16 Best Free QR Code Generators Online

16 Best Free QR Code Generators Online

Looking for a quick and effective way to create QR codes? You don’t have to look any further as we have rounded up the top 16 free QR code generation websites.

A number of QR code developers have emerged online since the pandemic, making QR codes extremely popular. Majority of people struggle to choose a program because there is not much difference in its services and solutions.

We’ve done extensive research and compiled the top 16 free QR code generator sites to save you the headache.

Ready to learn more about these generators? Read on to know all about them.

A QR Code: What is it?

A quick response or QR code is a type of barcode that allows you to store and embed a variety of data into a grid of pixels that can be read by a digital device. It is often designed like a square grid.

QR codes are used for more than just marketing and business. QR codes are used on a regular basis in many industries, including healthcare and education.

Then what is the best thing? Your smartphone will be enough to scan the QR code. Heavy equipment is not necessary. To view the data on the QR code, all you have to do is use your camera or use a scanner app.

Types of QR Codes

QR codes come in two varieties: dynamic and static.

Once created, static QR codes cannot be reversed. The data you enter in this QR code is fixed and cannot be changed.

As long as the embedded link is live, these QR codes will continue to work. If the website is unavailable or not in use, the static QR code will redirect users to an error page.

Any online QR code generator can be used to generate or generate static QR codes with ease. Most generators provide them at no charge.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, are more sophisticated versions that let you edit and update the embedded data even after printing and distributing it. The QR code will update instantly with the changes made to your data.

In addition, you can monitor QR code data such as scan quantity, time and place of each scan, and device operating system.

You can track the effectiveness and engagement of your dynamic QR code with these metrics.

Best Free QR Code Generators Online

Listed below are the top 16 free QR code generators available online for your use.

1) High QR code generator.com

This QR code generator provided by Google provides QR code solutions, such as text embedding and standard URL insertion.

You can use it to generate a free personalized QR code. You are welcome to change the colors, add your logo and download the high resolution version.

Pop-ups, however, will appear after you generate the QR code.

2) QRExplore

A fantastic free solution for creating large quantities of QR codes is QRExplore.

With QRExplore, you can generate thousands of QR codes and download them as a zip file. But only the first 100 QR codes are given for free.

User options are limited as this QR code generator only allows you to embed URLs. Your QR code colors are customizable, but previewing your QR code design is not supported.

3) LogoDesign.net

LogoDesign.net is a free QR code generator that makes it simple for users to design QR codes with its intuitive user interface.

Its six primary QR code possibilities are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Text, URL, and Phone. Users can also customize their QR codes with a range of free design options to match their brand.

However, it lacks the ability to create dynamic QR codes or add calls to action.

4) Aptika

With Aptika, a free QR code generator, you may alter the QR code’s size and background color.

With this QRcode builder, you can quickly and simply create your own QR code by selecting a content type and adding data. Next, you can download a PNG or SVG file of your QR code.

Absence of basic functionality like file embedding and editable QR code integration, as well as the inability to add logos for better brand recognition, are the drawbacks of using this QR code generator.

5) QR code Pro

A QR code generator with an easy-to-use UI is called QRcode-pro. It’s an easy-to-use tool that lets you put your company logo on QR codes.

It is also quite capable of design. It offers visually appealing QR code designs in colors of your choice.

Simple QR code solutions are provided by this QR code generator. The fact that this QR code generator only generates static QR codes is a drawback.

6) QR Creator

It provides users with several QR code solutions, including QR codes that allow users to enter URLs, emails or SMS, text messages, phone numbers, locations and maps.

With its drop-down menu, users can choose between a number of customization options such as margin adjustment, foreground and background color selection, and error correction.

A QR code tracking feature is included with this QR code generator. The track scan results interface for QR code tracking has a drawback that it can be confusing for novice users.

Apart from this confusing feature, this QR code generator does not support file uploading.

7) QR.net

A free online QR code generator called QR.net offers a simple QR code solution.

Text and website redirection. You can create static QR codes for free with our QR code creator.

Before generating your QR code, you need to register to generate dynamic QR code. Additionally, the personalization of QR codes is limited to adding a logo to the design.

8) Wasp Barcode

This is an additional fantastic option if you’re searching for a free online QR code generator. It offers asset management, inventory, and time attendance solutions. It used to be a product supplier and barcode system.

To enable users to create their own QR codes, they have now provided a feature to do so. Although it lacks the ability to edit the data and change the QR code.

The majority of basic QR code solutions—such as text embedding, URLs, and phone numbers—are accessible.

While easy to use, it does not currently support other revolutionary developments for QR codes, such as enhancing the appearance of the code, creating dynamic QR codes, or adding files within the QR code.


You can generate QR codes for free using QRTIGER. Its sophisticated and intuitive UI makes creating QR codes easy.

With 16 practical features and functions at your disposal, this free QR code generator provides a complete QR code solution. Its UI is also ad-free. You can use the functions of QRTIGER without any interruption.

You do not need to create an account to use QRTIGER. To get a picture of your QR code, all you have to do is enter your email address.

What’s more, three dynamic QR codes are free for you when you register for a free trial account. There is a limit of 500 scans per QR code, but it’s still better than nothing.

A distinguishing feature of QRTIGER is its customizable suite. You can change the colors, patterns and shapes of the eyes in your QR code. Additionally, you can add editable pre-made frames with calls to action.

Additionally, you can increase brand exposure by adding your company logo to the QR code.

10) Free-QR Code Generator

Free QR Code Generator is an excellent option for making QR codes since it offers the most advanced features, solutions, and integrations for QR codes. Experts claim that this is the biggest free QR code generator with logos in the world.

Users may easily design visually stunning QR codes with its comprehensive modification features and user-friendly interface. Consequently, it inspires businesses to be inventive in their QR code creation.

You may create both static and dynamic QR codes for a variety of file formats, such as URLs, SMS, vCards, WiFi, social networking, Google Forms, MP3, and more.

11) QRStuff

QRStuff’s UI is easy to use. You can use its QR code solutions for social network links, VCards, emails, SMS, and URL ads and advertisements.

You can generate QR codes with this generator based on style, content and data type. Your QR code design can be customized with different colors, patterns and eye shapes.

However, this QR code generator cannot preview your personalized QR design. Only subscribers can add their company logo to the QR code.

Because it cannot combine files or multiple URLs into a QR code, its functionality is limited.

12) Qrd.by

Additionally, Qrd.by allows you to easily and freely create QR codes. It provides a range of QR code solutions, from simple URL embedding to file and Bitcoin data embedding.

However, to access certain features, a subscription is required. To create your own free QR code with Qrd.by, you still need to register.

Its pop-up ad-free design lets you enjoy creating QR codes online seamlessly. The QR codes you generate are valid for 100 scans per day without expiration.

13) Visualead

QR code generator Viasualead aims to create aesthetically beautiful QR codes. You can create really attractive and imaginative QR codes with our QR code generator.

But after getting your QR code, you need to use its 14-day trial membership.

Your QR code design is important to our QR code generator. It encourages you to use your imagination when creating your QR codes.

Visualead offers QR code options for URL, business, social, and utility categories.

14) ForQRcode

Use the free ForQRCode generator to create a personalized QR code with your logo, color scheme and design. You can also download it in PDF, EPS, PNG, and SVG formats.

Its user-friendly online interface makes it easy for users to generate QR codes. The many QR code solutions available, from URLs to image embedding QR code functions, can be helpful for both novice and experienced users of QR codes.

ForQRcode offers 11 QR code solutions with features ranging from basic to complex. You can generate QR codes for URLs, SMS, emails, Vcards and more with our QR code generator.

However, it has limited customization options for QR codes, onsite advertising, and a QR code generator that links to another QR code generator.

15) Codigos-qr.com

With Codigos-QR, a QR code generator based in Brazil, you can generate countless codes without registering. Generated QR codes have no scan limit and never expire, making them suitable for both personal and business use.

However, because it is limited to a black and white color scheme, this QR code generator does not allow full modification of the QR design. Additionally, it lacks helpful features such as the ability to generate dynamic QR codes, embed files, and measure usage.

For everyday business and personal use, Codigos-QR provides eight QR code alternatives, including URL, Email, SMS, Vcard, WiFi, Geolocation, Phone, and Events.

16) Barcodes, Inc

A QR code generator by Barcodes, Inc. A QR code can encode data to generate product information.

To enable users to generate QR codes for their goods and services, it generates codes. Additionally, it makes organizations more efficient and effective by helping in better inventory and product management.

This QR code creator provides a free service to create a printable barcode or QR code.

QR codes for text, URLs, and PNG or JPEG images are the formats supported by Barcodes, Inc. Creates It is free for you to use. However, its features are limited.


Choose The Top Free QR Code Generator Now For Your Marketing & Company Needs

Now is the time to choose the software that best suits your business and marketing needs as you dive into QR code marketing now that you have access to the top list of free QR code generators.

Adding QR codes to your marketing and business can give your company a big advantage. Time to delve further into QR marketing if you’re new to it and discover all its benefits for business and promotions.

QR codes can be added to everything. Depending on your level of creativity as well as your business and marketing objectives, there are many other ways to incorporate QR codes.

You can easily reach people by creating static and dynamic QR codes using the best QR code generator. It mainly helps in digitization of your commercial assets for marketing and business purposes.

To increase sales, improve services and streamline operations, visit the best free QR code generator and add QR codes to your systems.

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