11 Best Medical Records Apps For Android & iOS (2024)

11 Best Medical Records Apps For Android & iOS (2024)

Having all your medical records readily available on your phone makes it easy to manage and organize patient information.

In addition to reporting to medical facilities, patients can instantly fill prescriptions at pharmacies and remember their next appointments.

Using the other method is quite difficult to keep a paper copy on hand all the time. Additionally, there is a good chance that these health and medical records will become inaccurate over time.

Additionally, medical records accumulate over time to create large files.

In the event of a medical emergency, you can quickly prepare your Personal Health Record (PHR) or use the Medical Records app on your phone.

As a result, we now review the top medical record applications available for iOS and Android.

Note that Microsoft ended support for its Health Vault app in 2019 when Google dropped its own health app, Google Health, a long time ago.

Best Medical Records Apps For Android & iOS

1) GenieMD Remote Care

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The first on the list of Medical Records Apps is, GenieMD is a HIPAA-compliant company that facilitates effective communication between healthcare physicians and their patients, enabling them to provide care remotely.

During the epidemic, technology really took off since it made it possible to watch videos during the lockdown. In addition to facilitating communication between medical professionals and patients, this software aids users in organizing and monitoring all of their medical records.

The app has a dedicated area to keep track of your prescriptions, blood pressure, glucose levels, and other medical information.

You can program pill reminders to receive alerts when it’s time to take your medication, and you can also monitor missed doses to identify any adverse health effects.

The software also allows you to maintain a list of all your doctors. The operating physician can easily access your medical history and contact your emergency contacts in an emergency.

2) MyChart

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MyChart, a highly trusted personal health record software for iOS and Android by Epic Systems Corporation, enables you to easily manage your and your family’s medical records.

Compared to some of the other apps on our list, MyChart’s user interface is much more straightforward. It easily keeps track of your appointments, current medical issues, and prescriptions. Test results, immunization records, medical history, etc. are all easily accessible.

To get all your medical records in one place, you can link your accounts with other healthcare providers. You can read and share medical notes from your healthcare provider, make and manage appointments, and communicate with your primary care team through the app.

3) Dr.Pad: Patient Medical Record

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Dr.Pad is a different HIPAA compliant software designed for doctors and other healthcare professionals that facilitates the management of patient information within one app.

You have access to your patients’ personal data, including their medical history, lab results, medical notes, appointment history, prescriptions, etc.

You can save and retrieve reports and results of various tests and screenings using the PHR app. All data is secured and kept on cloud servers to avoid unwanted access.

A premium plan for Dr.Pad unlocks a number of additional features. You can create a PDF with the patient’s prescription and medical notes, store prescriptions as templates for later use, and email or text the patient with their medication and Visit history.

4) Be Healthy – Medical Records

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For those looking for a straightforward solution to maintaining their medical records, the clean design of the BHealth app makes it ideal.

Stay Healthy Master the basics of an app for medical records. All important medical records, including lab results, certifications, hospital reports, prescriptions, and medical diagnoses, can be stored and accessed with it.

All your family members’ medical records are instantly accessible when you create a profile for them. Along with sending notifications for trigger events and showing reminders for the medications you enter in the app, the app also enables you to create medical events for each member.

The health calculator, which tracks a number of metrics including BMI, body weight, calorie consumption, etc., is another useful element of being healthy. If you are concerned about your fitness, Stay Healthy will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

5) SynappseHealth: Health Records

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SynappseHealth Health Records, a useful application for tracking and documenting health information with a streamlined user interface, is the final item on the list.

This software allows you to record your medical characteristics and diagnoses and functions as your healthcare partner.

It will help you keep track of everything by displaying your inputs in the health timeline. The software will then make recommendations on how to take better care of your health based on your input.

In addition, the app has a large healthcare library where you can find medical notes to bring to your doctor and interpret symptoms.

Plus, you can keep track of your prescriptions, scheduled appointments, and recommendations about how often to see your doctor.

6) MyID – Medical ID Profile

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Anyone who has ever owned a bracelet, sticker, or other MyID device has probably heard of the MyID companion app.

You can store almost any medical data for free with the MyID app, including your blood type, organ donation preferences, allergies, vital signs, medical images, lab results, and emergency contacts.

In addition, the application will generate a personalized QR code and add this data so that first responders can view your profile and provide necessary assistance.

For $1.99 a month, users can upgrade to MyID’s premium tier, which enables a number of advanced services such as medication reminders, medical document sharing, and emergency contact notifications.

7) Apple Health

If you’ve watched any of the company’s keynotes over the past year, you’re aware of Apple’s seriousness about consumer health.

The Health app, when used with the Apple Watch, will monitor everything you need.

All the necessary sensors are included in the watch, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, and cardiogram which has received FDA approval.

You’ll get help faster in an emergency thanks to the Medical ID function, which gives emergency responders access to critical medical data.

The Health app allows you to list emergency contacts, prescription drugs, illnesses, allergies and organ donation wishes. In addition, you can review your current prescription list and set medication reminders.

Unfortunately, there is no Android app that works with Apple Health. Fitbit is a brilliant mess, and Google dropped Health a long time ago.

8) My Health Records

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The My Health Records app, which is powered by PrognoCISTM, is currently one of the most popular medical records applications available. You may access all of your vital medical records and maintain communication with your primary care physician through in-app conversations on the app.

Additionally, My Health Records is a fantastic tool for maintaining medical records that provides quick access to prescription information, lab and radiology test results, immunization records, allergy information, and more.

You can manage your future, desired and scheduled appointments. Additionally, you can get prescription drug refills from your provider and schedule appointments right from the app.


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Outside of Apple Health, MTBC PHR is one of the most widely used programs for personal health records.

You can directly access your extensive medical history and information through our secure and easy-to-use software. This includes all of your medical history, including prescriptions, allergy information, and vaccination records.

MTBC PHR offers on-demand appointment scheduling and cancellation, as listed above. Additionally, you have the ability to upload and store lab and radiology reports for any test.

Finally, secure and direct in-app messaging allows you to communicate instantly with your healthcare practitioner.

10) My Medical

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My Medical is a comprehensive personal medical records application developed by leading Hyrax Inc. and is an ideal alternative to the clutter of paper records.

Both people and healthcare professionals are the target audience for this app. The software allows patients to store all their family medical records and allows doctors to add relevant notes about their patients.

With the My Medical app, you can monitor data that isn’t necessarily present in normal medical records.

These include insurance, emergency contacts, important contact information, etc. To provide you with timely notifications, the app also syncs with your calendar to update upcoming appointments, lab tests, and prescription due dates.

The ability to edit first responder instructions, which guarantees you get the right care in an emergency, is definitely the best feature. You don’t have to worry about data security as all data is stored remotely.

11) Capzule PHR

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The last on the list of Medical Records Apps is, well-reviewed iOS medical records app that keeps track of your family’s medical records is called Capzule PHR.

This software helps you record important information such as blood pressure, temperature, body weight, etc., besides information about prescription drugs. Based on these facts, it creates a timeline display that makes it easy for you to see the changes.

In addition to data collection, Capzule offers additional sophisticated functions, including personalized health tracking templates, medication reminders, CSV data export and import, flowsheet-based health statistics tracking, self-health assessment, And much more.

Unlike the MyMedical app, which stores your data locally on the device, Capzule provides data backup to Dropbox and Google Drive.

To protect your data, it also enables biometric authentication, so it can be used with TouchID and FaceID.

What can be stored in a PHR app?

Your health information can be tracked and centralized through the Personal Health Record (PHR) app. In general, a PHR software allows you to store:

  • Identity and Demographics: Name, date of birth, phone number, blood type, and other facts.
  • Medical History: Medical history includes allergies, vaccines, surgeries, chronic diseases, and family medical history.
  • Medications: Records of prescribed medications, dosages, and prescribing physicians, both past and present.
  • Healthcare Providers: Details of doctors and therapists with dates of visits.
  • Test results: From imaging to blood tests.
  • Vital signs and metrics: such as weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure.
  • Lifestyle information: bad habits such as diet, physical activity, and smoking.
  • Advance directives: DNR directives and living wills are examples of these.
  • Information about insurance: contact details and policy details.
  • Private Notes and Journals: For medical questions and symptoms.
  • Scheduling appointments: including visit and prescription reminders.
  • Attachments: Pictures or videos related to medical issues.

FAQs About Medical Records Apps For Smartphones

What does the patient’s iPhone app record?

Your iPhone comes preinstalled with the Apple Health app, which allows you to view all of your medical records in one place, including prescriptions, vaccines, test results, and more.

Can the iPhone monitor health?

You can check your fitness progress in one place with the Health app, which collects data from multiple sources, including your iPhone, Apple Watch, and other apps you already use.

Activity data will also be automatically collected by Health if you own an Apple Watch. You can put your data into the app to store your medical records online.

Is your medical record available as an app?

To help you maintain the organization of your medical records, there are many apps available for both iOS and Android.

So far, Apple Health, MyID, and My Health Records are the top three apps available. These applications have the ability to track your daily activities, access medical records anytime from anywhere and occasionally provide you with important alerts.


Concluding Remarks

There you go! You can always organize your medical records on your phone with this list of top medical records apps for iOS and Android.

If you have an iPhone, Apple Health is highly recommended, but there are several additional solutions listed that can be tailored to your specific needs.

To select the app that best fits your needs and your area, make sure you read the full list.

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