10 Best SuperSummary Alternatives

10 Best SuperSummary Alternatives

SuperSummary is an online resource for books that offers comprehensive guides to many book genres.

Although reading a book is enjoyable, some people prefer to read a summary first. SuperSummary and other similar websites analyze books and provide content in digestible, bite-sized chunks.

The plot, characters, characters and other elements of the story are summarized in the super summary. Although SuperSummary is cheap — $3 per month for an annual plan — some users may still prefer not to spend that money.

In addition, the platform has received unfavorable reviews regarding the hidden membership fees on TrustPilot.

We’ve compiled a list of SuperSummary alternatives in light of these factors.

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Best Alternatives for SuperSummary Worth Trying

1) BookPage – Best for Discovering Books

The first on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is BookPage. For those who can’t get enough books and need a constant supply, BookPage is ideal. It provides the largest summaries of recently released books as they become available.

The super summary layout is static, but the book summary platform has one of the most interactive interfaces. New book titles are animated and move quickly across the screen with interesting tags to grab your attention.

For easy access, everything on the website is also organized into neat categories. Fiction, non-fiction, mystery, romance, and science fiction are some notable genres. There is even a special area for children.

BookPage displays all book covers with colored letters on a white background.

One of the rare websites that interviews authors of book summaries is BookPage. Authors can use these areas as a platform to market their books and attract new readers.

BookPage’s Premium Edition offers several pricing tiers. Bookstore, library, and individual use plans are available. For a limited time, you can try each for free.

2) Free Book Summary – Easiest to Navigate

The next on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is Free Book Summary. The process of searching and finding book summaries is made easy by Free Book Summaries. In addition to book categories, an alphabetical link allows you to search for book titles in alphabetical order.

Free Book Synopsis supports both classic and contemporary literature. The writings of Charles Dickens are available along with the writings of George RR Martin. Thus, it caters to the needs of a wide range of readers.

There are many study aids out there that can be compared to SuperSummary. Writing essays and analyzing written material are skills that can be taught.

When you open the book summary, you can find all the important information you need for your reading or study. The book’s title, author, year of release, genre, language, setting, and cast of characters are all included in each summary.

You also get a comprehensive overview of the book, divided into different chapters. However, the feature that sets Free Book Summary the most is the audiobook selection. Every book we evaluate on the internet has its complete audiobook available for listening.

Although the free book summary is free, to use all the information, you must log in.

3) Novelguide – Best for Novels

Novelguide, as the name suggests, mainly focuses on novels. It offers a wide range of summaries and summaries for those who enjoy learning details about books before reading them.

Novelguide categorizes its information, but most people with vision problems may find the fonts too small. But when it comes to giving a thorough explanation, that’s when it really shines.

Apart from books, the Novelguide also has sections on poetry, art, music, religion and education.

Each book synopsis provides an overview with a list of the author’s previous works. You also get a comprehensive overview of the main points of the book.

In particular, each overview describes each theme in more detail, providing researchers and students with all the information they need for their studies.

Additionally, the novel guide provides exam preparation advice for students in various subject areas. Additionally, there is a section that offers job tips. Important resources can be accessed without creating an account on this free website.

4) Poem Analysis – Best for Poetry

The next on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is Poem Analysis. The greatest summary of poetry is found in the analysis of the poem.

With a big blue background, the general design of the site is strikingly similar to SuperSummary.

Information on the website shows that about 4500 poems have been reviewed. Additionally, nearly 80 million users have visited the website to date. It features poetry from over 1,100 poets from around the world.

Poem analysis also gives each poet a background story to include. It includes well-known figures such as Elizabeth Jennings, William Blake, and William Wordsworth.

Poem analysis is also a really reliable resource for teaching poetry. It includes a literary glossary that explains technical terms commonly used in poetry written in English.

When you open a featured poem, all background information about the poet and publication is available. The main point, themes, speaker, emotions evoked, poetic form and historical period are all there.

Next, each verse is divided into manageable sections, with a full explanation provided for each section.

Although there is a paid edition with two plans, Poem Analysis is free. The monthly plan costs $9.95, and the annual plan is $4.95 per month. The monthly plan is the first.

5) GradeSaver – Best for Students

The next up on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is, GradeSaver aims to provide students with the best resources for literary analysis.

It includes a number of comprehensive study aids that cover a variety of topics. The resources available to you on GradeSaver are endless. Be it poetry or novels, everything is well described by those who have studied literature for a long time.

Students can also avail essay editing services from GradeSaver. It offers tons of content to help people learn how to write and edit essays like professions for academic purposes. Additionally, cover letter writing and college application training is available to students.

Each book guide includes a summary of the author’s background. Glossary, book video, chapter sections, themes, and character list are additional details.

Although the website is not as clean as SuperSummary, it is still easy to navigate. You can use the search feature to find the exact title of the book you are looking for. Moreover, book categories are directly accessible from the menu.

The monthly membership charge for GradeSaver is $19.95, and the annual fee is $99.95.

6) WikiSummaries – Best Free Summaries

The next on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is WikiSummaries. With an extensive library of literary works summarized for all people of interest, WikiSummaries is completely free.

One way it differs from SuperSummary is that it accepts user additions. As a result, readers who have actually read the books provide individual summaries.

Publishers, authors, and readers work together to provide accurate descriptions of books and magazines.

Even when WikiSummaries’ user interface isn’t as attractive as most alternatives, it still gets the job done admirably.

Each book summary is divided into several genres, including business, nonfiction, and fiction. You don’t even need to register to view book summaries.

Each book summary includes all the relevant information you need. Information includes title, author name, publication date, genre, page count, and a brief summary of each chapter.

Everyone is welcome to leave feedback and ask questions at the end of each review. It continues meaningful book discussions.

7) Cliffs Notes – Best Premium Alternative

SuperSummary is less expensive than Cliffs Notes, yet Cliffs Notes provides more complete book summaries.

When you first open Cliffs Notes, your eyes are drawn to the user interface. It is easy and clean to use. The vivid yellow and black color scheme makes it easy to find the book’s summary by making the text stand out.

However, the addition of test preparation material caught my attention the most. They are ideal for students preparing for any type of exam.

Tests are available for the SAT, GRE, ACT, and Praxis. Users can avoid opening multiple web pages at once by centralizing all book summaries and tests in one place.

Cliffs Notes similarly largely favors non-fiction literature over fiction. Other subjects covered in depth include English literature, biology, economics, anatomy, and sociology.

Algebra, elementary school math, biochemistry, and calculus study guides are available. However, to use Cliffs Notes, you must first register.

Two plans are included with the premium version. An annual plan is billed annually and costs $3 per month. Another option is a $9 monthly membership that you’re charged every thirty days.

8) Shmoop – Best All-around Alternative

The next on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is Shmoop. Everything is kept under one roof in Shmoop. It’s all there, whether you’re looking for instructor tutoring material or student guidance. Parents can also find resources to help their children study more effectively at home.

Additionally, the platform has a dedicated section for districts and schools where comprehensive curriculum summaries are developed. In summary, Schmoop does a better job of centralizing important learning content than SuperSummary.

The availability of courses is another area in which Shmoop excels. Studying is easy with over 400 personalized courses covering all major areas. Courses are accessible on many devices and suitable for use in the classroom.

Videos are also included with book descriptions on Shmoop for those who may not enjoy reading text. This kind of ease and adaptability is missing from the majority of other options.

It’s not free, as you might expect from all the incredible resources on Shmoop. Costs vary greatly based on the package you require. There are plans for homeschool, teacher, and student accounts. You can find a detailed description of these on the Shmoop Pricing page.

9) DOGO Books – Best for Kid Books

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning DOGO Books, a book ummary site for kids.

This website offers book summaries and guidelines for thousands of children’s and young adult fiction. Popular novels such as Divergent, Island of Blue Dolphins, Wings of Fire, and many more are available.

Unlike SuperSummary, which offers a variety of genres, the majority of books on DOGO Books are in the fiction category.

DOGO Books offers a child-friendly layout and is easy to use. The site title is written in a bold, vibrant and striking font. For easy access, book summaries are also neatly organized into several categories.

There is a section dedicated to science fiction, adventure, biography, and graphic novels.

Important details accompany each book summary. It shows word count, author, genre, interest, reading level of the user base, and user ratings. Below is a concise but complete summary of the book.

Below the summary, there is an additional section dedicated to user comments, where you can find insightful feedback about the book.

Also, DOGO Novels offers quizzes based on the novels you read. This is a fun way to test your understanding of book characters and concepts as well as your book knowledge.

Although the website is free, to fully utilize all its resources, you need to register first.

10) eNotes – Best for Classical Literature

The last on the list of SuperSummary Alternatives is, eNotes has everything you need whether you enjoy classic literature by authors like Charles Dickens, Dante Alighieri, or Shakespeare.

Some of the most popular classic novels in existence can be found on eNotes. Books like The Great Gatsby and Macbeth are available, each with in-depth summaries written by some of history’s greatest writers.

The website itself is user-friendly and makes excellent use of basic fonts and colors. Even with smaller screens, you won’t have to strain your eyes too much because everything is readable.

Summaries of more than 30,000 books are reportedly available on eNotes. Because of this, it is an invaluable learning tool for academics, teachers and researchers.

Additionally, there are dedicated sections for instructor materials, study aids, and student homework support. There are about 40,000 booklets in the student area alone. George Orwell’s 1984 and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi are two famous novels that have been adapted.

Each book’s synopsis provides a thorough analysis of the characters, the setting of the act, and the story. Finally, there’s a quick quiz for you to test yourself.

All of this, though, is not free. There are two premium eNotes plans.

The $7.49 monthly plan is charged on a thirty-day basis. Alternatively, there is a less expensive annual subscription, which costs $24.99, or about $2 a month. Therefore, the long-term plan is less expensive than the SuperSummary.


Wrapping Up

Reading culture values literary summaries, and these 10 can help you professionally and personally.

WikiSummaries is a free resource that I recommend using. It is frequently updated and has a large book library. The most reasonably priced premium alternative that offers more than its competitors is Cliffs Notes.

Having said that, browse through them all and choose the best summary website for your needs.

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