The inbuilt Copyscape checker allows you to quickly check for plagiarism with just one click.

If you need help writing an article, you can search for articles and other content using the research tool, then rotate them to make them specific before adding them to your new section. It is possible to combine information from several sources.

After creating content, you can choose from a variety of export formats, including HTML, to make it easy to use in emails, blogs, and other online publications. You can also use a blog submission tool to syndicate your content to multiple websites.

Although Chimp Rewriter has a built-in thesaurus for multiple languages, Speedwrite is more efficient when used in English and can work in closely related languages as well. English, Spanish, French, and several additional European languages — from Swedish to Slovak — are supported.

On the other hand, other languages may be introduced soon, so stay tuned for that.

Although Chimp Rewriter is not free, you can try it without committing anything thanks to the free trial.


Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best Speedwrite Alternative?

There are many fantastic alternatives available. But I recommend using Quillbot.

Despite its shortcomings, Quillbot is user-friendly because of its Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word extensions. Also, there is a free plan, and even the premium plans are reasonably priced.

The Cowriter feature, which made it easy to absorb web content while rewriting it first, was particularly appealing to me. All things considered, Quillbot is one of the easiest ways to start rewriting content without breaking the bank.

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