Top 11 Duplicate File Finder For Windows 11/10 in 2024

Top 11 Duplicate File Finder For Windows 11/10 in 2024

Often, the accumulation of excessive files causes our PC to overheat or become unresponsive, and we are usually oblivious to it.

Duplicate files that regularly accumulate on our computers as a result of repeated downloads of items such as photos, music, videos, and email attachments also create a significant amount of these unnecessary files.

Unfortunately, because searching through directories can take time, especially if your computer has a lot of data, manually finding and eliminating duplicate files may not be successful.

However, duplicate file finders—which use intelligent algorithms to discover and compare files based not only on their names but also on their contents—can help you find duplicate files on your computer. and can help remove

This post will detail the top 11 duplicate file finders for Windows 11/10, making it simple and effective for you to remove duplicate files from your computer.

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Top Duplicate File Finder for Windows 11/10

Are you trying to find or remove duplicate files from Windows 11/10? You’ve come to the right place, as we’ll go over our top tips below to help you decide.

1) Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Another app on our list of top duplicate photo finders is Auslogics Duplicate File Finder, which has received over 50 million downloads.

A free tool called Auslogics Duplicate File Finder has many features that can be used to find duplicate files, recover deleted files and update drivers on your computer. Yes, you can use this free tool to find them all.

This program detects duplicate files on your device by comparing file names and contents using complex algorithms. You can also choose which duplicate copies to remove and the settings under which it will scan your computer.

Despite being free, it is updated frequently. Auslogics Duplicate Finder, however, is limited to Windows-based systems.

Notable elements

  • It is not available for personal use.
  • You can customize parameters to scan, remove and keep duplicate images.
  • It is compatible with various file formats.

Small errors

  • There is no deep scan option available.

2) Easy Duplicate Finder

For Windows and Mac computers, Easy Duplicate Finder is a great tool for finding and eliminating duplicate files. If you have a lot of duplicate files in your computer’s file explorer, this is a must-have program.

Additionally, you may find duplicate files on your computer and in cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive by using Easy Duplicate Finder.

This utility can accurately detect duplicate files in any format thanks to its intelligent technology. Its simple three-step method makes it easy to operate, and its UI is uncomplicated.

Moreover, you can effectively distinguish between similar and duplicate files with the help of “CRC32 Checksum + File size” tool. Before deleting duplicate files, you can choose to manually or automatically review them after they are found.

Along with files, Easy Duplicate Finder may also locate duplicate emails and contacts on your device. Even though the program needs a membership, by providing your email address during a premium free trial, you can scan up to 30 duplicate files.

Notable elements

  • It uses the latest algorithms.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It supports email, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Small errors

  • It is expensive.
  • The free version has a limited amount of duplicate scan allowance.

3) Duplicate File Fixer

Duplicate File Fixer is another premium duplicate file removal tool that makes it to our list. It finds duplicate files on your computer and allows you to remove them with precision and efficiency.

Instead of navigating through your file manager to select folders to scan, you can use this application to delete duplicate files from Mac and Windows PCs by dragging files or folders to find duplicates. Can do and leave.

Apart from searching for images, Duplicate File Fixer can also search for files that contain text, documents, audio and video. You can also select the scan parameters to get the best results.

Thousands of people rely on its secure features, including removing duplicate.eml files from your device, scanning and removing duplicate files directly from Dropbox and Google Drive, and organizing results for easy viewing. A lot is involved.

Notable elements

  • It does a full scan.
  • It has a fallback option.
  • It has undo and preview feature.
  • Duplicate files from Dropbox and Google Drive can be eliminated with it.

Small errors

  • Although it offers a free trial, you can only use a certain amount of files with it.

4) CCleaner

CCleaner is a thorough program that removes unwanted files from your Mac, Windows computer, and Android smartphone. You can quickly detect and remove duplicate files from your computer using Windows 10 and Windows 11 by using the duplicate file finder tool.

Two versions of the program are available: a normal version that is free and a premium version called Pro that has more capabilities. Security is CCleaner’s top priority, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience and protection against malware and unwanted applications.

Additionally, you can adjust a number of factors to improve the accuracy of duplicate image scanning results.

Additionally, you can choose from a number of custom settings provided by CCleaner to determine how duplicate images should be removed from your computer. In addition to scanning drives on your computer, its capabilities have been expanded to include network drives, cloud storage, and external drives.

CCleaner is a great tool for removing duplicate files from your computer as it supports multiple file formats and has a preview mode.

Notable elements

  • It provides features for PC optimization.
  • It is safe to use.
  • A preview option is available.

Small errors

  • The app is somewhat expensive and requires a subscription.

5) Duplicate Sweeper

Strong Duplicate Sweeper is another duplicate file finder for Windows 11 and Windows 10, which has many features to make managing duplicate files easier.

Both inexperienced and seasoned users will find Duplicate Sweeper to be simple to use and navigate because to its intuitive design.

In the folder of your choice, the software’s algorithm searches your computer extensively for duplicate files.

After the scan is complete, this application sorts the duplicate files and lets you inspect the contents of the files using an integrated file preview.

All things considered, it is a great tool to remove duplicate files and increase storage capacity without compromising important information.

Notable elements

  • Its UI is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It can scan multiple drives simultaneously.
  • It enables file backup and restore.
  • A built-in file preview is included.

Small errors

  • Using the app’s full feature set costs money.
  • Network drives are not supported.

6) AllDup

AllDup is a useful freeware tool for Windows 11/10 PCs that locates and eliminates duplicate files fast. The program’s user interface is sufficiently straightforward for anyone to use.

Additionally, this tool has many features that make it easy to find duplicate files on your computer. It uses a quick search algorithm to find duplicates of any type of file, including text, images, movies and music.

A built-in file reader in AllDup also allows you to view a range of file formats and review their contents before deciding whether or not to delete them.

In addition to identifying duplicate files, AllDup creates hard links to duplicate files it finds on your computer.

Additionally, AllDup allows you to temporarily remove duplicate files or move them to another folder according to your preferences. All things considered, it is among the top duplicate file detectors for Windows 11/10.

Notable elements

  • Robust and customizable search parameters
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • File batch processing is supported.

Small errors

  • Although the program’s user interface (UI) is simple, some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the cumbersome options.
  • Sometimes, using large drives is slow.

7) SearchMyFiles

With SearchMyFiles, you can remove duplicate files and save storage space on your Windows 11/10 computer.

This portable tool uses file names, sizes, and content to search the computer for duplicate files. It does not require installation and is free.

Although the tool’s primary function is to replace Windows’ built-in search function, it also offers a special search mode that enables you to find duplicate files on your system.

Duplicate search: When you switch to search mode, the software finds and displays duplicate files on your system. Your preset configurations, including folder to search, file size to search, and various other options to speed up the search, are the basis of this scan.

To facilitate review, this software paints each part of duplicate files in different colors. Due to its effectiveness in finding duplicate files, we rate this program as one of the top duplicate file finders for Windows 11/10.

Notable elements

  • You can use it for free.
  • It works quickly and efficiently.
  • It accommodates many search parameters.
  • It is accessible in multiple languages.

Small errors

  • Compared to other duplicate file finders, it lacks some features.

8) dupeGuru

DupeGuru has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness, making it one of the most accessible duplicate file finders for finding identical and duplicate files on your Windows PC.

This is especially important if you want to clean up your Windows 11/10 PC or make room for new files.

The best algorithm is provided by Dupeguru, which can detect duplicates in files by both name and content. The program is lightweight and has an easy-to-use interface.

The software may seem complicated at first because of its set of menus, but it’s actually easy to use.

Once the folder to be scanned has been chosen, click the + symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen to select the scan menu located in the bottom right corner.

The software also offers several customization options to detect duplicate files on your computer. However, you may occasionally need to switch between application modes and scan types to find the duplicate you’re looking for.

When it detects duplicate files on your computer, it also provides several alternatives, such as the ability to move or remove files to a folder.

We found the program to be a great duplicate finder for Windows 11/10, but the lack of an integrated file viewer to check for duplicates after a scan is a drawback.

Notable elements

  • It is open source and free.
  • It works on multiple platforms.
  • It is robust and easy to use.
  • It is multilingual.

Small errors

  • Due to its menu layout, some users may find it difficult to use.

9) Duplicate Cleaner Free

If you want to find and remove duplicate files from your computer, Duplicate Cleaner is an application that can be helpful. Duplication Finder offers both free and subscription-based options, depending on your desired level of enjoyment.

Duplicate Cleaner Free, the free version of the tool, can still help you find duplicate files on your computer, even if its subscription-based plan offers all functions without restrictions.

The application is easy to use and works with different file formats, such as image, video and audio files.

It also has modes for different types of files, such as image, video and audio. You can also use Normal mode, which finds duplicates in all file types.

Additionally, DuplicateCleaner’s duplicate file scans are generally fast and efficient, and you can tailor your searches to specific file types, sizes, and other parameters.

Like the other duplicate file finders we’ve covered in this post, you can choose to move or delete any duplicates this finder detects for later use.

Notable elements

  • It is compatible with many file formats.
  • It is easy to use.

Small errors

  • This free edition has fewer features.
  • Large directories can lag behind.

10) Czkawka

Czkawka is an open source utility for Windows 11/10 PC that can detect duplicate files based on file name, size and hash. It is compatible with several additional operating systems. It is designed to find duplicate files in directories quickly and efficiently.

Written in Rust’s memory-safe language, Czkawka is reportedly able to find duplicates faster than other programs we’ve discussed in this post.

It is extremely memory efficient and lightweight, even compared to similar lightweight Dope Gurus. In addition to finding duplicate files on your computer, Czkawka lets you find broken files, empty directories, and comparable images.

With its user-friendly interface, this tool makes it easy to find duplicates by using various check techniques such as size, hash and name.

Notable elements

  • It is open source and free.
  • It uses filename and hash to identify duplicate files.
  • It is underweight.
  • It works quickly and efficiently.

Small errors

  • You are unable to change the search order.

11) Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder is another well-liked program for locating and eliminating duplicate files from your computer.

It’s one of the best duplicate file finders for Windows 11/10 for quickly locating duplicate files because of its advanced capabilities and intuitive design.

Using a fast scanning algorithm, this duplicate file finder scans files and reliably detects duplicate files based on file name, content, and size.

To help you narrow down your search parameters and get fewer results, Fast Duplicate File Finder also provides a wide range of search and filter options.

You can adjust how duplicate files are eliminated with this utility.

You can use this tool to find duplicate files on local, cloud, network, and external storage.

It is built to handle duplicate files efficiently, making it one of the best duplicate file finders that you can use without any regrets.

Notable elements

  • It finds duplicate files quickly and accurately.
  • You can preview files before removing them.
  • Duplicate files can be moved or removed in bulk.

Small errors

  • The free edition has fewer features.


How to Discover Duplicate Files Without Software on Windows 11/10

It is possible to identify duplicate files on Windows systems without the need for software, although it may not be very thorough or efficient. Speaking of comprehensiveness, one of the reasons this strategy is not successful is that the duplicate search parameters in this example are based on file name, file size, file type, and file addition date. Contents of the files are not included.

If you want to find duplicate files on Windows without the need for a third-party program, you have to manually compare files using Windows File Explorer. Following are the steps you can take to do this:

  1. To launch File Explorer on your PC, press Windows + E.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you want to find duplicate files, then select Details from the View tab on the ribbon. It will make it easy to compare files by displaying the folder’s files by their size, name, date, and type.
  3. To identify duplicates, now sort files within a folder based on the following attributes: name, size, date, type, etc. To compare possible duplicate files, click the Sort tab in the File Explorer ribbon and change the parameters.

Note: To make sure you’re selecting duplicates correctly, you’ll also need to view the files.

FAQ: Windows 11/10 Duplicate File Finder

Is there a Duplicate File Finder in Windows 11?

No, Windows 11 does not have a built-in duplication detector. Therefore, the best way to find duplicate files on your Windows PC is to use a third-party duplicate file finder.

How can I quickly find duplicate files in Windows 10?

The quickest method for locating duplicate files in Windows 10 is to use the Duplicate File Finder application. The larger files are covered on this page, but dupeGuru is the one we suggest utilizing due to its reputation for speed and effectiveness.

Is Duplicate File Finder available for free?

Actually, there are a number of duplication finders that are free to use. The most well-liked ones are Czkawka, AllDup, and dupeGuru. You can use any of these tiny, free, and incredibly powerful apps to search for duplicate files on your computer.

Wrap Up

Top tools to remove duplicate files and free up extra storage space from Windows 11/10 are described in this post.

You are advised to proceed with caution when installing some of these apps, as they may attempt to install bloatware.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between free and paid options based on your budget. However, since the open source options we have seen so far are also free, they should be enough for you as they have a feature set that is comparable to the more expensive options.

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